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Razer Thresher Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One / PC $112.45 (40% off $189 RRP) @ Razer eBay


if you want you can check on the Razer_au Ebay stores more products have extra discounts

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  • Can anyone recommend anything for ps4?

  • Sorry I mean a ps4 headset.. The band on my ps4 gold just broke.

    • I just got the Hyper x cloud 2, Would recommend, works on my ps4 Xbox 1, switch phone and pc

  • Grabbed one, thanks!!

  • Cheers op missed out the last time for the gears one!

  • This version doesn't come with the basestation/stand thing does it?

    How does it connect wirelessly to a PC, does it need one of those Xbox wireless USB dongles (sold separately)?

    • Yeah, this is without the stand and I believe it does need an adaptor. They don't make it very clear but that's what I read in a response on Amazon. It only connects directly to Xbox One.

  • Damn. I ordered the Razer BlackShark V2 X last night. Are these alot better for PC? JJust looking for something with good sound, comfortable and a mic that works with dragon. Nothing to fancy. I have the Sennheiser 4.50BTNC as my daily's and to me they are amazing headphones. Anyone know if these would be similar in sound quality?

  • Does anyone know if the third party wireless adapters will work when connected to a pc?

    I bought these and can’t seem to find a genuine Xbox adapter

    Or does anyone know if these will work while plugged j to a pc via USB?