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[Preorder] Xbox Series X $399 ($329 with Level 4 EB World) ($749 without) When You Trade in Your Xbox One X @ EB Games


I reckon this is an amazing deal.

Make sure you select click and collect on the website when you preorder to get this offer.

Preorders commence online on 22nd September

Alternatively, you can get the Series S version for $299 when you trade in your Xbox One S but no one would want a stovetop.

EB world is eligible for this offer so if you are on level 4, that’s $420 off the console price itself

Note: Confirmation from EB Games rep If you place an online preorder for collection in store, you don't have to trade in until release day. Which means you can secure this deal and still use your Xbox One X until release day.

22/09/2020 8:14am: Update from EB Games Twitter Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S LAUNCH Shipment has now presold out. There will be a small shipment expected POST LAUNCH 2020. Current expected presell time of Midday AEST.

22/09/2020 7:39pm Update from EB Games Twitter We are now presold out. Thank you for your patience today.

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    • +20 votes

      Yeah but from my understanding with this you can just hand over your Xbox One X on the day of release, put down $399 smackers and your done. That way you can play right the way up to the next one coming out.

      Plus no hassle of selling online and people not showing up lowballing etc.

      • This would be a good deal a few weeks/months after release.

        It's basically RRP minus a crap amount for your console. Maybe good if your existing console is falling apart and is still eligible.

        I'm not paying RRP for next gen, no way.

        • It isn't an outstanding offer but it is by no means bad. Especially for those that don't want the hassle of trying to sell it on ebay to gain the extra $50 they might get but at the risk of being scammed.

          • @gromit: It's more than $50. There's going to be deals on the next gen, whether that's X amount off or bundled at the same price.

            • @TEER3X: prices are dropping, they will continue to drop as the date approaches. Xbox One X has sold for below $400 on ebay for example in the last few days, by release date I would expect $400 to be the max price you can get.

        • I think you'll be lucky to pay RRP for PS5 this year. I've been saving all year for both Series X and PS5 and know I am going to be jumping at the opportunity to pay RRP as if I've learned anything from 2020 it's that bored people are crazy for tech.

      • Not dealing with scumtree is a deal on its own.

    • If you want to sell on the secondary market be my guest, i have sold hundreds of stuff but when it comes to electroic goods people straight up act retarded. They lowball by 50% of your asking price, they want to know the full history of the item your selling, why you are selling (why does this even matter? What are they going to do with this infomation) and 100 random questions. This way with EB you are getting a no fuss trade in.

    • What does an Xbox One X go for on Gumtree or whatever then, more than $420?

  • Yep I'll be doing this! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Wonder if the old xbox 360 kinect games will work with this

    • I dont believe any Kinect games will work (360 or One).

      • Im sure Ubisoft will work with MS to get Just Dance games to work, thats about it
        Series has sold like 100million over 15 years now.

  • Seems to be the same price as the trade in offered a few weeks ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558163

    Also thinking it says excludes EB World discount which usually means you can get more for your trade in based on your status on the program. So cross fingers I am likely as a level 4 to get My 1X trade in for $420 instead of the standard $350, bringing it further down to $330.

    Check the link above for what looks to be accurate level bonuses going on currently.

  • +2 votes

    Hi can someone shed some info.
    I want to trade by one x for Ps5. Have eb ever done cross platform trade?

    • Yeh they do, but I’m not sure if the credit is as high. Can anybody who has done it weigh in?

    • From whirlpool, not sure how accurate:

      PS4 Pro 1TB – $350 ($420 for Level 4 Members)
      Xbox One X 1TB – $350 ($420 for Level 4 Members)
      Nintendo Switch $300 ($360 for Level 4 Members)
      Nintendo Switch Lite – $200 ($240 for Level 4 Members)
      PS4 Slim 1TB – $300 ($360 for Level 4 Members)
      PS4 Slim 500gb – $250 ($300 for Level 4 Members)
      Xbox One S 2TB – $250 ($300 for Level 4 Members)
      PS4 1TB – $250 ($300 for Level 4 Members)
      PS4 500gb – $220 ($264 for Level 4 Members)
      Xbox One S 500gb – $200 ($240 for Level 4 Members)
      Xbox One 1TB – $180 ($216 for Level 4 Members)
      Xbox One 500gb – $170 ($204 for Level 4 Members)

  • If only you could trade in your OG Xbox one.

