Galax RTX 2060 SUPER (1-Click OC) V2 $489, Kingston A2000 1TB NVMe SSD $149 Delivered @ PCByte


We've got two GeForce GPUs and a 1TB SSD on special this week. Limited to 2 units per customer, with free shipping. Happy shopping!

  1. Kingston A2000 M.2 2280 NVMe 1TB PCle Internal SSD 2200MB/s SA2000M8/1000G
    Price: 149 free Shipping -

  2. Galax NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER EX (1-Click OC) 4GB D6 Video Card 65SQL8DS61EX
    Price: 209 free Shipping -

  3. Galax NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER (1-Click OC) V2 White LED Video Card 26ISL6HP68LD
    Price: 489 free Shipping -

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  • is the 2060 super going to drop further, I think this price is about $80 drop from last week

    • A fair bit further by the end of the year. I figure the 3060 will be about $600 AUS and be far faster than this

      • +2 votes

        3060 is predicted to be as fast as 2080 super and I don't think it would be less than $650-700 for a while. 2080 S is not twice as fast 2060 S. If 2060 S drop further as you mentioned. For example $350 or $400. It would be a better choice for people with low budget. An even better option would be 5600xt & 5700xt at that price range.

    • You’ll find them in your local landfill soon enough.

  • And way down we go ~~

    • …well, this card is going to be trashed by the "low-end" RTX 3050, or at the worst the RTX 3050 Ti within several months. So I expect it to drop much more than this come time.

      So it's not just RTX 2080 Ti owners, but almost all RTX-2000 owners who are going to feel the burn by the RDNA-2 and RTX-3000 lineup. Yet, the GTX 1070-to-GTX 1080 Ti owners are going to rejoice!

      • Im curious to see what'll become of the low-mid range gpus like 1060 and rx570-580, whose secondhand price has been solid 200 ish for yeaaars.

  • Which GPU is more suitable for a i5-7600K, or is there a better GPU I should be looking at?

    • Depends on the games you play. I have a i7-7700 and a RTX 2080 super and sometimes it will be 100% GPU sometimes 100% CPU. Open world games will suffer more on CPU side of things, higher resolutions will favour GPU utilisation.

    • An overclocked 7600K is very good for gaming. What monitor do you use?

      The higher-res & refresh rate of the screen, the more GPU power you're going to need in games.

      • AOC 24G2, 144Hz 1080p. Will be running 2x monitors, however, only one will be used for gaming

        • +2 votes

          A 2070s would provide enough grunt (and then some), to drive the screen at it's refresh rate.

          If you haven't overclocked the CPU, and have a 1/2 decent cooler then I suggest looking at doing so.

  • Do you have any news on the MSI RTX3080 graphic cards?

  • put your $500 towards a 3060/70

    • Yeah I know $800 is a lot more but a 3080 will wipe the floor with this and last you a lot longer

      • but being able to utilise a 3080 will require even more $$$…
        I'm planning to buy a 3070 but I only have a 1080p 144hz monitor that my 2060 is perfectly adequate for. Cheapest 1440p 144hz monitors go for around 500 and 4k 144hz monitors… probably going to be more than the card.

  • $500 should be the 2070 super price within the next few weeks.

  • I reckon this should be $300-400 max. The 3070 is around $900 given the price of the 3080 $1139.
    So $800 for 2080ti
    $550-700 for 2080 super
    $450-600 for 2070 super
    $300-400 for 2060 super.

    • I think there's a misconception that the 3070 is wildly better than the 2080 ti

      In reality, I think they should be the same price

      • From the presentation it seemed the biggest difference was price rather than performance right?

  • This 2060 Super is a decent card. Plays most stuff at 1440p 60 FPS on high/ultra.

    But yeah, it'll probably come down more. I got one for my son for $528 a couple of months ago, but I'm loving the price drops as I'm claiming price protection on my 28 Degrees :)

    • Yes I bought one for my son 3 months ago, it's paired with a 2500k and runs all the latest games at 1080p high/ultra @ 75fps. I see prices are finally coming down after the corona surge, I paid a little more than I wanted ($599) but what can you do when you're stuck on a build.

  • Hmmm… should I wait a little longer to upgrade my GTX970? :D

    • Yes. At least until the 3080 is released next week. It should push prices down more in the next couple of weeks

    • Yes yes yes just wait. This deal will stay on for a long time, they need to clear stock.

  • Don’t think that almost A$500 is a particularly good offer for an RTX 2060 any longer.

  • Even if I need a graphic card, I won't be paying more than $360 for RTX2060 super. In my opinion price around $300-$360 would be a reasonable range.

    • I hope you’re right, but I think they’ll be out of stock before that price is ever likely to be something that happens in Australia!

      • I think black friday will be the last chance before all stock is cleared on 2060s and 2070s.

      • Agree with the stock concerns. And if they do drop that low, it will likely be Ozbargained within the hour.

    • Not many alternatives at this price range. Hopefully AMD can deliver a solid card for the mid tier price range ($300-500).

  • Waiting for the 2070S Card prices to drop down, down, down. Can wait 2 months.

  • Waiting until October to see what happens.