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MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Ventus GP OC 11GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $1099 + Shipping @ PC Case Gear


It's finally happening… I'm waiting to get the 3000!!!

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    Hahahahahah. No. Good try though.

    • For those that don't know, the RTX 3070 is due to come out soon for around $800AUD RRP with performance slightly better than the RTX 2080 Ti shown here.

      I would advise those wanting to get the best value or even if they're willing to spend this much on a graphics card to wait for the RTX 3000 series

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        To be fair we don't actually know. They said better than a 2080ti in some games. Gotta wait for them benchmarks.

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          To add to that, I think I am leaning towards the case where 3070 is better overall.

          See this reddit post reply by Nvidia and also the complete official summary.

          Based on the CUDA cores count information that can be found here, it seems like the stated performance gain is well within achievable range.

          • RTX 2080 Ti: 4352 CUDA cores
          • RTX 3070: 5888 CUDA cores

          The main limitation here is that 3070 has less VRAM compared to 2080 Ti, which can be useful in super high resolution use cases, or when training large neural nets.

          • @Clain: Just keep in mind that the Cuda core count is not 1:1, an ampere core is not the same as a turing one from what has been reported. At worst i think it will be close to or the same as the Ti, but likely better in RTX and DLSS titles…

            No harm waiting a bit longer to have the full picture 🙂

            Also rumours of an AMD card between 3070 n 3080 as well, with 16gb ram and around $US549 but thats just rumours lol

            • @scud70: This is correct, you should really only compare core to core within cards of the same generation

              "One of the biggest mistakes people make when comparing new GPUs is to talk about “core count.” This is erroneous for a few reasons, one of which is that core-for-core performance is not identical cross-architecture. From Kepler to Pascal, there were gains upwards of 30% for overall performance-per-watt efficiency, and just drawing a linear comparison between core counts doesn’t accommodate this. Also, CUDA cores aren’t really cores, anyway: They are floating-point units. An SM would be more similar to a core by standard definitions, which call for a core to be capable of fetching and decoding instructions, executing them, reading and writing data to and from registers and cache, and computing results. NVIDIA’s floating-point units can compute results, but can’t do much of the other stuff.

              The point of saying all of this is that a strict Pascal vs. Turing core comparison needs to account for architectural differences that could change how well a “core” performs to begin with. People fell into the same trap last time."

              TL;DR - Wait for benchmarks to see how they actually perform in real world applications rather than core count.

              • @Serapis: Nvidia also had a Q&A thing on Reddit and they went through the difference between the architectures …which was pretty interesting if people want to know a bit more.

                Specifically Could you elaborate a little on this doubling of CUDA cores? How does it affect the general architectures of the GPCs?


                • @scud70: Interesting, though what they outlined still refers to significant benefits in ray tracing (which isn't really found in many games yet tbh).

                  "Performance gains will vary at the shader and application level depending on the mix of instructions. Ray tracing denoising shaders are good examples that might benefit greatly from doubling FP32 throughput."

                  Wondering what gains we'll see in everything else…

        • I get the feeling that the 3070 will Smash it in rt obviously but not overall

          Also the $800 price isn't gonna happen. Not this year anyway

        • even the 3080 version will be similar price as this

        • true but brand new RTX3070 VRAM of 8GB, might/not be better however people who follow this all seem to think that wait is a good idea, as you are seeing possibly a 40% discount for the same or close to the same performance. Compare to the 1080ti->2080ti not as much.

        • Better than som games which has ray tracing and dlss support. Means have to see real benchmarks of 3070 vs 2080ti.

      • don't forget it also has other newer features like RTX 2.0 etc
        and other features not found on the 2080TI

        So it beats it in performance as well as newer features.

      • The RTX 3070 is due to come out soon for around $800AUD RRP with performance slightly better than the RTX 2080 Ti shown here.

