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Citi Rewards Credit Card - $500 eVoucher ($3000 Spend First 90 Days) + $99 Annual Fee 1st Year ($200 Thereafter) @ Citibank


Citi Rewards credit card - get ab e-voucher offer of $500 when you spend $3000 in the first 90 days. There is a $99 annual fee in the first year but reverts back to $200 in the second year. Minimum credit is $6000 and you must earn over $35k to apply. I could not find any other restrictions. I think think this is better than their Flybuys deal and it doesn't say that you can't apply for both cards.

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  • JB hifi gift card yeah?

  • Looks good…400 bucks for a drop in my credit rating sounds sensible. Just wondering how is dealing with them for cancellations later!

  • Citibank is notoriously famous among OZBargainers for turning down applications. Great deal nonetheless for those lucky ones!

  • any idea of how the e-voucher will work? must it be used in one go? can it be used on giftcards from those stores?

  • I'm going to roll the dice again on this one, although with 3 rejections in so many months methinks Citibank doesn't like me.
    For some reason NAB, ANZ, St George are all happy to give me cards, just not Citi….

  • Any restrictions for historical card holders? Wait period?

    • Citi is a bit different where they don't have x months exclusion policy. I hopped onto multiple Citi credit cards within few months.

  • @OP, please add credit card tags

  • Thanks OP!
    Hmm I wonder if I should wait until I cancel my current Citi Rewards or apply now anyway..

    • Can we apply for the same card if we already have one?

    • I applied for this as I was waiting for points to arrive from the Flybuys Rewards card.
      Approved in less than 12 hours. Customer service confirmed I'll be eligible to receive this introductory bonus as well.

  • Hi op, r u sure we can apply for the same card twice? I already have one with flybuys offer.

    • it says you need to wait for 9 month but online chat begs to differ…

      • Last year, I have applied a second CC after closed the 1st one 3 months earlier.
        I was also confirmed that with their online chat.

  • Trying to find exclusion criteria for this card as I've held a Citi Premier Qantas card in the last 12 months. Anyone have any idea? Can't seem to find this anywhere in the T/C.

    I've sent them a message asking this in the meantime but thought I'd ask someone here in case they know. Comments have been vague above.

  • Can’t they just give us $500 cash instead?? I’m already on their rewards card so will have to call them and ask. Deciding between this and the amex one for 75k QF points

    • Ask them, I think you can reapply for the same card with the bonus offer, also can you pay council rates and does it go towards the minimum spend to receive bonus points, does Citibank still exclude government charges?

  • I got for the earlier offer (fulfilled eligible spend and got sent $100 voucher and email a few days back regarding flybuys account).

    Anyway, for all those holders who got the previous offer and are also considering applying for this one - read this from terms and conditions:

    Fees and charges apply. Cards are offered, issued and administered by Citigroup Pty Limited. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request. Credit Criteria apply. New cards customers only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

    "New card customers only"

    So we may be not eligible for both.

  • If i have a coles mastercard (citibank group) will they approve me for this card aswell?

  • Quick question - is it possible to use both the $500 evoucher and the balance transfer offer on this card? i.e. make the eligible $3000 spend, get your voucher and then request for a balance transfer. I understand it may take me a month or so to complete the $3000 spend and I will lose that time from my 0% balance transfer offer. But the question is, can I request for a balance transfer later and still get the promotional rate?

    Edit: Just got off the phone with citi customer care - the guy on the phone told me I cant. But I dont see a reason why. If my account is setup with a promotional 12 month 0% balance transfer, I should be able to apply for it anytime in the 12 months. Its just that I will only get the promotional rate for the remaining period from the time I apply, instead of the 12 months? Isnt that how it should work? It worked like that for me on the woolworths credit card - the customer care lady was kind enough to apply for an additional balance transfer to max out my limit almost a month later. So I want to know if that same rule will apply for this one.
    Or - do any of our resident gurus know of a trick to be able to get both the offers :-)

    • Can confirm - I have applied and recieved my credit card. Called Citibank to confirm offers on card - it has both $500 evoucher and BT offer. Spent the $3000 as soon as I could and called up to confirm that the requirement for evoucher was met. On confirmation, paid back the owing money on the card to make card balance zero. Now, once again called up Citibank to initiate BT offer. Wasn’t given the most generous credit limits (I have gotten better before) but nevertheless, I now will soon have 80% of my credit limit at 0% sitting in my Offset account!
      Thanks Citi and Thanks Op!

