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WD 14TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive $338 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Good price for a 14TB hard drive. Max 3 unit per account(or transaction?)

Wd elements desktop storage with USB 3.0 offers reliable, high-capacity, add-on storage, Fast data transfer rates and universal connectivity with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices. The sleek design features up to 14TB capacity Plus WD quality and reliability.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Same ship ! 😊

      • They deliberately lower the shuckable external desktop drive warranty to only 2 yrs (3 yrs for my book drive), you might need to consider the fail rate cos the highest risk sits on 3~5 yrs (even though still very unlikely for CMR drives).

        • just put it back in the enclosure when claiming warranty

    • Maybe 12 months ago they were but 14TB is the best bay/cost ratio now.

    • Hi guys, just wonder if I take off the enclosure for NAS use. Would I still have the warranty, or it will gone as the case been open?

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    Me to myself: No more hard drive please, you work hard to earn these money! 🙃

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    Still waiting on Amazon UK to give us a shipping date on the 16TB drives

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      Same here.

    • +1

      Same, I get the feeling they're either awaiting a huge batch or they're just gonna cancel the orders entirely.. To be fair they do only charge the card once the drives actually ship tho..

      • Just got the shipping notice, woo

    • Yeah.. I gave up and bought 2 of these instead. Saved $160 on 4tb.. might as well order a 3rd drive..

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    Father’s Day gift for me…
    I didn’t get breakfast in bed, I got 14 Terabytes instead.

  • Got one thanks!

  • Is this good for Shucking for a NAS?

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      This is what they're meant for

  • one of my Amazon US shipments were pretty banged up on arrival, is it safe to get external drives from Amazon US/UK?

    • My drive from UK was packed well and not banged up, also arrived in 13 days. But i've had no luck buying things from Amazon US, one item was banged up and hanging out the bag and took 4 months to get here. Other items just haven't been shipped or cancelled by the seller after waiting months.

    • Have ordered 2 drives recently from Amazon US without issue although both came just in there retail box. Also recently ordered 2 lots of 2 drives from Amazon UK and both lots came in an outer box and were well protected. All drives arrived safely, quickly and without any signs of abuse in transit. I have another 6 coming from UK and am confident they will arrive safe.

    • My drive arrived today and it's in perfect condition. Not even a a single scratch or mark on the retail box which was inside a larger box with cardboard scrunched up to fill the extra space. Western Digital are sending me an AUS plug snap-in. I asked via support > warranty and got a reply around an hour later asking for a shipping address.

  • Grab three…….

    • Three??

      • +2

        wish I could buy 4

  • +5

    I remember owning a 20MB drive in 1993….

    • +4

      I was so stoked when I bought my Iomega Zip Drive 100MB. The drive was about $250

  • +3

    don't buy, save $338!

    • But they are so cheap, it feels wrong not to buy

  • -2

    Just read that the failure rates of 12TB HDD and above is generally higher than 10tb and below
    I think I will wait until both rates are similar

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        My guess is it's from their arse. Just a load of arse sauce.

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    Currently looking at this now… and thinking it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission…..

  • Mine 12tb drives haven't even arrived yet from the last deal. Can I return them when they arrive and just buy these?

    • yeah you could do that, and you could say they didn't arrive on time and probably get free return shipping

  • +1

    A shipment from Amazon UK got sent to France, then back to the UK. Seems they mixed up the destination. Anyone else have any problems with shipping from UK?

    • I bought a headset from Amazon UK on the 28th of August and it still hasn't been shipped. Is that normal or weird in people's opinion that have bought from UK before?

      Emailed Amazon AU customer support on 2nd September asking for a shipping update:

      ME -
      "Hi there.

      I am just enquiring as to when my product will be shipped.

      Your website states the following about 'in stock' items - In stock: The item is available; we expect to prepare it for dispatch within a few hours to a few days, depending on the delivery option you choose.

      I understand that with Covid-19 deliveries will be delayed, but it has now been 5 days and there is no update."

      SUPPORT -
      "Upon looking on your account I see that the item was ordered from Amazon UK , a seller on our website.

      Please allow me to explain this to you. If an item is sold and fulfilled by a third party seller, Amazon.com.au is not directly involved in the fulfillment of your order, which means that the merchant itself process (refund, replacement, returns, cancellation), fulfilled and shipped your order. Amazon only serves as a venue of exchange of information.

      We hold them to the same high customer service standards we set for ourselves.

      To make things right for you I've contacted the seller on your behalf and requested them to Update the order status."

