[Raffle] RTX 3080 FE $1139, RTX 3090 FE $2429 + Delivery @ Mwave

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RTX 3080 and 3090 Founders Edition exclusively available through Mwave.

RTX 3080 FE available on 17th September @11pm - $1139
RTX 3090 FE available on 24th September @11pm - $2429


Good luck picking one up.

Update: Links to product pages added courtesy of BillyCool

Update 2: Pretty crap move from Mwave. Welcome to the now RTX 30xx raffle. Hand over all your personal info and sub to their newsletter to have a near impossible chance. Well played Mwave

Mod 13/9 (copy paste of the report reply): For those reporting that RRP should be in the forum or similar, there is no such guideline. As always the community will decide if it's a good deal or not via the voting system and/or comments. In general, a deal can be good value or of interest without being discounted as such, whilst a deal can be discounted but still be of little interest or poor value. In any case it's up to members to decide. In relation to potential issues about the deal details, should the deal not go ahead as posted, or another issue that breaches guidelines, it will be removed at that time. Please use TWAM for other issues and keep comments respectful. Thanks

Mod 2 15/9: Mwave has now announced there will be a raffle to purchase (that's a new one). The main deal link has been updated and the deal post moved to forums. Please join the raffle should you be interested in purchasing and continue discussion in the comments below.

GEFORCE RTX 3080 $1,139 AUD inc GST - Raffle Closes: 2PM AEST September 18, 2020
GEFORCE RTX 3090 $2,429 AUD inc GST - Raffle Closes: 2PM AEST September 25, 2020

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    • Agreed it's awesome for the sffpc community who ideally need a 2 slot to fit in their sandwich style cases

  • +5

    I wonder what's wrong with the neggers? To me RRP is just for reference, it's not gold standard to base on to decide if a deal is a genuine deal or not. We've seen plenty 'deals' with fake RRPs which just misled and annoyed people. To me, it's all about the perceived value of the deal. If it brings, or will bring, more value to the user compared to what they can currently, or in the foreseeable future, get with the same money, and particularly is hard to obtain, then it's truly a deal to me.

    I don't know how many Ozbargainers often going through the forums to find what they want, but if I have to bet, I guess that number is less than 5%. If I'm on the hunt for the FE card I think I'll be very upset if I miss out the deal because it was posted in the forums with much less attention than it deserves, just to satisfy some minority vocal users.

    • +1

      Price is currently the lowest price in AU.
      When another price beats this one, there will be historical OzB information along with the card.

      No need for the RRP hate …

    • This very good deal.. I don't know why ppl are so negative about it? I work in computer industry. As far as I know.. on the launch date.. no shop in Australia will get more than 20 cards. 2nd shipment is about 2-3 months away.. And also FE card if is the price that set out on nvidia website it will be cheapest at $1139 for 3080. All other brand ones is about 300-400 on top of $1139. for example asus rog 3080 might be around $15-1600.

  • +1

    Can anyone guide me to a good bottleneck calculator please? Most of them seem to be off by a lot.

    • It would vary from game to game. If you have a good CPU you'll never be CPU bottlenecked at 1440p and higher.

  • Many people posting in this thread might not realise that for Nvidia graphics cards, the actual market price is much higher than RRP. It is opposite to most other things we buy as RRP is the highest price we will encounter. With Nvidia, it is the lowest price. So it is a mindfuc*.

    The reality is, the RRP pricing shown in this post will be the cheapest version and lowest price for the 30xx series. Those who think with their mind will wait for AMD to announce their cards and buy the best bargain. For the rest who are thinking with our hearts and will waste the $1139 for the 3080, this is the only way to get the cheapest version of the card.

    • I think is good. but not sure how many stock is coming.. As far as I know all other brand of 3080 will be around $1400+ or more.. So FE card is the best deal at $1139.

      But if AMD comes to play, maybe in USA the $699 might go down a bit. at this stage is all unknown area.

