PlayStation 5 Discussion Megathread + Pre Order Announcements (Launch Date Nov 12, $599.95/ $749.95)

Event Will last 40 Minutes
Expect Launch Games to be confirmed
Prices and Launch Date

Rumors are
$749 AUD for Aus Model (based on French Leak)
$100USD less for the All Digital Model

November 20th Release Date (also From French leak)

Update 15/9
Press Start is reporting a price of $449USD ($50 less than Xbox) and a tightening of supply due to delays in chip production.

Stream Link:

1) Final Fantasy XVI (PlayStation Console Exclusive also on PC)
2) Marvel Spiderman Miles Morales Gameplay (Holiday 2020)
3) Hogwarts Legacy (2021)
4) Raven Games Presentation :Black Ops Cold War Demo (Holiday 2020)
5) PlayStation 4 Players can play Cold War Alpha This weekend
6) Resident Evil Village (RE8) (2021)
7) Deathloop Trailer (Q2 2021) (PlayStation Console Exclusive)
8) Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition (Digitally at Launch of PS5)
9) Oddworld Soulstorm (Exclusive Trailer)
10) Five Nights and Freddy's Security Breach Teaser Trailer
11) Demon Souls Trailer
12) Fortnite (coming to PS5, digitally at Launch)

PlayStation Plus Collection
New benefit for ps5 owners
Multiple AAA titles trailers shown
Mostly Sony Owned Studios
Selection of PS4 Games to download and Play
added to PlayStation Plus Membership from PS5 Launch

Console Price and Release Date
PS5 $499 USD
PS5 Digital $399 USD
Launches in Australia November 12th


Australia Prices confirmed by PlayStation Australia
PS5 $749.95
PS5 Digital $599.95
November 12th Release Date
PlayStation US has announced that US pre orders start tomorrow, waiting to see whether that's the case in Aus


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    • They must be shipping the accessories rather than flying them in like they probably are doing with the consoles.

      I ordered a 2nd controller and charging dock from HN, I wonder if I can pick up the just the controller.

      Also, I can’t remember from the unboxings but is there a USB-C to USB-C cable included with the console?

      • Yeah charging cable for the controller is included.

        • Excellent. I don’t have to worry about finding one then, thanks.

    • well the xbox crowd must be cheering and jeering

      • -1

        Im sure they aren't, but hey, continue spreading this toxic console wars garbage I guess, its your life.

        • -1

          Nothing to do with spreading toxic console wars garbage at all for F^&* sake lighten up.

          it was meant as a light-hearted comment, does everyone have to put a smiley or /joke now have ppl lost the ability to discern. Maybe you need to pause and not jump in to judge or attack

          • @ShannonN: Saying "xbox fans are must be jeering at this", in a thread with no xbox fans doing that is toxic console wars garbage.

            I know you were joking, it doesnt change the fact that it spreads false image that fans of each console want to see the other side miss out on something.

    • -1

      I was merely highlighting the rabid often family dividing preferences when it comes to "the best console" for whatever reasons that's not fuelling crap. I have a PC and regard all consoles as cheap toys so I don't care if they delay releases or charge silly prices that fans will pay, line up for days outside a venue etc Mind you I don't see much in the i device addiction and must have it mentality also

  • Merged from PS5 - Best Options for 2021 Stock?

    Hi all,

    Hoping y'all can help offer some advice on the best options for someone who's only just now decided to invest in a PS5 (Digital).

    I know I've well and truly missed the boat on 2020 stock, but do you think it's still worth putting in a pre-order somewhere?

    Are any stores even taking new pre-orders at the moment?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • +4

      There are no more pre-orders with places like EB Games ‘selling out’ till March 2021.

      You’ll likely have to wait till the 12th Nov launch and see what the landscape looks like there.

      No harm popping into local stores to double check with them too or see if you can be put on local store waitlist if people don’t pick theirs up for whatever reason. Forget trying online.

      Also, reconsider and get the physical edition. Gives you more flexibility and you’ll save yourself far more money in the long run. Disc versions of games are already dropping in price at Amazon and JB Hifi.

      • I suspected as much but was still holding out some hope.

        Thanks for the waitlist idea though - certainly no harm in trying that!

