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$20 off $100+ Spend Using LatitudePay (Online Only) @ The Good Guys


T&Cs 1

Update 2: According to The Good Guys, LatitudePay is having massive problems with verifications due to fraud etc. Thus orders are not showing up in The Good Guys' system for days, and they have to manually push them through. This is the source of the delay of the order acknowledgement email. (See anthonybs's two comments below.)

Update 1: According to LatitudePay, when paying via their service order fulfilment by The Good Guys takes one to three days. You cannot Click & Collect within 2 hours—nor even within the same day—even though the TGG website implies otherwise! (See petestrash's comment below.)

Single use only. No interest or fees*. Not available if paying with Store Credit or gift cards.

Stacks with:

How to get the bonus:

  1. Add items to be purchased to your cart. (Spend $100 or more.)
  2. Select LatitudePay at checkout.
  3. Sign up (approval takes minutes) or login. Set up your payment schedule.
  4. LatitudePay will take $20 off your payment plan.

(The Good Guys get the full amount, the $20 is taken off your LatitudePay total, and 10% of the balance is charged to your credit card for the first instalment.)

About LatitudePay

LatitudePay is the easy way to shop now for your appliances and pay later – with no interest, ever, and no fees if you pay on time. Spread the cost of your purchase over 10 weeks plus its free to apply (in-store or online via our shopping cart)! Terms & Conditions2 apply.

If you’re new to LatitudePay, you’ll need this stuff:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • A couple of minutes to sign up, it’s quick and easy
  • An Australian driver’s licence or passport
  • A credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard)

How does LatitudePay work?

LatitudePay takes the first instalment when you commit to a purchase, with the remaining balance being processed weekly, that means you pay 10% upfront and the rest of the purchase is paid in 9 weekly automatic payments. Applying is simple – and free!

What can I buy on LatitudePay?

You can use LatitudePay in all The Good Guys stores and online to make a purchase of a product between a minimum $20 and maximum of $1,000. Some exclusions apply, such as agency brands (including Miele, ASKO, Portofino etc.), Gift cards and ePay purchases. Look for the LatitudePay logo on the product page to see if the product is eligible.

* Are there any fees?

The only time LatitudePay ever charges fees is if the weekly payments decline, in which case a $10 late fee applies. They will call, text, or email you to arrange an alternative method of payment.

  1. $20 Bonus Terms & Conditions:
    To redeem offer, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted on your LatitudePay Payment Schedule. Single use only for spend at The Good Guys between 20 Aug and 30 Sep 2020. Available to new and existing LatitudePay customers. Online only, stock may vary. Minimum spend $100. Subject to approval. Conditions and late fees apply. Payment Plan provided by LatitudePay Australia Pty Ltd ABN 23 633 528 873. 

  2. LatitudePay Terms & Conditions:
    Subject to approval. Conditions and late fees apply. Available on purchases between $20 and $1000. Payment Plan provided by LatitudePay Australia Pty Ltd ABN 23 633 528 873. For complete terms, visit latitudepay.com/terms. 

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  • Is there any referral bonus scheme for new signups like zippay ?

    • +1

      No mention of it in the User-Submitted Referral Code Updates forum topic.

      I don't have an account, so can't check that way.

      Nothing mentioned on the LatitudePay website.

      A Duck² search didn't turn up anything, either.

      TL;DR - No?

  • does it involve a credit hit on your file? if so there are better offers. is there any benefit over other bnpl providers?.

    • They do a credit check so yeah I assume it would.

    • Yes, I recently checked my credit file and noticed that Latitude showed up as an inquiry.

    • +1

      Not if you already hold a 28degreees credit card

  • i wonder if existing Latitude credit card holders get approved automatically for Latitude pay or still need to do another credit check?

    • It’s another credit check. Sign up for latitude pay previously when catch had a similar $20 off and I already had 2 cards with them (previously known as GE credit line and the 28 degrees)

      Thanks op, bought a pair of chromecasts.

      • how long does the check take? if i sign up now, will i be able to checkout before 12am?

