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India Gate Exotic Basmati Rice 5kg $12 @ Woolworths


Good price for Basmati Rice, saving $8.
$11.40 if you using egift card


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  • Thanks OP. Is it in 2 days? I picked one up today at this price at my local woolies in western Sydney

  • Awesome price…. good quality rice…..

    thanks :)

  • Get the India Gate Premium, much better. Although at $12 this is quite good as well.

    • Albeit at higher price points, Premium, or one notch higher, Classic are superior in terms of aroma, flavour and texture.

    • Yeah if you want good quality Basmati, you need to get the SELLA variety of Basmatic. It's night and day.

  • Really good price for 5kg.

    In terms of the brand, I've eaten basmati rice my whole life and always bought from speciality Indian stores. During the lockdown bought the Woolies no brand ($14 for 5kg) and couldn't tell the difference lol …

    • aged the better

      • I'd argue the way you cook it ends up making more of a difference but I suppose at the end of the day it's all personal preference. To each their own :)

    • Pretty sure I have seen this comment before aye 😂😂

      • Lol that other post got deleted - OP was marked as spam. Must spread the word about no brand basmati!!!

    • I actually found the homebrand basmati to be pretty good tbh

    • Same here. Been using India Gate (with brownish bag outline) and other brands that usually retail for $17+/5kg and have switched to Woolies basmati lately without noticing any difference. Maybe most brands around this price point get their rice from the same suppliers?

  • Buy australian grown if you can afford it

    • Wow, sad day when people actually neg the idea of buying Australian grown SMH

      • If buying food on good taste, country of origin may not be so important.

        People are used to foods they grew up on. While some can't tell the difference between rices, others would only buy rices from a region, or grower!

        Travelling in Asia, I learnt people could tell the very different taste & qualities of rices. And aromas decline with how long the rice has been sitting since harvest.

        A rice farmer friend in Japan couldn't bear the thought that his daughter at Uni would eat anything but the rice he grew. So he'd send a bag on the train for her. She'd point out it was much cheaper at the supermarket!

        Despite having about 60 small paddy fields, an expensive harvester, drying shed & bagging facility, he only produces rice for his family - never selling it.
        Very unlike our massive large scale rice farms here.

        • Yes I remember those tiny rice farms in Japan. Some of them looked so tiny and improbable. I think they are largely subsidized by the government for cultural and food security reasons

          • @King Tightarse: Food security is of prime importance there. Only 40% of food is locally produced. Their government would like 100% local production of rice.

            And rice farmers are usually very old. At 62, my friend is a young rice farmer!

            Every possible area (like a bend in the road) is used for farming. But housing encroaching on paddies & lack of young becoming farmers is reducing the rice producing areas.

            The refusal by Japan to allow imports of rice from Australia etc, is probably the main form of support. In 2015 the tariff on imported rice was 778%!!!
            And the pride in local farming areas means local production is maintained.

            Japan considers our rice only suited to industrial use. But that says more about the pride they have in their product over many hundreds of years.

            Obviously, I only know about Japanese rice production - learnt over many drinks as the snow fell on the paddies!

    • Medium grain is the only sort of rice that Australia grows a lot of.
      All the brands of basmati at Woolies or Coles are either grown in India or Pakistan. The little ethnic grocers carry other brands but I think they're even less likely to be Australian. Do you know of a brand of Australian-grown basmati?

  • I like making basmati rice plain with accompanying butter chicken. I make pilaf with medium grain sunrise and eat that by itself.

  • Does anyone have any tips for cooking this rice in a rice cooker (Tiger). I find it always comes out terrible. Other rice is fine but Basmati just doesn't seem to work well in my rice cooker.

    • I cook it as jasmine rice mode. But I use water as multi grain.

    • The way I cook this…

      Using the little cup …

      4 cups of rice
      5 cups of water
      Pinch of salt

      Push the button and let it cook
      Once finished, let it sit in the warm more for bout 15 mins
      Turn it off at the wall
      Give it a good stir

      My mum use to say, it's one cup of water for each cup of rice and then a half cup of water extra. I upped this to a full cup extra and it came out a lil bit more more fluffy.

      If you add too much water, it turns soggy.
      Not enough water and it turns really dry.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "terrible" but hopefully the above helps :)

    • The traditional way of cooking basmati is in excess water, then draining it out at the end (not in a collander!) and then leaving the lid closed for about 15 min so that it becomes nice and fluffy.

      I suspect if really want to stick to rice cooker I would soak it for about an hour prior to cooking which allows the grain to hydrate to a sufficient degree.

    • I only eat Basmati and I just follow the instructions on my Tiger: use the provided cup, fill up to the marker matching number of cups, use the plain setting. I make sure to wash the rice before cooking but nothing special.

      Comes out perfect every time, the only issue I've ever had is with Sunrice Basamati. No matter how much I washed it, how much I adjusted water it always ended up a horrible mushy mess, I gave up trying and binned the bag and will avoid Sunrice in the future.

      I only brought Sunrice Basamati as it was the only bag of rice left on the shelf. I normally use the 1kg bags of Riviana Basamati Coles sell, also used the Maharajah's Choice Basamati at the start of lockdown again as that's all what was available in the supermarket, both cooked well in the Tiger without issue. Recently got some India Gate classic as read that's very good quality and that cooked well in the Tiger following the regular instructions.

  • Thanks OP, got 2