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Catch Connect 365 Day Plan: 60GB for $89 ($80.10 with UNiDAYs) with Unlimited Talk & Text for New Customers


The 60GB - 365 day plan from Catch Connect has got $10 cheaper than previous deal. Please use below link to buy -

Also, Suncorp rewards have increased discount on the Catch Gift cards from 6 to 8% for a limited amount of time.

or you can buy discounted gift card from PayPal tomorrow -

You can also try to get Unidays code of 10% discount

or Cashrewards cashback of $7

For UNidays code requests, please post in below post and not in the comments.

So depending on what combination you use from above, the amount would be
Unidays (10%) - $80.10
Unidays + Gift cards (15% off from PayPal) - $68.10

Cashrewards ($7) - $82
Cashrewards + GiftCards - $69.70 ( Not sure if you can pay by gift card and still get Cashback from Cashrewards)

I have copied most of the details from original post by @onhunt

From comments below by @Imbrog

Alternatively, you can buy catch gift cards for 15% off (tomorrow)

So, it will reduce the price from $89 to $75.65 if you buy gift card at 15% off and buy from Catch Connect

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    Aren't Catch giftcards 15% off tomorrow via PayPal?


    • -3

      @Teer3x refer to Catch terms and conditions point number 7. You cannot use Catch gift cards for Catch Connect services.

      • Refer to comments below

    • Thanks, will add in the main deatils

    • +1

      You meant 10% off by buying direct?

    • +3

      If you only buy $70 worth of gift cards (minimum $20 denomination):
      Unidays + Gift cards 15% off ($50+$20) + $10.10 = $69.60

      If you buy $90 worth of gift cards:
      Unidays + Gift cards 15% off = $68.09 (+ $9.90 in gift cards left over)

      • +4

        No the trick is to buy 4x $20 gift card

        OP math checks out

        • You're absolutely right - not sure how I missed this.

          Takes it down to $68.20 ($8.90 discount from unidays, $12 discount from gift cards, $0.10 left to pay)

      • $90 - $89 = $9.90?

        • +1

          Unidays code gives you $8.90 off

    • Thanks for the heaps up😁

    • +1

      Sorry, might be missing something. Why is 15% crossed out? Link takes me to a 15% off from tomorrow?

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    You must activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion (whichever is earlier). Offer may be withdrawn at any time. All for use in Australia

    • It's hard to see how the deal wouldn't last for 30 days after the last day the offer you bought under expires? I know they say you get 30 days after ordering, but are they just covering their backs in case your purchase was on the final day of the offer?

      • When is the last of the offer? I'm trying to stretch it as far as possible towards the end of the year before activating. Thanks.

  • +1

    When are they going to bring back their $4.90 =40g data back. I miss it so much

    • Kogan still has $14.90, 60GB for 90 days which is about as close as you're going to get when you look at the price per month.

      I prefer 90 days anyway, less porting in & out.

  • +1

    Sorry for a dumb question, do you have to be a student to join Unidays?

    • +1

      Answer is no actually, as long as you have an edu email so a lecturer would also qualify

  • Ive got one unidays account, can i do two codes?

    • Only 1 code applies to any order, so no.

    • You're only allowed to request one code per week (someone check me on this?) but by all means you can order today and then in a week's time.

      • Use student bean, you get a code every hour

        • Removed. Just saw the no request for code in comments note..

  • This seems to be a decent deal, given Catch provides international roaming.

    It's Optus network (which is not… Telstra), but that's not bad, is it?

    • Fine in city areas, terrible in rural ones.

      • Depends where you are and what towers or other factors you have to deal with.

        Optus was horrendous for me for a long time as they had insufficient capacity on their network for a long time so the compression on voice was so bad I could not understand people, I still wouldn't risk it

        • Yeah you do have to make sure you have a tower nearby. I can say that Optus 4G broadband I have, despite being in a building which blocks the Telstra coverage on my phone, is blisteringly good (250+mbps). But that may come down to hardware (phones not using so many bands that will penetrate walls).

          • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: I had a tower nearby…it was saturated and Optus indicated they had no plan to upgrade it.

            This was 5+ years ago though.

