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Qantas American Express Premium: 75,000 QFF Points ($3000 Spend/3 Months) + $249 Annual Fee (Offset First Year) @ Point Hacks


Offer Ends Tuesday, SEPT 15 - 2020

AMEX are offering an increased signup bonus of 75,000 Qantas Points. Plus, enjoy $249 Statement Credit in the first year, saving you $249. This is an "Exclusive" offer that is only available through PointHacks.

The 75,000 bonus Qantas points & $249 Statement Credit offer is now live until Tuesday, September 15th 2020.

Details include:

  • 75,000 bonus Qantas Points when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of approval.
  • $249 Statement Credit.
  • 1 Qantas Point earned per $1 spent on eligible purchases. (no cap)
  • 1 additional Qantas Point per $1 on selected Qantas products and services in Australia.
  • 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent at government bodies in Australia.
  • Two free Qantas Club lounge invitations each cardholder year after first spend with Qantas.
  • Complimentary Qantas Wine Premium Membership.
  • Complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership.
  • Domestic and International travel insurance, plus a range of purchase protection insurances (PDS).
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay support.
  • Access to American Express Plan It
  • Complimentary access to Calm Premium Membership, valued at $79.99.
  • Min Income: $40,000
  • Annual Fee: $249 (offset in the first year by the Statement Credit)
  • Ends Tuesday, September 15th 2020

View the full offer details only at PointHacks.

Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer. Previous and existing bank-issued American Express companion cardholders are eligible for this offer.

This offer is only available exclusively through PointHacks and not available through any other channel, including if you go to AMEX directly or use a referral link (the offer there remains no bonus points).

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      • I applied Saturday and sent payslips Sunday and was approved Tuesday

  • I currently have Amex Gold credit card under my name and wife has supplementary card. If my wife applies for this, would she be eligible for the points?

    • +1

      As long as she hasn’t had an Amex card under her own name (supplementary card doesn’t count) in the past 18months then she should be eligible for the points :)

      • Thanks.

  • Is this the best offer around for someone that doesn't have an AMEX currently in terms of bonus points/annual fee/perks etc? Or is there a better deal currently?

    • +2

      I think it’s a good deal, I don’t recall the Premium card offering this many bonus points in a while, and the annual fee statement credit to offset the annual fee seals the deal

      In terms of perks, I’d normally have gone for the Amex Ultimate however the travel credit wouldn’t get much use right now (even with the extension, and unless you use it domestically), lounge access is moot and the bonus points is low, so the premium card is more enticing unless you’re able to hold out for that one.

  • So the consensus is to call over the application?

    • +1

      Also, if you have a preferred name and your employer puts that on your payslip then it's no good (even if your real name is also on the payslip), you will need to provide your notice of assessment.
      So my GF called again today, and was then approved after +- 5 minutes.

  • +2

    I have just applied through the website. Filled in all the information and literally got approved on the spot. The final screen after setting my credit limit was to say my application has been approved and i will receive the card in 5 to 7 business days. This is the quickest and fastest credit card application approval i have ever had. I was worried there would be tons of questions and supporting documents to provide but nothing needed. I have 4 other credit cards, 2 mortgages and wasn't extremely confident as i was rejected by a previous bonus points deal from Citi Bank.

  • Does anyone know if the wine membership is worth registering, if you don't drink much wine?

    • That's an odd question to ask.
      If you don't drink much wine, why would it be worth registering? It's free anyway?

      • Yeah that’s why I was asking, is it more for premium wines or are there budget wines for Ozbargain members and the occasional drinker? ;)

        • I'd argue if you're only an occasional drinker you should make sure you're drinking good wine when you do drink!

  • Applied on Saturday morning noting my driver license. Chose the lowest credit limit, 2k. Received a call this morning and answered a few questions and was approved right away. No payslips were given.

  • Is the rules still the same for holding a previous DJ Amex card within 18 months and you're still eligible for bonus points?

  • Applied under wife's name last night and was approved immediately after submitting the application online.

