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Free - Rezi Resume Builder Lifetime Access (RRP $348) @ Rezi & Appsumo


I’ve had a play around and looks to be a very useful tool.

Steps -
1) sign up to free account
2) select upgrade
3) click the redemption code button and apply promo code in OP
4) if this doesn’t work, you can also redeem through Appsumo though the code won’t be generic.

Lifetime access provides the following -

  • Unlimited Resumes
  • Unlimited Cover Letters
  • Unlimited PDF + DOCX Download
  • Export in Google Drive
  • Full Content Analysis Tools
  • Full A.I. Keyword Targeting
  • Alternative & Compact Format
  • Add Resume Photo
  • Priority User Support Response

Credit to Chollonetro

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    Is OzBargain hiring?

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      Not if you can't spell…

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        Actually, my plan is to rebrand.

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          my plan is to rebrand.

          OzBogan ??

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            @jv: OzBogus

          • @jv: AussBargain
            without "you" in it XD

            I jest….

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            @jv: User name already taken.
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            @jv: AssBargain.

            Selling donkeys for cheap.

        • OzEndloop?

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        • OzTasker

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      Resume as Service… No S-W to Download here (Not a Feature, IMO)

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    "If you're not paying for a product, you could be the product" comes to mind.

    Make sure you read the Terms of Service (which isn't linked on sign-up page) and the Privacy Policy on what they do with your personal data: https://www.rezi.io/legal/privacy

    • +24

      From their privacy statement:

      "Content Information: Depending on the Services you use, you may also provide us with information about you in other forms (such as the content on your resume). For example, if you create a resume that includes biographic information about you, we will have that information!"

      Thanks but no thanks Rezi

      • +11

        Why??? Just use a fake name, address phone and once you download it, change with your real details

        • -9

          Hello - as I mentioned above - we respect the privacy of our users and nothing leaves Rezi

          • +35

            @jakefromrezi: That’s what Facebook said too.

            • +9

              @AussieGargain: Facebook: We respect the privacy of our users

              Also Facebook: We said respect! Not that we wouldn't break privacy laws non-stop while respecting you

            • +13

              @AussieGargain: This is a great point - but of course, we are not Facebook and Zark Muckerburg is not personally replying to you in this forum to make sure your questions get answered.

          • +1

            @jakefromrezi: This we know:

            • It doesn't matter what a Rep. tells you…
            • What matters is what the Privacy Statement says.
      • +19

        If you have public LinkedIn profile it pretty much already exists. Additionally, I am sure that your details would be out in the open with the amount of resume being submitted per week due to jobseeker requirements.

      • have fun finding a job because you know each resume you submit to any potential employer is also saved by them right?

        • -3

          Yes we do have a database for information so it can be retrieved. Nothing out of the normal of any cloud-based software 💪🏻

      • -1

        Hey there I replied to this point below - that really doesn't mean anything other than we store information in a database. Nothing new there. Anyways, everything is good and we respect our users 100%. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙏🏻

    • +11

      Hey there - I'm Jacob, CEO at Rezi - Rezi is a freemium service which means users can upgrade their account for additional features. I know the saying but we value the trust of our users and Rezi does not conduct any type of commercial activity with the data of our users. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      • +16

        So basically 'trust me bro, it's all good'…

        This feels like a ploy to increase users significantly and then sell out to an investment firm whom may not be as respectful to user data. Coupled with deceiving RRP from partners as you mentioned below.

        No thanks from me. But good luck, there's enough gullible people around that'll do anything for something 'free'.

        • +2

          This is like dejavu of that one guy a few years ago who offered to review and provide feedback on people's resumes out of the goodness of his heart.

          Then ghosted everybody here lol.

          This is just more sophisticated at face value.

        • In a down turned market too.

          Some people are just knives out all day long looking for victims

      • +1

        the Terms of Service (which isn't linked on sign-up page)

        To kick off the relationship of trust, you might want to solve this little problem.

      • Sorry. Not only don't I trust leaving my information with you, but also my credit card to be billed periodically in order to put the coupon code in.

    • +1

      Free things cost the most.

  • Says invalid coupon, is it targeted?

    • +3

      worked for me.
      I hit the redemption tab and put the code

    • +1

      Edit: Picked the redeem coupon option in upgrade and it worked

  • Thanks!

  • thanks oP

  • Worked. Thanks.

  • +17

    Has anyone ever paid $348 for this?

    • Was thinking that myself.

    • no

    • +50

      Nope - just our partners like to slap on a FAT retail price to convince people of the deal. Most people have ever paid is $89

      • +31

        I just want to say that I really appreciate this honesty.