      ME -
      "As far as I can tell, when I try to message AMAZON UK it takes me to AMAZON AU customer service portal. There is no way to direct message them as they are not a third party seller, it is Amazon International is it not?

      Thank you for contacting them in the mean time."

      SUPPORT -
      "Thank you for contacting Amazon AU customer service.

      I have reviewed your comments and completely understand your concern.

      To assist you with this, I have checked the order details and see that order is sold and shipped by Amazon UK(Global store item).

      I'm so sorry for the incorrect information provided, it is not a third party seller item.

      I see that order is on time and currently in Shipping stage, where Fulfillment center is already assigned to the order. As per the information your order will be shipped shortly to be delivered to you by Monday, 7 September 2020 - Thursday, 24 September 2020

      We will send an e-mail when your order is shipped so you can track your package.

      Your order could ship any time between now and the delivery date."

      • I bought the previous 10TB WD elements, also from Amazon UK through Amazon AU. I placed the order on 8th July 2020, and received it on 15th July 2020. That was the fastest shipping I had experienced from the UK. My last UK order from a different site took 1 month to arrive, but it was due to COVID back in April.

        • I bought RAM from Amazon US and it was delivered in like 8 days I was so surprised haha.

          • +1

            @Twirlypiglet: I ordered some ram from Newegg during the time that ram prices were insane. Was cheaper to express ship the ram from US than buy locally.

            It was delivered 3 days from when I placed the order. I can get even get a package from interstate that quick with AusPost.

  • Chances of being slugged customs duty if buying 3 drives ?

    • -1


    • -1

      There shouldn't be, GST is already included in the price.

      • +1

        Not the same thing. If it's determined to be an "import" you would need to do paperwork and pay extra.

      • For orders over $1000 Amazon adds another random 'import fees' item of about 10% ON TOP of GST. The solution is to just split it into orders below $1000 if not a single item.

        I've been stung once when I updated the quantity in the cart and didn't notice the whole extra 10% being added to the order :\ They claim 'if they charge too much it will be refunded' but they don't. Total BS now they're collecting GST as well, so arbitrary.

        • Not BS at all. It costs $50 just to lodge the form electronically, plus they need to pay a broker to do the paperwork and pay duties on the items if applicable, assume 5%.


          • @OzzyBrak: They're doing it electronically, the cost would be $50 (ish) tops for Amazon. They're already collecting all the GST applicable and there aren't any other duties. It's not $50 worth of duties and time for an automatic electronic lodgement. But the crazy things is just splitting the order gets around it and saves $$$$. So the government system is a bit nuts, once they went to automatically collecting GST customs should have just taken it out of that, or make it a flat % for non-commercial quantities.

            For a small international retailer that isn't normally collecting GST I can definitely see how this is a cost, but it's really inefficient at Amazon's scale.

            • @jkart: by splitting you are breaking the law. So don't hate the online international retailer that things are cheaper when you break the law and avoid the custom fees is what I am saying.

              edit: it is worth pointing out that GST is also calculated differently when you are no longer in the low value good (<$1000) system. You pay GST as a final 10% on the cost of everything, including, shipping, insurance, duty, custom fees etc.

            • -1

              @jkart: @jkart :

              1. There ARE other duties on top of the GST sometimes, depending on the class of goods.

              2. They DO make it a flat % for non-commercial quantities - that's the $1000 threshold.
                Under $1000 you just pay the GST, done.
                Over $1000 you're subjected to the full rigour of the customs system.

              3. Splitting the order to get around the $1000 threshold is only nuts because it's not actually permitted… Customs can absolutely add up the value of your received parcels, and decide to pursue you if they want to - this is a thing !

              • @Nom:

                1. Yes, but this can be handled electronically and doesn't apply in this case, it's something that's captured in the import declaration.

                2. This is not the same thing. That might be an intention to capture commercial quantities but non-commercial quantities doesn't necessarily have a fixed relation to value of the order total. A single item over $1000 is definitely not a commercial quantity.

                3. Only if the goods are identical and purchased within 45 days (See division 2 of the customs act). If you order two completely different items then the customs duty is payable on a single order but not a split order. Now THIS is to avoid commercial quantities, not the threshold. But again still kind of silly because the $10,000 threshold still has a flat rate of duty, so seriously commercial quantities have a lower % of duty than individuals buying single items of just over $1000.

  • +1

    Work for iMac ??

  • +1

    I want one for plex/media in a nas, and another to mirror the first drive, anyone have this sorta set up, what raid would you use if it's apart of a nas?