  • Just wondering is it the new Xbox One will perform like the old Xbox X.

    • Huh?

      Do you mean will the new Xbox One Series X perform like the Xbox One X? Then, no. It’s a new generation of system. It’s better.

      Guess we can blame Microsoft for their stupid naming schemes.

      • Sorry I mean the new Xbox One S should a lot better than the old One S but will it perform as good as the old Xbox one X?

  • How long does this last for? I'm afraid we in Victoria will get stuffed over again like the PS4 trade ins.

  • Has anyone called them to ask what extra to add on if trading in other consoles for the series X?

  • Where can I find the T&C? I was wondering if you need the complete set of your unit including the carton box to get the full trade in value.

    • Me too. Please update if you find something

      • No box needed, just the original consoles + cords and cables.

        • Controller?

          And do they care about physical condition? (Provided everything still works)

          • @BangkokBreakfast: Well of course you can trade in broken stuff. So I am pretty sure you can work that one out for yourself.

          • @BangkokBreakfast: A complete set should have everything that came in the box, minus the box. If there is a box, kudos to you.

            So, console, power cable, hdmi and controller. You can put it in a coles bag for all they care.

            Anything missing you get a reduced trade in price. In the matter of controllers, I think $35 off?

            • @sh4hp: Thanks sh4hp,

              Appreciate the detailed response. Have all the bits and pieces, but the console and controller are a bit scratched up. Wasn’t sure if they would reduce the trade in value based on condition even though everything works.

              Coles bag it is! Cheers

    • Dont think so. Most of their 2nd hand traded in machines they sell come in their own EB branded boxes. They get shipped off to HO, checked and refurbed and packed back up to be sold again.

  • Hmmm trade the "s" for the new X and keep my old X….hmmmmm decisions……
    Heck need a 4K TV first I guess…….

    • My thinking too. I hate to part ways with my GOW one X, the design is just cool!

      But what's the point if it just sits there collecting dust?

      • I got the same one man don't do it for a release console

        I was so excited for the series X now I'm just like okay

        I don't think it's going to launch with great games and Microsoft has put all the exclusives on PC I haven't been on PlayStation since three but at this point I'm kind of leaning towards those guys.

        I don't want to get into the PC world of gaming but even if I was to buy or build a computer just to install the Xbox application it's probably a better idea at this point

        • yeah - with a rtx3080 - that was a big FU to AMD and consoles… i am leaning towards going PS5 and 3080 PC build combine with Xbox PC game pass.(price increase incoming from 17th Sep for PC Gamepass)

          • @ChurBoi: That's exactly what I'm thinking. Personally I hate the design of the PlayStation five but if the performance is there if the games are there why am I gonna spend all this money on a next-generation Xbox if it's going to be second to PC because Microsoft thought it would be a great idea to put everything on PC. I've always been loyal to Xbox but we don't really even have a leg or argument to stand behind any more for the best experience people are gonna get a PlayStation and a computer. Even if I don't have the courage to build a computer going to somewhere like PC case gear or even get in a compact pre-build from somewhere reputable with a 3000 series card would have to be a nice option.

      • Have the same. Reluctant to part with it but if I don’t get rid of it now it will literally sit in a cupboard forever.

    • If you do get a next gen console when they come out, be sure to get the right tv for it. I think you'll need HDMI 2.1 and a real 120hz refresh rate. Going off memory though.

      • GD, so my 4k Aldi TV won't make the cut?

        • Most games look to be targeting 4k60 so HDMI 2.0 is plenty for that. Only variable refresh and higher framerates are enabled on 2.1 and they are likely to not be used in most titles.

        • It will. Most games will probanly only be able to get 4k 60fps so you will be good. They always lie and tell some bullshit about higher frames but I have real doubts about a console at this price doing 4k at 120hz in a AAA modern game.

      • if you think this will run games 4k60 you are going to be very disappointed 😂😂😂

  • Pretty great deal for 0 hassle and being bale to play your one x up to launch day. Means as level 4 you get $420 off the price! Bringing the console down to only $330! For me that’s insanely good value for changing over to next gen on day 1 with 0 hassle.

