[Raffle] RTX 3080 FE $1139, RTX 3090 FE $2429 + Delivery @ Mwave

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RTX 3080 and 3090 Founders Edition exclusively available through Mwave.

RTX 3080 FE available on 17th September @11pm - $1139
RTX 3090 FE available on 24th September @11pm - $2429


Good luck picking one up.

Update: Links to product pages added courtesy of BillyCool

Update 2: Pretty crap move from Mwave. Welcome to the now RTX 30xx raffle. Hand over all your personal info and sub to their newsletter to have a near impossible chance. Well played Mwave

Mod 13/9 (copy paste of the report reply): For those reporting that RRP should be in the forum or similar, there is no such guideline. As always the community will decide if it's a good deal or not via the voting system and/or comments. In general, a deal can be good value or of interest without being discounted as such, whilst a deal can be discounted but still be of little interest or poor value. In any case it's up to members to decide. In relation to potential issues about the deal details, should the deal not go ahead as posted, or another issue that breaches guidelines, it will be removed at that time. Please use TWAM for other issues and keep comments respectful. Thanks

Mod 2 15/9: Mwave has now announced there will be a raffle to purchase (that's a new one). The main deal link has been updated and the deal post moved to forums. Please join the raffle should you be interested in purchasing and continue discussion in the comments below.

GEFORCE RTX 3080 $1,139 AUD inc GST - Raffle Closes: 2PM AEST September 18, 2020
GEFORCE RTX 3090 $2,429 AUD inc GST - Raffle Closes: 2PM AEST September 25, 2020

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  • RRP

    • Should probably be in forums but mainpage means more people will see it so I guess it doesn't really matter.
      Not saying we should be douches but technically if you bought one via this deal there is resale value lol so technically in a veryyy dodgy and roundabout way it is a bargain.

      • Entry & Subscription Confirmed

        Thanks for your entry into the GEFORCE RTX 30 Series Founders Edition invitation to purchase raffle.

        Please familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions found at the bottom of this page; https://www.mwave.com.au/catalog/nvidia-geforce-nvzone

        Keep your eyes peeled on September 18. Winners will be notified via email shortly after Raffle Draw, for the GEFORCE RTX 3080 Founders Edition

        Please note, if you do not receive an email, this means that you have unfortunately missed out on a GEFORCE RTX 30 Series Founders Edition card.

        Partner GEFORCE RTX 30 Series graphics cards will still be available for purchase.

        Thank you for subscribing as well, we will update you the latest info about the GEFORCE RTX 30 Series launch.

        Unit B1, 3-29 Birnie Avenue (Off Bachell Ave)
        Lidcombe, New South Wales 2141

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    • Whilst I agree, with the hype around the current situation, much like the nintendo switch with the first wave of the COVID, trying to get your hands on this probably will be more of a lottery even if they're asking RRP prices.

      A deal? Not really to me, but I'm sure many will want it and they might percieve that the 3080/3090 being in stock at all as a deal.

    • RIP RRP.

    • Remember RTX 3080 is around 40% more powerful than 2080ti which RRP is about $1200 right now. so it is a bargain

    • Without I there is only you.

    • Not even: a cool USD $50 in shipping for the 3080. Understandable given they want to try and get the cards here within a week, but a bizarre turn of events.

      Hopefully this doesn't set a precedent for pricing, and we see a solid card at least AUD $50 lower.

    • RRP police vs Games, dedicated games wins hand down lol

  • How do I cancel the 10 2080 Tis that I ordered?

  • Thank you for visiting OzRRP, have a lovely day

  • +26 votes

    So it begins.

  • Could you provide a direct link please? Current one links to an image.

  • $799 USA = $1096.83 AUD

    $1096.83 + Tax your not far off what it is.

    Not a bad price for the card

  • do i need this?

    • depends what card you currently have

      • I think it more depends on the intended resolution you want to run games at. for example:

        1080p wait for a 3060 or hold onto your existing card
        1440p buy a 3070 (only for increased RTX performance)
        2160p (4k) yeah 3080 will do the job nicely

    • Question only for a price error?

    • yes

    • Of course, so you have an excuse to get an 8K HDR TV, AMD Ryzen 3950X, 128GB RAM, 4TB SSD, 16TB HDD, 1200W power supply.

    • No. Wait for reviews.

      On paper, the 3080 looks like overkill for 1440 gaming but short on RAM for 4k max settings. I highly doubt I could run max settings 4k for Cyberpuk 2077 or GTA V 2020/21 edition due to the RAM limitation. What's the point of upgrading if I can't?

      3090 looks like it has 15% more performance for double the price. This makes it very hard to justify.

      GPUDirect Storage could minimise the limitations of the 3080's 10GB RAM, but in that case I would consider a heavily discounted 2000 series card or a 3070 instead.

      At this point, I am more interested in AMD as while I guess their next card will be slower than a 3080, they should have enough RAM to load mods or a good draw distance for GTA V 2020/21 refresh. That or a Series X. I doubt the rumoured 16GB 3070 Super is coming any time soon (if it is even real).