      • How do you stay profitable? serious question - as you are a business, not a charity/non-profit?

        This lifetime offer assume you guys are still in business in a “lifetime”.

        What happens to the data when you are no longer running the business?

        • +18

          We have a lot of upgraded users and users who pay for resume writing and reviewing. Our team is just 2 people so it is not a capital intensive company.

          • @jakefromrezi: Hmm, they have editing and reviewing service as add on, so there is a decent revenue stream.

  • Hi OP,
    Can't find upgrade option on dashboard. Where should I go to get it?

    • Found it. Never mind.
      Thanks OP

      • Where can we find it?

        • Log out and log in back again

          • @Iwantthatbargain: Edit: Thanks!

            • @itsDANNY: When you go to payment screen there's a tab that says redemption code or something. Enter the code in there. You know you're at the right screen when it no longer asks for card details

  • I dont really see the benefit of this versus word or any other simple format. Am i missing something?

    • I dont seen any benefit either. Since it is free, I just signed up.. But the review of CV still cost $16

      • Exactly, I have no idea how this is actually worth anything besides a few bucks at max. There are 3 templates for your resume, however nothing special. I am not complaining since its free, but wondering if I am missing anything.

    • +4

      Hey this is Jacob, CEO at Rezi. It's totally worth it and I use it for my resume management and creation personally - Essentially Rezi makes it impossible to create a bad resume if you follow the instruction in the app. It's trusted by universities in the USA and South Korea, and it's designed crazy well. Some users actually enjoy making a resume now.

      Last point - we have three templates because the standard and compact template are as close to perfect as a template can be. Any more options and it might show that we don't trust our solution. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to answer 🙏🏻

      • +6

        It's totally worth it and I use it for my resume management and creation personally

        You mean, you and the other bloke in your company look at each other's resume? For what?

        I'm not sure I understand what's the value here like others said given that a resume review is what most people would want to do and that costs money.

        I'm not complaining as you'd require a human to do a review, but I just don't understand what's the big freebie here. Free resume templates are available all over the internet.

        • +1

          It does seem to mention something about keyword analysis (automated system goes over it to identify that your resume is buzzword-compliant). I guess that's worth something, given that the first hurdle you have to pass to get to most companies these days is - you guessed it - an automated check to ensure your resume is buzzword-compliant by Taleo or Salesforce or whatever they're using to provide their recruitment portal.

          • @DisabledUser155209:

            It does seem to mention something about keyword analysis (automated system goes over it to identify that your resume is buzzword-compliant).

            I've a problem with these sorts of things. I do not want to put in a keyword into my resume just because people are looking to hire talent that has expertise in it. If I add 'buzzwords' to my resume just because it's the hip thing right now, and get a few calls as a result, and God forbid get hired, I'll then likely suck at the job. This does no good for me or the employer, but the resume reviewing bloke has my $16 because he told me to add in these 4 keywords that I knew nothing about.

            • @CocaKoala: That's kind of your call though. The guy reviewing your resume might just say "you've mentioned X, but if you use Y and Z to describe that then you are more likely to pass automated screening".

              Think of it as saying you have experience working in independent software development teams on tight release-often schedules. A reviewer will say "that's Agile. If you include the word Agile, you have a 20% higher chance of getting calls".

              If they literally advise you to lie, then I would absolutely say the service is a fraud and not worth the money. But I'm reluctant to believe without corroboration that this is what they do.

              Also, the keyword analysis feature is machine driven and part of the free service. So you won't pay for that advice.

      • It is asking for Card Details, it won;t proceed says add a card :(

  • Is there a way to redeem without inputting card information?

    • +7

      Click upgrade then the redeem code tab. LIFETIME-SOS20

    • +2

      click on other tab

      • Ahhh i see. Did not notice the other tab. Thank you

  • +3

    Interesting, created an account. Only a few services are free, as listed by OP.
    And you still have to pay to get your resume reviewed- which is fair as someone has to actually do it.
    Also, please read their privacy statement carefully!

    Question- how do I delete my account? Thankfully, did not ask for any personal information.

    • +7

      Hey there - you can delete your account here - https://app.rezi.io/profile/account

      The privacy statement is user-friendly. We do not do any commercial activity with your information - we just store it in our database.

      The resume review is a banger of a deal - for as cheap as 8$, I personally review your resume.

      • Thanks mate!
        Edit: for experienced people it is AUD 32.
        Still think it is a good deal of someone is looking for a job to professionally get it reviewed.

        Reviewing my resume is not a biggie for me - gets me into interviews, where my conversion is pretty decent.
        ( last job change earlier this year - got 3/3 calls for interview, and 2/3 offers).
        But am sure this is a good deal for a lot of people, esp with the CEO personally answering questions.
        All the best.