        Re: which edition to buy, I get what you're saying but honestly the digital edition is better for my circumstances. Yes it's cheaper to buy physical media but I don't mind paying extra for the convenience of digital - especially since I don't buy a ton of games these days. I'll be getting a XSX sometime next year too, so that'll do for playing blu-ray TV/films once I retire both my current-gen consoles.

        • -1

          Every game download will be huge, so you'll need to invest in external hard drives

          • @Willco88: I don't buy many games, especially 'AAA' releases.
            I have existing external HDDs.
            I can also delete old games and redownload them later if I want to play them again.

            Please trust and respect that I've put thought into which edition to buy and digital is the right version for me.

            • +1

              @jassa: Digital isn't the right edition for anyone, the initial savings of $150 are immediately wasted by the fact that retail is always $20-$30 cheaper than the PS Store, which you can't sell afterwards either.

              Unless you only plan to buy 5 games over the 7 year life of this console, it's the wrong choice.

              Also please note that the PS5 will only be able to play games off very specific PCIE 4.0 drives which almost no one has at the moment

              • -4

                @cille745: Pretty sure I have fewer than 5 games which released on disc on my PS4… so yeah you're not just patronising, you're flat out wrong.

                • +1

                  @jassa: And besides you could always later on sell your digital PS5 and buy a physical PS5. Unlike the cheaper Xbox Series S the digital PS5 will play the games exactly the same.

              • +1

                @cille745: It is funny how when someone asks a specific question and set boundaries for an answer, many in this community ignore and just have a dick-measuring contest.

                FWIW i ordered a digital version which is the right version for me. For convenience and environmental issues. I am aware it may cost more money in the long term

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser247855: I just want to make sure that people aren't ripped off by Sony for the next seven years as each game now has a RRP of $129.95, and can only be purchased from the PS Store. jassa didn't provide any reasons in his initial post, and I wanted to make sure they were informed so that they don't get ripped off in the long run. I'm not trying to measure anyone's "dick", and simply want to save OP money. The only reason anyone would be on the defensive, is if they're trying to justify their purchase (like yourself). There's been people over Gumtree and marketplace looking to sell their digital for a disc one for these reasons.

                  The fact that OP will only buy 5 games over the generation is probably fair enough, and the costs will balance themselves out.

                  Just curious, what makes the digital more convenient?

                  • +1

                    @cille745: He specifically said "Please trust and respect that I've put thought into which edition to buy and digital is the right version for me."

                    What makes digital more convenient is what makes a digital movie or music library more convenient than a DVD or CD collection.

                  • @cille745: I was getting irritated because you were the third person within an hour to question my decision. Two of you didn't even comment on my original question but just leapt in to tell me I was wrong, assuming that you somehow knew my needs better than me despite me having already said the convenience was worth it, that I didn't mind paying extra.

                    I shouldn't need to write a comprehensive essay to "prove" I know what I'm talking about when it has no bearing on my actual question. It's incredibly frustrating and something I already get enough in daily life as a woman working in IT (yeah, not a he/him).

                    Though since you asked politely, digital is more convenient for impulse buying games, not having to leave the house or deal with delivery people, not having physical media and not having to change discs when I want to switch games.

                    I've done the whole physical media price-matching trade-back rigmarole back in the PS2/PS3 generations so I'm familiar with it, but at this point in my life I have a good job, work from home pretty much full time and value my time & comfort more than saving a couple of hundred dollars over several years.

                    • @jassa: At the end of the day this is OzBargain, and people are here to save some cash when purchasing stuff. If that isn't a part of your needs, then you do you, and I've wrongfully assumed that cost may be a factor for you as it would be for others here.

                      Don't know why you bought your gender into this, but obviously you shouldn't have to do that. I've simply put my points forward and haven't attempted to argue with you any further.

                      I wish you luck in getting your hands on one, during the first few days of preorders, I noticed that the Sony online store was the last one to go out of stock despite opening up preorders relatively early. I'd bet my money that as most people look to general bricks and mortar retailers for theirs, they don't consider Sony direct an option and as such, they'd have a smaller amount of preorders, so if I were you I'd check their online store every now and then

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser247855: Just wanted to say thank you, I appreciate the support and understanding of where I'm coming from here.

      • Maybe I'm at the bottom of the pile, but my preorder says December 2021. I put it in a few hours after they opened up the second wave preorders.

