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[NSW] 50% off Menulog IF The Rabbitohs Score a Try during The First Half (Valid for 15 Minutes) @ Menulog


Tonight Menulog will release a 50% off voucher IF The Rabbitohs Score a Try during The First Half of tonight's footy match.
Code will only be valid for 15 minutes during half time.
Game starts at 7:50 pm (AEST), half time should be around 8:30 pm.

Received via email, full contents below (no terms or regions specifed)
Mods please (re)move if not suitable

If the Rabbitohs score a try during the first half of tonight's footy match, we'll give you HALF OFF on Menulog!

Be sure to check the 'For You' section of your Menulog app at half-time to find your 50% off voucher - we've got your second half snacks sorted 😉

Only valid for 15 minutes during half-time, so tune-in and have your Menulog app at hand!

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    NSW only?

    • No mention in the email. Will update the post if it's clarified

  • +3

    What time is half time?

    • +1

      Should be around 8:30 pm AEST

      • +4

        So everyone will be shut

        • With some previous vouchers I’ve been able to schedule a delivery for the following day based on what will be open at that time. Will be attempting that with this voucher.

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    Rabittohs' game is at 7.50pm tonight for anyone wondering.

  • +7

    These things always fail, not enough delivery partners

    • +8

      This is league - the ref always delivers.

    • +2

      Agreed. Not sure about the logic behind only a 15 minute window from a demand management point of view.

      Having used Menulog's delivery service and run into numerous problems, I'd be surprised if this goes completely smoothly.

    • +1

      Maybe pickup option?

    • Imagine if there was surge pricing lol

    • +1

      Schedule that bad boy for another day

    • +1

      Delivery partners are shit at the best of times. Waited an hour to be paired with a delivery driver for a 1.1km trip.
      Ordered at 8:20am and it was delivered at 9:43am.

      If I go for this I'll be ordering outside of peak times.

  • +4

    Will probably be a bunnies try after 3mins. This deal does feel a bit like gambling though…. just feels, funky

    • +3

      Does McDonald's monopoly or instant win ice coffees feel like gambling too?

    • +1

      Menulog is gambling. We don't lose anything if they win :)

    • +2

      At least it's not like Uber Eats were you have to pay first and then you might get a coupon for a future purchase.

  • +3

    Didnt receive the offer, NSW only? Anyone in Vic get the offer?

      • +9

        Im not sure what relevance that is to my question????

            • +3

              @garvani: No idea why you're being downvoted so much yet not the clueless clowns posting troll answers. I didn't get an email either about it. Sounds like it's targeted since it's in the "For You" section.

              Seems the kind of thing that'll get OzBargain'd pretty quickly when the realise they're shelling out the cost for 2,000 half price meals from people who couldn't give two shits about League.

            • +3

              @garvani: I would also like to know if it’s applicable in Victoria - and your question was valid/clear as day. I’ll let you know if I find out the validity of this offer in VIC :)

            • +3


              asks the most simple question - gets dumbass unrelated responses - gets downvoted


    • -1

      Not available for Vic customers.

  • +3

    I’d have to watch footy. No deal.

    • You don't though, just check at the nominated time if you have the coupon available in the app.

    • +1

      plenty of hours left to get on the grog then hahahahaha

    • +1

      I suspect we can just order within that 15 mins, for a later delivery?

      Will be keen to check how many times we can use the code, if possible I'd like to organise my Friday lunch, Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner and etc….. :D

      • If that’s the case then fair enough. Sorting out dinner for Friday night would be decent

        • +2

          It's always worked for me. Even with the free breakfast delivery coupons, you just order for a later time/night. As long as you order within the specified window it's fine.

  • +5

    And 90% off if Wayne smiles.

  • +1
  • +2

    I think it's more how many tries will they score in the 1st half?

    Wait, is Ashley Klein refereeing again this week?

