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ThinkPad L380 13.3" FHD Touchscreen / Intel i5-8250U / 256GB SSD / 8GB RAM / Backlit / Win10 Pro / $799 Shipped 2 Days @ Lenovo


Last month's L380 deal is back. Whilst cashback is obviously not as strong, I've still had heaps of messages to bring this machine back at the best price possible, so here it is. Apply eCoupon TA-L380-799 at checkout for the discount. Will be shipped in 2 days from Sydney as this is local stock. Call Lenovo's telesales number on 1300 557 073 (until 5pm daily) with any questions. Ends 11:59pm AEST 20/09/20, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • Intel Core i5-8250U CPU
  • 13.3" FHD WVA Touchscreen (1920 x 1080)
  • 256GB SSD M.2 PCIe / 8GB RAM
  • 322mm x 224mm x 18.8mm (1.46kg)

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    Heres a review. Good thing is the RAM is upgradable to 32GB DDR4 in dual channel, there are 2 sockets. SSD and Wireless card is easily upgradable as well.


  • Would this be a good replacement for an old Gen 2 X1 Carbon? (i5-5300U)

  • Really decent deal, personally I'd pick a Ryzen over this due to the better integrated graphics.

  • 270 nits, 60% sRGB, 38% AdobeRGB

  • How does this cpu compare with the i7-10510u?

  • Looking for some advice - my wife and I are looking for a basic computer to use as a personal computer (thought we could use our work ones but finding that a) it doesn’t allow us to switch off from work and b) some sites are restricted e.g. fantasy football, betting).
    What would be the cheapest computer to use for basic excel, web browsing etc? Don’t want to use a tablet.
    Any advice is much appreciated

    • Buy this

    • when you say work ones, do you mean work laptop? If so, have you tried turning off the VPN?

      • What would be the cheapest computer to use for basic excel, web browsing etc?

        Anything. If that is literally all you want to do, literally anything made in the past 5 years that runs windows. Get the cheapest machine you can get your hands on with a screen that is acceptable to you for watching video. If you're gonna spend extra money, spend it on ram, and if you really wanna spend as little as possible, forget the extra ram and just more diligently close the tabs in your browser.

      • Or outside the box, get a USB and run a portable Linux distro as a second OS. Though if this really an issue for your workspace, that functionality will be disabled. And if it isn't, DM me where you work, I'll beg them for a job and make sure you never do anything fun on your laptop ever again ;)

    • I'm sure not the cheapest but a few reasonable qual low end buysthat should go ok
      i3 4GB RAM 256G SSD $539
      i3 6G RAM 256SSD + touch screen $600
      http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-Inspiron-14-5000-2-in-1-Lapt... $600

    • Based on my experience, for the basic uses you have stated, a modern Pentium CPU, with 4 or possibly 8GB of RAM and a decent SSD will be plenty.

    • Get anything with an SSD (or you can install an SSD yourself), the amount of required RAM depends on how many tabs you keep open.

      My Laptop is old acer 573 from 2013 that have i5-4200u (2 core/4 threads) and 8GB RAM.
      It came with 4GB and I added another 4GB after 2 years as original 4GB RAM was not enough when there are many chrome tabs open.
      Then after another 2 years or so I added an SSD (ssd significantly reduced the boot time and application startup time).
      It can handle more than 30 Chrome tabs easily with few word and excel documents open in parallel.

  • Doing any deals on the L390 Yoga??

  • Thanks. I just bought one of these for $199 more. I'm aware of Lenovo's 30 day price match. I contacted them this evening and they told me it is only claimable up to seven days from receiving the laptop. I didn't know that and it has been seven days today. Hopefully even though I sent them an email after hours I'll still get the refund.

    The power button is on the side of the L380 unlike other Thinkpads so you have to hunt for it. And there is no full size ethernet port with only a mini ethernet and you need an adaptor. There are two adaptors available in the store, make sure you get the right one. I bought a third party USB C dock with power passthrough instead as it was better value for money. The RAM is easily upgradable and there are two slots with a maximum of 32 GB. I added a 16 GB to the 8GB in mine. The user replaceable HDD and RAM, backlit keyboard and touchscreen are the reasons you'd get this over another Lenovo model.

