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Creality Ender 3 3D Printer $253.46 Delivered (AU Stock) @ Banggood


An even better price than the previous deal posted on 7 Aug - about $15 cheaper!

I'm no 3D printing expert but it seems like a bargain and I might pick one up myself.

Ships from the Banggood AU warehouse, meaning no long wait times!

YouTube review on this product available here.

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  • The Ender 3 pro is down to $291.69 showing AU stock at time of post.

    Also the Ender 3 V2 is going for $366.74 showing AU stock at time of post

    • what is the differences?
      I know nothing about 3d printing.

      • same I'm also new to 3d printing. I do know the v2 has a different controller board 32 bit vs 8 bit in the standard 3 & 3 pro, easier to update the firmware apparently.

        • The v2 has a silent mainboard. It makes a huge difference and is definitely worth it!

          • @duk242: How much noise does the main board make? You don't mean mainboard/motherboard?

            • @Jackson: It’s the controllers for the stepper motors which are mounted in the main board that make all the noise.

              • @readeral: OK that makes sense

                • @Jackson: It's not the controllers making the noise, it's the motors. But the silent drivers have a lot more control over the motors so they make it so the motors are near silent.

                  It's absolutely crazy, I don't know what magic is involved but it makes a massive difference (esp when the printer is in the same room as you).

                  • @duk242: Smart stepper motor drivers!

                    Traditional stepper drivers would just supply 100% current all the time, which is fine if your stepper is operating at 100% load. With 3D printers, the load is small, and quite variable, so the same result can be achieved with much less current, and some interesting current ramping profiles, resulting in less noise.

                    Trinamic is the company behind most of these technologies (StealthChop, SpreadCycle, etc) but it's been widely cloned now. https://www.trinamic.com/technology/motor-control-technology...

                    See the Hack-a-day article from 2015 about the TMC2100: https://hackaday.com/2015/01/24/new-part-day-silent-stepper-...

                    The best part - if your noisy 3D printer doesn't have its stepper drivers soldered to the mainboard, these are usually just a drop-in replacement.

            • @Jackson: 3d printers use stepper motors, if you have cheap controllers/drivers they are much louder. Its something you can upgrade.

              I got an ender 3 just before lockdown, really happy with it but makes a bit of noise, i still have it running in my office while im working and its fine.

        • I've got at a V1, I was going to upgrade the board but I don't think I'll bother as most of the noise comes from the fans and that's what annoys me the most.

          • @chu-oh: You can upgrade the fans too ;)

            It's the wherrr wherrrr of the motors that bugs me the most, the fan noise you just tune out as white noise…

      • The only major differences between the V1 Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro are that the pro includes;
        - A magnetic bed (meaning that it's 'easier' to remove prints.)
        - A meanwell power supply (this is a name brand power supply which usually means it 'can be' safer, and is quieter - compared to the regular generic unit)

        The Ender 3 V2 was essentially an update that put all the community modifications people made to the V1 and had them come stock, from the factory. This is mostly a time saving/ease of use factor and includes upgrades such as;

        • A 32bit mainboard that runs quieter and more efficiently compared to the previous 8bit mainboard. This also comes with other benefits such as the ability to update firmware easier
        • A 'fancy' colour screen
        • A glass bed
        • Belt tensioners

        Overall, this means that the Ender 3 V2 is usually a more enjoyable out of box experience. However, if you're someone that dosen't mind tinkering (upgrading your printer is half the hobby) then I would say that the V1 is a better option. This is because it is cheaper, and you can buy the upgrades as you see fit. I've included some examples below.

        • SKR Mini E3 (A 32bit plug-in replacement mainboard that is arguably better than the one in the V2)
        • You can buy the 'official' glassbed seperately yourself
        • Printable upgrades (Tool box, belt tensioners, extruder knob etc)
        • BL-Touch (A probe that you can install and it will level your bed for you, instead of you doing it manually every print)
        • Wow thanks for the detailed answer, I didnt realise people bought 3D printers as a hobby in itself. I respect the ability to work this kind of thing out.

        • does the v2 have the meanwell psu?

        • so is V2 better than End 3 Pro?