    • +1

      Yeah they're definitely going to score in the first half. I'd say around the 10 minute mark, so promotion 8.10 til 8.25pm. Late dinner or perhaps dessert

      • I picked Campbell Graham last week, as 1st try scorer. ;)

      • Tigers supporter here, but even I’m quite confident we’ll let at least one try in the first half, likely more.

        Check the OP though, code will be available at half time regardless of when they may score.

  • The only discount souffs are interested in is the 5-finger kind.

  • Max discount is probably $3.00

  • +2

    Alex Johnston deserves a 1at half try after the 200k salary sacrifice

  • +2

    Will this possibly include alcohol?!? That could be a bit of a scoop.

    • Free coupon for 1L of diggers?

      • +1

        I have my eye on some craft beers which at 50% off are VERY reasonable.

  • +1

    Wonder if you can order for Friday..

    • +1

      I have been able to use offers for next day delivery or pickup. Hopefully should be good with this one too!

      • I hope so, that's my plan as well!

  • we doing loot boxes for now for ubereats and menulog? lol Australia is (profanity) for gambling. But hey, gamble responsibly.

    Probably won't get your food until the next day as well with everyone ordering at the same time during half time.

  • +2

    This ain't gambling. Gambling requires a risk and initial outlay. Relax. Its just a cheesy marketing ploy

    • you waiting on the result to profit in this case (50% off food). Just because you're not using money you're still relying on an outcome.

      wait until half time and hope you get 50% off, or if Souths dont score in the first half, you wasted majority of your night when you could have ordered food earlier and actually enjoyed eating your food while watching the game, rather than eating when the game is finished.

      • Yeh but there’s also the cases of just not ordering at all if the Rabbitohs don’t score. So while the situation you explained would be akin to gambling there are those who might just schedule an order for another day, or get them self a cheeky dessert / late night snack that they otherwise would not have bothered wasting money on if it were full price

        • +1

          oh right, didn't think about pre ordering for another day, that's a really good idea. I wonder if they will make it in the terms and conditions that the order has to be for tonight only.

          Sure you can get a dessert 50% off but you're still paying for delivery.

  • -2

    If they don't score, you're going hungry…

  • +2

    It's 7 v 9 on the ladder, but they bunnies have been playing quite well recently under Bennett… unlike the Broncos :(

    Anyway, I'd say there's only a slim chance they won't score. Gives me an excuse to badger the missus to watch it with me.

  • +1

    Waiting for 100% off if Broncos score a try :)

    • +5

      I actually want a discount though.

  • +1

    Shame won`t be able to pick up in Vic as it is after 8pm.

    • +1

      Try schedule a pickup for tomorrow instead if it works :)

    • +1

      You can try to schedule a pickup for tomorrow

  • +1

    What's a Rabbitohs and what's a try? During the first Half of what?

    • +1

      I'll send that thanks back in time to your future

  • +6

    If you bet $10 on Souths not to score a try you win $75.00. If they do score, and you get $20 discount on a meal, you are $10 ahead but had a chance to win $75…

  • -1

    8.30 is a bit late to order a meal, many of the restaurants around here close at around 9pm and also have delivery fees attached. Also do you still have to reach the minimum order amount after discount, or before?

    • +1

      8.30 is a bit late to order a meal

      Well they're not gonna have an insane deal like this smack bang before dinner time. They'll go broke

      • Oh well I'm doing some work at my computer, hope I can have a late cheap dinner :)

    • +4

      Preorder for tomorrow

  • Is there a max discount amount?

    • It's always like <$30

  • +2


  • +1


    • Go the bunnies!

  • They scored…

    Oh no, OP was last seen an hour ago!

  • BOOM. Hurry up with the code, i'm hungry for pizza :)

  • They just scored

  • I'll be disappointed if it's targeted or only for NSW. I dont trust menulog. Has there been deals like this in the past? (Ubereats excluded)

  • !!!!!!!!

  • +2

    scored!!! where is the code…

  • Yeah nothing coming up yet as well. I hope they are watching the game…

  • lol they scored

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