1.99% Home Loan and 2.24% Investment Loan 3 Years Fixed Rate @ BankFirst $500 Visa Giftcard Refinances > $500k @ Mortgage Better


BankFirst 3 Years fixed rate promotion

Premier Package Home Loan up to 80%LVR
2 years fixed 2.29% (CPR 3.22%)
3 years fixed 1.99% (CPR 3.1%)
variable rate 2.88% (CPR 2.88%)

Premier Package Investment Loan up to 80% LVR (same rates for Interest Only)
2 years fixed 2.59% (CPR 3.63%)
3 Years fixed 2.24% (CPR 3.49%)
variable rate 3.33% (CPR 3.76%)

  • $30,000 additional repayments per year with redraw are also available on the above fixed rates products.
  • $400 upfront fee + $390 annual Fee
  • Loans can be split between fixed & variable rates

$500 VISA broker giftcard - our gift to you for any refinances of $500k or higher net of offset or redraw.

What is a comparison rate (CPR)?
Comparison rate can very often be misleading as it uses assumptions that are often irrelevant to an individuals circumstances. Typically it assumes a loan size of $150k over 25 year loans term which is irrelevant to majority of borrowers. It also assumes the borrower will remain with the same lender for the whole 25 years on a revert rate which is also unrealistic as most Australians refinance their home loans every 2 – 4 years. So often comparison rates can cause more confusion than help. However due to government regulations, banks and brokers MUST quote these CPR when quoting a home loan interest rate. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to look at the actual interest rate & repayment (including fees) for the same loan amount over the same specified period when you compare loans. We can help in doing this accurately and systematically.

For further details about this deal or other 35 lenders we work with, please call or email us or phone book a phone call with me on the link below. Messages on Ozbargain may receive delayed response. Thank you.

John Kim
Mortgage Adviser
M : 0433 390 648
E : [email protected]
Google reviews : https://www.mortgagebetter.com.au/google-reviews/

RCA Finance Solutions (Trading as Mortgage Better) is an authorised credit representative (CRN 508268) of QED Credit Services PTY LTD (ACL 387856).

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  • This is an amazing deal if i wasnt already fixed i'd jump on this

  • Upvoted for the clear explanation of what CPR is.

  • Rates don't match website?

  • any deals on variable with offset?

    • That's the banking industry's scapegoat in the times we live. No rate cuts transferred - significantly higher than average rates to the point where one can call it prohibitive. None of the banks are offering competitive variable rates, it's like they are recouping their lost profits on variable loan accounts.

    • I've got a 2.59% that comes with a $2k cashback. please call or email for further details.

  • What are the interest rates for interest only investment?

  • Bank first .. customer second ?

    • Bankfirst are actually fantastic at customer service. You call up and you’re on the phone to someone in Melbourne within 1 minute (usually right after waiting through the phone menu). In branches you also get the same quality. I have stayed with these guys purely for their service.

  • Home Loan Fee $390 (annual) + Security Administration Fee ($400)

  • CPR? First Aid???

  • Premier Package Investment Loan (Interest Only) variable rate 3.33%. This seems quite good. Is there anything better than this currently from another lender?

  • How long is their current processing time? Is there any valuation fee? One of my loans fixed term is expiring end of September

    • their response time is 6 days at the moment, but whenever a bank comes out with a smashing promotion the turn around time usually goes up, so best to jump in at the front end of the promotion

  • I reckon the Community First - Accelerator Home Loan - 2 Year Owner Occupier Variable Rate from 1.99% P.a is a better deal for those looking for a 100% offset account

  • Hi John,

    I am wanting to take advantage of the 5% first home buyer deposit scheme. I am wondering if the government paying the 15% guarantee on the mortgage lenders insurance makes me eligible for the Premier Package Home Loan up to 80%LVR fixed at 1.99% for 3 years?

    Thank you!

    • I'm at a BBQ with Frydenberg and bounced it off him. He said fcuk yeah you can as long as you pay $100k more than the house is really worth, lie about your income, get a cash loan from the parents and ensure you are working in an industry that may not fully recover from three cov.