    • Maybe I should get a wife.

      • +1

        over rated. I hear you can rent the wife experience in 30minute slots.

  • What next best card to apply? I still have 2 months waiting period for Amex…

  • Just got approved , sent through payslips on Sunday

  • Mine arrived today. Now to meet the spend!

    • Just got mine from the mailbox. The funny thing is that their statement of information says it's "current as at 31 August 2020" (but we all applied on or after September 1st) and no mentioning of statement credit/points whatsoever. Wondering now if they would honour the deal?

      • +1

        Mine says current as at 01 September 2020. I've never seen a bonus point deal mentioned in the information they send out with the credit card from any bank. The only way I've found to be 100% sure is to call and ask them to confirm you're on that deal but I've stopped doing that recently as I haven't had a problem on any deals widely advertised. I've heard of some people having issues where they apply through a targeted link but not so much ones like this assuming you clicked through from point hacks.

        • thanks, that's reassuring. besides, I did confirm with them during the activation call, just got used to "everything confirmed in writing" I guess ;-)

      • +1

        I had a chat with them via the Amex app yesterday and they did confirm that the bonus was 75k points. They also mentioned that I had to meet the spend requirement by 30.11.

        • wow really you have to meet the spend requirement by 30.11? Thats crazy. My card hasn't even arrived yet.

        • Yikes! That doesn’t leave much time for those of us yet to receive the card. Not exactly 3 months from approval to achieve that. Good to know now though.

  • +1

    Any suggestion on where to spend $3000 outside of bills? Unfortunately, many of my billers don't accept Amex.

    • +2

      most reliable method is usually grocery gift cards (e.g. woolies wish egift cards) - im assuming amex isn't a problem there but this would be my first amex card so not sure if that changes things

    • If you have Telstra, you can pay your bills ahead (somebody else mentioned this earlier).
      Maybe PHI too .. depending on your health provider.
      Or gift cards ewish, coles, 7-11 etc.

    • +1

      do your billers accept postbillpay? if so you can use your amex via paypal.

      • Thank you. This helps a lot.

    • Groceries and fuel to start with…then I guess for us we ll see where we are closer to the 3 months and see if we need gift cards or not

  • +2

    Received my card today and put a k of bills onto it already.

    I got onto chat on the amex app to confirm the promotion; they did clarify that the spend has to be completed 3 months from the day of card APPROVAL, so for me that's the 2nd of December.

    Considering that it's taking 7-10 business days to ship and receive the card after approval; that's a significant difference in date and people should take that into account and plan ahead.

    • Thanks for clarifying the 3 months

    • How much time it took to receive your card? Is it more than a week?

      • My card was approved on a Friday and received it the following Thursday, address within Syd metro

      • I applied on the first of sept, received approval of the 2nd, received the card on the 11th. So 9 days from approval.

    • Date of approval is standard practice with all these credit card deals from any bank.

      Just FYI

  • +1

    Approved instantly! No need for payslips or anything other than my driver's licence.

    Quite surprising given I have $36,000 worth of credit cards currently (ANZ, NAB and Coles).

  • Is it possible to buy Prepaid VISA/ MasterCard’s with this Amex card??

    I’ve tried having a look to no avail

    • I don't see why not, but take into account that there's normally a $5 fee per prepaid master/visa card (so best to see if there's a flybuys promotion where they give you back points).

  • For those who chose a spend limit, what did you choose? I chose $3k but now I'm thinking that's not enough to actually buy flights on in order to get the lounge passes etc.

  • Applied after putting a bit of thought..
    and got the approval SMS in 3 mins or so.

  • Applied and approved on 1st but still waiting for the card! I am in Perth, WA.

    • Approved on the 4th and I'm still waiting for my card. Ballarat, Victoria.

      • Looks like there are major delays somewhere.

    • I'm in Perth and got approved on 3 September and got mine today.

