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[Preorder] Xbox Series X $399 ($329 with Level 4 EB World) ($749 without) When You Trade in Your Xbox One X @ EB Games


I reckon this is an amazing deal.

Make sure you select click and collect on the website when you preorder to get this offer.

Preorders commence online on 22nd September

Alternatively, you can get the Series S version for $299 when you trade in your Xbox One S but no one would want a stovetop.

EB world is eligible for this offer so if you are on level 4, that’s $420 off the console price itself

Note: Confirmation from EB Games rep If you place an online preorder for collection in store, you don't have to trade in until release day. Which means you can secure this deal and still use your Xbox One X until release day.

22/09/2020 8:14am: Update from EB Games Twitter Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S LAUNCH Shipment has now presold out. There will be a small shipment expected POST LAUNCH 2020. Current expected presell time of Midday AEST.

22/09/2020 7:39pm Update from EB Games Twitter We are now presold out. Thank you for your patience today.

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          • @Burnertoasty: I think that everyone has a different feeling towards VR and experiences can vary greatly depending on whether you are subject to motion sickness etc. Some people are affected by low refresh rates on old CRT monitors, flickering LED and fluro lights etc, whilst others aren't.

            • @Gravy: The biggest issue isn't motion sickness, that only happens in certain games for me, it's the focal points. The tech isn't there. Realistically for VR to work, they need to develop concave screens with a fixed focal distance. Without that they just don't work properly.

              • @Burnertoasty: You can't say it's an objective truth that it's a waste of money. There's already a significant community around VR filled with players who enjoy the experience, I've used it for extended periods of time without being sick and feeling extremely immersed.

                Maybe there are things you notice in VR that are red flags for you, but Microsoft should be able to see that it's the next significant breakthrough for gaming, that it's only getting better, and should make their system compatible so that people aren't worried about buying an Xbox and missing out this year, or in 5 years.

                • @Project A: I'm sitting myself out of the VR chase, im waiting for Nerve Tech to be invented so i could be mentally launched into a game. haha

              • @Burnertoasty: Funny you should say that as I had a similar idea regarding the concave screen a while back, basically I wondered if a screen and lens could be developed whereby each screen is basically a dish and the lens is of a shape (hemisphere) that can slot inside the dish and give a potentially much wider field of view from a smaller screen size than normal, any lens distortions might then be able to be corrected in software.

  • Bit off topic… but anyone know if the tv tuner (Freeview) will work on the new series x? I may be one of 6 people in the country that use the Xbox for Freeview but I also don’t like using 12 remotes..

    • All officially licensed xbox accessories are meant to be compatible with the Series x/s consoles:

      "Any officially licensed Xbox One accessory that connects to your console wired or wirelessly via USB will work on Xbox Series X. Additionally, any headsets that connects via your Xbox Wireless Controller’s 3.5mm port will also be supported."

      I'm more concerned about the app being killed off however, as not many people ever purchased those tuners, and even less still use them. My local programming hasn't been working for months..

      • I bought one but never used it because the decoding quality was terrible

      • Interesting, I haven’t been able to see the program guide for a long time either… looks like they are removing Freeview support? Don’t see why as it’s just an app. I suppose I’ll get a universal remote… oh wait, no IR blaster on the new Xbox… smh.

    • Dude, get a good smart tv. You’ll only need one remote, there is auto switching for hdmi nowadays, etc. Plus it will have all the catch up apps.

    • Couldn't you just run freeview through a browser?

  • I wanna trade my S for a Series X but noooooo….

  • Trade-in values are average at best. Sell private and buy.

    • Yep exactly, unless you're level 4 much better off selling privately. Plus trading in locks you into buying the console at ebgames and therefore precludes you from other launch bundles that other retailers may offer (i.e. pack-in game etc).

    • Are people really going to be spending $400 or so on a second hand Xbox though? Genuine question as i have no idea. I think i paid about $400 for it brand new a few years ago

      • Not sure about xbonx one X but ps4 pro can be easily sold for $400 or more. At least here in SA

    • Honestly for me as a level 4, $420 trade value is incredible. 0 effort required dealing with annoying people on marketplace. And get to play up until launch day. All for what, a few dollars more at most to sell it via other places? I’ll take this trade in offer any day.

  • Anyone know if they'll accept 2 consoles for trade in? I have a X and a s 2tb. Really should have pulled the trigger on one a few weeks ago would have been perfect. I traded 2 og Xbox one consoles towards a X last time but that ebgames store has closed, they were great but just not in a well populated area. Any ebgames employees know? Thanks

    • Yes you can. For the 2nd console, you will get the standard trade in price just like you were trading it towards other stuff in store. I would say for the 2TB it will be $200-250.