      • +3

        It depends where you are in the bush…for me Optus is far superior to Telstra at my bush block but YMMV

        • Yes, agree that they can be fine if you have a tower, it's just that they're generally a lot less common. e.g. on the Yorke Peninsula you can use Telstra Wholesale (e.g. Belong) fine almost anywhere, but Optus doesn't work outside the built up areas. YMMV

    • Came from Telstra to Optus and tbh I can notice quite a difference but at the same time considering Boost SIMs are the only competitor and are a fair bit more expensive (inclusions aside) it's completely manageable.
      Frequent both city and regional areas and it's okay. I can imagine in some remote/rural locations though Telstra is the only feasible option.

  • I missed this. I bought the plan 3 months ago and it was on $120. Damm

  • +4

    This is what we call a deal.

    The new 12-month plan ($200 for 85GB) from Boost is nothing but a joke.

    • +1

      So as long as I keep recharging yearly and not jumping off, I can still stick with the original $150 80gb plan, right?

  • Thanks OP got it for $80 with Unidays

  • How does this compare with Belong (besides price/data)? Thinking of switching from Belong as because people can't leave voicemails on your phone

    • Belong - the least cost plan is $10 per month and you get only 1Gb per month. So you will be paying $120 in a year and get 12Gb. Ypu can buy extra Gb from other sources for 0they0per Gb. Also they won't use the full telstra network so their network is not as good compared to telstra/boost. And on top, the voicemail feature isn't there. So ibwould say better to port from belong.

  • my current plan with Kogan expires in end of November. Can I buy this now and activate it then?

    • I moved from Kogan to Catch a few weeks ago. You have to activate the Catch plan within 30 days of purchase.

    • I am also in same situation, the deal requires activation within 30 days

    • no

  • When I try to buy egift card at this link https://www.catch.com.au/product/personalised-egift-card-2/
    Bottom of the description says:
    Cannot be used for Catch Connect mobile services.

    Does that mean we can't use the gift card to get this Catch Connect deal?

  • Do I need an active SIM card to port in?
    My SIM is currently with Kogan, and it cannot receive SMS.

    • If it cannot receive SMS, you can't prove you own the number, and have to go through hoops (e.g. sending scanned ID documents) before the port begins. I have never heard of an active mobile number that cannot receive SMS. How did it get into such status?

      It's fine if it cannot send SMS, being an Optus MVNO most likely you'll have to type in the code you received via SMS.

  • +1

    Automatic recharges at $120 unless you opt out. Auto-recharge can be turned off in your dashboard after activation. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

    So those have been warned….

    • Have you used prepaid before? I always opt out the minute it gets activated.

      • sigh…. I have, but we always get the posts from people forgetting to cancel, saying they hadn't been told or warned about it auto recharging and now been charged. So as I said, those have been warned :)

  • I'll wait for 20% off gift cards. This seems to be going down in price with time

  • Has anyone got the unidays code to work?
    When I click the apply button nothing happens (I've tried two different browsers).

  • +13

    Everyone, the link in main post is wrong. You need to buy it though Catch website and NOT through Catch Connect, if you are looking to use unidays and gift cards. Use the link below

    For maximum discount follow steps below:

    1. If you sign up to Catch, using someone’s referral and checkout just the Club Catch trial. It will be counted as your first purchase giving you $10 credit. Catch now allows you to cancel Club Catch from your account

    2. Add mobile plan to cart.

    3. Apply Unidays code - 10% off Catch.com.au - Some Exclusions @ UNiDAYS and Student Beans

    4. Finally pay with discounted 15% gift cards via PayPal

    • +1

      Thanks Mate, I will update the main post with this link

    • I cant change the link, i will report it to Moderator for updating this

      • yeah it's considered a different store

  • Do you think there is any possibility this deal can be sold out?

    • It'll be sold out on Sept 15 when the offer ends. What the new price is, is anyone's guess. I suspect that it won't be back to $120 just yet, Aldi has $99, 365 day sims on sale in their stores.

  • +2

    What a shame catch connect has stopped offering the 90 day plan for $14.90 competing with the same Kogan Mobile 90 day offer. With my Kogan 90 day offer about to expire, do any Ozbargainers know of a similar 90 days for $14.90 offer going around??

  • I got problem couple months ago porting from Catch to Kogan. Not good experience with Catch mobile, end up i lost my number.

