ALDI - 2000W Pressure Washer $149, 58" 4K TV $579, Ladder $149, Soundbar $89.99, Tripod Worklight $49.99, Chest Drawers $169


Special buys from the upcoming Aldi catalogue starting on 16 and 19 September.

16/9: Pressure Washer, Ladder, Tripod Worklight, Drawers
19/9: TV, Soundbar

Full credit to the Facebook poster.

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    I don't really understand why posting ALDI catalogues each week constitutes a bargain.

    It isn't like you can really compare the pricing since they are almost always own brand.

    Don't get me wrong, I like many of their products, but it wouldn't be a bargain if I just posted a catalogue from the good guys and called it a day.

    • coz Aldi catalogues items not always selling in the store, they just selling them when listing on the catalogues.

      BTW, Tassies doesn’t have ALDI

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      A bargain need not be discounted from RRP. Even something that's not selling at discount is a bargain if it's great value. ie good quality at a good price.

      • That's true, but only some of the ALDI stuff is great quality, it's not always the case.

        Take that snack machine that sold last week which had a clip that melted after the first use.

        I find their stuff generally good, but it can be hit and miss.

      • Cue OzRRP posts

    • ALDI has the hypebeast drop 'limited release' marketing down to a tee, and we're still all suckers for it.

    • it wouldn't be a bargain if I just posted a catalogue from the good guys and called it a day

      I agree, a lazy posting should be discouraged, especially if it is often just a copy-paste of someone else's FB post.

      I don't really understand why posting ALDI catalogues each week constitutes a bargain.

      I can't speak for others, but Aldi sells comparable, good quality products (TVs, tools, etc) at really good prices with generous change-of-mind policy.

      Certainly, not everything is a bargain in an Aldi catalogue and op would ideally be a bit more selective rather than rushing to post it first to get the upvotes. I guess some people like table saws, and some people just looove upvotes

    • I wholeheartedly agree, except…

      It isn't like you can really compare the pricing since they are almost always own brand.

      Different brands is not an impediment for comparing product prices. Different quality is. And still… If one brand is only a little worse than other brands and heck of a lot cheaper—e.g. Xiaomi vs Samsung—it's still a bargain.

      • That's true - maybe that's the bargain then? When someone with experience of the product explains why the ALDI one is superior and/or better value than a name-brand alternative.

        Good to see we can have a discussion about these deals without being negged into oblivion or anyone descending into namecalling.

        To clarify, no criticism of Dealbot for posting, I just think it's useful to keep the site attuned to bargains so we all benefit!

        • I'm an Aldi fan. But also a Kmart fan. On some things also a Target and a Bunnings fan. I've often found Aldi was more expensive than Kmart for basically the same quality, or same price as Target or Bunnings for worse quality.

        • I assume aldi electronics are the same quality as the unknown brands on aliexpress, kogan, and places like big w and kmart

          • @Superannuation: I've found Kmart electronics to be exceptionally good for their price level. Have a look at YouTube reviews for their Bluetooth speaker, for instance. Definitely head and shoulders above random brands on eBay or AliExpress.

    • Yeah.. you are right but people like me usually do not go to Aldi Special Buys or Coles, Woolworths website to see specials but we are here on ozbargain every hour.
      So work well for us as it gives us enough time/reminder.

    • Agreed. Posting a catalogue is not a bargain.

    • Agree that the lazy post of a whole catalogue from someone else’s Facebook isn’t the way for this to be done!
      Would rather see one or two actual bargains posted from the Aldi website closer to the day of release!

    • I’m just happy that I get to see it earlier than I would otherwise.

      I was going to just go buy a ladder from Bunnings tomorrow for $200 but instead I’ll now wait for the Aldi one.

    • I like reading Aldi catalogues in general but yes I agree with this now that you've mentioned it. And they usually throw up the website pages before the week of the deal anyway so there's more details, pics and in terms of OzB posts can link to the specific products - some deals will be better than others or getting comments on some of their previous buys.

    • I don't really understand why posting ALDI catalogues each week constitutes a bargain

      He's highlighting products of value and includes the catalogue. If he was just posting the catalogue without highlighting a product you'd have a point, but he's not.