    • They will accept any number of trade in, but only one at the price they listed (good and bad I guess).

      Based on the way they have priced the Xbox one X here, I would not be surprised if they lowered their xbox one trade in values on day of launch, because xbox one s has now became the new OG xbox one, while the OG is now the new 360.

      • Thanks for that, yeah I really missed a trick trading my s 2tb in for credit with the other deal. Looking at the launch lineup apart from Valhalla I'm not that excited but no idea what kind of upscaling/improvement capabilties are on offer for last/current gen games, but as you say trade in credit will drop so needed to do it now. hmm. I only queried as during the xbox one x promo I was able to trade both consoles in for the same promo credit deal. So I assume this may have not been completely above board at the time?

  • trade in one xbox one x for one xbox series x + cash or trade a series of xbox one x for a series of xbox series x x cash for # of series

    • only one per person, so, unless you have friends and family going with you, first option only?

  • Can you use giftcards on their website? traded my PS4 Pro + extras during the starlight deals, so have $780 on giftcards to put towards next gen (also going to trade my one x in towards it)

  • Has anyone considered doing this,


    If you buy EA Access on Xbox, it transfers to Game Pass Ultimate at 1/3, so I would assume this 12mth is 4mth of Ultimate, around $9 per month. Not sure if it is worth the hassle yet.

  • Let the preorder game begins.yes I am calling you amazon

  • Alternatively, you can get the Series S version for $299 when you trade in your Xbox One S but no one would want a stovetop.

    I do 😔…

  • How many TB? Would need to be atleast 2TB

    • 1TB for XBSX
      0.5TB for XBSS

      They went for expensive NVME storage this time, so you will have to pay whatever Xbox charges for their proprietary storage upgrade later on. Regular USB drives will not work for Next-Gen games, only BC.

      • lol 0.5TB…nice can fit like 3 games on there if lucky

      • Did not know that. So my current SSD cannot be used?

        • Your current SSD can be connected via USB to use for the previous gen games, Next-Gen games require the proprietary NVMe storage from Xbox. 0.5TB/1TB built-in & 1TB expansion cards.

        • Current 2.5" ssd connected via USB3 port will only provide 550mbps or so at best. The internal xbox series s/x drives are running at 2.4 GB/s (Raw) or 4.8 GB/s (Compressed).
          The PS5 drives are even faster with speeds of up to 9.0 GB/s.

      • I’ve read you can use drives to store games. You’ll just need to swap them into internal when you want to play them. Inconvenient, but beats downloading them all over.

  • They need a deal to trade one S for the series X as I will keep one X for kid

  • I get 10% EB gift cards so this could work out well if I decide to not keep the X for the kid.

    • You're a Silly Billy.

    • Each to their own. For me who loves switching between games to just nibble through a few campaigns the game switching on the series x looks like my dream, which is why I am happy to grab on release. Plus let’s be honest I’ll buy on release for ~$749 and it will still be worth ~$150 in 7 years. Less than $100 a year is the way I see it and get the shiny new package on day 1. Don’t see the point in waiting a year or two to save $200. Given that I could have been enjoying it for two years at that point.

  • +8 votes

    Considering I got the console for something like $430 courtesy of ozb, trading it in for $350 seems like a pretty sweet deal. tempting although I wasn't otherwise planning to grab a series x straight away. I also have an of xbone in the cupboard.

  • So what is better about this new xbox over the xbx1 ?? why should I update?
    Can i use an external drive for extra space and what about games on disc I already have if this has no drive?

    • More teraflops!

    • +3 votes

      Series x has a disc drive. Series s (cheaper one) doesn't.
      All your xbone games will work on series x. Some will run at higher res, better graphics, better frame rates, faster load times.
      Proper next gen games will make good use of the ssd and new graphics tech (Ray tracing).
      You can use external storage to run xbone games I believe but NOT series x games as they require being on the fast ssd. There will be a proprietary 1tb ssd you can slot in the back for more storage.

      Microsoft is being quite consumer friendly and not doing any 1st party exclusives to the new platform straight away. So there really isn't any need to rush into upgrading since everything coming out in the near future is still going to look and play great on your xbonex.

  • Cool. I see they still don't believe in using sequential numbers

    • I think their problem was

      Xbox vs. PS2

      So when it came to the next gen they couldn't do:

      Xbox 2 vs. PS3

      as by naming it the Xbox 2 they sounded behind the PS3, so they made it

      Xbox 360 vs. PS3.