      • Most modern games have quite decent texture management, games these days often will grab the 10GB and put it in reserves so its not easy to figure out how memory will be with 4k on cp2077, but its likely going to be fine.

        NOW where it falls to pieces is games like Fallout4 and UHD pack, that game has broken texture management and will stutter very early on with UHD loaded. I've seen it try and use 24GB because some games are just broken.

        Also there is NVCache.

        Point I'm making, modern engine games will be happy with 10GB vram at 4k. OLD fossil games running on broken graphics engines like what Bethesda does, will likely have issues when using UHD texture packs etc…

        • CP2077 will absolutely run at 4k without any vram issues on 3080 - it's a NVIDIA sponsored game and has DLSS/RTX .. no way they are going to have settings that won't run on their flagship (one of)

          I think the vram issue is blown out of proportion - for example I fired up Gears 5 the other day, downloaded the Ultra textures .. according to the in game benchmark, was only using between 5-6gb vram at 4k. Can't see requirements doubling - this is a recent title with an additional texture pack . AC Odyssey was another one, big open world game with stunning visuals.. under 6gb vram 4k max settings. More than likely going to run out of GPU horsepower before you do vram, unless you like to game at 30fps

          That said I think there's a fundamental issue for people with TI series cards - you don't want to be going backwards in any specifications when upgrading and VRAM is one of those. As a 2080ti owner I'm not downgrading to 10gb vram. Its either 3090 for me, or wait for some type of a 3080ti/whatever they want to call it

          As for AMD, I don't care what they release. After having a 5700xt for 6 weeks, not interested. It could be slightly faster and cheaper and that would not be enough to overcome driver problems and lack of tech (DLSS, RTX, NVIDIA voice, etc etc)

        • I like large draw distances and mods. Most modern open world texture management systems still suck. I don't know if this will even be a potential issue in cyberpunk as I assume they are blocking sight lines, but that will be seen on release.

          NVCache looks like a rebrand of Nvidia's GPUDirect Storage to further differentiate it from Microsoft's upcoming tech.

          But that is beside the point. Rumors are now that Most 3000 cards will be stupidly expensive with double RAM editions flooding the market in October with AIB editions only. Nvidia Tier 1 partner AIB double RAM cards have sucked in the past, so unless they are a new model (like the rumored 16GB 3070 Ti), I would wait for reviews.

          The way Nvidia keeps pushing reviews back makes me skeptical the 3080 will be much more than 2080 Ti +30% @4k gaming.

          If you must have a 3080 for just 1080 or 1440, buying a founder's edition day one is starting to like a good idea.

          • @This Guy: All Bethesda games have broken texture memory management. And NONE are modern.

            I think Bethesda even said they will continue using the broken engine for their new games also.

            People have had issues with the textures in FO76, again same engine.

            Not many other games I know of have such broken texture management systems.. can't even think of any atm.

  • I'm not up-voting this because I don't want to compete with these ungrateful people for stock. :P

  • I thought they said FEs wouldn't be available in Oz… Hmmmm…

    • Announced a few hours ago that it would be. Exclusively through Mwave initially.

      • As long as they don't pull that "only available with a system purchase" crap they did last time with Turing.

  • This is retail price. Not a bargain.

  • Someone post the Xbox Series preorder details. It's the same thing!!!

    • Totally agree.

      If there's pre-order deals then that should definitely be posted but making posts just saying x,y,z is available for pre-order isn't a deal, more of an annoucement.

      • Same with my main gripe -> Borderland keys.. Constantly posted and upvoted.
        Like everyone else has said, this is a forum post as it's RRP and not a deal..

  • Im looking to upgrade from a gtx 1070 wondering what i should do with either purchasing the 3080 card on 17th from mwave, or will mwave also be selling the 3070 founders edition?

    • I'm waiting to find out if that upwards fan on the 3080 melts my cpu or ram, or throttles.it.

    • since your card is medium range i would jump on a 2080ti 2nd hand.
      people dumping them left right and center it will only get better.

      you can get one with warranty no problem

      • Thanks for that, How much would you pay maximum for a used 2080ti?

        • At this point, I'd pay $550-600 used.. but they aren't going for that price just yet, the 3070 is a tiny bit faster for $800 new so paying anything more than that does not make sense

        • if the past is any guide it will settle around 3080 prices

        • What most people are not factoring in , is the value of a good aftermarket version of the card. This goes for both 3070 and 2080ti.

          For example, a top tier 2080ti - like a Strix, will gain 13% perf just by moving some sliders around in afterburner.. Compare that to a entry level 3070 with no OC potential, and it's going to come out on top. With more vram to boot.

          The better comparison is a 3070 Strix vs 2080ti. Or a msi gaming 3070 vs 2080ti.. Those 3070s are going to cost 1000-1100 bucks no doubt..

          Back to your question - $700 for a lower tier 2080ti and up to $900 for a top tier (Asus strix OC for example)

    • You should keep sitting on the fence, so I have a better chance of getting one on Thursday instead

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