      It isn't like you can really compare the pricing since they are almost always own brand.

      Of course you can. Eg.Compare the 58" TV with other generic brands.

      it wouldn't be a bargain if I just posted a catalogue from the good guys and called it a day.

      See point 1 above.

      Thanks Dealbot.

    • I don't think criticising deals that people post will do the community any good either. If you continue to criticise others, they may decide to simply stop posting leaving the site with nothing on the front page. I think gratitude is the right move here.

      • Yes, I remember there used to be comprehensive posts on Coles and Woolworths' weekly specials by Tightarse and others (if memory serves correct). They started getting a lot of flak in the comments sections and we haven't seen those posts in a while.

    • In other words, Aldi gets a free pass whilst other retailers and/or products don’t.

      Looking at you Animal Crossing Switch…

      • +2 votes

        Completely agree with you!!

        If OZbargain guidelines were to follow exactly, ALDI products will not even get to be posted, unless it is the same ALDI products that were previously more expensive before.

        Lost of ozbargain members get bombarded for low quantity, not doing comparison search for other products, but when comes to ALDI products, even when they are new unseen products, untested product, unproven product, "un-compared" product, they are considered as a DEAL.

        We can't compare similar products for example 58" TV from ALDI to a generic 58" TV , unless some insiders knows that they are all the same from XYZ brand OEM product.

        Plus there will only be few stock in each store, and should be sent to forum for "not enough stock"

    • It's nice to have the analysis and discussion anyway.

  • hopefully it's not as crazy as today deebot robot vacuum sale, people was queueing since 6am and sold out within minutes

  • That ladder is cactus. A neighbor had it, I tried it and it was a PITA. Avoid.

  • I’m guessing Aldi TVs are similar quality level to Soniq and stuff right?

  • Avoid the multi purpose support trestles. They are dodgy AF and made cheaply. Better off spending more for better quality trestles.

    • What issues have you had with them? Mine have been great, super solid and no issues with them after a few years

      • My 2 biggest issues are below. After using it for a good 6 months, I now only use it if I have too. I've since replaced it with toughbuilt saw horse and a AEG super clamp

        • unsteady, even on flat and even ground
        • about 4 of the holes on one side don't match the adjustable top section. I had to drill new holes
        • Bugger. Not overly surprised they're inconsistent at the price but they've lasted a lot better than my other cheap work stands/saw horses from Bunnings.

  • Avoid the chest of drawers too

    • Are you speaking from experience? In the market for some cheapish ones to use…

      • The layout of drawers were a bit different but came with 2 handles like these ones so I think they’d be the same. The chipboard broke, flimsy drawer bases, drawers were clunky to use. I probably should have returned them but needed somewhere to put the bed tv.

        Mocka had free shipping a week or so ago so just replaced with

        I like this design, it’s all metal and drawers work well but $$.

    • We bought the wardrobe (Same range) on clearance for 99, it’s really solid and better then anything you could get for under 500.

  • The pressure washer is same price as Ryobi one.

  • Anyone used the airless paint sprayer? I am thinking to repaint internal my house this year

    • To use a sprayer for internal painting, you will spend a lot of time on masking up and cover up all your furniture.

    • Use a roller and brush. The finish would be nicer too with a good quality roller otherwise you'd end up with over spray and patches

  • I would only want the ladder for going 1.5 stories high… Sounds like this shouldn't be trusted for such uses. Thanks for the comments guys.

  • Hows garage paint?

  • Anyone tried the aldi wall paint? How is it?

    • +3 votes

      Well said. Spineless cronies neg with no comments. Why not give a neg for the deal to show our disapproval.

      • I did, and their mob neg-piling my comment revoked it. This OzBargainism is screwed up.

        • What's worse now The above comment only has 5 net negs, when the least to revoke someone's vote is 8, and my vote still doesn't count bc it was already revoked.

  • Can anyone recommend the Soundbar?

  • What the hell is the deal here? Just a bunch of items. Forum post

    • 2000W Pressure Washer $149
      58" 4K TV $579
      Ladder $149
      Soundbar $89.99
      Tripod Worklight $49.99
      Chest Drawers $169

      Can you link me to a deal that is not just an item / a bunch of items?

