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[Preorder] Xbox Series X $399 ($329 with Level 4 EB World) ($749 without) When You Trade in Your Xbox One X @ EB Games


I reckon this is an amazing deal.

Make sure you select click and collect on the website when you preorder to get this offer.

Preorders commence online on 22nd September

Alternatively, you can get the Series S version for $299 when you trade in your Xbox One S but no one would want a stovetop.

EB world is eligible for this offer so if you are on level 4, that’s $420 off the console price itself

Note: Confirmation from EB Games rep If you place an online preorder for collection in store, you don't have to trade in until release day. Which means you can secure this deal and still use your Xbox One X until release day.

22/09/2020 8:14am: Update from EB Games Twitter Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S LAUNCH Shipment has now presold out. There will be a small shipment expected POST LAUNCH 2020. Current expected presell time of Midday AEST.

22/09/2020 7:39pm Update from EB Games Twitter We are now presold out. Thank you for your patience today.

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      • CD Project Red has already confirmed next gen consoles won't be getting a cyberpunk patch till next year

        • Yes, the "next gen console" patches won't be ready until next year. However, XBsS|X and PS5 should at least be able to play it in backward compatibility mode. In the worst case where even no frame rate boost cannot be applied, the included SSD would likely to be still beneficial.

          Frame rate boost is still probable (ray tracing is probably out until the patch is released). The cloudy part is that PS5 does allow previous gen games to be stored on USB 3 based storage devices. Would XBsS|X allow the same (I reckon it will be likely)?

          The biggest wild card is that nVidia 30x0 cards and potentially AMD RDNA2 PC GPU based cards. Can people resist not play Cyberpunk on the upcoming gen PC GPUs and wait for next gen console patch?

    • Wipe that dust off your PS4, there is so many good exclusives you should try. Bloodborne, Shadow of the Colossus, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, TLOU and TLOU2…

      • Question is, will Sony first party studios release patches for those games for PS5 quickly? Still have a few exclusives in my pile of shame. If I can experience those exclusives in true 4K instead of checkered board 4K, that would make life difficult for me (kinda prefer not to buy next gen consoles so early since there isn't any true next gen first party exclusives yet from both camps).

        • Spiderman: Miles Morales should be coming out around launch, it's also rumored Demon's Souls is launch window too. Horizon Forbidden West is some time in 2021, there are others but I don't think their release dates are confirmed yet.

      • I tried Boodborne. Oh god, it was brutal. I have Horizon: Zero Dawn compete edition. Might give it a go.

      • I own but haven't played pretty much every PS4 exclusive and now the PS5 is around the corner, do i wait another year till all the classics have been patched to run and look better on the PS5 when i inevitably get one?

        • You should play them now. Not sure how many of them will be patched as Sony could do the same thing they did for PS4 Pro, offering a generic performance boost mode.

          It's not a good idea to go into PS5 thinking about playing games from previous gen. Microsoft had awesome back compatibility for current gen, that didn't win the console war for them. Most of the PS5 first party exclusives are sequels of their PS4 ones.

          It's unlikely you will have more time to play later on. Try to finish them quickly as it shouldn't play a key factor to decide whether to buy PS5.

  • Is this is good time to buy Xbox One X ?
    I currently have Gen 1 Xbox One ( one before One S) which is still working fine. I plays games just fine, specially the one I play ( Gears 5, Diablo 3 and Just cause 4).
    So even One X will be a good upgrade for me.
    Advise please ….

    • Not really, unless you can get a really good deal. The issue is with Covid-19, you cannot get cheap XB1X deals.

      Let's say you have XB1X. Are you really going to re-play Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Just Cause 4 etc…? If the answer is no, then is it really worthwhile? For me, after upgrading to XBox One X, I have not really replayed any game which I played on XBox One S. I did load Gears 4 for a few minutes and some other games just to look at the graphics difference for a few minutes.

