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1 Month Free on nbn 100 Plans @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers)


Thanks to jimbler. An alternate ABB code, for 1 month free instead of $10/month off a month for 6 months, which will work out cheaper for nbn 100.

Edit: Code only applies to nbn100 (thanks matt15), for lesser plans you'll need to use the $10/month off for 6 months deal.

Edit: FB ad. Expiry 31/10.

Previous deal.

  • New Customers Only
  • Does not apply to higher speed plans (150Mbps or above)
  • Promotions cannot be applied retrospectively

Note it does work on 100/40.

Tested code:

nbnTM Internet Plan
100/20, Unlimited Plan $99 /month

Promo / Referral
First Month Free
-$99 /month

For first 1 month

Terms & Conditions

Related/Alternate Deal: $10/Month off nbn Plans for 6 Months (25, 50, 100 & Fixed Wireless)

Referral Links

Referral: random (588)

$50 each for referrer & referee apply afterwards.

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      It's a game of chicken.
      Give someone else a try, and save money at the same time.

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      Stop screaming and start running

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      Loyalty is so 1998. There isn't a single well known business scheme currently where loyalty pays. It is just an expected entitlement. Move your money elsewhere with another provider.

      • Flybuys?

      • Because that's exactly what customers do. Same with employees vs employers. Fighting for more every chance.

        Which came first!? Chicken/egg

    • Same for car insurance, health insurance any insurance etc etc

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    Not as great as everyone says. The recent price hike has made me actively look elsewhere. Great customer service means nothing if you never have to talk to them.

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      Will only get worse now. Its about dividents to investors now

  • lol

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    You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • lol, facing this issue: Aussie Broadband declares it won’t sell to customers (when there’s not enough bandwidth)

  • Not the cheapest but, IMHO, still one of the best value ISPs I've ever used. Reminds of Internode in the olden days.

    Their tech support is sublime. I was away from home recently when our FTTN-based connection went belly-up and no amount of kicking the connection and/or resetting the router made any difference (the limit of my wife's troubleshooting ability).

    Realising I didn't have the time or patience to talk her through the issue from afar, I suggested she call ABB for help, otherwise it would have to wait 36 hours until I got home. It what I can imagine was one of their more painful calls of the day, the ABB rep spent close to 100mins on the phone with her trying to diagnose the fault. Put simply - the DLink DSL-4320 had catastrophically crapped its pants and her walked her though a complete reset and reconfiguration.

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    Now we know the Ozb magic number to go from love to hate $10.

  • Guys, I am not promoting Vodafone NBN here nor associated with Vodafone.

    Just opinion why not try with Vodafone for 6 month. They have discounted plan with 4g back up. I am using Vodafone for almost 4 months no isuue at all. I am getting 98-104 mpbs on pick hours with HFC connection.

    Also you will get multiple discount if you have other vodafone services.

    50/20 plan- $65/month (for 6 month)
    100/20 plan- $85/month (for 6 month)

    • Obviously a vodafone/tpg shill


    • I have no issues with Vodafone. Well I have kogan but same thing minus the 4g backup

    • A further $10 for students through unidays too!

      • For AussieBB? I can't see any deal on Unidays…

        • I was replying to greatbuy regarding Vodafone nbn pricing.

          • @curtleyw: The UNiDAYS offer seems to include the hub, is it possible to get the offer without the hub?

    • Can you pre order Vodafone NBN and pick your preferred set up date?

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    I'm a bit torn how to review ABB. Their service is outstanding. Just called them and had a person almost immediately after the automated message was finished.

    But: they tend to make things quite complicated for no apparent reason:

    When signing up to ABB you get bombarded with emails, lots of duplicate information in them.

    When churning to SL it took about 3 minutes to be up and running with SL. When churning back to ABB it took several hours.

    When churning away from SL I got an SMS asking me to confirm I had initiated the churn. After I confirmed I immediately got a confirmation that the account is closed and that I can ask for a refund of the $3 balance.