        • According to the The Good Guys website, approval takes minutes.

          I've update the deal with this info.

    • In the email I received 3/9/20 it said

      "As a valued Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard® customer, there's no need for an ID or credit check, so you can get shopping today."

      So they had better not be running credit checks…

  • +2

    Nice deal. Grabbed an Apple TV for $189

    Would have been even better if it was $20 for every $100 spent, but hey, can't be too greedy

  • Does this show the discount AFTER you click "Place your order"?

    • +1


      I don't have an account but the way I understand it, after you click "Place your order" you will need to sign in/up, set up a payment schedule, and then the discount shows up.

  • +3

    Just a warning on those expecting latitude pay to be processed the same as a credit card payment (spoiler it's not).

    I ordered some stuff from good guys yesterday morning for Fathers day using latitude pay and 2 hour click and collect.

    For those wondering, good guys get the full amount, the bonus $20 is taken off your total and 10% of the balance is charged to your credit card for the 1st payment.

    I did not get any order email from good guys, but did get a Latitude Pay email with the Good Guys order number.

    So I waited a day.

    Today I still did not get an email or phone call from good guys saying the items were available to collect.

    I called the store, they did not have any record of the order number I gave them, or any pending orders. But one of the items I ordered only shows as one in stock.

    The order I placed yesterday does not even reserve stock at the store.

    They gave me the online orders phone number 1300 466 348 (not listed on their website).

    They asked if it was a latitude pay order, I said yes.

    They told me that latitude orders take 24 hours to appear on the system.

    I told them it has been more than 24 hours now.

    They spoke with their technical dept, and all they can do is ask Latitude Pay to escalate the issue.

    I called latitude pay and their system offered a callback while maintaining my place in the queue.

    I am still waiting for a callback.

    The $20 discount was nice, but it now means I will not have my fathers day present in time, and only because I chose to pay using Latitude Pay for the first time instead of credit card.

    Edit update: Latitude pay did call back, and are blaming the good guys saying nothing is held up their end and order fulfilment by the good guys takes one to three days and they should never have allowed 2 hour click and collect. Told them that was rubbish no issues with click and collect when paying by credit card. So no better than before the call. I don't need to use latitude pay, but thought $20 for free was worth it. It's not and won't use them again.

    • I wish I read this before I ordered last night. I'm in the same boat, no hope of getting my order today because I paid using Latitude Pay..

    • Sorry this happened to you and thanks for the warning. Like you, I took advantage of the $20 discount but only went for delivered option as it was offered free and I wasn’t in a hurry. What surprises me is that my order was put in past midnight and I got it delivered by 10.30am this morning. That was a record for me and totally unexpected.

  • Stay away from this deal. I called TGG after two days without my order showing up in their system, rep says they are having massive problems with them and are having to manually push through all these orders. $20 discount not worth it IMO.

    • Just to be clear: The Good Guys are blaming LatitudePay for some/a lot/most orders not going through automatically?

      According to petestrash's comment above, LatitudePay are blaming The Good Guys for the same problem.

      This doesn't bode well.

      • +1

        Yes, specifically said LatitudePay is having delays with verifications due to fraud etc.

    • Yep they both blamed each other and no one would help get the order pushed out in time for Sunday.

      The order was released Monday, which I ordered Friday Morning for 2 hour click and collect.

      And some items I ordered which were in stock when I ordered and when I chased on Saturday are now on back-order and I have to make a 2nd trip when they are back in stock.

      I also sent Latitude pay a message via their system on Saturday, but still no response to that.

      Poor service by both Good Guys and Latitude Pay.

  • applied this morning and received Goodguys email about pickup within 10minutes!

  • Can it be used in conjunction with TENOFF code running currently and $20 conceriege credit ?

  • Anyone else find the Latitude Pay option not appearing at the payment step if a store credit was applied to the cart?

    • +1

      I'm getting the same thing. It allows you to pay with Latitude pay only with the promo code TENOFF. Once you apply any credit, the option for Latitude pay then disappears. Arghhhhh!!!