      It comes down to the games you want to play this holiday season.

    • If you play games just fine and arnt bothered then keep your current.

    • I sold my Xbox 1 OG and Kinect and some old games for 330 at CEX 2 week ago. As mainly play switch now, I kept a few games like MHW that I want to keep playing. Keeping that credit to buy games at Xmas.

    • Xbox one X is so much better than the OG Xbox one in terms of resolution and also framerate.
      I absolutely could not go back to playing games at 720p-900p res on OG XB1 after playing stuff on my XB1X at 1440p-1800p-2160p (4K) for the last few years.
      Unless you are about to buy a series x (which i assume from your question you are not) then the xbox one x would be a huge upgrade over your launch model xbox one for the next year or two till you decide to upgrade to series x.

      Computing/graphics power comparison:

      Xbox One OG 1.31 Teraflops
      Xbox One S 1.4 Teraflops
      Xbox One X 6.0 Teraflops

      Xbox Series S 4.0 Teraflops
      Xbox Series X 12 Teraflops

      Yes i know it's not the only factor for performance but it does give a pretty good indication of comparative performance between the different models.

      • The thing is that it is not a good idea to buy XBox One X now because there is no good deal right now. Furthermore, for someone with no backlog on XBox One first party exclusives (honestly, let's face is, it's not THAT hard to achieve with so few of them), it makes no sense.

        Forza Horizon 4, 1440p on PC with high framerate is more fun than 4K/30fps on XB1X. On XB1X, you are locked to 30fps for 1440p.

        If Microsoft will do 1440p high frame rate on series S and use upscaling with some sort of DLSS equivalent to 4K, it could provide more enjoyable playing experience with faster CPU, SSD.

        Microsoft is big on multiplayer gaming so that CPU upgrade is needed moving forward.

        I am tired of tricking my brain with the 4K support on XB1X in an attempt to hide my disappointment with my XB1X purchase. Only Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5 real true first party exclusives. GamePass…. sigh… I have better games in my backlog of games.

  • I only have the original X Box One, what do I do?

  • Tempted but any reasons to upgrade xbox one x to series x? Considering if my tv is unable to support 4k 120fps anyway ..

    • This - I’m not sure I really need it at this stage

    • Unless you want ray-tracing and 4k visuals than no reason to buy one now. Instead wait for the price to drop.

    • Consider a Series S. it’ll outperform the One X at lower resolutions and won’t cost much for the step up. The SSD especially will help.

      It’ll also get more in the future if you want to trade up to a Series X at a later date.

    • You get raytracing, much much faster loading times, 60fps on pretty much all games (Xbox One X does 30-60) and much better graphics.

  • I'm just trying to figure out how it'd work as a Level 3 Member wanting to trade in an Xbox One S for the Series X.
    I didn't plan on picking one up, but if it's a decent deal then I may. That said, if they offer similar for PS4 that may be lined up too…

  • I think I'll just trade my Scorpio in on this and get some discount EB gift cards to pay the balance 8% off with AGL Rewards. Level 3 EB, saves hassle of selling. From memory I got a pretty good deal trading my original Xbox One in on the One X too.

    • AGL Rewards are a set price by the distributor which means for the deposit of $200 you will actually get 2x $100 gift cards and only one of them can be used for a transaction online so be mindful of that.

  • Do we have any confirmation yet whether we hand over the One X on release day? Or do we have to take it in while this offer is active?

    This is the difference between this being an ok deal and a great deal that I will actually do.

  • When were the prices announced for series X? (not the 1440p all digital one)

  • I want to see reviews before pulling the trigger. I have Xbox One S so may be a little extra for Xbox Series X?

    Also usually Microsoft generation one consoles suck. They get better with subsequent generations. For e.g. XB360 or XB1 both got far better performing models with subsequent releases.

  • Any chance we can preorder instore?