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    "Good luck picking one up."


  • Only way to get FEs in Aus then? Hm

    • -1

      Heard something about AUspost's "SHopmate" service, but then again warranty might be a pain

  • +3

    Ozb is not for RRP prices

    • If only it was RRP though

      • +2

        It is. 699USD + 10% GST converted is $1054, importing and shipping to australia also costs money, $1139 is bang on.

        • +1

          It isn't bang on, but as you point out it's not that far off.

          • +3

            @Budju: In any case it is the Australian RRP.

  • Anyone know when the reference cards are due?

    • These are technically the reference cards. Did you mean third-party ones? Same timeframe, expected to be more pricey.

      • Nah with the 3000 series the FE and reference card boards are different. I'm waiting for the reference ones due to water cooling. EK has already made it clear that the FE are not compatible with the waterblocks.

        • Not compatible with the reference board waterblocks, yes, but there are FE waterblocks too, although likely to be hard to find stock like the cards themselves

          • @sharky_k: Currently only Bykski makes them, don't get me wrong though, they are a great watercooling brand even though they are on the cheaper side.

    • Some of the cheaper AIB models are reference cards, you'd have to do some digging.

      • Any tips on what to search for or where to look? I'm assuming AIB that offers high overclocks (e.g. Asus Strix) probably use bin 2 to achieve it, but at a premium price. Model numbers are unlikely to give this away. What would you look for?

        • +1

          Usually they are EK website for compatibility they will mention if the AIB cards will fit, though it probably won't be till for a few weeks, which I'm fine with. Need a new CPU anyway.

          • @npiet1: Good answer thanks! Pushing it in case you have insights, do you believe a 'reference' card design layout equates to higher bin quality?

            Or do you think it instead means the cheaper vendors just used it without effort to modofy the reference PCB so may choose higher bin 0 allocations?

            Reason I ask is that Samsung "8N Nvidia" fab is early and rushed, so it is rumoured that 30% of TU102 will be average performers that will be hotter, thirstier, and less headroom. I want to push the card so want to avoid lower rated dies. I hoped FE would achieve that but now not so sure

            • @TheLurker: The high end cards don’t use reference pcb. I don’t believe there’s binned reference cards.

              • @brimmy11: Thank you. Appreciate the tips. Not sure how to proceed as articles say reference boards get the best bins, but you're saying high end don't use them. I also checked EK site and it gives board layout compatibility but littleon silicon chosen. I'm probably searching for info that doesn't exist, so have to succumb to the silicon lottery. At $1100 or $2400+ that's a high priced scratchie

                • @TheLurker: FE usually are pretty good bin. Any reason you don’t get one of those?

                  • @brimmy11: If that is true then I'd probably prefer the FE. What I've read online over many sites is quite conflicting. The trend implies reference boards get the best bin, but FE cards run hot. Lacking facts and reviews are still in embargo so looking for any other insights how best to find a quality bin 2

        • +1

          EK have a tools for checking different models here https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/

          Otherwise Bykski offer a FE water block.

  • Now listed on Newegg for $14000 AUD

    • $14000!!!!! Da fudge

      • Placeholder price my dude.

        • Where is that?

  • I thumbed up because everybody else thumbed up.

  • +3

    Love all the negs but everyone obviously wants to plus the $1100 2080ti sales… lol
    There's some real stoopid people on ozbargains.

  • +8

    85 people and counting have bought 2000series recently and hating

  • I live in South Australia on Telstra-NBN, its garbage, so their website will probably not work for me come 17th. LOL

  • Nvidia really riling up the Ozbargain community lately.

  • Looks like I'm skipping team green this gen. Hopefully AMD offers good value for money. Might be time to go console on my budget though. I miss when USD $500 was considered an expensive launch price. :(

    • -3

      You realise these are INCREDIBLE value for money that AMD will likely not compete with and their are models coming that will be much cheaper?

