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Up to $600 EFTPOS Gift Card for Cameras / Lenses @ Sony (e.g A7III $2358 @ digiDIRECT + $400 Gift Card - EXPIRED)


New Sony cashback promo of up to $600 EFTPOS cashback, depending on camera and lens purchased.

The a7iii receives a $400 discount (Sony Cashback Details)

Thanks to DingDong2 for this deal where Digidirect have the camera for $2358.40

Combining them should bring the cost down to $1958.40 for the a7iii.

Would definitely be worth double checking with the retailer, but Digidirect is mentioned as acceptable in the Sony Cashback Terms and Conditions.

I'm definitely considering jumping on it, but pretty awestruck by the EyeAF on the new Canon R5 and R6!

Update: Digidirect appear to have done a sneaky price jack - Price has gone up now so double check your cart!

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  • Can someone please double check my work? Seems almost too good to be true

    • Your calcs are right, in this case it'd be worthwhile to price match DigiDirect at Sony Direct as they would probably be better to deal with. And note that this is an EFTPOS gift card and not pure cashback.

      • Edited, thanks.

        • Also can possibly stack with 5% Cashrewards, if you get a price match from Sony direct they will add the item to your cart, and from there you can click through from CR and potentially get the cashback..

          • @doweyy: Isn't it one of the rules to add the item to the cart, post redirecting from the cashback sites?

            • +1

              @wise penny: Doesn't seem to be for the Sony store, usually it's mentioned in the terms if the item needs to be added after the click.. I guess it's just a bonus but still worthwhile trying.

          • @doweyy: How long does it take for tracking to show up in cashrewards? I did it yesterday, but it still not showing up after 24 hrs.

            Some posts says they got immediate tracking using shopback, i am so anxious i probably should have gone with shopback.

            • @angilinwago: Mine was tracked within an hour with shopback. I tend to have more headaches with cash rewards but that's just me. It should say on the cash rewards deal how long tracking might take?

      • +1

        Is the price match working for you on the Sony Website? Mine doesn't seem to go through just keeps adding "61" to my phone number.

        • My price match request was approved a few minutes ago. Try clearing cache?

  • Good price if true. Jump on this quickly - this camera is amazing.

  • +3

    Can also stack with the amex Sony offer ($50 off $500) if you manage to get a price match with the Sony store

  • +1

    Haven't seen this gone under $2000 for a long time..

    • It was actually under $2k in July when Sony last had the $400 gift card deal on. But to get it you had to price match the 15% of digidirect deal on the Sony website, claim the $400 gift card and use the 7% shopback cash back deal so it was a bit more complicated.

  • I couldn't find DigiDirect from the Authorised Dealer list.

    Can I purchase a Sony Eligible Product from any dealer?
    No, to qualify for the eftpos Gift Card your eligible Sony Camera must be purchased (excludes lay-by purchases) from a participating Sony Australia Authorised Dealer. Duty free stores, discounted or clearance eBay sellers, parallel import stores and second hand retailers are excluded from the promotion.

    Will Sony store price match and still give out the EFTPOS card?

    • +6


      Section 5:

      To be eligible to claim, individuals must purchase either outright or with retailer finance an Eligible Product from a participating Sony Australia authorised dealer during the Purchase Period and the purchase must not have been made under any other offer or discount provided by a participating Sony Australia authorised dealer (“Qualifying Purchase”). Participating Sony Australia authorised dealers include, but are not limited to: JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Camera House, Ted’s Cameras, Michaels, Diamonds, Digi Direct, Video Pro, Sony Centre, Sony Store Online, Georges, Digital Camera Warehouse, Myer, Costco, Photo Continental, Camera Pro, Camera Electronic, Bing Lee, and The Good Guys.
      Lay-by and purchases from duty-free, discounted or clearance eBay sales, parallel import stores and second-hand purchases/retailers are excluded from this promotion.
      Claims from, or on behalf of businesses or resellers (i.e. distributors or retailers) are not eligible for this Promotion. Only Claimants who are ‘end-users’ of the Eligible Products are entitled to claim under this Promotion. For the purpose of this Promotion, ‘end-user’ means “Consumer” as defined in the Australian Consumer Law.

      • +1

        Thank you for the clarification!

  • +7

    I'm definitely considering jumping on it, but pretty awestruck by the EyeAF on the new Canon R5 and R6!

    Sony's is just as good.

    • Got any videos or articles about it? I've been trying to find comparisons but seems like the R5 is too new for any detailed info.

      • Plus you've got the overheating issue on the R5

    • +3

      But R5 and R6 cost twice as much though .
      I am just going to pull the trigger today!! Sold my D610 so can justify this :)

      • AF not as sticky on the x-t4, but I'm hoping fuji will follow suit soon and offer cashback so i can stack and pick one up - maybe a bit soon though given release is only been 5 mths!!! ;-)

  • +2

    Don't forget the Amex deal if buying from digiDIRECT.