  • I think tag should be [XBS] like [XB1] or [XB360]

  • OP…. R U OK?

    • Asking people r u ok on r u ok day brings downvotes now?

      • It does if you take the piss out of it.

        • Thing is, I'm not. Thought it was a good post and decided this morning that I'd ask anyone I interacted with directly or indirectly whether they r ok. Didn't realise people were this touchy. Wow. Whatever. For the record I wasn't remotely taking the piss and have no idea how anyone could come to such a conclusion. I'm going to make use of this deal and possibly friends/family will when I tell them about it.

  • Don't rag on the Series S. As someone who's getting a PS5, Series S is a phenomenal value proposition for a 1080p/1440p next-gen capable machine - especially when combined with Game Pass Ultimate which now includes EA Access as a freebie. If you don't have a 4K TV and don't really intend to for a few years, that's the machine to buy.

    • But apparently it's all-digital and if you want a disk drive you'll need the Series X 😕

    • Sony pretty much has a monopoly on digital games. Unless there is a sale, their games are always RRP. Currently, NBA2k20 which came out last year is still $89 on the PS store. You can get the same game from different retailers from anywhere between $29-49. Personally, the $ you save in the digital only version isn't worth it, as with games, you can always resell or even trade in. The digital only version will lock you into their store.

      Just my 2 cents though.

      • Yup. It'll be Nintendo prices from now on if you choose digital only edition. The existence of the disc version will be the only reason games might get cheaper over time.

    • The S is certainly a better proposition @$299 with a trade-in but @$499 I think it’s overpriced when compared to the X pricing.

      If I was undecided between the two before the pricing was announced I’d certainly get the X for $250 more.

      • Series S is overpriced. But only by 6% more than XSX. I'm dividing US prices to AU prices to get that. SS comes to 60%. Whereas SX is 66%. Even though our dollar should give us 72%… at least 70% would be nice. It's still not PS3 launch price territory. It could be a thousand dollars if they wanted to. They're selling them at cost price almost in the USA.

        • Series S is even more overpriced if you consider 10% GST.

          The Xbox Series X is USD499 +GST is roughly AUD755 which means AU price is actually better. Series S meanwhile with GST added is ~AUD453.

          My guess is they're giving a value alternative in the S while keeping the X price competitive still.

    • +2 votes

      Especially if like me, your xbox is largely a Gamepass machine. Although I'd still prefer the series x as I do buy some physical games and in the long run its better value since you can typically buy a game on disc for $10-30 less than the digital price.

  • Are Amazon preorders up?

  • they had the same teade in value towards xboxcredit a few weeks ago but of course in melbourne you couldnt get the deal.

  • R U OK OzBargainers?

  • Not sure about how others feel, but until MS provide some firm details about supporting VR then I think I'll be waiting. I keep feeling like they will simply mention it in passing just to stick the knife into SONY…. "Oh… one more thing… here's the new realise of MS Flight Sim / Star Wars Squadrons running in VR on HP Reverb G2 on Xbox."

    I'm also finding that form factor of the series X not very compatible with my existing entertainment cabinet, even when the console is turned on its side it is really too large for where I need it to fit.

    • VR is rubbish in it's current iteration, don't bother. The current tech just produces out of focus images everywhere but looking directly forward. Until there is a fundamental shift in lens/screen tech, its a waste of money (I own a VR headset which I never use).

      • That's not true, I've used a headset (Valve Index) and was blown away, there's no way it's not the future of gaming imo.

        They should should at least say it's in the road map, the last Xbox generation came out in 2013, VR is only getting better.

        • Well it is true. I’ve got a Samsung odyssey plus, which matches the resolution of the high end current gen tech. If you have perfect eyesight, it’s pretty bad. My old man who doesn’t, is blown away like you. But while the resolution is still an obvious problem, the lens tech is the real issue. In real life you can move your eyes around and focus on multiple points. In VR you can’t, you have to look straight forward for a perfect focus. It’s unnatural and unrealistic. You’re also completely forgetting motion sickness. VR makes you sick. And for some games like iRacing, I just can’t get used to it. 12 laps is my max.