      • I'm thinking of doing the same except buying $3k worth of Visa Gift cards (I'm going to buy a new phone soon). I've called to check and they said that would be fine although with Citi you never know… What do you reckon?

        • I have taken my chances already - just one thing to note, the $500 evoucher apparantly only comes after 90 days. So, inspite of me clarifying and confirming multiple times that I have met all the criteria, you cant be certain until the voucher really arrives.
          Also, my BT has been completed and I have already transferred that into my offset :-) - so all good there. Fingers crossed that the $500 evoucher arrives in 90 days.

          • @Dealking:

            _> Dammit I wanted to just load/pay it off NOW and not wait 90 days lol

            • @Cheapskater1: yes - you can make the eligible transactions and pay it off now. Just the $500 voucher will come after 90 days - sorry if I confused you.
              IMHO You must have a zero balance when you do the BT and also lock the card after BT as you will not be eligible for any interest free purchases if you have a BT. So, make your spend now, pay it off and then go for the BT. Even though you do the spend now, the voucher will only come to you after 90 days. Hope thats clearer :-)

  • Got approved 15 days ago. Card still hasn't arrived. Citi at it's best.

    • It’s not just citi. I’ve applied with three different banks in the last few weeks and they all had delays for some reason. Might be Australia post.

  • This sounds tempting. Am I able to cancel the card after spending the voucher? I supposed Citi would still charge $99 for the first year but that’s okay.

    • Question answered above.

      Just applied and will see what happens. Probably keep the card for a full year to see the benefits.

  • Anybody successful applying as a sole trader without an accountant, just providing tax return? (it says: application info required: contact details of accountant). Any idea on minimum tax income?

    • Just got a reply from citi:
      - two most recent Income Tax Returns, or
      - two most recent Tax Assessment Notices, and
      - two most recent Business/Company Tax Returns, or
      - two most recent Business/Company Profit & Loss Statements.

      Anyone successful and knows min income requirements?

      • Not sure about sole traders. But from the website it’s minimum pre-tax 30k income. Getting approved is really fast, like 2 hours upon giving the required documents.

  • Can you get the voucher and then closed the card and ask for annual fee refund? When is annual fee charged?

  • Just curious..can I buy Coles/Woolies gift card to meet 3000$ limit in 90 days?

    • X 2 - I also called and they said gift cards are fine, with this said im always a bit iffy. Can't find it in their PDS either.

  • Flybuys points offer seems more logical than this…considering lower annual fee.

  • Good deal as I want to get a PS5 in a few months.

    Citi are always harsh in the past but haven’t tried in 2 years. Got an immediate rejection.
    No debt, 90k salary, 1 other card always pay on time.

    Credit rating is good so don’t know why they have something against me.

    • it's not the rating… but it's rather personal I guessed.

      I'm still holding the grudge against citi credit card department, whoever approved it.

      I missed out the signature card fee-free for life… and my mrs got it…

      FYI, her rating was lower than mine at the time we applied… but still, they let her passed, and turned down mine.

      • Yeh I think I just answered honestly with expenses, renting and new job (although stable).

        Will prob go 2021 without a card

  • what are the points like on this card, comparable to ANZ rewards points?

  • Applied with some trepidation (was rejected once by Citi last year) but got approved within 2 days.. Now the wait for the card begins! Thanks Op!

  • I think the flybuys offer with this card may be a better offer assuming you already plan to redeem a Coles voucher and also spend at Kmart. With a lower annual fee and a $100 Kmart voucher, you end up about $25 better off.