    • raid 1

    • +3

      Wouldn't use raid because it doesn't protect you from logical failures like overwrite deletion or virus.
      I use xcopy /s/d/y, (only copies changes) then disconnect.

      • -1

        That's still not a backup, what happens if your house catches on fire. RAID-1 + External Hard drive for backup that you can store offsite.

      • so if one of your files get infected, then your xcopy will copy that file to the other drive as its technically been modified

    • +2

      Just use one externally to back it up. It's safer. Raid isn't backup.

    • What type of NAS is it? If it's Synology you can use SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid) which will use mirror while it has 2 drives in it, then you can add more drives to the array later without having to rebuild.

      As others said if the data is important to you then you should have a backup not just RAID.

  • Thinking this might be good at hotswap backup

  • +2

    I got one and cracked it open for my dad's PC from the last deal. The only issue I had is I needed to deactivate one of the power pins (3rd from the left) to get it to work. Apparently this is common, I used some thin plastic I glued and folded over the 3rd pin contact. It worked. It wouldn't turn on otherwise. It's a issue with some PSU's apparently.

    • +1

      Is this the 3V trick?

      • +1

        Sounds like it

      • +1


    • Had the same problem, I think I read it's because some older PSUs don't supply enough power via just the SATA cable alone.

      • No, it's because of a change in SATA specs that redefined the first 3 pins. Older spec was 3.3V for pins 1-3. Newer spec the 3rd pin is PWDIS.
        Supply 3.3V to the PWDIS pin and the drive is disabled. Potentially useful I guess, but not if always supplied with 3.3V. Can be prevented by either not supplying 3.3V (such as a Molex to SATA adapter) or as above, covering the contact.

        • +1

          A lot of systems that use drives at scale use this feature to be able to reset the drives individually if there's an issue in a datacentre somewhere. Or I guess keep it spun down to save power.

    • +1

      I had two of the 12TB models, one had to do the pin mod and one didnt. Odd thing is when I checked online, model number matched some needed pin mod and others did not. Mine went into a PC which has 3.3v pin whereas NAS devices dont use 3.3v (which could possibly explain the difference).

      • This sounds feasible

  • nice, 14tb drive for 12tb prices.. hoping these will be even cheaper later on.. when ? later on lolz.

  • I'm going to resist buying 3 of these 14TB drives, eventhough they are so cheap, so that I can instead buy the RTX 3080.

    • +1

      Did you need to get a new monitor?

  • +1

    Thanks, switched 2 12s I ordered, they charged but still cancelled, so hoping a quick refund

  • Man, i have 3 8TB ironwolfs in my NAS and need 1 more 8TB to finish the pool. Why do awesome deals like this come around that useless to me (not made of money to buy 2). Dangit.

    • Its only going to get bigger and cheaper

  • I presume these are 5400rpm drives like most externals?

    • yea they are

  • I really don't need one, but still ended up buying one.

  • $22.13 is a bit of a killer though :S 360 bux… bit too much during covid…

    • +6

      Pay $7 for prime, it works out cheaper than paying delivery.

      • How do you tell if a product is good for Prime free shipping? I didn't get the join Prime for free shipping nag in the checkout when selecting a delivery option for this product, but did get it for a different product from the USA.

  • +1

    Paid $310 for a 12TB just a few months ago, this is really good value

  • The prices for 14tb are cheaper than on even taobao. though i would rather buy the 12tb My book and not elements from taobao which is around $305. These drives have a high failure rate as compared to as the wd my book.

  • -1

    Just FYI cashrewards and shopback both have a 7% cash back on amazon. so activate that while purchasing.

    • +3

      No. This is 0% for both.

      • that is just sad :(

  • +1

    I saw some info on reddit the other day that suggested these might actually be 7,200 rpm despite being sold as 5,400 rpm. Just an FYI.

  • +2

    Why hasn't this expired yet…grrr

    • That credit card is just itching to be used 😀

  • Can not resist. Got one

  • Thanks OP
    Ordered one.

  • Can anyone please firm if it's a cmr, pmr or smr drive?

  • Can someone enlighten me on who is the target audience for this product? I recently started doing a lot more videography and photography and would like to prepare some storage . Is this good to leave perpetually plugged in and edit off?

    • +2

      Data hoarders and Linux iso collectors

    • no, this is mainly for you to back up to.
      you could use it to work off if you really need to though.

      • Then I might work off my main HDD and move it into this for backup. Can it run plugged in 24/7 or is that not ideal?

        • 24/7 is fine.

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