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Nokia 5.3 64GB/4GB (Android One) $205.51 (Cyan - Sold Out) $206.32 (Sand) + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


I was looking for a Stock Android phone and found this one with decent specs. It has Android one with guaranteed security and software updates.

Got good response on OzBargain last time it was on sale.

Looks like this one has NFC and Band 28.

Detailed specs here

Unboxing and review here

JB-HiFi selling it for $348

Don't forget 4% cashback, effectively reducing the price to ~$197. I forgot while ordering mine

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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        • iPhone 4 from 10 years ago had 326 ppi. This phone has 268 ppi. How is it even close to retina?

          • @nosrad: maybe retina of a 112 yr old…

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      The display res is the deal-breaker for me here.

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      Seriously, it's $200.

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      Says $349 for me

    • Also $349 for me

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    Is this Nokia comparable to iPhone 9,10 or 11?

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      iPhone 9??

      But this is Android, so no, not really comparable.

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        but if you buy it now, in five years it will compare to the current iOS

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          in five years it will compare to the current iOS

          Not sure what you mean there. Compare in what sense?
          I'm a fan of both IOS and Android.
          But Android has always taken a more "advanced" as in bleeding edge approach.
          IOS is slower to add features, but is smoother, easier to use, and gets there eventually.
          IOS is more mature, stable, but fewer features. It is behind the curve, but in a good way, depending on your perspective.

          • +1

            @manic: My attempt at wit left much to be desired.
            Although I personally hold a grudge against Apple's closed ecosystem, I agree with what you have written. iOS is cleaner, safer, and easier while Android is messier, harder, yet has more choice. Although I'll leave the description of 'Bleeding edge' to those who build phones out of Arduinos and such.
            Android is to iOS what Linux is to BSD😊

      • Comparable to s8?

  • If you need to claim warranty is it covered here or it needs to be sent to UK?

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    copped it thanks. Will tide me over until I travel and need a camera again. They seem to be getting a lot better every year

  • How would this compare to say a Oneplus 6?

    • It wouldn't :-)

      • I'm just trying to gauge what this phone would say compare to. Maybe Moto G7?

        I've got a One plus 6 a few years old now, but still working very well, I'm guessing it's still streets ahead of this Nokia?

        My friend has a Moto G5 which is getting very slow and laggy, wanting to find a good solution for them.

  • I have been eyeing Redmi Notes 8T for $249. Any inputs on which one is better phone?

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        I have used Xiaomi phones before. Hard to get rid of bloatware unless you root the phone. Having stock Android makes sure you always get the latest security updates and there is no crap software installed. For me, its just that "peace of mind" feeling that matters most.

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      After much searching, reading etc … I just purchased a Redmi Note 9 Pro for $323, worth the extra $$.

  • How do you select the cyan option?

    • already gone.

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    Damn. Just purchased an Oppo A52 as a gift earlier today for $256.40. At least it has 2 years local warranty I guess.

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      Where did you get this price?

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      A52 has a FHD screen at least, this one is 720p I believe.

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    Don't forget 4% cash back on mobile phones.

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    Damn, crazy good value for money.

  • UK power plug I assume?

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      Does it matter?

      • No

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          OEM should not provide <2A USB chargers anymore, there are too many e-waste already.

    • Does the UK USB C port have a square plug?


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    Nice deal but only thing that stops me is the colour. Is there a black or different colour available for same price ?

  • Would this be any worse than a Note 8?

  • Does this phone has dedicated SD Card slot? Or does 1 of the sim card slot acts as a SD Card slot?

    • It has 3 slots, 2 for SIM cards and 1 for SD card.

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    Honestly, for anyone thats worried about resolution; its the equivalent of trying to use a 1440p screen at roughly 10 inches.

    Or a 40" at significantly greater than 4k.

    So long as the panel quality is good (and first hand, i can assure you it is!) Its not something you notice at all in use.

    Im not daft enough to claim no difference, if you're the 1inch pixel peeper type, but in daily use and photos they look crisp and vibrant.

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      I'm not worried about screen resolution, but do you find it too big to fit in your pocket? I was pretty sure I will get the Pixel 4a, but this is so cheap and it got what I need except the size.

      • Me too. I'm replacing a brick sized LG V20 which is a struggle to get out of my pocket. I wanted something smaller, but this is too good to pass on.

      • Fits in skinny jeans just fine; There's obviously a rectangle in my pocket :P but it fits without issue or discomfort.

  • Opinions on the camera quality?

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      Stock, probably a 6/10, better than I expected but not ground breaking.

      gCam, probably an 8.5/10, about equivalent to last generations 'flagships'.


      • Wow, gCam the way to go.

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    Thanks OP.
    I have ordered one. There is meant to be the s20 equivalent of the s10e coming so this Nokia 5 3 may go to my wife in a couple of months but in the meantime I'll be happy to try it out.
    Cheap flip case here.

  • Would buy if there were cyan or black

  • Hows the battery life?

    • Also does it matter than its a UK version for use in Australia?

  • Ah, Listen since this company was divulged from Microsoft, I thought HMD global was going to make a strong go of the mobile market.

    Unfortunately after owned three of their phones I have to warn people off this brand.

    The last try was a Nokia 7 which just died during update, stock rom, nothing untoward, but support treated me like a moron. I am tech savvy and live remotely, so it's not easy to get support, but over a period of four months I tried again and again. Same treatment, like I was stupid and lying to them. ( I have since found out the behaviour my unit exhibited was not unusual)

    Beware, they are going backwards and have laid off a lot of workers to try and stay on track. Even with a takeover, I believe Nokia's days are numbered.