        • u r a saint!

          my thought is to go with the ender 3 pro (to get a better power supply than ender 3) and slight adjustments here and there + a mini e3 main board, which is cheaper than the ender3 v2. Any suggestion?

          • @Tyler Kwok: Good choice! That's probably what I would go with if I had to start again today. The only other recommendation I would make would be yellow bed springs (called 'die springs' if you don't want the 3d printing price markup) as this would hold your bed level for a lot longer and save you a world of hurt for a couple of dollars.

            Everything else you can just buy as you go. Feel free to shoot me any questions you may have.

            Have fun!

        • +3 votes

          V1 Non-pro also has:

          • Worse structural support for the print bed.
          • No thermal runaway protection (Forget if this is resolved in the V1 Pro or later).

          For me the print bed upgrade value isn't great, I'd prob be happier to save and put the money towards a 3rd party bed. The PSU upgrade I assume isn't a major known issue and is just a generally desirable thing to reducing probability of failure and improving safety, it's hard for me to respect because I've been lucky so far with multiple yumcha power supplies in the past. I'd upgrade to SKR Mini E3 on both V1 Non-Pro and V1 Pro, so it doesn't matter to me if the thermal runaway protection issue is resolved between these models. That leaves the improved print bed structural support as the big question mark. I'd probably just buy the Pro because there is some value in the PSU and glass bed and because I'm too lazy to find/accumulate statistically significant evidence of the practical improvement or lack thereof from the wider bed support rail… I assume the theory is less print bed vibration leading to better print.. or maybe less transfer of mechanical tolerance errors from wider separated carriage rollers.

        • The Ender 3 Pro that I received recently also came with a 32 bit board (v4.2.2), albeit with HR4988 drivers instead of TMC2208 so it's still quite audible.

          The fan on the Meanwell PSU is also the loudest fan on the printer. Luckily the PSU fans are 12v and I had a spare 92mm Noctua fan lying around https://imgur.com/FLUHviy

          • @tarnasaurus: Oh cool. Missed this update, but it's pretty cool they're still upgrading the machines years after release. Most of the benefit in the upgraded mainboards is probably silence, but it's nice to have that additional flexibility with 32bit boards.

          • @tarnasaurus: Nice setup, any chance you could share the mods you've got going there ?

        • You sound pretty knowledgeable on these…can I please ask if you know of a 3D printer suitable for kids? I have a 10 year old, we had a look at the Toybox (https://shop.make.toys/). I know you guys will probably turn your nose up at these, but it has to be super simple to use for kids….otherwise they lose interest. Couldn't see a local supplier of these, so thought I'd ask if you had any recommendations? Cheers .

          • @whorishmouth: I'd say it really depends on how involved/knowledgable you are/want to be. No company has really solved the whole 'kids 3d printing' problem as I presume it isn't the biggest of markets. Instead how I'd recommend - and what is currently being done at a local primary school near me - is too make it a two part process where the child designs a object they like in 'tinkercad' and then you do the 'slicing' (turning a design file into code the printer can read) and the actual printing part. This means they essentially get all the fun like designing, watching the printer print, and actually seeing their ideas in a final product. But don't have to be invovled in the boring/complex parts like tuning the printer.

            Of course, if they're the type of kid that likes this sort of technical stuff they could always do it with you nudgning them along the way.
            Also, I presume your 10 year old would already understand but as with all things there's still a safety aspect to it - namely the very hot hotend, heated bed and the sharp objects of tools that you usually use to remove/post-process prints (flushcutters, paint scrapers).

            If you want to go down this route, the Ender 3 and the Ender 3 v2 which I talk about above are probably the best value items, at the expense of being marginally harder to setup/maintain. A better out-of-box experience would be something like the Monoprice Select Mini which is occasionally on Ozb, the ones they sell at Aldi sometimes (A rebadged 'Wanhao Duplicator I3 Mini'), or mabye even the kids oriented CR-100 (see makers muse review on youtube). And at the top end if you want to splurge and have the best experience possible would be something like the Prusa I3 Mk3.

            Hope this helps.

            • @ca1ypso: Thank you, much appreciated. It's a big help and I'll do some research. This all started from a 3D pen, she loved it and it got me thinking….thanks again.

