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Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB (Green) $1149 (OW P/B $1091.55) @ JB HI-FI


Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB (Green) $1149 (OW P/B $1091.55) @ JB HI-FI

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    Coming up at $1,296 for me on OW.

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      It's on Jb hi fi. Click "go to deal". OP was posting the officeworks link for the price beat purpose.

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      you need to call OW (1300 OFFICE) or go in-store & price beat the JB deal

      • My bad, sorry, adding the link made me think the price would be there. Would love to have zip pay or something for a price beat.

  • Although Iphone 12 hasn't been released on the market yet, it looks like Samsung is starting to drop the price.

    • I wonder if the price will go back up after the spook.

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        I doubt the price of Note 20 will be going up as it doesn't offer much value. I would image most of people still go for the Note 20 Ultra.

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      why though, people that buy Apple will always buy Apple, same for Android

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        I change between Apple and Android.

        • Me too, I usually get whatever offers the best value as a phone and does what I want it to do. More recently the perceived value of iPhone have been diminishing for me.

          Samsung/Android continuously improve and implement innovations, cram new technologies in, and Apple mostly tacks on another digit and some feature I don't quite care for.

        • -6

          I buy an Android, and many apples, mumm…red delicious!
          Apple gets rotten in a fortnight if not consumed πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

        • And then there is an option of using both.

      • Salutations … Not every1 is that loyal.

        • To me Apple is brand and ecosystem, Android is better pricing and more customisation. So there's not much reason to change once you make your choice

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            @ln28909: An Apple a day, keeps the Huawei away 🀣

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            @ln28909: Android is an open ecosystem, that's the only difference. If you choose to buy closed ecosystem products that only work on a single ecosystem, that's a choice I guess. I go between iPhone and Android with no issues, although I don't buy Apple closed ecosystem products like the apple watch etc.

            • @onlinepred: The brand name is also a big thing, some people just like to have Apple products

              • +1

                @ln28909: The closed ecosystem is very deliberate, yes it makes them lots of money, but it also allows them to deliver a very good experience from a product experience point of view.

                I've been between iPhone and Android (I've had more Android phones) and the iPhone experience in terms of things just working well together (iPhone, Macbook Pro, Apple Watch). You simply can't match that experience in the Android world.

                Give me a stable, super fast iPhone experience over many many years vs an Android phone that maybe gets 3 OS updates, slows down immensely any day.

                I should also mention, no Android phone can ever match Apple from a hardware point of view. Design (subjective yes), build quality, custom silicon that screams.

                The "brand" is desired for a good reason… it's not just marketing.

                • @bargaineer: Well that maybe true, even if it's no longer true in the future or the margin is reduced such that there is no longer a difference, I know there would still be many people that buy Apple for its name

                  For example, my friend can buy a Burberry phone case for $300 even though i doubt its quality exceed a normal $10 unbranded one by 30 folds

              • +3

                @ln28909: people are stupid

                • -2

                  @abuch47: You can't call people that are richer than you stupid, otw what does it make you lol

      • I'm actually an Android Ex-Pat as of this week.
        Just jumped over to a iPhone SE after having a S8 since release day.
        I miss Windows phones…

  • +3

    The phone color is mostly irrelevant these days as they will be covered anyway.

    • +2

      but spen color is still relevant.

    • so is the plastic back

  • $1,319.20 (-5%) on edu store incase anyone was wondering.

    • $1203.24 after all discounts

      • Which makes this deal kinda tempting

        • +3

          I'm personally waiting for black friday, since the Note 10 was half price then

          • @ln28909: Limited stock or was the stock level normal?

            • +1

              @jonchai: normal, all the retail stores were doing it i.e. JB, TGG, OW, etc.

  • +25

    "Blazing fast Exynos 990 Octa-Core chipset"


    • +3

      Somehow managed to make a chip that is both slower and worse on battery life. That's an accomplishment.

      • Ah so that's why the Note20 prices have been crashing recently. The new exynos has been a disaster "upgrade" wise

        • On the plus side this doesn't have a stupid curved display. A slower chip is a minor trade off considering that, not everyone games.