        • December 2021…. that can’t be right!
          I am looking to buy, too late to the party. But looks like 2025, in time for PS6😔

    • +1

      I think only EB Games have sold post launch pre-orders. I guess just keep an eye on the retailers and on here and there’ll be a retailer opening up more orders late this year or early next year.

      • Thanks!

    • +2

      I pre-ordered a digital version, I don't particularly want on reflection and just wanted the option. I will probably sell-it unopened when I receive it as I am sure many others may

      At cost of course. I know most OzBargainers would sell their grandmas to get 10% off a Hungry Jack burger, but I imagine most wouldn't be touts.

      *I live in Sydney so if you want a digital edition, I am probably going to sell mine (I haven't 100% decided yet though for the record) I am on the day 1 release list. Picking up from Castle Towers

      • Thanks for the offer, I wish I could take you up on it but I'm Melbourne based. :(

      • Hi I would love to take you up on this offer!! I live in sydney and happy to pick it up. Message me if you’re still interested please

      • -1

        You'll probably just sell it to someone who will then on-sell for a profit. Hard to know who is genuine.

    • bruh its a drag to make it seem like theres heaps of demand for the new consoles, guaranteed early next year it wont be sold out, in my opinion no need to preorder ull be able tobuy whenevery a game u really want comes out

      • not saying that there isnt heaps of demand, but trust like its not going to sold out for ages

        • +1

          Yeah, that's good perspective. Though there is a game I'd like to play at launch - Miles Morales. Sure I can get the PS4 version, upgrade it later, etc. I kinda want to play the best version of the game while it's fairly new though. Not very feasible, I know… but would be nice.

    • +1

      Christmas + new console launch. Sony/MS would be stupid not to have stock ready to sell through retail during that time.

      PS4 launch versions were sold out for preorder as well. I walked in to EB and bought it day one. PS3 launch version with hardware support backwards compat was sold out for preorder as well, bought it day one by walking to a retail shop.

      Its just hype and artificial demand creation for marketing.

      • +1

        Man, I think your message makes a lot of sense. I want to believe in that. Can you imagine how fail it would be? A launch without any console available to purchase in 2020 (almost paper lunch). Why apple doesn't have this "problem" I wonder.

        Even more ridiculous is the pocket money deposit needed for Australia Pre order. They should have charged full price and avoid scalpers

        • They've sold out every unit they could make so far globally so I don't see how that's a fail. No one has the supply chain strength & logistics of Apple plus smartphones are more uniform than a brand new custom console.

          The deposits are set by retailers, some wanted full payment upfront, some did $200, some had $0 down.

    • +1

      We've got a digital one on pre-order, but will be looking for the disc version on release day. I'm also in Melb, so happy to sell to you if we manage to get the other one!

      • That would be amazing, I'd gladly take you up on it if you're able to get a disc one before I'm able to get a digital! :)

        • +1

          Easy as; I'll do my best to remember to message you on release day either way, but feel free to remind me!

  • Merged from PS5 Stock on Launch Day

    Does anyone know if there’s been a statement /confirmation on whether stores such as eb and jb will stock more ps5’s for people without a pre order?

    • +2

      My local EB games said NO. All stocks has been allocated and have scheduled pick-ups on the release day.

      • Scheduled pickups? Do you mean like an allocated time?

    • u can try offer some kid $1500 as he exit's EBGAMES, u could get lucky.

      • Woah! That’s like 3 Nintendos

    • -1

      Maybe just buy a PS4 Pro for now.

    • +2

      My mate has been chasing one

      BIG W: has signs in most stores stating no launch day stock
      EB Games: 2X Stores and Contact centre confirmed no stock in stores until early 2021
      JB Hifi: No launch day stock in stores (no idea when they will get more, most likley late 20 early 21)
      Target: No Launch Day Stock at all. Late 2020
      Harvey Norman: Stores and CS via Email: No stock in stores until early 2021

      So i think its a safe bet they are all pre-sold out everywhere at this point

      • +1

        Also add amazon has just postponed ahead of launch day preorders till 2021. So Buckleys hope of getting one in store

        • +1

          Not all are delayed. Amazon are shipping launch day orders if you received the 'stock secured' email from them last week.

      • I just got an email today that Telstra bumped my 2021 preorder of Series X from wave 2 to wave 1. I got in very late but Telstra are also packaging three years of Ultimate at RRP so Telstra has to be Microsoft's preferred customer in Australia right now.

