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Dell 24" Monitor – S2421H 1080p 75 Hz IPS AMD FreeSync - $167.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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Specs is similar to this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565983 but it comes with built in speakers for $8 more.

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  • Can anyone pls tell , is this good for software coding? Is text look sharp on this? If not pls recommend monitor budget around $250. 24 or 27 inch.

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      It's a 24" 1080p ips panel so yes it will be crisp and fine for coding. The resolution only really matters when u go to bigger sizes like 27".

      My general rule of thumb is..
      24" 1080p
      27" 2k
      32"+ 4k

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        I feel 32" is fine with 2K

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          Phone is fine

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          32" 2K is the same pixel density as 24" FHD. Do the math.
          27" 2K and 32" 4K is significantly sharper than 24" FHD
          27" 4K is so sharp it's a waste of pixels imo.

      • Do you know if they will be listing more deals today or tonight?, it might be helpful info for those waiting for something specific…

      • Thanks all

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          You've been given questionable advice above.

          A 24 inch monitor at 1080p, does not have great PPI - around 92 PPI, which will not deliver "sharp" and "crisp" text for coding.

          If you want CRISP at that size, you'll need to get a higher resolution monitor (2560 x 1440), which means you will need to add at least another $100 to your budget.

          I would also suggest at least 75hz refresh rate for page scrolling and general use that coincides with coding. 60hz is a joke these days. Be kind to your eyes.

          Definitely don't settle for less than 100 ppi, and aim for 108+ ppi if you want reasonably crisp text.

          I like the look of this monitor. Save up for something like this, which has an impressive 163 ppi, and goes to 75hz… it's on sale too a little bit…

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      It's not the best if you're looking for sharpness, same ppi as a 32" 2k monitor which is noticeably blurrier compared to 27 4k monitor for me

      Though at$250, you'd probably only be able to get 27 2k monitor, which still has a higher ppi than this

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      I use 24" 2K dell in portrait for coding.
      I also have 27" 4k but pixels are too small.
      And 24" 1080 pixels are too big.

      I do need to het glasses though. Getting old.

  • Any reason why there are many dell monitor deals lately?

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      Most of the people working from home.
      Companies do not buy new monitors.
      They try to sell monitors to home users before people get back to offices and realise they don't need it.

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        A true ozb would wait for that moment for second hand market to get flooded by those

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          A true ozbargainer buys brand new monitor at second hand price.

          lol but I'm not sure where to find such deal because I'm not one

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        before people get back to offices

        The time of people wasting hours of their life commuting somewhere to do a job they can do at home is over.

        Offices will eventually become just meeting rooms for the odd meeting that has to be done in person or for team building.

        I'd be very worried if I owned corporate realestate.

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          Bang on.

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      Because they're awesome monitors and the Dell eBay has 20% off

    • I'm wondering too, these are all yr21 models. I'd have expected deals to offload older years stock.

  • Out of stock. Happened while I was checking out RIP

  • Missed it by 'that' much - good price

  • people are going HAM on these.

  • Almost picked up one of these but the HDMI was a deal breaker. Hanging out for a cheap 24 inch 1080p with DisplayPort to go with my Samsung c24f390 via HDMI.

      • I was - that one doesn't have DP according to Dell's own tech specs on the model - looks like a mistaken picture in that ebay listing, if that's your indication for it having DisplayPort. I nearly pulled the trigger on it before I double checked.

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          You're right, a couple of these deals have had errors in the ebay listings, bad luck for the people that put fair in them…

          I knew one of them had DP, as James mentioned below it was the HS deal:

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            @FLICKIT: Yeah I'm keeping an eye on that one but it's a shame the prices aren't approaching the $120 that I paid for the Samsung C24F390 - but I guess that's a pretty outrageous price.

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      The S2421HS sold for $183.20 a few days go. It has DP 1.2 in port and HDMI. Maybe they will bring it back so keep an eye out.
      The HN I'm not sure has DP, ebay ad showed it but Dell site says it's only 2xHDMI.

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        Yeah looks like a mistake on the ebay listing. Luckily I double checked the model to confirm.

        I hate how manufacturers dilute their products with this confusing garbage.

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    Seems like back in stock if someone is interested.

  • Back in stock guys!

  • If I pass this and wait for a 24inch 2k 75Hz or 27inch 2k 75Hz, it will display crispy text, but do I need a higher spec video card to drive it? I want to put it on a Dell 9020 I purchased as second hand.

  • I received this but it turns out a bit small for my setup.

    Anyone wants this (Vic), or I'll return it to Dell.

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