    • True. But I'll apply for this once I get the Flybuys points from other offer. Unless there will be other credit card offer, IMO, this is a best deal currently - provided you going to shop at the designated stores in the voucher.

  • hi op, you might want to add the offer ending date to this deal.
    end by 30/11/20.

  • How long are people's application before getting assessed? My credit check has appeared on Credit Simple but doesn't seem it is being assessed yet!

  • My application came up with an error and I lost it all. This was at the stage of doing the balance transfer and it appears like I have to start again. I sure hope this isn't being logged as a credit check. I will try again tomorrow. Interestingly in the balance transfer section, it has an option transfer to a BSB and Account number.

    I was just going to load my credit cards in positive balance, but do you think you'd be able to simply have them credit a transaction account or offset account, or do you think they will check to confirm the account is related to a credit account?

    • Got an SMS to continue application, however when I clicked it, it didn't work. Thankfully got a phone-call to submit documents via email the next day. (Called back on their website number) Seemed very helpful on the phone. Fingers crossed. Also got offered 5000 citi rewards points for sending my documents to complete the application.\
      Bunnings here I come….

      • After all that declined. More than met criteria - Citi sucks! No bunnings trip for me :(

  • is this deal better than the qantas bonus points out there? e.g https://www.americanexpress.com/au/credit-cards/qantas-premi...

  • How long did it take from application approved -> card received? I'm still waiting to see mine in the mail.

  • Just applied. Wait n see now

    • Should be really fast for them to send you an approval email and text. Mine took 2 hours. Got the card on the 3rd business day.

      • Got rejected within 20 minutes. I think I put in some wrong figures when filling it out when I think about it lol

  • Does anyone know if Citi PayAll qualifies as an “eligible spend” for Citi credit cards? Need to spend $3k within 3 months for this Citi rewards card, and was thinking of doing a transfer to my other account.

  • Anyone can confirm if there is exclusion on this offer?

    I currently have the 75K flybuys points + $100 Kamrt gift offer, planning to close it and apply for this. Not sure if I will be eligible. Thanks in advance.

  • Is anyone successful in getting this card while having flybuys offer card…

  • I got declined within an hour of applying but thought I'd give them a call to see why.
    Spoke to a really nice lady who gave me an email to there application department. I sent through a email with somemore bank statements showing my savings levels & a short email explaining how I transfer between offset accounts through the month to pay bills & they approved my application within 6 hours.

    Goes to show it's worth disputing sometimes if your finances are setup a little differently.

    • Hi Will, what number/department did you talk to about that? And what did you say? Just that you had more documents that you wanted to attach?
      I just finished my application but only attached 2 documents, and I've only been at my current job for a few weeks so it didn't look very good. Worried it will get declined quickly.

  • How did everyone receive the eVoucher? I have already spent $3000 and still no voucher

    • T & C: Your e-voucher will be available for redemption within 90 days of meeting the spend criteria. We will send you a unique code and instructions on how to redeem your e-voucher via email to the address maintained with your Account. You must redeem your e-voucher within 6 months from the date we send you this email. Vouchers are non-reloadable and non-redeemable for cash. Please note that if you have a balance transfer, you will be charged interest on any spend that you make.

    • Hey have u received your voucher?

    • you need to make your 1st bill payment only will you get your voucher after. Have you?

    • I haven't received my voucher either and it's been my second statement period despite spending the pre-req $3k…

      Anyone else have any luck?

      • same for me. no voucher yet despite spending 3k in first statement period :(.

        • just got off the chat with citi and they said same thing it will be delivered in 90days of meeting criteria.

          it will be system generated email and also worth checking your junk folder.

          • @DarthVader: Sounds like it could be a while. Other cc's generally provide it by the third statement so I'll wait and see.

            I want to spend my giftcard ASAP haha.

            Will let you know if I have an update.

      • Yup, I'm still waiting as well.

  • Did anyone figured out, if you have flybuys offer Citi card, you can apply for this one as well. Would they approve second card?

    • Yes. I just applied yesterday and got approved today. I did closed the flybuys offer about a month ago.