    • V2 Finally stocked in AUS!

      Shame I've already for the Pro up and running. Great machine!

    • wow that's great price!

    • Thanks, I bought the V2

  • Very good deal especially considering the current situation we're in. FYI the pro model is still ~$291 so a bit over 1kg worth of PLA more expensive :D

  • Are these any good?

    • Have a look at the previous deal post for answers as well as r/3dprinting and r/ender3 for more tips/advice.

      TLDR; It's widely accepted as one of the best, if not the best, budget 3D printer in the market.

    • Good quality, decent print area. There was some test comparing the accuracy of this and the Monoprice mini, and the latter may be a tiny bit more accurate, but much smaller print area.

      • Was the monoproce the one that was only 129? If so that should be mentioned in any comparison

      • it is always better to go for larger print area…
        the difference in quality at this price is not that much

        and when you need to print something bigger,
        you are going to wish you bought the bigger printer.

  • Loving my ender 3 that I got in the last deal.

    Mostly just printing planters to put the mrs's succulents in, but they're coming out really well.

    Using other people's designs but I might give coming up with own a crack this weekend.

  • Same great deal. Aussie dollar just getting stronger?

  • Makers Muse favourite

  • Just a friendly heads up for everyone thinking of buying this, I bought a tablet from Banggood two weeks ago from the Australian depot. It was apparently sent on Monday the 10th but the tablet has not moved from Sydney.

    Also they use Fastway as their courier, and they currently have 1.2 stars on product review.

    I emailed their support about it and the only thing they could do is tell me to wait several weeks for it to arrive.

    Because the listing on the Banggood site said 7 day delivery and we're going in to 3 weeks soon, I opened a dispute on PayPal and am currently going through that.

    So yeah, if you order this and actually get it then I think that's amazing.

    • Have to agree, I purchased this printer on the deal a few weeks ago and still have not received any updates on the order.

    • Sounds like a shitty experience.
      I ordered a monitor from their AU warehouse, it has been marked as sent yesterday but with an Aust Post tracking number.
      Maybe they use a different carrier based on the item and your location.
      Mind you I am having mine sent to a PO box and I know fastway for example don't deliver to PO boxes.

    • If it makes you feel any better, it's not Banggood specific. I have over a dozen small parcels using budget shipping coming from overseas which have cleared local customs and have been sitting in Sydney for various durations between 1.5 and 3 weeks, compared to just one that managed to make it to me last Friday after roughly 1 week in Sydney.

    • Printer arrive yesterday. It just shitty courier, imo just wait do you really need 100 tablets that urgently lmao.

      • I make apps for tablets and I need a test device, so yeah, I do need it pretty urgently 😊 I'll probably just buy one from officeworks for a bit more.

    • Fastway lost my Sidewinder X1. I had to wait 40 or something days before bang good reshipped it. 2nd attempt it turned up 2 days before Christmas the morning I was about to leave for holiday. Fastway just dumped it on my front door step without notification or anything.

      This isn't a bad printer, but after going through the upgrades you probably could have got a Sidewinder X1. I got mine for $469 I think

    • I ordered from the last deal, on 9th, it says that it had shipped but I can't even track it, when i ask the rep they told me to wait but the bloody tracking code isn't even active yet after 10 days of ordering,

    • Totally agreed that the courier is a hit and miss , and with China govt doing no justice to Australian wine and barley , as an Australian I would do the same to China products if possible although very tempted .

    • Fastway is the worst courier ever!

    • Fastway is the worst that can be. I am not sure why the vendors are still using them. I’d rather pay extra and avoid them at all cost.

  • I grabbed a Biqu B1 off Banggood today, there's a code that bring it down to under 400 aud: BGBIQUB1 if you pay in USD via your card's exchange rate.

    This is my 3rd printer after a Ender 3, Ender 5, and those are fairly upgraded without going all the way up to linear railing. The difference in cost between it and an ender 3 is a little above the costs of upgrading and replacing the stock board, getting a spring steel sheet, Leds, Dual fans, touchscreen input and so on. I essentially didn't get a v2 as I didn't want to replace so much of the printer again, adding to my pile of backup parts.