    I have about $300 in eb giftcards from the last eb trade in deal for the 1S. I still have a 1X so if i can trade that in ($350), use my EB world extra trade value (+15%) and use my gift cards i would only need to pay approx $50 from my pocket!

    • You can use giftcards online yeah? Use $200 worth for the pre-order deposit online, then trade and pay off the rest instore on release.

  • Interesting, guessing they will do this for PS5. Depending on backwards compatibility might make the move a little more convincing

    • yeah interested in this too. I've got my ps4 lying in a corner with ff7 still in packaging (currently thinning out my xbox pile of shame, one game at a time). If ps5 has backward compatibility, then I'll trade it in. If not, might as well keep it to play my ff7.

    • Exactly my thought.

      Still got my PS3 kicking around for some titles on it (And because bizarrely enough some digital PS1/PS2 titles bought through the PSN store only work on it and not the PS4..) but with backwards compatibility of the 5 pending and assuming it works on everything from the PS4 gen, then there's really no reason to keep the 4/Pro around, and I'd be happy to do a similar deal.

  • I haven't traded a console at eb before. Does the trade in console need to in good condition and with a controller included?

    • https://www.ebgames.com.au/trade-and-save/what-can-i-trade

      Your console needs to be an Australian model, in working condition and not be modified. Below are the consoles we trade:

      Xbox One 500GB and 1TB, Xbox One S 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB, and Xbox One X 1TB
      To trade a complete console, it also needs to include:

      1 x Xbox One Controller
      1 x HDMI cable
      1 x Power cable
      Xbox One Elite SSHD 1TB
      To trade a complete console, it also needs to include:

      1 x Xbox One Elite Controller (including all of the following components)
      1 x Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
      1 x Carrying Case
      1 x Set of 4 Paddles
      1 x Set of 6 thumbsticks: standard (2), tall (2), and domed (2)
      1 x Set of 2 D-pads: faceted and standard
      1 x USB cable
      1 x HDMI cable
      1 x Power cable
      If your console is not in working, complete, or resalable condition - we may still be able to trade it. Ask at your local EB Games store or contact our friendly customer service team on 13 39 30 for more information.

  • Man this was gonna be a great deal for me but I checked in store and they will only give $200 for my One S 2TB, which I believe is the same as the 1TB? Though I guess that hits 250 with my Level 4 bonus but I was expecting closer to 300 for the 2TB model

  • Wish I can trade my ps4 pro for the Xbox Series X

  • Excited with the next gen console coming out soon but like many people…. After watching the nvidia rtx 3090 ampere architecture launch event.

    Oh man all the developers and console designers must be pulling their hair and have all their jaws dropped…

    The low end rtx 3070 which is faster than a 2080…and has 20tflops….imagine before we even got our xbox series x or ps5 it's already outdated in terms of graphics processing power.

    I will still buy the PS5, series x, switch 2/pro but its finally time to buy a gaming Pc…

    I am sure Xbox and Sony will announce a ps5 pro and series xX within 2 years after its launch. Nintendo could have the last laugh since they have not announce their next gen console.

    • Has there ever been a console generation that was more powerful than GPUs that cost as much as the entire console? New consoles are always packing the equivalent to pretty low to mid ranged GPUs. They've been getting by pretty well for a while despite this performance disadvantage

      • That's an interesting question. PS1 released in 1994, 3DFX GPU wasnt released until 1996. I wonder how they compare. Any console was usually way ahead of anything I could afford upon release though.

    • There's not much cause for concern. These next-gen consoles ostensibly outperform ~95% of PCs according to Steam surveys, where the majority are still opting for <$300 GPUs.

    • Rtx 3070 same price as the Xbox series X but doesn't include a controller, case, CPU, ram, HDD, etc. All the essential stuff you need to play a game.

      If you slap an rtx 3070 in anything other than a recent PC, you're not going to get the most out of it, could end up being a lot worse than the new consoles.

