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15% off Weber BBQs @ The Good Guys (Bonus up to $100 Store Credit)


15% off Weber BBQs (excludes the Pulse range) and some bonus store credit

Don't forget the 5% off gift cards if you have access to them.

Get $10/$20/$50/$100 Store Credit on Small Appliances and BBQ Purchases of $100/$150/$300/$500+ (C&C Only) @ The Good Guys

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  • Would love to grab a weber family q titanium, but $670 still too much.

    • Isn’t it 15% off marked price? The. It’s $591 ish

    • Looking for the Q3100. $670 inclusive of discount… not exactly a good deal

      • They’re $789 retail for an item that has limited margin - the deal doesn’t get much better on them.

        • Fair enough. Didn't know the Webber distros had low margins. I think a Ziggy might be the go then. At least their grills are machine washable

          • @pegasusx: You don’t really need to wash the grills, a good preheat and hitting it with the brush keeps it cleaned and seasoned.

            The Ziggy is a decent BBQ and a lot of people like the fact you can cook with the lid up, and if you’re in a particularly windy area it’s probably more suitable. There should be more margin in them, given they’re galores own brand.

            Personally Weber’s after sales service is a big winner for me, and I much prefer the look of the Q. But it’s each to their own.

    • Anyone know what the biggest discounts Weber’s can go for? Are they one of those brands that never dip above 15% off?

      • The low lid stuff that these retailers sell sometimes go for 20% off. The premium models have been 15% off like once.

      • Tempted to go for this, but the 15 off looks inflated price. The $100 instore credit has to be used in 4 weeks in store..
        Price wise might start to keep an eye on Ziggys instead

      • From what I’ve seen on ozb, 15% is pretty standard but I’ve seen 20% and 25% before. Myer earlier in the year had 25% off (I think), I wish I bought one then - I remember seeing it!

        I bit the bullet and finally got a Baby Q anyway after wanting one for so long (I’ve had the Weber q2000 before). Picked up a cart as well giving me $50 Store credit which I’ll use to get the cover which is $50 :) Just in time for the warmer weather.

        • Yeah they do get cheaper at times, think this will be the cheapest we’ll see for a bit, Weber having big stock issues at the moment.

  • Where are the 5% off GC's? I must have missed this

  • +2 votes

    No Kettle No Deal :(

  • Definitely recommend going to a weber specialist store and getting the high lid version(s). Come with a higher lid (obviously) for roasts and a temp gauge. Buy accessories else where.

    • Yeah I agree. But the specialist stores never seem to reduce their price?

      • Try Hawkesbury Heating. They'll give you a deal on the premium models without trying to force you to buy full price accessories.

      • Not true. I got mine from a local specialist store (not naming, for fear of being called a shill) that was 20% off.

        Worth it for the bigger lid and the different starter that doesn't break 100% of the time. I don't really use the temp gauge much (I have an Inkbird and Thermapen for that) but it is handy for the warmup phase of the cook.

    • Agree. Love my full size family q with the temp gauge.
      It’s a shame these are only available from the Weber stores and no discounts?

      • Worked at a specialist dealer for a while, the problem is the profit margins are incredibly slim in Weber product (circa 20%) and the smaller, generally family owned store) can’t really afford to keep the doors open if they’re giving stuff away.

        These big stores just give away the cheaper models in the aim to get a volume bonus from Weber for moving their targeted amount of stock.

  • Anyone know if they have charcoal BBQs in store?

    • Nah, charcoal is only specialist dealers and mitre 10/home. Costco has some kettle premiums as well.

  • Doesn't include the Pulse range, which is the one I was looking at unfortunately.

  • My Weber Q is so dusty on the outside haven't used it in ages unfortunately. What's the best/easiest way to clean it without ruining or damaging it?

  • Which model is made in the USA? Willing to pay +50% extra

    • and why…….a bbq is a bbq. What makes made in USA better or have missed a joke here?

      • Nothing personal just found that when I buy USA or EU made the product last longer

        .I don't want anything dodgy going on with surfaces you heat to high temp to cook on. Eg the black coating in cheap Chinese BBQs tends to flake.

        If I'm willing to pay extra give hope there would be options out there. Or is there something unique about the PRC which makes their BBQ so good 😉

  • Thanks :). Just bought one.

  • Good buy, considering we're in need of something else which we could buy with the store credit. Unfortunately I've tried to Click & Collect but there's no stock within 500km. My local store expects stock in on Monday or Tuesday, but have said that I can't order one now directly through them (or the web) and get the store credit. I guess I'll be spending Monday & Tuesday with one eye on work and one eye on the GG website waiting for them to go up! EDIT: Just saw that the cashback offer ends tomorrow. I guess the dream is over!

  • Been waiting for a deal on Weber. Finally got my hot plate :) Thanks OP

  • Dang just bought my hot plate from BCF with 9% off with GC, oh well one less coffee.

  • Anyone know if the $100 store credit can be had via the eBay Good guys Pick up option?

  • Uhh I spent $504 and only got $50

    • Message them. They sent me an automated apology a week later with the extra $50 store credit . I wonder how many they did it to? In that time I missed out on using the full $100 for another cheap advertised item and conveniently it went up by $30 when I received that due credit.