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The 'C64 Mini' Console $124 + Shipping or C&C @ Harvey Norman


Cheapest deal on the C64 Mini that I've seen in a while. They did not have C&C at my local store unfortunately, so I had to pay $14.95 postage. Bugger.

Says "Clearance", so you probably need to be quick. Limit 2 per Customer.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Can you connect a tape drive?

  • Overclock-able?

  • Ignoring the TVM this is about the same as the pricing in 1985 :)

  • Not a great price.. Last time it was $48


  • Is this backward compatible with a VIC-20?

  • Meh… if this was the C64 "maxi" I'd be jumping on it!

  • Why wopuld they not include a listing of the included games?

  • In 2004 I was clearing out a storage room of old IT equipment and tucked up the back was a C64 still in its original box.

    I threw it in the skip bin with the rest of the old gear.


    • 'Twas a beautiful piece of machinery for it's day.

      If you had enough spare fuses and a StarCursor 2000 joystick to prevent joystick burnout…

  • Great machine, not a great price.

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    Snap up this powerhouse

  • I don't believe that it's got 64kb of ram.



    Where can I buy the full-sized "The 64" at a good price in Australia?

    • I actually threw away my old one last year. I barely play my old snes and master system so no point keeping it. Probably could have sold it for a half decent amount with the games I had lol. Be pretty rare to find one I think?

    • I thought you were talking about the original C64, so this latest Full sized with working keyboard and HDMI out has ever been sold in Australia, I'd be interested too buy one i didnt know they existed?

      • I don't think anyone has them in stock anymore :(


        EDIT - nevermind, I saw you found it already and linked it further down… if you manage to find these anywhere, let me know :)

        • Actually didn't realise it was out if stock till you mentioned it,.. i think I'm in la la land wanting one of these, though I know me ill use it for few days then it gets stored gather dust like a lot of my wanted gadgets
          I know the mini is small but im sure they couldve made a smaller one i don't have much desk space,.. too much junk lol

          Price a bit high too i don't have a job to justify one but yeah I want one, maybe back too emulating it on the PC

          Edit: yes I'm looking for a store with good priced one

  • Oh, the good old C64. The kids these days will never understand what it took just to start a game.

    • I've got a full kit of it in the cupboard. It's like 6 different boxes (C64, tape unit, monitor, printer?).

      It is beyond effort for me to even pull it all out.

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        It is beyond effort for me to even pull it all out.

        Ahem, I know the feeling

      • search FB C64 groups - people are aching for original kit to buy (if ya wanna get rid of it that is)

        • I don't use Facey, but yeah I have a rough idea of its value since I bought it myself, its just a big effort mentally and physically.

      • wow, you had the printer. Nice!

        I had two tape drives, the waiting for a game to load only to have it fail over and over, then having to come to terms with this game will never work.

    • LOAD "$",8,1

  • Load "$" ,8,1

  • I have a full size commodore 64 I just picked up from my parents house when the moved. How do I see if it works, can you plug it into modern TV'S?

    • Yeah, shouldn't be an issue at all. Just plug it in to from HDMI out to your TV HDMI.

    • God if remember that far back,.. I think you can as I think it connects through the TV antenna (I think) though you need too manually tune a station for it and definitely only works on the Analog tuner side of your TV not Digital TV tuner side of your TV,..

      wow just realised I have use for my Aldi Bhuan TV its got an Analog tuner built into it with a Digital tuner also
      Lolz πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

      • That’s right it would be VHF channel 3 or 4 I think.

      • It has its own C64 branded monitor with a special connector. I can't be arsed to pull it all out but yeah.

        • The cable had separated chroma and luma, which is basically s-video. I have a Commodore 1702 monitor that accepts this and it looks amazing.
          The 1084S Amiga monitor also accepts separate chroma and luma as well as RGB

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      Via the antenna socket?

      • yupz

        The C64 broadcasts its own Analog channel, i can't remember if they had the option of video audio out maybe i should google

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          Yeah, all the consoles at the time such as NES, Megadrive, Atari too. Then the AV ( yellow, white, red cable?) and other analog connections, now HDMI.

    • Old C64 has composite or S-video from a non-standard DIN plug.

      Modern TVs still have composite inputs, but picture will be awful, almost as bad as using RF.

    • It depends what cable you have. If you have RF then probably not as you'd need an analog tuner. If you have composite then probably. You can also get s-video cables and something that converts the signal to HDMI like a RetroTink 2x, but you wouldn't be doing that just to test if it works :)

    • You'll probably find the PSU will be shot.
      They didnt age well - people are rebuilding them with new parts so it doesnt blow up the C64.
      Search for some C64 FB groups.