      Personally I'm going to wait a little and see what the real world differences are, especially since all Xbox titles are supposed to be released on PC as well. Exciting times

  • I'm only level 2, 3758/4500. It says 9500 carrots is required for level 4. How do I get more carrots!?!

    • Buy some POP! Bobbleheads

      • I hate them things. If a dollar is worth one carrot, then I need to spend another $4,742 at EB games to save $70 on this deal. Or $2,371 on pre owned games.

        • Just trade in some games at the same time you perform the console trade in. Use any unused EB Game vouchers. The console trade in would have enough points to bring you to level 3 (in your case) afterwards - as the trade-in credit is worth 2X in points.

          Then, if you also have PS4 to trade in for PS5, that one would be able to be done at L3. Or, PS5 turned out to be cheaper, you can reverse the order.

          If the difference between L2 and L3 is around $20, there is no point losing sleep or being grumpy about it.

    • Not sure if it's still exist but you can buy their game magazine subscription for $30 and upgrade to level 3 for a year temporary.

      That should be the better way to level up than spending money just to get to the next level.

      • I'm already close to level 3, only $548 away. I wish now I shared the same membership between family and friends, so by now we can all enjoy the perks of level 4 membership.

  • Nice. Goodbye Xbox One X !

  • Are you able to trade a One S for a Series X? Or is the offer only available One S to Series S? The lack of drive puts me off

  • Is this worth doing for a cyberpunk 2077 edition xb1x?

    • No way. It's easily worth more than the trade in value EB are offering.

    • I assume you get to keep the Cyberpunk 2077 game since EB just needs the console and controller.

      The only question mark is whether XBox Series X will run Cyberpunk 2077. We know the official next gen upgrade for XBox Series X will be next year, but assuming there is some basic backward compatibility mode, then it is fine. Cyberpunk 2077 will run better on Series X.

      However, if you are willing to sell the whole package, including the game (voucher code), then you could get more.

    • If you keep the Cyberpunk controller (use a scummy one you have laying around, ideally one that no long works properly) and you keep the game…
      Yeah, that would be worth doing. If you got it when they came out new for $429.00, it means you kept about $150-$180 (controller and game) of value and still got trade in worth $350. That's winning in my book.

      I managed to sell my unopened one on ebay last night for over $750, so I was pretty happy with that.

      The only thing I hope Xbox have really improved, is the way it updates and manages games downloading in the background. I hate, hate, HATE!!!! how the entire unit becomes completely unusable during those two tasks. It drives me nUcKing FuTs… Mainly because I run most things through the Xbox, so when it is sitting there going DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I cannot even switch to Netflix or Plex to keep me occupied while I wait. Please god I hope this is better…

      • Maybe it's your connection. My One X works just fine while games download/update in the background. Don't notice a thing. The only thing I notice is the static from my headphones plugged into the controller. Pausing downloads/updates fixes the static.

        • Nah, I am on Aussie BB 1000/40 NBN plan. Can download 17GB on steam in about 4 mins, average about 850mbps getting anything really. My mates all have the same issue and this has been a problem even after moving house to a location 30 mins away.

          Glad you do not have the same issues. Am hoping I wont when this is out either…

          • @Arcticfox: This issue is game specific… CoD Warzone updates do it, no matter how fast your connection it varies between line-speed and then down to 3Mb/s - these 3Mb/s periods are when it's unpacking/installing and sometimes it takes FOREVER.

            Fortnite updates also do it sometimes.

            Some games just download at line speed, don't seem to do any install "tasks" and are basically ready to play as soon as the download is finished.

            • @Nom: It does it for every single game I have had to download…ever. I used to think it was me, but a mate living in another suburb gets it and so does a friend in a different state (NSW).

  • So if we have an Xbox One S, can we trade it in for a Series X?
    If so, how much?
    (doesn't seem to give this as an option on the EB site).