  • If only this deal was available in NZ

  • Are you after a laptop, or desktop? Laptop-wise, this one is a good deal. I'd avoid anything under $600 bucks, or anything that does not have an Intel i3/i5/i7/Core M or AMD Ryzen CPU in it. If it says 'Pentium', Gold or AMD A4/6/9, run for the hills..

    Edit this comment was for @bravyboy

    • Edit this comment was for @bravyboy

      LOL I thought so. I was a bit confused as I was reading this but I figured.

      You can always just reply to his comment directly and delete this though!

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  • Tightarse any cashback at 20% coming up?
    Missed last deal with that amazing cashback :(

  • Thanks for the post OP. Just ordered one :)

  • 2 cents

    screen is OK, but the touch layer implementation might drive some people crazy (though I don't want to tell you what it is and spoil the experience, it's easy to miss but hard to un-see)

    i5-8250 is your oldest and most basic iteration of 8th gen i5. its max turbo frequency goes up to only 3.4GHz while last iterations of 8th gen i5 go up to 4.1GHz. also latest iterations added more security features to work around vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre

    so it's wiser to choose something based on CPU released in 2019 like i5-8260U or better i5-8365U if you decide to buy an 8th gen CPU in 2020.

  • I bought Thinkpad e14 from lenevo website 3 days from AUD 1400$ i-7 16 GB RAM and 2GB AMD redon Graphics card. Not sure I paid more or it was decent? Can I call lenovo for price match or anything like that?

  • Hmm bought the ideapad gaming model this morning for $1175. Could have saved a bit i guess.

  • Got this last month and I wasn't sure what I was going to get as its a great price. Its a great deal!
    I have Lenovo Yoga c930 which I can compare it to. That is a bit better but thats $1500. For the money this is amazing. Thanks tightarse

  • Tightarse please bring back the 20% cash back

  • I got it last month deal with 20% cashback deal. So far it has been good. Do not come with a pen but has a place for pen in the laptop and Lenovo told me it cannot use a pen. The trackpad is not the best. Battery life is around 4-5 hrs. Otherwise good performance in day to day use. Hopefully it helps anyone looking to buy.

  • Good price but out of dated processor and design. Is Slim 3 ideapad i5 10gen a reasonable alternative?

  • It has 2 USB-c ports. Would either of these be suitable for eGPU?

  • If only this is 15" screen.. Almost..

  • So to confirm wva is actually ips, not some va derivative right?

  • I've had this model for over a year now. Been very happy with it. A little heave to carry around, but OK. Touch screen works well. Screen is OK brightness. Stuggles in really bright sunlight. The screen has a non reflective coating which helps.

    Colour is OK. The screen is definitely at the lower end of screens, but works well enough for basic productivity tasks and watching youtube and videos.

    I bought becuase of the upgradeability. Added an extra 8GB RAM, SSD to 1TB. Watched a youtube video on how to take the base off. Pretty easy process.

    If they could reduce the bezel size by 50% it would be a nice sized laptop.

    • Hi

      If you have part number of RAM and SSD(1TB) Can you share it.
      It will be helpful for me to do the upgrade.

  • Looking for a laptop as a present for my boy. And i know he plays a few online games and henis also going to Uni, so need something that could be used for both.. But the dedicated gaming laptops are too expensive.. Is this a good option for me to buy? Tia!

  • Anywhere in Australia that stock these? I'd like to try one out in person first

  • does anyone know if an internal smart card reader can be installed in this model?
    probably not, cuz I cant find any info on expansion slots on the webpage.

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of the L series compared to the T or X series thinkpads?

    • Might be a related but I would also like to know.

      I note a number of Amazon deals for Lenovo flex and slim with 4xxx ryzen and 16gb ram (i.e. current gen spec) for less than $1k.

      Why is this deal for a laptop 2 gens older so well upvoted?

  • Damn I missed out :(

  • Missed out ;( wonder when they will restock…

  • I have made double order and have requested to cancel one of the order. So stock may get updated in couple of days, as the laptop needs to be Reached back to warehouse.

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