      • +1

        Great, hopefully I will get it tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

        • Still no sign of card today, called Customer Care and got them to send a replacement card via express post. Knowing my luck, I will get the original card tomorrow.. haha

          • @whatif: And guess what received my original card in tge mail today! Hahaa. Gezzzz

  • Does anyone know exactly what are "government bodies in Austrlia"? Is that like ATO, etc or does is it council rates, electricity/gas/water where owned by government entities?

    • I can confirm any payment to "Service NSW" such as car rego and national parks pass gets half points, so that's definitely treated as a government body. ATO for sure would be. Council rates could be hit and miss, depending on how much money goes through your council, but assume it would be too. Elec/gas/water will probably get the full points. But that's just my best guess. Worst case you get half points and still counts towards the min spend.

  • Applied yesterday, rejected when they phoned me back today :(
    Hmm, this is the 2nd time (in 1yr) I have been declined for an AMEX - they are unable to tell me why specifically (only along the lines of "overall assessment was unsuccessful") .. I appear to meet the criteria, and I'd presumed confidently that what I'd entered would be acceptable to them. Guess not though :)
    I see others in this post mentioning owning multiple cards, churning thru different providers etc .. maybe i'm missing something with my approach. Is there some general "HowTo" advice for applying for cards that these people can share with me? I dont mean anything dodgy like "embellishing the truth" with info entered ..
    I believe it may be related to my existing VISA card credit limit .. is it best to just keep the limit really low, else they will think "you could max out the card to that value every month, but then your income would not be enough to pay it back"?
    Only had a handful of credit cards, so I'm not entirely familiar with the best approach, esp considering there are obviously many OzBargainers who are much better versed at this!

    • IMO - The sum of your credit card available debt is “risk”. If your income isn’t greater than your (expenses + credit card servicing costs) then you would likely be seen as a liability.
      What is your visa limit?

      • Thanks Qroozn .. that makes sense yes - and aligns with my statement above too i guess re the VISA limit. It is $15k on the VISA, i believe this was auto set by Citi when i applied. I have never come close to using this much, but had never realised how this might have played a part in the application process for other cards.

        • 15k is not a huge limit - but it all depends as I said on your income , expenses, and other liabilities. They may also take into account your occupation, industry, and employment status.

          Have you checked your credit report on creditsavvy.com.au ?

          • @Qroozn: admittedly no - i havent checked on creditsavvy.com.au
            First time i've heard of the site, to be honest. Will have to get stuck in and have a look

          • @Qroozn: Credit Savvy says i have an 'excellent' rating .. AMEX said they'd send a letter outlining the reason for being declined, but the last time i applied (late 2019) and it was declined - the letter only said "unsuccessful".. so i still am not sure what's occurring.
            very curious!

    • Credit assessments are a bit of a black art sometimes; sometimes people get rejected for arbitrary reasons.

      For instance; you may be lacking credit history (because you're young, or have no debts), other times they might reject you because the person entering the details of the credit check misspell your employer's name, or your current address differs from the one that D&B/Veda/experian resulting in a 'no result' being returned from the automated credit check.

      Because it's a computer that makes the decision so there's little leeway for argument. It's a black box as far as the operator is concerned so there's no recourse for the operator to investigate, nor are they even authorised to do so.

      • 'black art' indeed!
        just not really sure how to present the application then, as being honest, and having solid financial backing doesnt seem to be helping..

    • I had the same issue. I more than qualify for this card in every aspect but was knocked back with the same pathetic excuse.
      I have called and put in a complaint as no one I actually spoke to from "New Accounts Team" at Amex could give me an answer other than "overall assessment of the information provided", I am now awaiting a call back to receive clear feedback as to why I was rejected for the card. I will be calling them again tomorrow to follow up.

      • hi mb6 - your situation sounds v similar to mine. Please keep me posted with what you discover - I had considered following up, but then realised they'd prob not be able or willing to give me any more info, so i decided not to bother :(

        i dont mind modifying my criteria slightly in order to be more 'suitable' to their requirements (nothing dogdy or dishonest .. as i mentioned above re the idea of lowering credit limit on the only other card i have - which expires in 1 week, which is why i wanted to apply for this AMEX!) .. but if they can't say what the rejection reason was, then i'm in the dark about how i can apply in order to be successful.