    When churning away from ABB I heard nothing from them and had to call to make sure they closed the account and adjusted the final bill.

    I very much prefer to have most things automated and to never need to call customer service. If ABB were to do that and just keep their tech support at the current great level, they probably could halve the price difference compared to cheap providers and still be profitable.

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    Wowsers how the mighty have fallen

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    Joined few months ago and was really happy with ABB but they raised their price recently and speeds are very inconsistent. For the same price before I was getting 100mbps now its dropped to less than 75mbps. Higher price and slower speeds, go figure. It is slowly becoming like Telstra.

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    I'm with ABB and they downgraded me to the 100/20 plan for the same price. I get it is a business, but I 100% understand someone not wanting to stay with them after that.

    Now, I'll say their customer service is amazing. So, my parents house has had a NBN related issue for 2 years (nearly 3) now, I have probably had to call Aussie at least 100 times, probably on the phone with them for maybe 24 hours combined if not longer and I have not had 1 single bad experience.

    The guy in the thread did post a bad experience and that sucks, but as someone who has probably had to talk to them more than most people here I'll tell you that their customer service is really good.

    I will say though, their customer service compared to 2 years ago has gotten a bit worse overall and they are going down the path that I've seen many former popular internet companies go down, which is MONEY MONEY MONEY. I get it is a business, but you need to find that balance between good service and making profits. I hope Aussie don't go deeper down this rabbit hole.

    If you need a ISP to deal with NBN and fix issues, Aussie is pretty good.

    However, if you rarely experience internet problems then I'd find a cheaper alternative that gives good speeds

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    The month free is fine but you will pay extra after that. People are free to chose… Lots of options once that time is complete…

    Now there are even different types of plans that allow people to save money.

    Launtel come to mind with its daily charge. You can stay on a cheap slow plan for days when you are not going to push downloads and only ramp up to a higher speed when you need to.

    Another interesting crowd are Future broadband but now that they have data banking you can work the system and save money especially now they also allow people to pay in advance and receive either 4 or 8% off the price depending on how far in advance you pay. I'm with them. I use around 600G a month. I go on the 50/20 1000G plan for around $74 pay in advance then when I have my 5000gig in the data bank I will move down to the 50/20 500G plan $63.50 pay in advance and then just use up my data bank. I should be able to stay on this plan for a couple of years until my data bank runs out. They also give us all discount vouchers that can be used by the receiver and giver… They provide a discount and a boost to the data bank.

    Sorry that was a bit long winded but the point is, but my thinking is go with Aussie and then assess things later.. Look at all the other options like Mate, Leaptel, Superloop, Launtel and Future Broadband… There are saving to be had if you just look around. Or indeed, you might just not bother and decide to stay with Aussie.

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      Launtel are fantastic

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    Aussie Broadband are exactly the same as Internode. You'll see the exact same push from people on Whirlpool praising the very ground they walk on. If you're old enough to have been around back then then you'll know that this 'organic' interaction is fake.
    What ABB do not tell you is that they put you on CGNAT and if they remove you from CGNAT, they block all common ports. If you want to run a web host, ftp, email port? too bad, they block it.
    They are again, exactly what Internode was, with the same fake engagement from the same group of people. They list on the ASX, pump it sky high and sell and rinse and repeat.

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      Yep it's 100% the same as Internode.

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      Ah yeah, that was the ISP I was thinking of.

      I remember Internode was really highly praised then they sold it to iiNet and it went to garbage.

      I am worried thats gonna happen with Aussie

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      Simply untrue regarding CGNAT and inbound port blocking. On two separate accounts I’ve made a simple phone call to their fantastic support centre and had CGNAT removed and had them unblock all inbound ports. Took less than 5 minutes each time and talked to someone who knew exactly what they were doing.