          • @nsonha: The slower chipset isn't as detrimental as the worse battery life

            • @maverickjohn: That's a big consideration. The battery on my S10e is terrible now.
              Unless I have a powerbank permanently connected

            • +1

              @maverickjohn: I live in Melbourne so I'm not sure I even need a mobile phone these days let alone battery life :)

    • So blazing fast that it runs hotter than Snapdragon equivalent!

  • This promo could be scheduled for against iPhone 12, however iPhone 12 hasn't been announced today…lol

  • +1

    Worst phone to have in terms of battery life. Had the 4G model for two weeks, and battery drained like anything. Had to charge it during the day again even with normal use i.e. browsing, FB, emails, whatsapp etc and No Games. So imagine what would be the battery life for 5G model. Sold it last might on FB. Don’t waste your money on Note 20 series, unless you can get Ultra Model at heavy discount.

    • How long did you have the note 20 for?

      • 2 weeks. Better go for Note 10 Plus if you really want to buy a Note series phone. Gives you better value then Note 20.

    • I am using Note 10 plus. The battery is ok but not great. Overall, Iphone beats samsung in terms of battery life easily. If I can have always on display and youtube vanced version on iphone, I might consider iphone this year.

      • +1

        If you have always on display the iPhone battery will go down significantly.

      • +1

        iphone practically shuts any background process just like huawei. Thats why huawei battery is usually better than Samsung.

        But since android 10, you can choose which apps you want to stop in the background. (Well for samsung)

        Its under device care->battery->app power management. Then just deep sleep apps you don't need to run in the background.

        Keep whatsapp and the like on obviously…

    • How many phones do you have?? You had the x2 pro too

      • Is this question to me? 😊

        • Ah yes!

          • @mbck: Yes, I had Oppo Find X2 Pro, but was always after a flat display phone. When I saw Note 20, jumped to buy it, but was totally disappointed. So now back to my Oppo Find X2 Pro. Currently easily the best Android phone officially available in Australia.

  • +4

    Primary reasons to avoid this model.
    1080p 60hz screen.
    128GB storage with no SD card support.
    Plastic instead of glass on a $1k+ phone.

    This is spec'd more like a high end A series than a note phone, they artificially crippled the low latency s pen for the sake of segmentation.

    • +3

      dont forget trash exynos cpu

    • +1

      I actually prefer plastic. I'd go ceaseless if my phone were made of plastic.

    • +1

      might just get oneplus Nord no Amazon for 600bucks. at least it's 90hz and also 5g.. similar cpu performance. and OS is on par or better than Samsung

  • +1

    I really like the colour of this phone, the leafy green. Too bad about the rest of the phone though :D

  • +2

    Exynos 60hz plastic back for over 1000..might just get iPhone 11 or wait for iPhone 12

    I'm an Android user but just saying…

  • Note 20 is not a good phone, better to get note 20 ultra if one really wants note.
    Wonder why apple didn't release new iPhone

  • +3

    Specs are not as good as note 10 plus. Whats the point?

    • +1

      Exactly, the s20 and s20+ both put feature it. Hell the note 9 has a better screen.

      • +1

        I honestly think this is a real mistake here. Note20 should be called fan edition. I was just about to ditch my note10 plus for this…… After seeing the spec I was like WTF……… I will wait for the iphone 12 then.

  • holding out of zenphone 7 pro however doubt it will be supported in AU =(

  • +3

    Bought the 4G one week before last, sold it immediately. Not because it has a 1080p 60hz locked display, poor battery life, gets hot in your hand from the chip that only Australia gets, or the plastic, cheap looking/feeling rear, but because it'll be on sale for less than $799 soon…based on the above & the inmediate deals JB has been offering to offload these dogs.
    S20+ is better spec'd for the similar price, or the S10 reg is also better spec'd for a lot less.

    • +1

      Agree. I also purchased and sold it within two weeks of use.

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