        Perhaps if my current Citi VISA expires, and i have no active credit card at all - then my situation may be more agreeable to their approval process? Really have no idea.

        Anyway - good times!

        • That is exactly right - how do you know for future if no feedback is given. I didn't even receive a call to query anything further.. it was just a letter saying denied.
          Will definitely keep you up to date.

        • Still no answer…. I tried to call and left feedback.

  • It was around 15 months since i last had an amex card. Anyone ever been successful in being approved before the 18 months has elapsed?

    • +3

      You'll get approved no worries.

      You won't get the 75k points however.

      • got ya. best to hang on a while longer then. thanks

  • +1

    This will take me (and the wife) to 600k points for the year, $1450 in gift cards, and $3300 cash back on refinance. Credit rating dropped from 920's to 800.

    Uploading a picture of the deal in case anyone has issues… imgur.com/a/yIZFbxp

    • 600k points in a year , how?

      • +1

        ANZ 75k each, but ANZ stuffed up doubled them up for both of us so there's 300k.

        This deal 75k each (150k)

        Citibank - 100k each (200k) from Jan 3rd

        So it's 650k bonus points + extra normal points for spending

    • Congrats you get a gold star

  • Alright, im probably last one to join the party. Free ff points yay.. Is it easier to book flights with ff points, i mean are seats readily available?

  • Anyone know if its possible to pay vicroads rego with amex?

    • +1

      If they take Amex like their NSW counterpart, then yes

      • Thanks but the website says visa or mastercard only and doesnt look like post bill pay is an option. Anyone tried going into auspost and use amex over the counter?

    • government charges generally dont count for the minimum spend

      • +1

        Just hit my $3K minimum spend by paying my VIC council rates for the full year.
        The 75,000 points posted as well as 0.5 points per dollar spent on the rates.
        So I can confirm that council rates do count.

  • Its been a real CC bonus FF point drought recently.

    Ive run out of new banks to apply with until next march -_-

  • For those waiting on their card. I was approved on the 4th and got my card today. Ballarat, Victoria.

  • Letter today saying I didnt get approved. 98k income, 12k other cards, only one other applied for this year.

    • I've got a lower income. 36k other cards. Applied for two other cards this year (including a 15k nab card last month).

      Who knows.

  • I've signed up for this and received my card but never received anything from Amex/pointshack to confirm I am on this offer, should I be concerned? I definitely followed the link through pointshack

    • No, you can just jump on the online chat and get it verified.
      And don't be worried yet when they ask "May I ask what bonus offer was offered with your card?" - just go with the flow.
      The date when the account was opened will be used as start date for the 3 months to meet eligible spend.
      "all payments apart from your american express bill (including any taxes) and any AMEX account fee will count towards eligible spend towards your bonus points"
      "Eligible purchases do not include annual Card fees, cash advances, interest, balance transfers, fees and charges for traveller’s cheques and foreign currencies."

  • what are the chances of them posting a similar deal again soon? Was suppose to sign up but totally slipped my mind with a few other things going on.

  • Received my card in the mail today!

    reading T&C's noticed that it lists a "Daily Limit" which is 20% of your total credit limit.

    in my case it's $7,500 total limit so $1,050 daily limit.

    That seems somewhat limiting for big ticket purchases e.g. new furniture and electronics.

    Had a play around in the app I used to activate the card and desktop site and can't see a way in which to change it within the app?

    • Is that not related to the withdrawal of cash rather than purchases?

      • Yes it is -__- clearly did not read fine print accurately.

        Thanks for clarifying!

        • All good :) I had the same thoughts on first read, but didn’t think it made sense so read it again properly and saw the cash thing, easy to miss

  • Has someone got the BPAY biller code handy for this card?

  • Annoyed. I applied and got rejected… 100k a year, only 1 other card 6k limit. Listed monthly expenses as 850 + 999 rent. Requested a 3k limit.

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