Energy Australia: up to $200 Cashback (New Signups: Gas & Electricity $200, Electricity $110, Gas $90) @ Cashrewards


Just spotted this on Cashrewards, Title and Description thanks to BA

New Gas & Electricity Signups $200.00
New Electricity Signups $110.00
New Gas Signups $90.00

Special Terms
EnergyAustralia products are not sold or available in NT, WA, TAS, or outside of the Energex network in QLD.

Cashback will only be paid on new EnergyAustralia accounts, which includes existing EnergyAustralia customers moving into new premises. Existing EnergyAustralia customers who switch to different EnergyAustralia plans/plan at the same premises will not be eligible for cashback.

If you purchase both a gas and an electricity plan, these will report into your Cashrewards account separately, and cashback will be credited to you as two separate transactions.

Cashback will only be eligible when you sign up to gas and electricity plans via the Cashrewards branded EnergyAustralia landing page by clicking the Shop Now button from this page.

Cashback is not available on solar electricity plans.

Cashback is issued by Cashrewards, not EnergyAustralia.

Cashback may take up to 14 days to track into your Cashrewards account.

Cashback may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia.

Referral Links

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$10 for both referee and referrer ($20 Until 30/9/20), after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +5 votes

    Go to below link and do a comparison before you take a decision…

    • +1 to this.

      Energy Australia is $200 more expensive for me compared to ReAmped, which wipes out the entire cashback.

    • Nectr electricity is cheaper and you get $150 signup credit. No need to wait 3-6 months for cashback which may never eventuate.

  • Do they have an app like AGL to monitor daily usage?

    • Yes they do

    • Their data is 48 hours old except on weekends were it can take 3-4 days for an update. I just moved from EA to Origin and have gone from paying for electricity to receiving refunds due to their better FIT. Also, Origin’s App is usually updated the next morning with a few exceptions.

  • From me Click was cheaper. I signed up with EA and then cancelled in the cooling off.
    EA rates are ridiculously high. No deal for NSW rural.
    I am negging as the Cashbacks make the deal look good, the poor tariffs make it expensive

    Also they would not allow FiT despite advertising it as available.

  • I got the rebate after 3 months and quickly moved providers. Worked out cheaper this way.

    • When I applied, 2 weeks later my current provider called and ask me why I'm leaving. I said I was getting $200 cash back. Then they offered me $200 bill credit if I stayed. Turned out to be cheaper.

  • Cashback may take up to 180 days to be confirmed by EnergyAustralia

    Does that mean we have to stay with them for 6 months?

    • I signed up to the same deal on the 28/8 and still haven't recevied the cashback, I expect it to take the full 6 months but I hope not. Above someone said they received it in three months.

  • Just signed up with them for gas a couple of weeks ago. FML :-(

  • Globird kills their prices

  • "Cashback is not available on solar electricity plans."
    And once again solar is discriminated against …

  • avoid these guys, i signed last year after doing research based on decent FIT. One month later they reduce FIT by half, poor move and poor value now

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