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Seiki 65" UHD Smart TV $449 ($439 with Newsletter Sign up) @ Target


Product Features
4K Ultra HD Resolution
Netflix, YouTube & PrimeVideo pre-installed
3 x HDMI ports
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
ARC (Audio Return Channel)
PVR (Personal Video Recorder)
Dimensions: Without stand - 146.15cm (W) x 7.1cm (D) x 94.35cm, With stand - 146.15cm (W) x 28.5cm (D) x 90.6cm (H)

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +3

    opps, about month ago I paid $399 for 55", now it is $299… anyway non in SA stores

    Paid using coles credit card, not sure whether I can get back the difference.

    • +1

      None in Melbourne CBD either.

    • +2

      Are you able to comment on the quality of the TV from your experience?

      • +3

        I got 55", so far really good… can't complaint even for $399…

  • If it were android tv I'd be tempted, but I'm guessing this is the one of their older smart-tv models ??

    • +13

      Add a VTV or MiBox for Android TV. You will get a much better experience than if it was running on this TV

    • The only HDR panels I can see from Seiki were added to their site 02/2020 so if this is actually HDR it should be a decent + modern panel if nothing else. Other internals will probs be crap though.

  • +2

    Ordered one, thanks OP

    • +2

      Same. And can confirm it combined with the $10 voucher. Thanks OP.

      If the kid breaks this one (too) then no big loss..

      • +1

        And can confirm it combined with the $10 voucher.

        Thanks for confirming.

        Congratulations on new TV that you didn't know you were buying this AM :D

      • -4

        The kid or the TV?

  • Pretty amazing price!
    According to reviews, quality can be a bit hit and miss, so be prepared to test it when you get it and return it if it's a dud.
    Speakers and wifi are a bit weak, but for $100 you can use external devices that will perform better than TV's three times the price.

  • $658 del.

    • $518 delivered for me

      • +1

        Could it be click and collected?

        • +1


    • +1

      Click and collect?

  • -3

    Personally I wouldn't buy this TV, but that doesn't mean I can't assist:

    https://www.amazon.com.au/Artiss-Trolley-Screens-Displays-Ad... free delivery

    $650 in total or so.

  • +1

    Not going to buy one right now but really good price for 65 inch TV

  • Does it have built in Chromecast?

    • It doesn't say but I can use built in Chromecast on my 55"

      • Yeah it doesn't say anywhere, That was the only reason I didn't go for it.

  • -3

    poor man buys twice

    • +16

      Rich man buys spare

      • he won't be rich for long if he keeps doing that

      • +1

        Broden buys 35

    • +1

      Yeah I think these TVs really are kinda "you get what you pay for" kinda thing.

      • +2

        Sounds good. I wouldn't want to get less though

      • Well you can pay much more and they still only last a few years before the manufacturers wash their hands of all responsibilities… So imo cheap is fine.

        • I have a platinum tv(target home brand) and their warentee has been excellent… Every problem no matter how minor their solution is bring it back and you can either have a refund or a new one (with a new warranty)

      • Have you used/seen one yourself? Or you re guessing from experience

        • -1

          Picture quality will be poor - dull colours, dim screen. Something that would annoy me day in, day out.

  • No home delivery and not in stock at any of the targets anywhere near me. Impossible to actually get due to the lockdown!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I missed out on the last 55" & 58" ones but this is better. I was in such a rush to check out before all gone I forgot to add flybuys and do the $10 discount!

    • +1

      Careful. Keep doing this and your ozbargain membership card will get revoked.

      • +1

        I know. I feel ashamed. I did activate cash rewards tho.

    • same, saw the deal and placed my order just in one minute :)

  • 12 month Warranty? You'll be high and dry after that.

    If this is old stock, does it come from the liquidated former Seiki, rather than the current reincarnated version?


    Available "Ship to store" in Perth, if you are brave.

    • Price’s the headline. Don’t confuse people. If crap, keep repeating “ok for price”, until believe.