  • +2

    I made some good resumes with https://www.canva.com/templates/search/resumes/ as well which is free.

    Although I've been told bots that scan resumes don't like such "graphical" format and neither do recruiters.

    Sometimes I use just the graphical one page, sometimes just the text 2 pager, or sometimes I merge them together.

    • I would strongly advise job seekers to not use graphical templates.

      • +1

        Why? Sometimes a resume standing out is way more important

        • +1

          People are hired based on experiences not the design of the resume - standing out means hirable resume content and relevant experience.

        • +18

          Alternative view.

          Recruiters are lazy but need to copy and paste easily into a letterhead for clients. Graphics or advanced formatting slow them down and they will bypass your CV as too hard and choose an easier doc.

          Prettify for direct job approaches to the employer themselves, but not if advertised.

          For bonus points (not having tested rezi word targeting yet) add keywords you want to be found for in white embedded text in tiny font so it's hidden but the recruiters databases tag keywords and find you in more searches.

          • +1

            @TheLurker: This must be the best tip I've ever read :)

            • +4

              @GJT: No worries and hope it helps.

              On first tip, recruiters always edit to remove your contact details so hiring managers have to find you through them (in theory).

              On second tip, add company names you want to work for, or their competitors company names they would want to poach from so it shows in their database for those keywords too. If it's typed centred with spaces between each word in one line it just looks like a section divide line if selected so probably won't get noticed.

              If you sell services directly you might want graphical polish like a brochure, but for normal job applications keep formatting as simple as possible so they spot key skills, experience, and achievements at a glance.

              Wife decided to find a new career yesterday (intl. aviation is going nowhere) so timing on this deal is perfect for us! Thanks also to AppSumo team

              • @TheLurker: Thanks again!

                Very helpful tips.

      • +2

        It does depend a bit on the job area. For a web designer or SEO marketing job, I can see a graphical template being like a portfolio. But for the vast majority of normal jobs, a normal resume is a good way to show companies that you're normal enough to get an interview.

        • Perhaps, though a 1 page CV isn't going to ever be the portfolio you want it to be as a designer and seo is only about achieving one job - convert to enquiry as quickly as possible - which is why I'm keen to check out Rezi.

          Job ads also need to stand out. For a laugh google "we need a graphic designer" images

      • I am a graphic designer, I have to have a graphic template

    • Depending on industry, it may not be worthwhile. ATS scanners won’t pick up pretty looking resumes easily or ones with tables etc.

    • Yeah I used to support some recruitment software called FastTrack at an old job and that thing would do resume parsing etc. It also had a built in document viewer that was only able to roughly approximate the .docx file. You would never want to feed that thing anything too fancy.

      The worst part about it is the recruitment process involved the applicant using a Silverlight app. This was only 3 years ago!

  • +1

    verification email coming from "rezi-3f268.firebaseapp.com" domain and going in spam? interesting.. I will pass, thanks.

  • Cheers, might check it out

  • Found CVMaker better

    • +1

      Any details on why you prefer them?

      • +1

        They have different templates to choose whereas your templates all look similar at first impression.

        • +8

          Answered elsewhere but essentially it comes down to this - templates don't get you interviews. Your ability to communicate relevant experience does.

          We have three templates because the standard and compact template are as close to perfect as a template can be. It is nearly impossible to add more content to the compact format as it is now.

          However, for less serious job seekers who want to rely on pretty colors to stand out, we respect that preference too,

  • +4

    1) sign up to free account
    2) select upgrade
    2.1) click the Tab on the right, then enter the code. Code won't work if you enter it on the default upgrade page asking for CC details.
    3) click on redeem code and apply promo code in OP

  • I’m getting the following error when trying to sign in:

    Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': The database connection is closing.

  • +1

    I signed up a few days ago via AppSumo. I was not very impressed with the design and layout but I will still recommend it. It gives a good idea about the keywords used, length and one click layout change.
    It is a good tool and with this good offer I am sure it will make job seekers life slightly easy.
    Good on OP and the Rezi team. Thank you! 🙏

    • +3

      Thanks - happy to take any recommendations on how we can improve the design, I think you are talking about the resume format. The reason for that is - the more relevant content you have on your resume - the more likely you are to get interviewed. Our templates maximize the page usage and limit options so you can focus on hirable content.

  • +3

    Logged in to say thanks to Jake and the Rezi team. This will surely help a lot of people, especially during this pandemic. Good on you and more power

    Cheers dealbot as well

    • Bless up 🙏🏻

  • What's the privacy policy of this kind website?

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