    Or Sony as scarypacman mentioned above.

  • You can also go price match at your local store or a better online reputable store like teds camera.

    • +1

      Digi Direct are generally excellent.

  • Wow great deal. Wondering why price is still more expensive than last year. Old tech n usd going down compared to aud.

  • +1

    A fantastic deal. I've had the a7iii for about 2.5 years now and it's a great camera. There are a lot of awesome third party lens options now that are very enticing.

    • What are you some of the lenses you like?

      • If buying now, is be strictly looking at the Tamron f/2.8 trinity.

        I have the 1635 f/4, 55mm f/1.8 but mostly use a Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 loxia, a manual focus lens.

  • +7

    For anyone new, this doesn't come with a lens. Highly recommended to get the tamron 28-200 as a beginner and all round lens.

    • +1

      Can't recommend this lens enough. It's a fantastic lens, very sharp across the board and even suitable for professionals. I have had sharper primes but versatility of this lens can not be beaten by any zoom or prime out there.. If you want a single lens which does it all, then this is it..

      • +2

        I use the Tamron 28-200 as a travel lens on my A7Riv and am surprised at the amount of detail that it is able to resolve on a 61mp body. Not prime sharp but still very impressive. It a far cry from the horrible Tamron 28-300 that I used back in the day on my Canon 20D.

        Pair it with a Tamron 17-28 f/2.8 and you will have a very versatile setup.

        • I'm very tempted but I've already got the 24105. Need something with a bit of reach that won't make me poor.

          • +1

            @Caped Baldy: 24-105 is a brilliant lens as well. I used to have that lens. I'd say they both have same sharpness so if you are thinking to get Tamron for that then don't. Plus Sony 24-105 has 24 mm wide end (which I often miss with 28-200) and it's OSS lens (which might come handy sometimes). But if you really need that extra reach up to 200mm, F2.8 for nice bokeh & low light performance and almost 200g lightness then Tamron is the better choice.. I'd say Tamron colours and contrast are also a bit better than Sony lens (Tamron colours and contrast are pretty similar to what I see from Zeiss lenses albeit with reddish canon like tint compared to bluish tint of Zeiss pop)

    • What's a good price to be paying for the tamron lense?

      • +1

        I think I actually saw it for less than $1000 a couple weeks ago. Was either a 15 or 20% off deal.

        • Not exactly a cheap lens..gulp.

          • @orly: For a mirrorless zoom lens it is actually quite good. Cheap prime lens are half the cost and zoom lens that cover less range are more expensive.

            It's a pretty solid lens to be on the a7iii 24/7.

  • can buy together with this, or price matching


    • +1

      This price is just ridiculous for this lens. Apart from being very small lens, there is nothing really special about this lens. And what's funny is, I bought this lens about 4 years ago for $650 (yes retail full price from Australian local store) and even received $150 cashback then making the final price $500. Now the same lens is more than twice as expensive, how come? There are so many better alternatives out there for Sony E mount, just don't pay these inflated prices for 'not so impressive' lens in terms of value. (I would probably consider it's a good value around $600 retail price)

      • was $599 before, somehow they changed the price again.

        see this one, i still have this lens my cart for $589 after sony price matching it, not sure i want to proceed


      • Yep I got the 18-105 for $550 in feb. Now the cheapest I can see it is over $900.

  • +1

    My only concern about the Digidirect is they mention "Huge Stock Sale" and Terms and Conditions of Sony's promo says "purchase must not have been made under any other offer or discount provided by a participating Sony Australia authorised dealer (“Qualifying Purchase”)" Do you guys think that qualifies for the offer?

    • I personally can't say. On the page itself it has the price as well as a 'sticker' for the cashback though?

    • +1

      I just got an email reply from Sony saying they approved the digiDirect price match

    • +1

      I called Sony Australia, and enquired the exact same thing. The lady told me that as long as I have an invoice it should be ok regardless of the price match.

  • What is the difference between this camera and the Sony A7Siii that just came out?

    • Sony A7Siii more video oriented I believe someone correct me if I'm wrong

      • A7S III is definitely more video oriented. There's a bunch of advantages over the A7 III but one of them is I believe it has much less rolling shutter.

    • A7siii is also like $6k and video focused. It also has better low light capability thanks to the low pixel count (larger individual pixels).

      A7iv is probably coming out within the next year but the A7iii is still extremely capable.

  • For everyone working from home - Sony released a software last week that lets you use this camera as a webcam. It works well - limited to 1024x576 @ 30fps - but the quality is excellent and works smoothly with Teams / Skype etc. I'm using it with a Sigma 35 f/1.4

    It's overkill, but if you want to show a good work impression and you have the camera lying around anyway - it's a great use case.

    You can also buy dummy batteries from ebay so you power the camera off AC. It doesn't decrease life of the camera either since it's not using the shutter.

    • You could also just leave it plugged in to charge (although that will reduce the life of your battery).