      • what's untrue about the truth? AussieBB do both CGNAT AND block all incoming ports even after CGNAT is removed. How is any of that untrue? that's the opposite of untrue. You can enjoy paying over the top to call them to remove these "features"

      • Lol you literally confirmed that they do indeed block ports and have you on cgnat default. So saying untrue is incorrect

        • Yes the truth is they have CGNAT and port blocking, but your comment implies that it can’t be removed.

          As I stated, CGNAT and the port block can be easily removed by a simple 3 minute phone call to their fantastic support team.

          CGNAT exists because of IPv4 deficit and cost management on ABB’s part, and port blocking is for an additional layer of security for non tech savvy customers (perhaps some idiots who forgot to plug a firewall/router between their NTD and their PC)

          I think you’ll find most other NBN providers use CGNAT as well, prior to joining ABB I was with Exetel, who also uses CGNAT and blocked all inbound ports and I can confirm the support call took over 30 minutes to get that resolved…

          • @nickw444: It wasn't my comment. I just pointing out that your statement was a bit of a oxymoron

  • I convinced our IT manager to try ABB as our backup circuit, but ABB refused to provide credit term even just 7 days for AP invoice processing turnaround.

    • That’s ridiculous. Don’t they have commercial plans?

      • They said all new customers must pay cash in advance for 6 months before assessing credits. This just not work for large commercial customers.

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    Aussie vs overseas support, they still stick to the script.
    I’ve had to raise multiple issues on whirlpool after getting nowhere with their support.
    A recent thread on Whirlpool also pointing out the average support was closed quick smart once others started chiming in.
    $10 off after they’ve raised the prices that plus more in some cases. It works for ebay I suppose.

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    For those looking to change and have UNiDAYS, Vodafone has $20 off/month for 6 months

  • +3

    I should thank ABB. Because of their price hike I went looking around and I'm now $35pm better off and I can't tell the difference in speeds even during peak. I went with MATE who also have Australian support. I know people have issues with Vocus but in Brisbane they seem to be just fine. And hey, if it turns sour down the track it's a quick easy switch over to someone like Superloop. I was on hold for 10 minutes with ABB. I suppose that shouldn't reflect on their reputation for service when I suspect people are leaving in droves, but if others can state how quickly they get to talk to someone there my anecdote is just as valid.

    • That's if they keep you on vocus and don't move you to wireline which is apparently the worst

    • I’m on mate in Sydney too. Haven’t had any problems so far and yes if they change it’s an easy switch over.

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    Learn to read the room ABB.

    The price increase is one thing but then doing this was obviously going to piss people off.

    • +2

      Also during covid, also just before they list on the ASX, also just when ABB spends millions on advertising campaigns. Pathetic.

  • I'm with Dodo NBN50, speed is averagely around 44-45Mbps, for just $70/month, I'm happy to support smaller providers to push back monopoly-like companies like Telstra, Optus, etc

    • Same but it can sometimes be problematic. I was with Telecube and they went broke, then moved to Mungi and the same thing happened. Mungi had really good support. Now I'm with another small outfit. Future Broadband. Been over two years and its been a totally trouble free connection. Very happy now they have data banking.

      Back when the NBN first came to my area I did try Aussie and had no complaints about the network, also gave Superloop a go as well. I won't comment on Superloop as I joined at a bad time for them.

      Very little difference between Aussie, SL and Future. I do stream a bit of ESPN from the US and have found Future to be marginally better… Also less "maintenance windows" compared to Aussie.

  • Is the modem the give you alright? Do I even need a modem on FTTC or is it router only required and the modem is the NBN box?

    • -1

      The FTTC modem is the NBN NCD.

      FTTC = NBN NCD + router.

      • -2

        Negged for giving the right answer. Good one!

        • Just so you know I wasn't the one that negged you, but still confused as the website detects I will be getting FTTC but when I tick that I do need a modem it still wants to sell me a Netcomm modem/router so I'm not too sure.