    Not due to the devices, but the support networks, etc.

    Shame really

    • +1

      Not sure why negged, but I'll second this. I just replaced my third USB module last night on my Nokia 3. No idea what kills it (but once it dies and you plug it into a computer / TV USB port, they give an 'over current warning').

      So potential here to possibly damage sensitive equipment/ chargers.

      There is no Nokia support except for Sydney. So if anywhere else, give them a miss. You can post it in, but there's no guarantee you will ever see your data again, and if they have exhorbant fees if the issue is something outside the warranty.

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    Has anyone who ordered this had it ship yet?

  • https://auspost.com.au/shop/product/telstra-nokia-2-3-55994 - $129 seems good, not sure if locked to Telstra or not.

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      "This phone is locked to the Telstra network."

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      but this is a full 3 nokia's lower than the 5.3!

  • Just got off a livechat with Amazon CS, they said the item (that was ordered) is out of stock and to expect delivery around Sept 28 :(

    • Ahh looks like most of us will be in for a month's wait, oh well they gave me $20 for the inconvenience, I'm happy.

    • +1

      Their livechat consultant told me yesterday there's no estimates at this stage … I figure I'll give it a few more weeks then cancel the order if no update provided.

    • I was given an ETA of 2 months.

      • Bit of a rort selling it when there won't be stock for over a month .

        • +1

          OK, so its now showing this:
          + $11.29 Delivery
          Amazon UK
          Arrives: 15 - 17 Sep
          Fastest delivery: 7 - 9 Sep
          In stock on August 31, 2020.
          Order it now.

          so should be shipped in a few days I rekon.

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    for anyone who missed out, it would seem that there are people cancelling them (as per above posts), and they are coming back in stock, i saw a sand earlier, put it in my cart and it sold out while i was having a quick look at other stuff.

    then, went back in again later this afternoon, and there where two left, so grabbed one.
    there is now 1 left in stock for anyone who may have missed out.

    Edit: Gone now.

  • another sand back in stock today.

    edit: and out of stock already.

  • available now for back order. (looks like it should ship in a few days time)

    "In stock on August 31, 2020."
    is it possible to take off the "out of stock" flag?

    • Thanks, I have removed the "Out of Stock" label.

      • aaaannnnnddd out of stock again, LOL.

        • aaaannnnndddd available for pre order again, maybe i was looking at the cyan when it was showing out of stock, and the sand is available to order now.

          • @wisc: I ordered the sand on the 20th and it is out of stock. Amazon support couldn't even give me an ETA

  • No ETA for me either. Ordered on August 21. Amazon customer service replied to my "when willmy oroduct be shipped?" enquiry with a long-winded email full of platitudes and a $20 credit on my account. A phone case from eBay arrived a few days ago. Who knows when the actual phone will. Not happy with Amazon. 10 days in and it is not shipped.

    • messaged them in the same way, "I apologize about the delay in update about the dispatch of this order,to make up for the inconvenience this has caused you,I've added a promo of AU$ 10.00 to your amazon.com.au account"

  • probably should have gotten the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 for about the same price.

    have contacted them in the same way, hopefully get the credit as well!

  • +1

    Contacted them yesterday. Estimated delivery is 13th October. Thankfully my old phone, though on last legs, is still working. Can wait a few more weeks.

    • Ordered on the 20th but strangely they charged me today.

    • still nothing.

  • Merged from Nokia 5.3 64GB/4GB (Android One) $206.32 (Sand) + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU

    Cameras: Quad camera setup including 13 MP main camera, night mode, portrait mode and AI scene detection
    Display: 6.55 inch HD+ dual-gate display with selfie notch
    Battery: Handle any task at speed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and 2 day battery life
    Design: Elegant 2.5D glass front and a scratch-resistant composite back for extended durability, with Charcoal, Cyan and Sand colours available
    Google Assistant Button: Ask questions, see your schedule or even dim the lights with the Google Assistant Button

    • Is this global model with band28? Pretty good deal if so!

    • This would be a great backup phone

    • +2

      Good price, but I have become wary of Nokia's build and software quality. Have no idea how one can stuff up stock Android.

      • My Nokia screeches at full volume at random times when unlocking, and sometimes when turning on wifi. Nothing you can do to stop it…buttons don't work, no battery to eject. ..the looks you get when you aren't doing anything about this terrible speaker screech.

    • +3

      I bought it on 20 August but hasn't shipped yet. On my orders details says we will email you when available, but it says in stock here .

      • Contact Amazon, they will help.

      • Same.

      • +1

        Ditto . Also been waiting for them to send it since 20th .

      • I have called twice to no avail.. I have not received an update and the status of delivery has not changed from the same you have..

        Useless, I would have to recommend to avoid buying this if you need it anytime soon

        • I just used the contact link on Amazon and recieved a $10 credit .

    • +1

      If you like long delays get this deal, mine hasn't shipped yet from the last deal.

      • Well, at least you get plenty of time to change your mind.

      • But that's not good enough reason to neg ?

    • yeh still waiting from 2 weeks ago as well. dont bother if you need this anytime soon.

      • I expected more of Amazon, when I bought it, it said in stock and 2-3 weeks shipping. Will probably cancel.

    • Used it from a colleague from work today. She moved off an iPhone. It's quick, snappy, light, nice UI and apps installed quickly. I didn't test the camera but at this price, it's a bargain. Future updates may be far and few but it's good value imo.