      • Yeah you could charge at the same time - but not too sure if it'll keep it topped off.
        The $56 ebay dummy battery was a good enough investment to avoid killing batteries

        • Yeah you could charge at the same time - but not too sure if it'll keep it topped off.
          The $56 ebay dummy battery was a good enough investment to avoid killing batteries

          I bought this $16.99 HDMI USB capture dongle. Received it this week and gave it a quick test. It seems to work perfectly fine in my quick tests so far. It'll do 1080p which is much higher than the 576p that the Sony software does, and you don't have to worry about installing the app or running the USB reset utility or starting some cameras up in specific modes to make it work.

          You can then just power the camera with a USB-C cable directly.

  • I have the A7rIII and I find it too big and heavy. This means that I take it with me less frequently, and as a result take less photos with it. I also have a Canon 550D and Sony RX100ii which I find much more reasonable sized.

    Please consider the size and weight if you are looking at purchasing this.

    • +5

      it's a full frame SLR with interchangeable lenses, you can't much smaller than this. rx100 is an excellent camera but its just completely different

    • Interested in selling it?

  • Can you possibly price match with JB/TGG considering DigiDirect having a store?

  • +1

    You should be able to price match at the Sony store then receive a 4.90% cash back from Shopback to get it even cheaper.

  • The Sony A7SIII is coming out but the price difference is massive, apparently $6k asking price by Sony.

  • I am still bloody waiting for my cashback was over a month ago.

    • Digital or physical? I got digital in a week after I lodged.

  • I just bought an A6400 two days ago from Sony Online and it's arriving today. WTF, not EFTOS deal for me. Do they take returns if I don't open it?

    • Yes and free returns if you used PayPal. How much did you pay? Can't get the body and lens for $1350.


      • I got the camera body price-matched at Sony for $1,119.20 plus the $50 AmEx bonus making it $1,069.20. I see DD has jacked the body-only price up to $1,259.10 today. If I cancel I'll have to pay more up front (before the EFTPOS card) and return postage to make fifty bucks. Probably not worth the effort. I have asked Sony to grant me a redemption card seeing I haven't even received the camera from Sony. Not holding much hope.

        • How did you go with Sony?

  • +1

    Good deal on the a6400.

    $1350 - $200 for $1150


    • +1

      This may be a better deal than what I got on Tuesday. Not a big fan of the 16-50mm though.

      • +1

        Nice to play around with. I also have the 18-105.

    • You got in quick! DigiDirect just jacked the price to $1,519.20.

      • Lucky!

  • No cashback for the lens?i thought they usually have those along with the camera.

    • Price match with Sony then get 5% cashback too

      • +1

        Cheers mate. Just did that. Pricematched in less than 5 minutes

      • how do you get sony 5% cashback on lenses?

        edit: i see what you mean, from cashreward.

        • Yes or 4.9% with shopback.

          • @J6: sony just denied my price match with this jb hifi 35mm prime lens $599, disappointing

            • @angilinwago: reason why?

              • @Bargainjustifier: Because it's not in stock. When you go to the checkout it's unable to delivered or picked up.

                • @J6: The question is how do they know, i found it hard to imagine for them to actually get to the checkout on jbhifi to find out. It's like they have been hanging around the ozbargain a lot.

                • +1

                  @J6: I just tried it again, they approved it! Guess it depends on different person who manages their price matching.

                  Hopefully now i get the $599 lens with 5% cashback discount.

                  • @angilinwago: Yeah it's not a great deal to be honest. It has been before $500 regularly before. Unless you really need it, don't be fooled by the $1300 price tag.

                    • @J6: What else is 35mm, light, compact, discreet and under $600

      • The item is added to the cart when Sony price matches it. Will cash rewards still count that?

  • sony is second apple they hold their value very well.

  • +2

    I pricematched the a6400 body+ lens with sony for $1350 and just got shopback tracking.

    $1350 - $200 cashback - $66.17 shopback = a good deal

    • no cash back on GST, right ?

      • +1

        I got $66.17 cashback.

  • Anyone know where's the cheapest place for a sigma 24-70 f2.8 for this?

  • +3

    Digidirect has now jacked the price of the A7iii and other cameras in response to Sony's promotion. Poor form.

    Managed to get Sony online to price match before this occured. The price match was approved in only a few minutes. I'd much rather give my money to Sony than Digidirect.

    • Yeah, damn I just missed out, poor form from digidirect.

    • Ah (profanity), even for the lenses which aren't part of the deal.

      What a bunch of (profanity).

  • +1

    I got a little lucky was talking to my local camera house trying to get it for $2300 they couldn't do it and just as I was leaving the Sony rep who was setting up the promo stickers gave them the go ahead.

    Only issue was the 1.9% surcharge as I didn't have any other cards on me.

    So feeling happy after the digidirect price bump!

    Picture for proof https://photos.app.goo.gl/cf83Ue6sH5gRQWYM6

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