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[eBay Plus] MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk Wifi ATX Motherboard $360 Delivered @ GG.Tech eBay


This looks to be one of the best bang for you bucks AM4 ATX motherboard from my research with comparable thermal performance to $800+ boards, also local stock.

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  • Super good mobo

  • Very tempting, ticks all the boxes for me feature wise.

  • Like most mobo's at the moment, overpriced AF

  • My MPG X570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi was less than this…

    • feel bad for you bro, apparently most of the MSI X570 was terrible beside the MEG Godlike until this one

  • I have this board, its fantastic.

    • Wish that was in Oz, im without a pc dont want to wait too long

      • You will be waiting for the cpu as well, assuming you are getting the 3900x (why else do you need a x570)

        • Im actually getting a r5 3600 just to get me out of trouble then getting the the 4000 series I think

          • @mitcheo: Why not pair the r5 3600 with a cheaper motherboard and just on-sell them both and buy the new chipset for the 4000 series? x570 will be past-generation by that time.

            • @Agret: I thought of this, but isn't 4000 series coming out next month? And x570 is the current motherboard? There not bringing out new boards for 4000?

              • @mitcheo: They might, but what features are you going to be missing out on?

                New products release at RRP. You will only be paying more for the new models which aren't any better

          • @mitcheo: Lol better than me… I'm running a 3200g on an itx 570… To be fair ive been buying parts over a long period and after dhl stuff up the mb had been in transit for 2 months… So thought i really need to test the board, ram etc and didn't want to buy gpu or a cpu just yet…. So got a 3200g for $130.

            Imagine getting new cpu trying to then flash the bios to support it and then running into issues and not knowing which part is stuffed hahaha i have no hair to pull out…

            Aside from testing it'll give me time to sus out new cpus and gpus b4 pulling the trigger…

          • @mitcheo: Any MSI 400-series "MAX" motherboard will support Ryzen 4000, any B550 board will support Ryzen 4000. Save your $$$. B550 boards in particular have fantastic VRMs, you wouldn't even struggle with a 3950X on something ~$250. I also don't get when people say RyZeN 4000 NeEdS BeTTeR VrMs, like when has the TDP ever gone up in the same tier? The 1700X was a 95W part, the 3700X is a 65W part.

    • I think at that price, price to performance is the same

      Edit: actually $285 with prime is a pretty good buy

  • Waiting for intel socket. Is 10700k and tomahawk z490 good to have for? Thanks.
    Still using haswell cpu :(

    • Its good, but you are paying a bit more than the AMD equivalent. If you want the Intel GPU/ quicksync, or you think you can overclock your parts then it makes sense.

      • What's the equivalent on amd for 10700k? And which mobo can you recommend? Not that updated on amd thanks in advance:)

        • 3700x is the closest equivalent, being 8 core like the 10700k. The 10700k is a little faster (5% about)

          $480 vs $600

          Or you could get the 3900x and have 12 cores for $650.

          This benchmark actually shows the 10700k as slower, but synthetic benchmarks reflect a rendering workload. For a gaming workload the lower latency between cores makes intel Cpus outperform the AMD counterparts (except for the 4 core 3300x which doesn't have this issue).
          Intel also does particularly well in the single thread score as the CPU actually reaches 5.1ghz. In a multicore workload it's max clockspeed ends up at 4.7ghz, (Unless you overclock)

    • Still rocking Sandy Bridge here :)

      • i'm waiting for devs to start writing spaghetti code for the PS5 before i upgrade :P

      • I made the leap from i7 2600k to i7 6700k and was a big improvement for gaming. Suggest you checkout the 3700x.

    • You need to log in too see pricing on that site?

      • The prices are listed on the bottom of the page to other related items. I actually called for the price and paid in store pick up.

    • Hopefully not too late to return it and get this one?

      • The master is totally worth it for $555.

        • Ah yeah had a look into, seems that it might be worth the extra $200 if you have a need for a 2nd LAN port and a 3rd m.2 without using a pci card.

          These boards are both in the same tier for VRM cooling, power delivery & overclocking though.

  • The MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk is a very good motherboard but the price of $360 is too much for it! Do not west your money and go with this one Asus TUF X570. But be aware that you have to update the BIOS before playing because the BIOS that it comes with has a memory compatibility issue, after the update it will be perfect for it price!


  • Iā€™m building a pc and bought the ryzen 9 , is this motherboard good value? Should I buy it?

    • This X570 Tomahawk is rated as tier S - 250A on Motherboard VRM Tier List.

      Among tier S - 250A, the top 2 boards are Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master (~$500) and MSI X570 Tomahawk (in blue colour). and the next level up (300A) is asking for $6xx+. Hence, this X570 Tomahawk is pretty good deal, IMO.

      • Ty so I should go ahead and purchase this yes?

        • This is a great board. Buildzoid did a breakdown of this on youtube and he said the VRM's were top tier on this board. They fixed many issues of previous x570 MSI boards on this one.

          I got this board as well, albeit was more expensive when i bought it and its excellent.

          The MSI BIOS is a learning curve and leaves a lot to be desired however it still is a fantastic board and price.

  • Can someone please advice me on a mobo for my ryzen 9??? I know f all bout tech šŸ˜

  • Pulled the trigger 2 minutes before the code expired after lots of deliberation.