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Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse $134.10 ($114.10 with Latitude Pay) + $5 Post / Pickup @ The Good Guys


Logitech-mx-master-3-advanced-wireless-mouse the favourite mouse for many can be bought at 110.8$ ,lesser if you buy with gift cards

1) Add Coupon AUGUST10

2) 3% casrewards cashback

3) Pay using Latitude Pay and get 20$ off for new and existing customers when you buy product > 100$

Mod: Price displayed in title should be the price paid during checkout, without accounting of use of discounted gift cards or commision refunds.

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This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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The Good Guys

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    I still prefer Master 2s.

    • +2

      Why's that?

      I'm still using the 2s but am envious of the type c and separate forward/back buttons.

      • I'm still using the 2s but am envious of the type c and separate forward/back buttons.

        I have the original MX Master with the poor forward/back button design at work and the MX Master 3 at home. I much prefer the new buttons - I'm considering replacing my work mouse just for that reason alone.

      • I've got both the 2S and the 3, and far prefer the 2S as it's more ergonomic. The 3 has some hard edges that are uncomfortable to rest my hand on.

        • i heard the 3 is slightly higher than the 2s, is that true?
          my wrist gets a little bit sore after using the mouse for too long

          i have a 2s and wondering if the 3 is worth upgrading. am hoping for better ergonomics.

          • +1

            @chew_chew: Yes. The webbing between the thumb and palm the section is about 4mm higher / narrower than the 2S.
            For me also the 2s was more comfortable. Its really a personal thing though

        • I also have both and find that the 3 sits better in my palm. What hard edges are you referring to?

    • What’s the difference?

      • Master 3 has scroll wheel issues

        • Oh, what issues are they?

          • +3

            @eug: The scrolling is horrendous until reconfigured. Logi's smart scrolling which gets rid of a wheel lock just sucks massive ass at the moment. In fact it doesn't track 1/3 of the time.

            Because of this the scroll speed is just inconsistent with how much you actually scroll.

            If you turn off all the smart features most of the problems dissapear, but I find that the wheel does keeps spinning even after the scrolling has stopped which is a problem for instance if you decide to hit control.

            The scroll issues make the cons greater than the new features in this update imo. Still a great mouse though.

            • +3

              @thorntonchan: Hmm, I haven't exprienced any horrendous scrolling at all with stock settings. I'm a somewhat picky heavy computer user too. I didn't notice any issues at all with the scroll wheel.

              • @eug: Really? Stock setting are the worst. I was about to return the mouse. Had to remove smart scrolling and the continuous scrolling mode completely before I considered keeping it

                For me micro up and down movements failed to track a lot of the time especially when doing quick switches up/down

                Its definitely not as precise as the 2s.

                • @thorntonchan:

                  Really? Stock setting are the worst. I was about to return the mouse. Had to remove smart scrolling and the continuous scrolling mode completely before I considered keeping it

                  Strange. Maybe it's faulty? I use mine to fly around timelines in Premiere and to scroll through long webpages frequently. I've never had an issue with the wheel not locking/unlocking correctly.

                  The auto-switching scroll wheel is the only reason why I went with the MX Master series, and the MX Revolution before it. I used my MX Revolution for about 10 years as there was no other mouse with an auto-switching wheel till the OG MX Master. I use the auto-lock/unlock feature so much that I bought 3 spare MX Revolution mice just in case Logitech never releases another auto-switching mouse. I retired the Revolution when the Master came out and used it till the MX Master 3 went on sale. I definitely prefer the 3's quiet scroll wheel to the louder one on the original.

                  For me micro up and down movements failed to track a lot of the time especially when doing quick switches up/down

                  Do you mean when you click the wheel up/down 1 notch? If so, I've never experienced that either. Each click always registers correctly.

                  Maybe they have a QC problem rather than the entire line being defective.

            • +2

              @thorntonchan: Yup I had the same issue with mine, was super annoying and shouldn't be present in such a high priced item. Sent it back and bought the 2s instead - which after just 6 months of light use has developed a crunchy middle mouse click :(

              Logitech ain't what it used to be imo.

            • +1

              @thorntonchan: Scrolling is my biggest issue with it as well, but it's made life on my pc a whole lot easier that's for sure.

        • Damn been wanting this mouse but the issues are putting me off…

        • +1

          emm, used 3 for a year and not aware of the issue

        • I have the Master 3 and the fast scroll is one of my favourite features!

          It makes scrolling through long emails and documents a breeze.

          I bought this one at full price and I would happily buy it again.

          • @imurgod: Is that the automatic switch to hyperscrolling? That's available on the 2s.

            • @Caped Baldy: It's where you spin the scroll wheel fast and it keeps spinning

    • metal scrool wheel of the 3s and the slight design change <3

    • I own both and use them with different PCs. The battery on the 3 lasts way, way longer than the 2S (have to charge at least twice as often if not more even though they are used equally). I also much prefer the scroll wheels on the newer version. Other than that, usage and feel are pretty much the same.

  • Good price indeed

    • +3

      Gotta jump through some hoops though - you must use CashRewards and Latitude Pay. Otherwise it's $134.