      • Not sure any GPU for $1200 is "INCREDIBLE" value for money but at least it's better than the 2000 series pricing.

        • +1

          Well a 3070 at $800ish that can match or beat a card 3 times its value only a month ago…. yeah that's most people's definition of incredible.

      • My budget for graphics cards has always capped out at $500. So for me these don't fit into "value for money" territory. They might be value for your money, though. :P

        It remains to be seen how AMD's offerings will fare. As I said, it may be time for me to make the switch to console gaming (in the case AMD doesn't offer a good value $500-range card).

        • It goes to stand, if the 3060 is near $500 you'll have 2080/2080s levels of performance for under half the price….. so yes, that's great value.

          AMD may well compete in that tier, I'd expect them too…. but Nvidia have really put it out there, that's why everyone's so keen….. and why 1000s will be upset when they realise how little stock we get.

          • @DisabledUser139667: The 3060 could just as likely cost $650 or $700.

            As for your second point, sure but uh, I'm not sure how relevant that is to what I said. I never said people were wrong to be excited or anything…

            • @Diji: If the 3070 is $800 I'd expect it around $5-600.

              Fsctor in sales (after 6 months to build up stock) and yeah I reckon $500 is possible.

              As for the second point, that's why it'll take ages. Stock will be EXTREMELY low. If AMD can combat, good for them.

              • @DisabledUser139667:

                As for the second point, that's why it'll take ages. Stock will be EXTREMELY low. If AMD can combat, good for them.

                I think you misinterpreted my original post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • I moved years ago - saved a fortune… with the internet coming under yank control i'm unsure why anyone wants to buy into x thousand annual pc costs…

    • AMD's cards will appear in store 2021 Q1.

  • +2

    515 upvotes for RRP and only about 1% of those might actually buy it…

    InB4: “pC mAsTeR rAcE” when just a single video card cost the same as 4 or 5 consoles… Because there is nothing like playing Among Us or Fall Guys at 8k and 6,000fps…

    • Guess i am in the 1% then :)

    • Well the Series X costs $750 but yeah, after you add other essentials like CPU, RAM, motherboard, etc the price of a PC gets up there. Shitty time to play (AAA) games on a budget I suppose.

      • Not really. If you are happy with 1080p like most Steam users are you can build gaming PC's for peanuts.

        Heck if you play 720p (like a tonne still do) you can get away with many APUs for less.

        • It really depends on how the new consoles perform. If you care about ray tracing - and at this point you should - you'll need at least a 2060 though. If you're playing current/last gen games or indies then it doesn't really matter since the current console gen was pretty underwhelming. The upcoming consoles seem to have the potential to shake things up the way previous console generations did, though.

  • I'm surprised no one asked this question?

    Anyone know what is the quickest payment option with mwave? is it by credit card? I don't see an option of them letting you save cc details? What about bank transfer option, will they only allocate stock to us only when they received payment?

    • I have asked, but suspect mVIP is a way to secure a position in the virtual queue

      • Might be useful to subscribe then lol

        • At $59/6m or $89/12m cost that's a big gamble on value return

          • @TheLurker: There is a clause there saying you can cancel anytime and get a pro-rated refund on unused benefits. But do we know there are priority processing for mVIP though?

            • @Davesday: Good tip on the cancel option! Didn't see that.

              I messaged through the VIP site two days ago to ask if a virtual wait list was a feature and haven't had a reply. If I hear anything positive I'll PM you 😉

  • Mods comment added to this post confirming the community decides what a deal is gets my up vote.

    This is the most controversial deal I've seen in 5± years of my daily visits. My opinion doesn't make a difference, but I think it's a deal because:
    1. It sets an anchor price for AU RTX 30x0 when without it we would be left open to price gouging above wishful RRP
    2. It raises awareness of the only channel available to get this on day 1 and I don't doubt mwave had to work their a$$es of to get this stock
    3. The OzB community who will buy this can prepare to jump at 23:00:01 when it is released as Nvidia has confirmed supply/demand issues many times. AU is too often bottom of the list for supply.
    4. For the first time it seems viable an Nvidia FE card is actually competitive to AIB.

