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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce 8GB $539.10 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay

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  • Brave post

  • that z490 for sub-180 dollars … is the deal

    never thought z-board would be this cheap

  • Bought this card from Computer Alliance a week and a bit ago, will caution anyone that's thinking of buying the card for this reason:

    This card is meant to have idle fans when the temps are under about 52 degrees, however, the main issue seems to be a common one with the Gigabyte RTX 2000 series - Any low load brings it above 50 degrees and so you face an issue where every second the fans revv and tick on and off. It can be "fixed" when using the Aorus software if you turn on the active fan and set a custom fan curve of 36-40% fan power (about 650-800rpm, not really audible, negligible imo), which keeps it well under 55 degrees under low loads. For some reason having the fan power under 40% doesn't work consistently and can go back into the tick tock motion. I have had varying degrees of success, and have it at 36% at idle/low load so YMMV with the Aorus software opening at startup. You can then bump the fan power to suit your needs when it's above 55 degrees, I find 80% acceptable to keep the temps sitting at 80-81 degrees on a high load, which is loud at 1750rpm.

    Gigabyte has not released a bios update to fix the issue, and doubt they will seeing as RTX 3000 has launched. So again, cautioning people buying this card.

    Video of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30aR3QGxChI

    • I don't have this issue with the 2060 version of the card?

      What these cards do suffer from is a bit of sag, so they can get quite noisy at high RPM.

      • I've not tested every card myself, but I've read the issue can also pop up for 2060's, or another fan issue altogether where the fan rattles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMHShogpN_8
        I mean again YMMV, I'm just cautioning people with these cards.

        But yeah they are quite noisy at anything above 1200 rpm, but I feel like that's not unreasonable.

        • Yeah the fan rattle is caused by the card sagging, and can be fixed with a little reinforcement.

      • My 2060 fan is a bloody nightmare and they were notorious for issues from launch across the series. Whines, vibrates, noise etc under load it can be god awful. Even using Afterburner to try and find a sweet spot to minimize the noise has become very difficult. Will be avoiding Gigabyte next time around thats for sure.

    • Had the same issues with my gigabyte RTX2000 series card, found out the reason for the fans revving was due to the GPU going into fail safe mode, as the factory applied thermal paste was either badly applied or dried out and heat didn't transfer evenly between the chip the heatsink. You will have to RMA the GPU to get Gigabyte to fix it. But if you don't have the time to have the gpu shipped, fixed and shipped back to you (Last i checked 4 week process) you can replace the thermal paste yourself to fix the issue, only problem is, if you fix it yourself you void the warranty (maybe i am wrong - that is what ppl told me).

    • Ahh didn't even know this was a common issue! I have the same problem and manually set the fan curve to stay above that 40%~ mark as well.

      Hopefully they release a fix eventually for this, but like you said, the sound is pretty negligible at 40% anyway

    • You can use gigabyte software/ msi afterburner to modify the fan curve, or install one or two fans in the front. I think adding fans is a better solution, cause it help cooling your graphic card on heavy load as well. In my case, I have a 2080s gaming oc, without fans, the temperature could be 76+, but it could be 68 with fans.

  • this aint even super? :(

  • I am thinking of getting a 2060 or 2070 super,
    should I wait a little longer guys, is price going to come down a little further?

  • I guess for around $50 more a 2070super is better value.

  • waiting for the Asus one

  • who would buy this crap now? not even a super.

  • asrock easily have the worst z490 boards … as others posted unless you want it just for mem speed bump don't bother using these with the K CPU's for OC etc… hardware unboxed have coverage of the asrock z490 boards (they were then black listed by asrock for any other board).

  • Why people buy this not waiting on next gen one? genuine question

    • if the most you will be doing is 1080p high fps or 1440p gaming then these will be just fine (well more than just fine for most), in saying that i'd still wait till they are in the 400's but that's just my personal opinion… The new 3xxx series have bigger gains at 4K and taper down in terms of % gained when cpu limited (i.e. when playing at 1440p and 1080p).

      • I only need the card when cyberpunk arrives…. So maybe wait until then?

        • Definitely by then you'll know the lay of the land, even AMD will have made their announcement, although they probably wont have any cards till early next year.

    • Because based on what happened to availability of the 3080 at launch you'd be waiting at least 6 months to buy a 3060 in this price range and it would probably only slightly outperform a 2070 super.

    • September
      Wait for 3080
      Wait for 3070<< you are here.
      Wait for AMD Navi 2
      Wait for 30X0 stock
      Wait for AMD stock
      Wait for 30X0 super/ti
      Wait for 30x0 super/ti stock

      • And that's how OzBargain saves you money!

      • Waiting till early 2021 for a laptop with a 3060 GPU. Can avoid the overheating mess of laptops with a 2060 should be a nice upgrade from 640m

  •  RTX 5070 will be out in 2022, dont waste your money on this price will go lower by then.