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[Preorder] Xbox Series X $399 ($329 with Level 4 EB World) ($749 without) When You Trade in Your Xbox One X @ EB Games


I reckon this is an amazing deal.

Make sure you select click and collect on the website when you preorder to get this offer.

Preorders commence online on 22nd September

Alternatively, you can get the Series S version for $299 when you trade in your Xbox One S but no one would want a stovetop.

EB world is eligible for this offer so if you are on level 4, that’s $420 off the console price itself

Note: Confirmation from EB Games rep If you place an online preorder for collection in store, you don't have to trade in until release day. Which means you can secure this deal and still use your Xbox One X until release day.

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  • Xbox one series X?

    Is it really that confusing lol

    • There is trade in for s

    • You may already know, but you can get the Series S for $299 with a One S trade.

    • Don't be a tight ass. No company is going to give you $350 for a console that can be had for $200-300.

      • its ozbargain bro

      • Weird to call someone a tight ass when they don't want to give extra money to one of the largest corporations on the planet.

        We need to veer away from the capitalist narrative when it comes to throwing money at Tech giants.

        • ok

          • @b2dz: What benefit does it give to anyone, with the exception of the higher ups at Microsoft, to throw money blindly at a brand new product?

            Most new consoles throughout history have had faults at launch as well that get fixed in revisions. Buying them at day one only serves as justification of brand loyalty

            • @Ninternet: "what benefit does it give to anyone" - a saving of ~$400.

              it's a choice that people make. pretending like there's no upside makes your argument weak.

              then you started talking about the capitalist narrative.

              so yeah. ok.

            • @Ninternet: While I agree history does indicate there is usually a console revision that improves the initial release of the console and would rather have the first revision of that console. If we were to wait for Rev 1 then the XBO X also depreciates, it may only be worth $200 in another 2 years, maybe less.

              In my opinion, your better off taking up this deal and there is a high chance another trade-in deal from the Series X to Rev 1 of the series X, even if it cost you $300 to upgrade at that point your already saving $220 (L4 member) from the value you haven't lost on the XBO X, so it may cost you around $100 to enjoy 2 years of next-gen gaming before the first revision or $50 a year.

              Even if you double my rough figgers, when you think about it, it's not worth waiting a very long time to upgrade if you already have an XBO X unless your after a console bundle which I think are rare for initial launch.

        • Sorry, USSR lost. Please read up the news from 30 years ago.
          Capitalist narrative is the only one worth listening to.

          • @jalwa: Anti-capitalism doesn't immediately equate to communism. It may also include, but not entirely adhere to ideals of Marxism, socialism, anarchy, tribalism or any other yet untested or not-yet formulated form of human governance.

      • Are you lost lolol

      • Would be nice if they offered even $80 towards the series x. It's kinda nice when EB Games keeps really old consoles on lifesupport with a trade in system, nice for low income kids who still want an xbox and cheap games.

      • It's to trap gamers into the ecosystem and build loyalty.. U don't buy consoles too often..

  • Wonder how much I would get for the Original Xbox One

  • Traded mine in a few weeks ago for $430 credit

  • This is a great deal I reckon.

    • What if you want to play Xbox between now and whenever your preorder comes in stock.

      • How I am reading this deal is that on the day of release I hand over my X and pick up my series X, am I wrong? I thought that was the whole great point of this deal?

        • Well if the series x plays games just as good or better than the one x, then why would I want my one x anymore. I could use the $350 saving to save up for a series s if I wanted a second xbox, so then they could both play all the new games.

        • I'm also not sure if you need to trade in now and be console-less, or if you can do it when the Series X comes out. I'd be keen to know as this makes a huge difference!

        • It's entirely dependant if the deal goes until Nov 10th (usually they do).

          But no, you can't just "reserve" the deal without giving up your current Xbox. What you can do is, is put in a normal pre-order of $50 (or $100, whatever the minimum is). Then on Nov 10th, if the deal is active, do the trade then on your pre-order.

          If the deal ends before Nov 10th, you have to give up your current Xbox whenever that end date is.

      • I assume you hand over the Xbox One X on release day

        • In the past when I did trade ins etc, if you are going to a midnight launch they will look to have you finalise the purchase before midnight either during the day or in the hour or two leading up to midnight. That way they can hand the consoles out much quicker come midnight.

          If you are not attending a midnight launch and will pick up furring the day, you’d just do it all at the time of pickup.

          • @Smigit: With COVID, midnight launches are… unlikely.

            • @Kyanar: I dunno. Victoria sure. I could see other places happening. They don’t get THAT crowded at the ones I’ve been to (Xbox One and Switch). Alternative is the same mob will line up at 9AM the following day but the shopping centre will have other shoppers around. The night launches are a good way to do it at a quieter time and in the past they assigned numbered tickets out to people to designate order, so there wasn’t a mob or any need to bunch up.

              Local stores here in Canberra are quite busy too fwiw.

      • I think you put it in when collecting your new console, hence click and collect option. Plus, you have to put a $200 deposit.

    • +20 votes

      Yeah but from my understanding with this you can just hand over your Xbox One X on the day of release, put down $399 smackers and your done. That way you can play right the way up to the next one coming out.

      Plus no hassle of selling online and people not showing up lowballing etc.

      • This would be a good deal a few weeks/months after release.

        It's basically RRP minus a crap amount for your console. Maybe good if your existing console is falling apart and is still eligible.

        I'm not paying RRP for next gen, no way.

        • It isn't an outstanding offer but it is by no means bad. Especially for those that don't want the hassle of trying to sell it on ebay to gain the extra $50 they might get but at the risk of being scammed.

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