  • +1

    I bought the 55" for 399 about 3 months ago. My review:

    Pros: It's a cheap smart tv, has all the features (Netflix, amazontv, youtube). Lots of ports (4 hdmi ports), USB, optical, aux etc

    Meh: Display is not amazing, colours are a bit dull. I can't complain much though for the price.

    Cons: Sound is terrible. I don't know if the programming inside the box is off or something but from watching shows on Netflix and amazon, some of the dialogue would be ridiculously quiet compared to the music. This is not across all shows. Same for my ps4, the music would overwhelm the sounds. Be prepared to get a soundbar if you get this tv.

    All in all, if you don't have budget for a $1000+ tv, I would buy at this price as the 55" is slightly smaller than my expectations and would've preferred at 65"

  • +1

    I'm not finding it available for delivery or click and collect in NSW.

  • +1

    Doesn't appear to be any available for click and collect (Vic or NSW), and not available for delivery. (Vic metro)

  • What do peeps do if the sound is horrible? Add a sound bar?

  • +1

    Out of stock south east QLD

  • +1

    Nothing in anywhere. I clicked "Only show in stock stores" nothing came up.

    • Same for me but when you actually add it to cart and order it, it lets you do that

      • There's no add to cart button, only a "Find in store" button, or sometimes even no button at all with a "Unable to check stock availability please refresh the page" message.

        • +1

          Marked as out of stock

    • +2

      There was never any in stores i don't think. Only click and collect which is obviously now exhausted and the site defaults to find in store button.

  • no expert on the posting rules, doesn't this fall under the whole insufficient stock level flag or something? There is none in WA either from what i can see

    • Online only for click and collect.

    • Well it's been almost 3 hours and 1940 something clicks. Minimum quantity to post is 10. There are about 4-5 users above who confirmed they bought it. So nope it doesn't come under that category.

      • +1

        Yes, also don't forget even it says "No stock in this store" just give them a call and check with your nearest stores. Online stock is not accurate always…
        that is how I got my previous deal 55"…

        • I also believe if people have it in their carts, it saves them and if they remove it, it might come back in stock.

  • 1 or 2 year warranty?

  • Bought this earlier. Immediately got an email saying they would review the order. Just now received two emails at the same time with the subjects:
    "Congratulations, your Target order is confirmed!", and "Order Cancelled" (due to insufficient stock).

    Not sure which one to believe… Probably the latter though.

  • Got this baby ready for my PS5.

    Can't wait!

  • Those that said there was never any stock, can confirmed ordered $439, pick up Melbourne CBD - ETA ready by 28th according to email. Looks like they are shipping it from a warehouse directly to only select stores for collection/home delivery as it wouldn't let me select any other Victorian locations (this was when there was less than 50 clicks yesterday).

  • I spoke to Target. They said it has a 12 month warranty. Is it worth it for 12 months? I purchased one however for a 12 month warranty and I am not sure if worth it. I think a 2-3 year warranty it would be more attractive! Thoughts?

    • AMEX gives you extra 12 months warranty I believe.

      • I didn't purchase it with my AMEX card :( Rookie error !

        • Pls hand your ozbargain badge on the way out.

  • Have people had their orders fulfilled yet? Mine is still confirmed but not sent yet

  • Hi everyone

    My order arrived today but I noticed that there is one bright green (dead?) pixel near the center of the screen.

    Is this something which warrants a return of the item under warranty? Should I be concerned that other pixels will die well before their time has come?

    I paid about 30 dollars for a courier and it will be a real PITA to send it back, but I also don't want to regret a fairly expensive purchase.

    What would you do?

  • +1

    My order cancelled, insufficient stock

  • +1

    My order cancelled, they found insufficient stock after couple days of the order confirmation. That's strange and I would try avoid further deal with them.

  • +1

    Same thing - order cancelled around 6am today.

  • +1

    Disappointed with Target.

  • +1


  • Order cancelled here

  • Just picked up mine. You definitely need a trailer or van to pick it up.

    They cancelled the other order I made. Funnily enough, it was the first that got cancelled, while the second that I placed 15min later went through.

  • Just picked mine up. Laid flat in a RAV4.

  • 2 orders both cancelled - one delivery and one pickup

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