    • +3

      Does anyone know if there’s been a statement /confirmation on whether stores such as eb and jb will stock more ps5’s for people without a pre order?

      Where have you been? Turbo Man's only the hottest-selling Christmas toy ever, duh!

      • Ta ta turtle man

    • -1

      Why didn't you just pre order like everyone else?

      • +5

        New Member Since 3 hours 54 min ago

        • Yeah I’ve been a guest for a bit but just decided to ask a question and i didn’t pre order becuase I hadn’t decided on whether I wanted digital or physical

    • I may have one more delivered within one week after the launch day.

    • I read a post on reddit where someone said that JB HiFi still had Digital Versions available for pre-order for walk-ins. Not really what you are asking but… here is the post

      • I can't even find the PS5 on their site, so I don't think so.

        Ah, expression of interest, in store only.

    • The two stores I asked just now said negative to EOI requests

      • did you ask them in store?

        • +1

          Yes - One answered that its a bit of a no-no and he himself didnt manage to get one so unlikely any would be held back…
          The other said he had his gaming staff member phoning up chasing new stock almost daily and they were not getting any feedback.

          He had heard that though some night it remained to be seen whether the people who put their name down would actually get the call…maybe others will be lucky but not in Sydney CBD.

          • @TAS1981: cool thanks for the details! yeh i figured anywhere in Sydney will be hard to get, i guess i just need to be more patient :)

    • HOPEFULLY Xbox one X will drop dramatically now 😄

    • your chances are NONE to ZERO since Sony confirmed there won't be floor stock without a preorder at launch.

    • I feel like OzB is the best place to hang around if you want to find stock. Maybe not launch day, I’ve got a mate who is a massive Sony pony, so I’m going to be on top of any stock that comes in so I can scalp him silly (jokes).

      • They'll will come down eventually but it may take 6 months

        • I get a bit of a kick out of the idea of finding one before Christmas at retail and helping him out. Surely Amazon, Target etc. will get a second wave of stock like EB has promised.

          • @cc23: If he wants to pay RRP

            • @Willco88: Yeah RRP is amazing at this time though surely?

              • @cc23: If he likes

                • -1

                  @Willco88: Well right now he is looking on eBay at like $1200+

                  • -1

                    @cc23: Jesus people being disgusting

  • Merged from Sony Store PS5 Preorders Shipping out

    The orders for the first shipment have been sent out today.

    My order was shipped using Startrack Express from HORSLEY PARK NSW 2175

    If I'm lucky it should get here by tomorrow.

    • +1

      so jealous!

    • MS shipped the XBox on Friday but instructed DHL not to deliver until today, not sure if Sony will do the same thing.

      • Mine departed Melbourne then drove past my house in New South Wales to get to Sydney then it has to back track to me. A complete waste of time and resources and a detriment to the environment.

    • Man haven't heard jack-shmit from JB Hi-Fi about my order! Awaiting pickup details

      • +2

        Sorry son you have to wait til next year

        • Mate are you looking for fisty-cuffs?

          • +3

            @ThithLord: People already received emails and calls from JB since last week.

            • @Fredfloresjr: I thought you were pulling me leg, 'pologies.

              Checked with JB, they have my PS5. Because it was an online order, they hadn't contacted me. Only pre-orders from a store will get a call, and that's just to gauge staff numbers.

      • +3

        You should have received a call from your local store.

        • Thanks for that - I just spoke with my local JB, they have mine. They've been contacting customers who pre-ordered the device in store but don't have access to the details of online orders, hence me not receiving a G'day. He said they're only calling to gauge how many staff they'll need on day of launch, anyway.

          • +1

            @ThithLord: Not my experience. I ordered online and they've called me twice to schedule me coming in to pickup.

            • @Sxio: Fair enough, that's just what he said to me. JB Carindale, QLD

    • I've confirmed with Sony that I will be receiving first shipment of PS5 over the phone, but my order status is still at order accepted. I hope mine is sent out today as well. :S
      *Update: Just contacted Sony over the phone again. They confirmed that they are processing my order for shipment now. Cant wait!

      • Just got the tracking number from Sony as well :D

    • +2

      Got my tracking number.

    • If I'm lucky it should get here by tomorrow.

      The reason they use Star Track is that star track will hold the parcel until launch day.
      You can expect it Thursday.. would be nice to get it early though that is for sure.

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