        All of the benchmark comparisons have been with all RTX features set to max, yes it performs way better at RTX but if you aren't using those RTX features I imagine the gap isn't going to be as huge as people claim. Still a huge saving in price, though you'll probably have to wait until later next year to secure some stock of it.

        • Q: When the slide says RTX 3070 is equal or faster than 2080 Ti, are we talking about traditional rasterization or DLSS/RT workloads? Very important if you could clear it up, since no traditional rasterization benchmarks were shown, only RT/DLSS supporting games.

          We are talking about both. Games that only support traditional rasterization and games that support RTX (RT+DLSS).

          source: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/rtx-30-series-comm...

      • Best wait for the AMD cards as well around the start of next month, as they are promising more competitive pricing and double the VRAM.

        • more VRAM may mean bubkiss - unless you're running 8K internal resolution with filtering etc. In most case it's purely a marketing point and uninformed consumers buy the item with the biggest number.

      • The fact that this is being sold for around $1099 scares me a bit. Since FE isn't being released in Aus, and this a maybe a step below 3070 (if Nvidia is trustworthy), then retailers are probably expecting to sell 3070 for around $1000 - $1100…

    • After literal months of receiving downvotes and slag-off comments in GPU deals for explaining why the 2080Ti was so expensive, why the standard line-up wouldn't jump in price for Ampere, and all-but nailing expected performance, I'm here to claim 50% of your upvotes as tribute.

      It's only fair, I've earned this!

      • We bow down to thee GPU Lord and Master, pay rich tribute OzBargainers!!

      • Why would people neg you for commenting on inflated 20 series prices? Everyone knows they have been stupidly over priced for months

        • Me guess people wanted to feel their purhase was justified and no way a bad deal, but they definetely got silenced when the prices were finally revealed for the performance.

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    This is probably the price it should've been a couple months ago

  • A bit too late isnt hahaha 3070s are the cards to wait for this year.

  • make it $800 and i'm going to think about it

  • wonder if that's below cost price

  • Feel the pain for 2080ti owners

    • I mean, they already knew they were paying 5 times the price for twice the FPS.

    • I don't, paying the exorbitant prices Nvidia were charging and then crying about it when it is superseded have only nut themselves to blame.

  • Lol

  • This should be the price from launch, where old days 980ti 1080ti were about $1100. The only truth is big jack for RTX2000 series.

  • Probs below $1000 by next week

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    if this was 800-900 id definitely go for it just to save me the time and stress of trying to secure a 3070 with the impending stock issues.

    Anyone that thinks theyll get their hands on a 30 series card is mistaken. We arent getting the founders editions here in aus, so thatll make it even harder.

    • and those who looking at 4k gameplay , eg. MFS2020 … would want more than 8gb VRAM

      • That too. Outside of the launch price, 2080ti is a great choice if it keeps dropping in price.

    • How do you know?? I was hoping to get a 3080 on launch!!

      • Honestly its pretty simple. Normal Aussie delay and lack of stock. Normal aussie retailer stock issues (same issue with other popular things like star wars lego sets, try finding 501st sets, mando sets etc). Add to that covid, and the already reduced stock of the 30 series….

        I genuinely wouldnt be surprised if the 2080ti goes UP after the launch. Demand for RTX will be higher with Cyberpunk round the corner. I know for damn sure I will be getting a 2080ti at these prices if I cant get a 3070/80. Same im sure would apply for others.

        edit: Forgot to mention anyone who thinks Aussie retailers wont scalp the price of the 30 series is crazy. As above, they already do it.

        • I agree with this… if there's any cards at the $809 RRP at launch it will be some nasty low end aftermarket model.

          My guess MSI Gaming 3070 will be $999, ASUS Strix $1049-1100, Gigabyte aorus cards around $999 also . At these prices for a card with 8gb vram… no thanks

  • Here we go 🤘

  • Let the war begin

  • It's not just the 3000-series, but also the RDNA2 cards that could make a double-whammy to Turing prices further down the road.