          • @nmachine: Tick no. The NCD (aka modem) will be issued when you place the order automatically if the premises has never been previously connect to FTTC

            So if you are going to connect the NCD to only one computer via ethernet that's all you need.

            If you are goin to connect multiple devices and need WiFi, you will need a router.

            If you are also goin to need a telephone line it will be via VoiP and you will need a modem router….. Or just a router and a separate ATA for the phone line

            Generally modem/routers are sold as a all in one, because its just easier to gave one device

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    Aussie have started to email people and increasing their prices :(

  • +2

    The new prices make Telstra look like a good deal, can't justify paying $110 a month for 100/40 with no other inclusions.

  • +1

    Go to Superloop. Cheaper, similar levels of support + performance in my experience, no CGNAT, and for me Superloop's IPv6 beta works perfectly on the same hardware where Aussie's did not.

    • Who is Superloop’s backhaul with?

      • Superloop Wholesale I believe, they use their own.


        "When using the internet, we want to make sure you're getting the best possible connection. Superloop has engineered dedicated backhaul to all 121 nbn™ POI's, ensuring full control over the end user experience. This attention to detail is lost when you connect to smaller providers as they need to outsource this network. With Superloop, our network is directly linked, so if anything goes wrong, we can pinpoint the problem instantly."

      • Superloop.

        They also wholesale to other RSPs.

      • Red if they kept that name and its SL themselves

        • Thanks all.

  • +1

    These threads are so typical.
    ABB trolls hating SL bargains.
    SL trolls hating ABB bargains.

    • +2

      It’s the 2020 Ford vs Holden

  • -2

    to all these champions flaming ABB, try going with other clowns who give you 20% less speeds during peak periods.. i am on FTTC 100/40 plan.. my speeds during peak are consistently the full 100mbps.. so yeah, i am more than happy to pay extra to actually get the speed i pay for and not 20% less like TPG/iinet etc offer you..

    • +6

      What a ridiculous straw man argument. No one is advocating avoiding Aussie for a congested RSP with an international call centre like TPG.

      CGNAT aside Aussie are still a reasonably safe default but not really worth the new price premium.

      RSPs like Launtel, Future, Superloop are similar in performance and support without the price premium. All will give you 100/40 for less at pretty much the max speed. (and in fact, right now Aussie has the lowest published ‘typical evening speed’ for 100) Launtel + Superloop also publish their CVC like Aussie, and in Launtel’s case it’s actually live.

      Many of us on those RSPs came from Aussie, if it underperformed we wouldn't advocate for them. Moving between RSPs is so easy I see no reason for loyalty.

  • Thanks OP. Irrespective of higher price points, will use this to sign up to the $109 100/40 plan (pay modem + del $164) and then churn out to Superloop 100/40 or Mate 100/20 for less after 1st month.

    Couldn’t think of a better way to get 100/40 and a modem, even through reading the Telstra “deal” thread and some custom “Optus” discounts people have negotiated.

  • -1

    Is this the same as Wideband? I've had slow speeds but that might be because of the reseller.

  • I am currently with Telstra Cable and need to move to the NBN by Jan 2021.
    If I move to Aussie, and transfer my landline number to Aussie, and then afterwards move my number to the likes of Maxotel or Crayztel will it cause problems with my Aussie connection?

    • Changing VoIP supplier doesn't affect your internet connection.

  • +3

    I said goodbye to AB for now switching to Superloop (6 weeks free on 100/20). I was pretty amazed how AB customer service answered my call at 11 pm and closed the account within 3 minutes.

    Just wanted to comment on my experience when connecting with those guys back end of May. It was a brand new connection/install (FTTP). I got it scheduled on June the 1st. The NBN technicians turned up… early, on Friday the 28th of May instead. I was pretty surprised yet happy. They did what they had to do and left.

