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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte RTX2070 SUPER 8GB WINDFORCE OC 3X for $584.10 Delivered @ Computer Alliance


Another day another new low for a graphics card. I guess this is a new low for a RTX 2070 SUPER with ebay Plus for $584.10

Looks like we slowly get to the value of the cards. I guess it will still go a bit lower (especially after October when the 3070 and the new Big Navi cards are announced). But when you can't wait anymore and don't need 4K this looks like a good price right now. Just 2 weeks ago this card was around $850.

(By the way: The speed of shipping of Compter Alliance is amazing … I ordered an SSD 2 days ago and it already arrived (Melbourne!)).

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    • If you can get it sure… its about 1.5k the price difference some people would be fine buying these.

        • Gigabyte has em for 1.5k … So much for only ASUS.

          If ANYONE can get the 3080 for 1.1 - 1.2k ONLY THEN its a deal and you shouldnt buy the 2080Super/2080ti BUT the moment its 1.5k+ anything 2080S/TI under 1k IF NOT SUB $500 then its a major deal… We are talking 3 TIMES the price if 1.5k compared to a 2070/2080 Sub $500 to $600

        • Only asus has 1.5k edition, others are all around 1.2k

          I used to work at a computer shop, inside sources telling me to expect around $1,600, with the cheapest model coming in at $1,550. They also said stock is extremely limited and with the pent up demand, there's almost next to zero chance you'll actually get one.

          • @p1 ama: Because they have a lot of 2080ti to sell, if they told u that 3080 is cheap, the older ones cant be sold. They are all businessman, why trust them

            • @king snake:

              Because they have a lot of 2080ti to sell, if they told u that 3080 is cheap, the older ones cant be sold. They are all businessman, why trust them

              Nah, they don’t - the contacts I have say that 2080 Ti stock was always low. They have only a handful of 2080 Ti’s left right now.

              BTW, this isn’t me just calling up to ask. These are people I’ve known for years, my past colleagues and managers, people who I trust. But sure, just keep living in your bubble and alternate reality.

              • @p1 ama: Anyway, we can see the price tonight to decide who is right

                • @king snake: PM me, I'll pay you $1400 for a 3080. If you can get it for $1200 like you say, then you'll make a tidy profit. If it ends up costing $1600 though, you'll still have to supply. I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is. Are you?

          • @p1 ama: There's discussions around this on Reddit at the moment, supply seems to be very limited and it may be difficult to get 3080s until next year.

            GL;HF for everyone in the 3080 / 3090 lottery

          • @p1 ama: Precisely why they can charge that and maybe more & guess what, the limited amount of stock they do have, they will have no problem moving them within the hour even at an inflated price.

            Early adopters have no problem paying a few hundred over MSRP.

          • @p1 ama: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/566682

            Looks like they will be around 1.1k - 1.2K for now if you are lucky enough to get one…

      • Setting aside your absurd price expectations - based on some early listings that were probably priced not to be seen/ordered as they were entered into the system - the 3070 sits as being better value than this, albeit a month from now.

        Future RT and DLSS performance will also separate from Turing quite dramatically, so while this might be close to being on the same value curve for rasterisation alone, I'd want this to slide a tad lower before declaring it a deal.

        $500 seems fair in that sense, but I'm assuming this card is already at cost. Just shows how much retailers have been messing around with margins during covid.

  • should has been at the start…

  • still expensive..

    • Yeah, 400 may be fair enough

      • Doubt it gets to $400 this year … a bit under $500 … Yes. Wait a bit! :-) We will soon know better.
        But consider that this card dropped in 2 weeks $250. More than 30% price drop in 2 weeks !!!

  • I dont know who to trust, kinda wish i didnt sell my old card

    • If you sold it before the announcement, then you should still come out ahead

      If you sold it after the announcement however, I wouldn't want to be you atm

      • This. I was telling everyone who still had 2080 Ti's post announcement to hang onto their cards as opposed to fire selling them. Anyone who fire sold at $800-ish have literally been caught with their pants down. They'll be paying almost twice as much for 30% extra performance. Nvidia basically put all of them in a position where they have to line up to buy the 30 series now. All Nvidia showed was the 3080 vs. a VRAM capped 2080 on Doom by paying the folks over at Digital Foundry. Amazing.