      Just to have a 3 in the number.

      …Then after that they just totally lost it.

      • They could easily have just skipped a number like Apple did when they went from iPhone 8 to iPhone X/10.
        I so wish it was just PS3/XB3, PS4/XB4, PS5/XB5.

        • From what I heard they called the Xbox One the Xbox One so that people would call it 'the One', but everyone went with XBONE haha

  • Hey guys, sorry for the silly question, I am new to this.
    Could you please let me know why this post does not appear when you look up Xbox Series X as a product in the search.

    • +21 votes

      Yeah may as well pay $749 for a GPU, MOBO, CPU, 16 GB RAM, 1TB NVME SSD, cooler, PSU, case, OS and keyboard and get nowhere near the performance of this console.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • I laughed out loud for real haha.

      • Obviously you will get better pricing on a console as Microsoft isn’t making any profit on the sale of the physical hardware but when you factor in the cost of Xbox Live which is 80 dollars a year plus the fact the a PC can be used for things that a console can’t do. If you already own an Xbox One this is a pretty good deal as the cost is significantly less but for 749 you can get a pretty decent PC for that especially if you are willing to look on the used marketplace.

        • You're talking to the wrong crowd. People here aren't interested in gaming PCs. It's like trying to convince someone who wants a car to go and build their own truck (or buy a second hand one) just because you can do more with it. Most people would rather just relax on their sofa, push a button and continue where they left off. The 'just play them on PC' preachers are simply ignorant and narrow-minded.

          • @manbearpig: There is nothing wrong with that if someone is happy to buy an Xbox or PS5 then that's fine by me at the end of the day I personally for a long time have preferred PC gaming but it is up to the individual person in deciding what is the ideal system for them.

  • So how does this work for click and collect (assuming we are allowed out of our houses in Melbourne?)

    • Pre-order on the 22nd, put down the $200.
    • Visit store on launch day (assuming you get your order in before stock runs out)
    • Hand over your old xbox, get the trade in deal, pay the difference and collect?
  • Can you do this in VIC atm?

  • Hmm.. I upgraded from XBox One S to One X for $150. Now, $400.What will it be next year?

    I mostly have been using Xbox as Movie player for my Projector + Alexa + Harmony + sound system set up. It works extremely smooth. All I have to say "Alexa start xbox" lying on the bed and watch netflix or blurays using single remote. Because of this experience I feel like I am obliged to upgrade. Last time I played a game on this was AC: Odyssey and it was mind blowing. But, it consumed 100 hours of my life. Wife was not happy about it.

    At the same time I have a PS4 Pro in the living room. Bought it to play Uncharted Series. Ooh.. What an experience. I love mystery & puzzle, so does my wife. She can't play any game but she enjoyed watching me playing it and sometimes helping with puzzles. That was very memorable. And, then thats it. It is collecting dust now. It can't play blurays, doesn't work with Harmony or Alexa. Pretty much useless. But I have not sold it just because of the nice time I had with Uncharted. And assuming PS5 will go for around $799, I'll upgrade to that too. They have confirmed it will play BluRays, so I hope they will have some Harmony plugins as well.

    • Most of us read / watched too many reviews and the shinny new toys are hard to resist. Realistically though, neither one of the next gen consoles has any true next gen titles coming out. I guess Cyberpunk is considered next gen, but if you really want to play it at next gen level this year, you are better off going with PC setup.

      Realistically, let's say you have XBox Series X in November this year, which games do you expect to play? AC Valhalla? With Cyberpunk out, would people prefer to play AC Valhalla to enjoy XBsX?

      No doubt XBox Series X will do better than previous gen. However, I reckon Sony is still doing the same thing like last gen. It comes down to whether their first party exclusives are enticing enough for people to pull the trigger to buy one.

      And assuming PS5 will go for around $799, I'll upgrade to that too.

      I reckon EB will have a similar deal for PS5. It's going to be tough for EB with both camps prefer going digital. However, EB probably prefers Sony to do well as Sony's model makes buying physical games still attractive. There won't be a GamePass Ultimate equivalent from Sony.

      • "Most of us read / watched too many reviews and the shinny new toys are hard to resist." - my life in a sentence.

        Time wise, I can ,at-most, afford one game in a Year. I have no clue how massive Cyberpunk will be. I still have my Witcher complete edition un-opened. I will not buy any new games for a while.

        If they offer such upgrades I'll definitely consider upgrading. I have 8 ps games still in seal. :)

      • CD Project Red has already confirmed next gen consoles won't be getting a cyberpunk patch till next year