    I called the AB customer service explaining what happened (they were very surprised too). I got connected about 3-4 hours later. No issues at all…

    Well… almost. Then on the first invoice (though it was for $0.00) I noticed that my billing cycle was shifted one day earlier than the day of the actual box installation.

    I called up AB and I was told that this will get re-adjusted with the next invoice. I knew that the guy I spoke to did not even bother to check anything, he just assumed.

    As expected, the next invoice was issued a day earlier with yet again with the same incorrect cycle. I called up again. I was told that my service was ready to connect on the 27th of May (a day before the actual installation of the NBN box) however it is my fault that I did not connect my router on this date. I could not believe what I was hearing. 'Mate, I did not even have the NBN box installed on that day and yet you are telling me it was ready to go'?

    He still not believe me or at least he made me feel like that. I was put on hold for about 5-8 minutes then he got back on the phone saying: as 'a good will gesture' I will credit one day of service back to your account but just so you know the NBN technicians marked the service connected on the 27th of May instead of the 28th.

    I just left it there. It could be the NBN techs' fault, I am not disputing this. Nevertheless the actual installation date was scheduled for June the 1st and when the techs turned up on the 28th of May instead I called up Aussie Broadband and explained what happened. So no notes on file? Nothing? 'Excellent' customer service…?

    Anyway, ever since I had no issues with my connection and I never needed their 'help' again. For this reason I decided that there is no point overpaying. I moved to Superloop and so far so good despite the downgrade of the upload speed from 40 Mbps to 20 instead. Its free so I cannot complain.

    • -6

      Geez dude it was only the price of a coffee. Would you of rather then wait until your connection date. Made a fuss of nothing and what even was the point of you posting that

      • +1

        I think you did not understand my post. I recommend to read it again. It wasn't about the money either. Keep safe.

    • +2

      SL has 40Mbps upload if you want to change after the 6 weeks.

      • +1

        I'll surely do that. Thanks.

  • Off topic but provided you're in a reasonably good 4G area (nevermind 5G), I feel that the Optus deal is really good and potentially cheaper than any NBN plan.

    • +2

      Coming off this (4G) now, pre-WFH 40Mbps, post-WFH 6Mbps… check your area is not congested first!

      • This.
        I’ve come off the Optus 4G wireless broadband and much prefer the consistency of nbn I’m getting so far.

    • I was with Optus 4G broadband for just over 15 months and it was nothing but a headache.

      With time I learned how to adjust or exclude certain frequencies to keep the connection consistent. The Optus Netgear AC800s was bridged to an Asus rt-ac88u.

      This consistency was never permanent though. Forcing a particular frequency often resulted in frequent disconnections after only a few days time. I think the longes drama free period I experienced was of 8 days.

      With a little bit of luck I was getting 180/45 Mbps. However most of the time I was on 30/6 Mbps. Latency was always around 19-25. During the week after 5pm the congestion was often slowing the network down even further.

      Connecting to my home network from a remote location wasn't supported either (4G limitations).

      Yes, NBN is more expensive than my $69 Optus plan but the connection is stable and consistent.

      • +1

        Thanks. I guess there's a reason why it seems cheap at face value.

  • If I:

    Sign up for a 100mbit plan using the promo code.
    Request an immediate plan change for a faster speed.
    Will it cancel the promotion discount and I will have to pay the full amount for the faster speed or will I only need to pay the difference?

  • After getting the first month free, can I cancel right after?

  • This offer is a slap in the face after I got my price increase email today!

  • Two significant outages in the first month and a half of joining. Regretting changing from Superloop.

    • was considering switching from superloop for the 1 month trial. Have to admit havent had any issues with Superloop so far.

  • guys, im looking to join and move away from my optus 4g wireless broadband. My premise says HFC and i need a router. Should i bite the bullet and take the one offered from aussie broadband for 149? Or get one myself?

  • FYI switched from Superloop to this deal, no issues. Went with the 100/40 but am only getting 18mb upload speed.

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