  • Early release catalogue, not a deal. As others have stated, nothing to compare with so you're taking a punt that it's a deal

  • Has anyone bought the ladder and if so was it any good…


  • Can anyone show me the tripod working lights photo please? Wondering is it better than bunnigns 2X20W arlec for $79

    • I'm hoping bunnings do a good price for something similar

    • the 2x20W bunnings/arlec unit is very under powered IMHO and strobes.
      the 2x45W bunnings/arlec is good (but expensive and strobes).
      the tripod is very good/stable on the bunnings/arlec twin light units which looks the same as the tripod on this aldi unit
      just be aware a lot of these mains powered LED lights strobe at mains frequency which is not good for photo/videos.

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    The stock level is always pathetic. So only a deal for the first 5-10 people on Saturday morning when they open.

    • Last 3 local Aldi has had minimal stock, centre tables are empty most of the time. I don't bother any more with the specials as they unobtainable

      • Noticed this as well! They used to have heaps of stock on the floor until about 3 months ago and now it’s been cleaned out and they have failed to replenish it! Went from heading in weekly to see what they had to never, as there is nothing fun to spontaneously buy!

      • Yeah I'm not gonna get up at 5am to stand in line with pushy, plague bearers in the cold for the chance at getting an average priced, average quality pressure washer.

        Even an hour or two is $25-50 at award rate.

        • In case anyone actually sees this I decided to have a look at a few Aldi's while I was out picking up roofing supplies.

          2 out of 2 had zero stock by 10am.

          • @Telios: You must be new to Aldi special buys. I was there just after 7.30am (opens 8.30am) - 4th in line (would have been 3rd but had to get a trolley elsewhere because didn't have any coins on me) - 3rd & I wanted same thing. We teamed up to help each other get - luckily there was 4 of the items.

  • +2 votes

    I dont mind if it's categorised as deal… Or not..

    The half catalogue is what I don't like. I'd rather wait for Wednesday for the full catalogues or online instead of angled pictures with some pages missing every week.

    Appreciate the efforts of who ever does it.. But it seems not worth it if I can't see the entire catalogue.

  • Congratulations to the brand for making everyday shopping a competition - set up an alarm - wake up early and stand in the queue. Then too no surety you will get the item. Would rather buy online.

  • +3 votes

    Shouldn't these be under limited quantity deals? Unless you're lined up the front of Aldi's at my local, before 8am, before they open, you won't be able to get anything good…
    And not really safe to do during this pandemic, (despite this I still see pics of people lined up pretty deep on the community Facebook page, fools!)

  • For all negs whinging that this doesn't constitute a bargain, how about you post similarly or better priced items of similar quality to the special buys.

    Would be much more constructive than having a sook over a post that reminds people of the special buys. Posting doesn't force you to buy anything…

    • The negative vote is there for a reason!

      • If you're so sure it isn't a good deal post one that's better?

        • Why? What would that achieve? Doesn't change the fact that this is not a deal.

          • @Orico: Hahaha what would that achieve??? Ummm maybe it would give a valid reason for your negative vote showing why it isn't a deal. Read up the guidelines buddy and that goes to all you negging me.

      • The upvote is also there for a reason!
        Which indicates this Deal is very popular! (72+ 2-)
        That's the real Deal measure on Ozbargain.

        You're pretty new here…

        Neg votes require a valid reason by the Ozbargain Voting Guidelines! Opinions aren't valid reasons.

        Valid reasons for a Neg Vote:
        The deal is not the cheapest available
        Issue with product
        Issue with retailer

        • That's the real Deal measure on Ozbargain.

          No, it's not. People upvote junk deals all the time. E.g. Ebay Plus "deals" or promotions, Apple 10% off, Catalogue deals giving free marketing to big companies.

          You're pretty new here

          I'm really not. Started using ozbargain in my uni days which was a very long time ago. IF you can show that this is a deal compared to a similar product then sure, but as it stands, it's just a bunch of products that Aldi have put at a sale price.