    • I've done it many times, never had a problem.

      • Lucky you!

    • My experiences porting:

      Telstra to Catch: No problems
      Catch to Kogan: Problem, had to call and it was sorted in 5 minutes, really, really bad call quality to Kogan support though (their end), could barely make out what was going on.
      Ported a friend from Belong to Catch: waited 3 days and port not finished, I called Catch, got an Australian helpdesk right away who sorted it in 5 mins.
      Now I'm about to port back to Catch from Kogan myself… will see what happens.

      • +1

        I went from Catch to Amaysim to Kogan, both no problems.

  • Can I do the same for 120gb plan?

    • +1

      yes, you can use Unidays discount code and pay by gift card. It will come to you around $92-94

  • I'm currently with Vodafone postpay. Do I need to change to a prepaid Vodafone plan before I can port to this?

  • Does anyone here knows if Catch Connect data roll over happens every month and then what happens with your unused data after the 365 days do I have to purchase 60GB/365 plans ?
    I am asking this as my data usage will be very low. I need a data plan for my spare phone's navigation usage.

    • +1

      60gb for the entire year. After 365 days you'll get charged again if you haven't disabled auto recharge.

      • thank you for the prompt response. Do you know if I can then recharge to 30 day or even 6 months plan or are they going to force me to recharge on 365 days plan ?

        • you should be able to change plan if you have disabled auto recharge. But data rollover might not happen either way if you continue

  • Another few silly queries if someone can answer: I am going to target the 60GB 365 day plan in catch of the day connect.
    I will purchase the $70 pay pal gift cards tomorrow 15% = $59.50
    Unidays code for connect 10% discount on $89 meaning total cost for the plan becomes $80.10 ***(Where do I insert this code in catch of the day? )****
    If above works I should be paying $69.60 over all ($59.50 + 10.10 = $69.60)

    Please let me know if my math is right.
    Also where do I enter the Unidays code. Should I first enter Unidays code then the gift vouchers in that order ?

    How long does it take for the SIM card to arrive in Sydney ?

    • +2

      Buy 4 $20 gift cards from PayPal at $68. Goto catch.com.au and buy the $89 pack one. In the cart add your unidays voucher code to reduce price to $80.10, apply gift cards in payments, then pay $0.10 using your card.

      I think sim should arrive in 5-10 days.

      If you are new to catch, you can use referral link above and after your purchase you will get $10 credit for any future use and a ozb user will also get $10

  • Offer ends 01/10/2020

  • how do i get the %10 unidays code ? the links are broken i tried students bean it asks for edu email and i dont have one

    • Hi, you have to be a student to register and get codes there. Alternatively you can request some other ozb users for a code by adding comment in classified section. Link is mentioned in description

  • One of the guys replied to me saying that gift cards cannot be used for catch connect.

    • +1

      you will have of buy from Catch.com.au and not through Catch Connect. Gift cards wont work at Catch Connect website.

      Check for link in description

      • thank you!

        • I saw you requested a code in the giveaway thread but FYI your PMs are disabled.

          • @wangasm: It should work now!
            Thanks heaps!!

  • Would love a code if anyone is able to help out. Thanks!

  • damn I couldn't buy the paypal 15% off vouchers. Is there any other way I can reduce the price further ? I got the uniday codes but due to the paypal heavy users trying to get the catch vouchers I lost the race.
    Now is my only option to get $80.10 catch connect 60GB ?

    • Suncorp may be an option for you, they have 8% off Catch eGift Cards at present.

      • I do not have Suncorp account or super. Is there a way I can still purchase the eGift Cards ?

  • +1

    Just bought the 120/365 days plan which has not arrived. Can I request a refund or exchange with this one?

    • Good question I did the same and I want to know if I can request a refund

      • ring them

    • Web chat, and they promptly refunded the un-activated sim card. Just need to order a new one.

      Happy days!

      • I had a chat with catch connect they said since I bought it from their retail outlet they will request a refund. When I called catch retail they said it’s too late. It was less than 24 hrs that I ordered online WTH.
        After many arguments with their foreign contact centre they said they will get back to me next week.

    • What do you mean by has not arrived? It says you have to wait 1 week for delivery right?

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