    Get the ender 3 pro or v2 if this is your first 3d printer, or if you're looking for only core functionalities/bang for buck.

    • I'm leaning towards the Biqu B1 also, just waiting to see how things go for global stock and user feedback.

      Biqu B1 and Ender 3 V2 are very comparable printers, my opinion is:

      • If you want to stick close as possible to the stock build and/or lack modding confidence, I'd choose the Ender 3 V2, it seems to be slightly superior off the shelf, and will get better community support.

      • If you think you're likely to invest in better print head related components and extra features, I'd choose the Biqu B1. It has more flexible upgrade support in the electronics mainboard and it's other strong points like the superior LCD and the spring steel sheet are parts that a tinkerer will generally be happy to keep AFAIK. The Ender 3 V2 doesn't do so well here because the components where it has an edge over the Biqu B1 are components that a tinkerer will be tempted to upgrade on both printers.

      • I've heard good things about the Biqu

        I have an Artillery Sidewinder X1 - Suits my needs - I wanted a 300 x 300 bed - Easy out of the box setup and first print in 30 minutes - Like every printer, I've heard some horror stories, but most manufacturers are right on it and solve these problems remotely or via shipping of replacement parts.

        Mines stock, but there is an endless list of mods you can find for them.

        I did add a Rasberry Pi with OctoPrint for remote/wifi file upload and monitoring as my printer is in the garage.

        Happy printing !

    • Convinced me to cancel my ender 3 and the glass bed buy back on the 7th of Aug. This biqu looks the business for the extra 80bux or so.

      Just wondering if the creality branded ender 3 bl touch I bought will work with the biqu b1?

      • It'll work, there's a port for plugging it straight in on the side of the machine, but double check with the wiring diagram as some of the bltouch wires may need to be flipped around depending if it's official bltouch or a clone and which generation it is.

    • Did you receive yours yet? I'm still waiting on mine, says it wont ship until 5th of Sep.

      • Not yet.

        I asked Biqu via FB what the delay was for, turns out they were restocking it and were going through the backlog.

        I'll ping em again and see where they've got to. In the meantime I've been going through their updated firmware git.

        • Yeah I'm in the same boat, they reckon mine won't ship about the 5th. Did you see they will be announcing the biqu bx?

  • Not wanting to sound snide or anything, just curious; is the printing material recyclable or does it ultimately add to more plastic waste?

    • PLA (A common filament used) is biodegradable in the right conditions. The other common ones are recyclable.

      IMO I see 3D printers are using less waste. If I need an object I can print it and it doesn't have to be shipped across the world in packaging I'm going to throw away.

      • 3D printing generates alot of plastic waste

        -alot of useless junk that you were testing out e.g. calibration parts ie boats, cubes
        -fail prints,
        -your own designs, may need many prints to test out the design and fix

        So I think in general 3D printing is actually producing more plastic waste than ever

        There are many 3D printing people that have a bin of junk parts but not sure what to do with it.

        And if you put it in the recycling bin, it would most likely get sorted into the dumpster at the facility
        since most recycling companies won't and don't recycle 3D printing parts..
        cos they don't have the capabilities or know what filament was used
        also the color filament does not help either..

        • Not to mention support material you user for certain shapes, and then have to cut out/off.

          • @Abaddon: yeah forgot about the support material
            that is definitely in garbage immediately..

            at least with the boats or cubes you can still keep it
            even if it is junk now…after printing heaps of it..

            the boats you can at least display it as models..
            the cubes..well there is so many now it is just in a junk bin

    • Depends, most of the mainstream filaments are 'recyclable' such as PETG and ABS, and while PLA is technically recyclable, there aren't many recycling operations that deal with PLA filament products as their melting point is different from traditional PLA. What there are instead are machines that can reprocess old/failed/leftover filament into new rolls of filament, though I'm personally just keeping my failed prints and waste in a box until I find someone who's got a machine for that locally.

    • Depends on the plastic you use. ABS is recyclable and PLA can be composted for example, but without any identifying marks on anything you print, I doubt it would end up anywhere other than the landfill if you threw it in your recycling bin.

    • iirc it takes more energy to print stuff than traditional mass production methods, so currently not as good for the environment