      • +1

        yeah title should be updated to exclude the $20 latitude pay.

  • +1


  • +1

    If only left-handers could use this mouse. I've been looking around for a ambidextrous wireless mouse for general use but there's not much on offer. Bought a Microsoft laptop mouse recently but it's basic and small.

  • Hmm colour says black, but based on model# and images it looks to be the graphite version?

  • Thanks OP for the great suggestions.Any recommendations for a wireless keyboard to go with it

    • +1

      K850 is good!

    • CORSAIR K70 RGB MK. 2

    • mx keys?

      • Yes

        • i got a mx keys couple weeks ago and been working quite well with my 2s.
          not too fussed with kb and never tried mech kb before, but the mx keys works really well between my 2 devices.

  • I bought this mouse for better comfort and it is well worth the money. I was trying to decide between this and an ergonomic mouse, and this one works well!

  • I dont see the Latitude Pay option. I only see Credit/Debit and Paypal options. Am I missing something?

    Edit: Got it. This option is not available when using the $20 Concierge Store credit. Otherwise ok.

  • +1

    Unrelated but I feel like I'm going to die of old age before I see the MX Anywhere 3. Lost my MX Anywhere 2 a while ago and refusing to buy the 2s.

  • +5

    Cbf with the afterpay/latitude pay BS that retailers keep trying to push

    • +1

      What benefit do they even get? I thought delaying payment is a bad idea to a business.

      • +2

        From my brief research into these payment methods, the reason that retailers find AfterPay/Zip/Latitude products etc. attractive is due to there being less risk/liability for them as a merchant. Credit card payments tend to be subject to high levels of fraud and retailers don't have much recourse in situations like that. Coupled with the ability for credit card companies to issue chargebacks, these modern fintech payment methods are seen as more 'secure' because while the retailer takes a hit in percentages of sales, the revenue is more guaranteed/protected than traditional credit. That's why you might notice more online retailers are making first time buyers using credit cards go through more thorough ID checks prior to making a purchase, whereas AfterPay/Zip/Latitude tends to be quite quick.

        I've never used any of them since I pay my credit card balance monthly.

      • Retailer gets paid up front and gets kickbacks from the loan provider.

      • It allows people that would normally be declined a credit card to purchase things with a weekly payment plan. For some people this is useful but I imagine what really happens is people that aren't financially stable will be loading up on debt and payment plans they can't really afford.

        Retailers like it because it encourages people to buy things they normally wouldn't be able to afford. For example someone had a budget of $1000 for a laptop, they get afterpay and start looking at a $2000 laptop instead. They probably get some kind of commission too

    • does Latitude Pay run a hard credit check on you?

  • $132 on TGG Commercial plus $5 postage (or free click and collect). The free delivery to VIC addresses doesn't seem to apply for orders from their commercial website.

  • JB price match? have a giftcard i need to use up.

    • Pretty unlikely they'll match as part of the deal is with Latitude pay.

  • Worked and got one using Latitude Pay. Thanks OP

    • Also got one just now with Latitude pay. Thanks.

  • Keep in mind they are on the heavier side, so if you play CS or similar fps game with a lighter mouse, I find it uncomfortable to use this after for work

  • Does anyone know if the $20 credit from Latitude will apply if you partially pay with a $100 discounted gift card?

  • How is this compared to Logitech G502 for gamers? I am using G502 but it is a bit small for my palms, am looking for an alternative.

    • +1

      Might be worth looking into the mx518.

  • +1

    Thanks OP just got one. Note - you can't stack Latitude Pay with discounted giftcards.

  • is this worth upgrading from MX Master 2?

  • I ordered this back on the 20th August, paid $5 delivery as my local stores didn't have stock and I couldn't be bothered driving an hour. Rang last week to find out what was going on as I hadn't heard anything, apparently they didn't have stock so they were waiting to get one from another store. Get a call today and been advised that the good guys aren't stocking this product anymore so they've cancelled my order. What a joke! It's still showing as available from the warehouse online.

    Anyone else get their order cancelled? I can't see any mention of a new version coming out soon? My MX 2 just broke recently so I needed this new one :(

    • I missed this offer but bought it with the $20 promotion from Latitude Pay and the $20 promotion from Cashrewards on the 30th. At the time, it said it was instock on the website to be delivered from the warehouse but in the order confirmation, my item was coming from the Alexandria store (I'm from Melbourne). After a week and no dispatch (they quote 3-7 business days for dispatch), I checked availability at Alexandria store - they only had the one on display! I called them up and they said they have no idea when they'll get the mouse in and that no store had it in the country. They estimated at least 2-3 weeks but they didn't have a set date. I then asked them what the deal is with the warehouse showing stock and she told me their warehouses don't stock these, just big appliances like fridges! Safe to say I cancelled my order and now waiting for a refund through Latitude Pay. I was also charged for shipping when it should've been free delivery in VIC.

      If you check the Product Review site for the Good Guys, they've been advertising their stock as instock when it's on backorders. Loads of complaints on the site.

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