    So much is still unknown but the hype is confirmed, performance uplift is all but confirmed (2080ti slashes) and demand will outstrip supply for many months.

    I appreciate this (only) purchase channel being posted as a deal in OzB. Fingers crossed there are many additional competitive 30x0 deals by the 17th but if not, I hope it will end the deal or no deal debate.

    • +4

      Interesting given another mod removed a earlier deal with the same info (mWave, Price etc)
      Yet allowed this one to be posted.

      This deal in also a Dupe not only a RRP post

      the fact that OP had to link to countless "deals" to protect his post also shows the OP themselves knows this is "not a deal"

      • So there's a big conspiracy theory? Have you maybe thought that they reconsidered and decided it was allowed?

        It's not a dupe if it's the only active deal in its category.

        And last I checked, the number 5 is indeed countable.

        • If they reconsidered they would of re-published the other deal.

      • Interesting you negged my comment. Which part specifically do you disagree with?

  • someone said 1% might buy this only… Please be true. Guys listen to him.

    So I can get my 3080 on time and not have to worry about refreshing so I MIGHT have the chance to buy it.

  • Not a bargain because I don't get Job keeper and cant afford it, even though I'm unemployed and wasn't eligible in the first place.

    • That sucks mate. Hope your situation changes sooner than price drops on these cards

  • +10

    As per the moderator suggestion, this gets a neg to indicate that I expect real bargains from OzBargain, not simply being another social media channel for advertising the launch of a new product. nVidia are not giving us a bargain, the new product pricing is simply an overdue correction for overpriced product that has been precipitated by competitive pressure.

    • +2

      I don't usually go out of my way to neg RRP posts but this one is different for a wide combination of reasons: It's a high-cost item with no independent reviews yet, no indication of stock levels, exclusivity agreement etc. I mean, are we supposed to have a deal post every time a new gen of tech comes out just because it represents value compared to the old gen?

      • Why not? If it helps people, it was worthwhile.

        • +1

          Because then Ozbargain just becomes an advertising website, which is the last thing I want. Tech gets better over time, that's how the world works. The only reason this post is here is because these cards are exclusive to one store due to Nvidia's low stock. That means no competition, which I consider to be a core principle of Ozbargain. Add on the lack of actual product reviews and unknown stock availability and it's hard for me to recommend this as a deal.

          I'm not necessarily saying this post should be removed, and I'm glad if it helps people, my neg is there so that potential buyers are aware that plenty of people don't consider this to be a bargain.

          • +2

            @SoresuMakashi: By your reasoning Ozbargains already just an advertising site for Cashrewards, Ebay, etc.

            Cash rewards is a prime example: Majority of their "savings" are worse than pathetic with terms and conditions that mean I rarely get a payout even though I've followed all the instructions and spent thousands through their "deals". It took me a while to realise they only get up-voted when listed by TA, in fact anything listed by TA seems to generate a crap ton of votes for no real reason at all. So is it a bargain or just a bunch of weird fan-boys giving the object of their affections referral kickbacks …..

            By your reasoning we should start neg'ing these Cashrewards deals because they're always the same and have "no competition", which you consider to be a core principle of Ozbargain.

            This "deal" sets the baseline for the pricing so unless people can show better prices which would negate this deal the worst they should do is not up-vote.

            • @Ebany:

              Cash rewards is a prime example: Majority of their "savings" are worse than pathetic with terms and conditions.

              That's your opinion. Cashrewards has correctly logged hundreds of dollars of purchases for me and has saved me a significant amount of money. It also has multiple competitors (shopback, topcashback, etc.). We seem to have different opinions on the service, and that's fine!