  • Here is photo of back of C64,..
    The port with RF label (short for Radio Frequency,. technically is Video/Audio out option for your TV)

    So transmits RF on a particular channel either on VHF or UHF,.. and of course needs to be PAL resolution for Australian TVs, note has special shielding over the C64 RF transmitter as your neighbour could pickup the signal through there antenna

    Yes you young ones are thinking bla bla bla what is he talking about, amazing how the HDMI connection has made it so easy for yous too connect a TV or monitor to a computer device,.. which is so funny πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺπŸ€‘

    Here is a tear down of the genuine original C64 (Commodore 64)

  • The modern Full size C64 @ EB games but you won't like the price,..

    Wow has few builtin I use to love,..
    Impossible Mission
    Boulder Dash

    Not listed Fort Apocalypse was another great C64 game

    There was a game I could never find online/google search,.. you got too fly a spaceship from planet too planet, I surely cant remember the name of it πŸ˜‚

    • +2 votes


      Describe the game a bit more - did it scroll horizontally or vertically? Any distinctive features?

    • That price if it was in stock was very reasonable Seeing as there is now no stock in Aus and it appears no one else is planning to bring them in.

      You can pre-order from amazon.com @ approx $280 landed. Amazon UK also has them on ore-order for less but sadly they wont ship to Aus at the moment which i just dont get, considering Amazon.com.au will ship from global store to Aus. Thats how i got the Turbo Grafix 16 .

      • I looked into why this is the case :

        "Due to Australian and New Zealand GST law, we are currently unable to ship physical items from Amazon.co.uk to New Zealand or Australian shipping addresses. Please check if Amazon.com.au or Amazon.com sells the item you would like to purchase, or choose a delivery address that is not in New Zealand or Australia to proceed with placing an order."

        Its been 2 years now and they still are holding out? Seriously? GST on overseas purchases isnt going away for peets sakes. If Amazon.com could implement it(though not shipping to Aus atm also) surelt amazon uk could do the same.

        • Some items are now shipping from Amazon.co.uk - more recent development. I know, as I've got something arriving in the next week from there :)

          • @fookos: Definately not the c64 Maxi alas. Oddly it states : "We are unable to ship non-digital items from amazon.co.uk to Australian shipping addresses". So i would assume nothing physical is being sent by them, Was what you purchased actually sold by Amazon or a 3rd party?

  • I picked up one of these last year for ~$60 from Amazon - i still haven't opened it!

    One day I'll have a space to display all my mini-consoles and devices :)

  • I still have a working Commodore SX 64 (the "luggable" C64 computer). Must be gaining in value quite a bit these days!

    If this deal was the C64 Maxi I would have jumped on it for the games room though.

    Oh Gyruss, I still have that music in my head :)


    • Same here and the dudes voice from Impossible Mission

      • Ha! From memory: "Another visitor, stay a while…. stay forever muahahahaha" :)

        Got sick of googling around and preordered the Maxi from the USA. Out in November. Good for a graphics comparison with the PS5 :)

    • @Dingo Damn those SX 64s are worth a fortune these days. I remember playing on them in Kmart when I was a kid in the 80s.

      I've got several C64s, including a German C64G, but I'll never own an SX 64 :(

      • I just checked again and didn't realise they have appreciated in value so much @chromium. Last time I checked they were still just a few hundred bucks.

        Funny thing is that the SX64 was atrociously expensive when it first came out. That's probably why they're so rare. I got lucky and bought a very good condition specimen in the mid nineties for $95 at cash converters. Back then they were just a very old useless thing, but I thought it was cool to play Wizball and International Soccer on the little TV screen. I'll hand it over to the kids one day.

    • People are aching to buy old kit on the FB C64 groups - put out some feelers if ya feeling lucky.

  • Still can find the genuine original c64 on gumtree, has original packaging and people are still selling the original disk/tape games

    don't know if I could wait and handle for games too take minutes to load up, I think at my late age ive become very impatient, no time to waste as they say,….

  • Pretty sure this version doesn’t even have a functional keyboard

  • good thing used be the gun based games, you actually had a plastic pistol to shoot with rather than move a joy stick.

  • I have my original Amiga 500, orig monitor, orig side mounted HDD and boxes of floppies. Do you think it's worth selling? I wonder what it would go for?

    • $400+ without the monitor.

    • If the monitor is 1084S they go for quite a lot. The downside is they are due to die at any minute as they are so old.

      I had a couple repaired because the flyback always ends up dying and needs to be replaced. Mine should be good for another 20 years now, probably more because I don't turn them on that often :)

      This stuff is going up in value all the time. A few years ago it could be had quite cheaply, but now retro is in vogue.

      6 years ago I got 2 Amiga 500s, with 2 monitors, side mounted hdd, 2 external floppy drives, mice, joysticks, loads of original software for $260. That sort of thing would go for way more than that now. Check eBay sold listings