    Someone above had same question, and it was answered…

  • so when does the series E get announced, or will they try the tesla way and call it series 3

  • eBay now takes about 14% off sale price + postage!

    Quick eBay search shows One X's going for about $400 - $500 (no games/additional accessories).

    Let's be generous and say you sell it for $500 posted. Minus 14%, you'll get $430 and it'll cost you about $20 to ship Australia wide. Total comes to $410.

    EB are giving you $349 for it + membership level %.

    Pretty darn good deal from EB.

    Sure, you'll make most money from selling it yourself but not having to deal with buyer, lost mail, etc might be worth it.

    • And Don't even think about Gumtree. I posted my Ps4 Pro with 8 games (All famous ones and sealed) plus extra brand new controller - all for $550. All the offers were under $350. And one guy even sent me "$200?". I laughed and said sure and then went silent. That guy kept sending messages demanding my address the whole day. :D
      Dealing with ebgames is way nicer. I am not sure how to get rid of the extra controller though. I might try to sell that separately.

    • $20 postage was too generous. The One X is heavy AF. $30 is more reasonable. If you don't sell often you're probably going to have you spend some more money on packaging.

    • You could take advantage of the Gumtree/eBay promo for free listing and selling fees. That way you only end up paying the PayPal fees. Only downside is it's limited to two items a month but you could throw it on for a higher price and see what happens between now and release.

      • Interesting. I wonder if this would work with the new eBay payment system. (eBay do all the processing now and send the payment directly to your bank account - so you can dodge PayPal fees).

        eBay charge it as one fee, as opposed to one sale fee and one payment fee.

  • For anyone's reference, I recently sold my ps4 pro and one x last week, each with around five games and one controller for $450 within 10 minutes. This trade in price could be better but not having to deal with scumtree might be worth something in itself

    • Why did you sell them? giving up on gaming? and 5 games for $100 is great price. Why do you think the trade in price is great. I wish I can get such reasonable offers. Every offer is lowball.

    • How is what you did better? Eb games are going to give me $420 for the console alone as a level 4. I get to play up until launch day and don’t deal with anyone. And then I could easily sell or trade 5 games for the $30 more you got and then some. Nothin against what you chose to do, but I really don’t think ebs offer could be any better.

  • No day one Xbox one love for day one series x.

  • Hmmm wonder if we can after pay it????

    • You can't afterpay for any preorders and most likely it will be sold out on preorder i think.

  • Considering XBox One X consoles are selling 2nd hand for $400+ and I got $350 for a 500GB One S (2 weeks ago), maybe it is still worthwhile selling privately?

    And I am talking Facebook selling not ebay or gumtree.

    • +1 vote

      Do you think those values will still hold in November though, when the new consoles release ?

      • Not sure. I managed to swap to a One X from a One S for a $50 profit…..so even if I only get $300 in 12 months for the X, which is all I paid.

        Just wondering in 12 months what the XSX will be when there are heaps more supported games.

        Looking at FB now, the prices are still super high for both XOS and XOX.

    • How did you get $350 for One S? Any tricks or tips? I bought mine for $365 brand new back then.

    • What this deal is, is a very reasonable and convenient means of upgrading.

      You will get more money if you are willing to put in the extra time and effort to sell privately.

  • So the One X is worth $350 before any EB Level discounts?

    Level 2 is 10% extra so $385 and Level 3 is 15% so $402.50.

  • Just wondering what advantages, you will see when it first launches? Is it worth the $330-$400 extra over a One X??
    In 6-12 months yes of course, but now????

    • Yeah but how much would you save by waiting? As in your Xbox one x will be worth less in a year but the series x will cost less, probably the same cost deficit, but you’ve just not had the new one for a year?

  • Ok I called them up to confirm. You can trade on November 10th for these prices, but they are asking you trade in a few days before to avoid social distancing problems on the day. The girl said they are likely to offer a similar path for PS5 and PS4/Pro trade in.