              I rarely get a payout even though I've followed all the instructions and spent thousands through their "deals".

              So neg it? That's what the neg button is for IMO, you should let other Ozbargainers know that you consider it a dodgy deal. I would do the same if tracking wasn't working for me.

      • -1

        Course it's a deal. Deals are about more than just price Without availability the price is irrelevant. This is a highly sought after product with extremely limited realease in Oz. While the discount is$0 the deal is being able to acquire it.

        • It's OzBargain . Mere availability should not be a sufficient criteria for a bargain post, just like an extremely low price on a single unit is not good enough.

          I would classify this as forum material. Very much of high interest to people, but nevertheless just a popular forum thread.

          One of the definitions of bargain is "a thing bought or offered for sale much more cheaply than is usual or expected." As has been pointed out countless times, the price for these cards is neither of those. The price is very much as expected.

          • @peteru: Anywhere cheaper if I want to buy one now?

            Edit: just saw its now a raffle. Yeah that pretty much kills it as a deal for me too

  • +3

    My god the comment section on this post is hilarious.

    • Have you purchased bought from Overlockers UK before?

      Does GST get added ontop?

      • Na, was more for showing the look of other builds

    • +1

      I don't see any 3080 :(

    • how did you find these links?

      • yeah they're actually updating those links with official pics and specs… ummm NDA breach?

        SKU # AC38110 | Model # RTX 3090 GAMING TRIO 24G
        MSI GeForce RTX 3090 GAMING TRIO 24GB Video Card - Bus Standard: PCI Express 4.0 - Video Memory: GDDR6X, 24GB - Core Clock: TBD - CUDA Cores: 10496 - Memory Speed: 19.5 Gbps - Memory Bus: 384-Bit - Interface: 1x HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a - Recommended PSU: TBD - OpenGL 4.6 - DirectX 12 API - RTX 3090 GAMING TRIO 24G - 3 Years Limited Warranty
        Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty
        Manufacturer Contact Info: http://au.msi.com, 1300 222 688

        · TORX Fan 4.0: A masterpiece of teamwork, fan blades work in pairs to create unprecedented levels of focused air pressure
        · Core Pipe: Precision-crafted heat pipes ensure max contact to the GPU and spread heat along the full length of the heatsink
        · Airflow Control: Don't sweat it, Airflow Control guides the air to exactly where it needs to be for maximum cooling
        · Mystic Light gives you complete control of the RGB lighting for MSI devices and compatible RGB products
        · MSI's exclusive Dragon Center software lets you monitor, tweak and optimize MSI products in real-time
        The latest iteration of MSI’s iconic GAMING series once again brings performance, low-noise efficiency, and aesthetics that hardcore gamers have come to recognize and trust. Now you too can enjoy all your favorite games with a powerful graphics card that stays cool and silent. Just the way you like it.


        • +2

          I don't think it's a breach of NDA. Those details can be found on the MSI website.

        • love it.. teamwork makes the dream work

        • I wish they would post the prices too ;P

  • +1

    "buy a founders edition card", they said
    "because bargains" they said

  • Looking forward to the reviews and benchmarks for the 3090. If it'll help speed up renders in Blender cycles, think I'm sold.

  • +3

    hehe, i understand the obsession with a high end video card, i had it as well. i stopped using laptop. the best graphics card a laptop can have is still much inferior to a desktop's.
    i bought myself a rtx 2080 super in the end of last year, it came with a bonus 1tb ssd.
    i think i'd buy a rtx 3090 ti, yes ti, to continue with the obsession.

    • Yeah generally the Laptop equivalent is equal to a model down in the Desktop, so in your case, more like a 2070.

      Power and heat obviously the factors.

  • +2

    benchmarks show rtx 3080 isn't proclaimed 2 times rtx 2080, more close to 2 times rtx 2060.

    • I've always said wait for benchmarks but everyone said I was wrong. Oh how the turntables

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