  • This card runs a lot of games in 4k extremely well btw.

    • Dos games?

    • except recent games like Control, FS2020, RDR2 and so on.

      • 3 neg votes but I owned this card and played Sekiro, Death Stranding & Jedi Fallen Order (streamed to my Shield TV) in [email protected] 60fps. Jedi was dropped to mod/high settings but Sekiro and DS were maxed. I'll be grabbing a 3080 tonight but that's for 5120x1440 @120fps.

        Control? You'd be lucky to run at 60fps on a 2080ti.

        • normally "runs well" at 4k means running without any graphic option compromise. just only 4k, even 1060 can runs well on most of games with lowest option.

          • @Jamie777: Jedi is very unoptimised, it plays well ported games no problem. Those were just the latest 3 I played that I could think of. It's a very competent card, it's obviously a lot more powerful than PS4 Pro and Xbone which both claim 4k gaming. Also who's to say what the normal meaning of runs well is. That's simply your opinion.

  • 450 and it's a deal.

  • I nearly bought this card for $949 in early August. The guys at work said to wait. Glad I did.

  • Was around $900+ Last month!

  • Wait for black friday and it will go under $500.

  • Not a fan of the Gigabyte RTX 2000 series. Had a RTX 2080TI Windforce and the same fan revving issue occurs on this model. You have to set a custom fan curve to keep the GPU at certain fan speed or else it will rev up and down. Incredibly annoying.. Tried to return it but Gigabyte's hopeless support team wouldn't accept it as a defect and they even suggested using a custom fan curve as the solution.. I eventually sold off my card but I'm still not happy.


    • Maybe a good noise cancelling head phone? Hahaha

      • hahaha when I'm gaming sure :P but it really shits me when I'm just trying to do work on my computer and I have this damn noise in the background:


        • Wow how can you live with that. You sure it’s not faulty?

          • @thox: Dear Kerjifire,

            With the problem, it is more related to fans speed setting. Please set fan speed (%) to any value higher than 40%. If you do not want fan to spin in low temperature, this product has 3D Active Fan design, when the card is in performance mode or running with high demanding software/game, the fan speed will rise up and may not be silence as quite mode.


            From their "support" team. I set the custom curve for a while but I gave up and sold the card. You shouldn't have to do these things…

        • Wow ok. That is too much. Haha.
          Really people neg my funny comment?

    • Thanks for letting me know, I'm easily very annoyed by those things as well, which RTX 2000-GPUS can anyone recommend that doesn't have this issue?

    • I've got the same issue and it's annoying. Have mine set to a minimum of 40% fan speed. Would not recommend gigabyte either.

    • I have a different fan issue with my Gigabyte 2060 (always noisy/rattly under load, in summer especially. customization used to settle it a bit but not these days) but yes sure as hell avoiding them next time around!

    • I have the same issue with the RTX 2070 Windforce 2x that I received from CA yesterday.
      Wish I knew about the problem earlier as it is incredible frustrating to have to work around what is basically a defect. It's a 2 year documented issue at this point and GB won't release a new bios to fix it.

      I was able to set a custom fan curve at idle to mid temps (35-55c) that's basically inaudible (700 rpm) and for it to ramp up above there. Doesn't do the revving anymore but still an annoying issue to work around.

      I only bought a Gigabyte card because I had an old old Radeon 7950 windforce model way back and that aged perfectly before I updated.

    • My Rtx 2080 Super Windforce Gaming (Rev 2.0) has started doing this yesterday… it was gifted to me just a bit over a month ago too… its so (profanity) annoying hearing that sound.

      Was happy with the card before this but now i can't do anything about it the custom fan curve fixes it when u set it above 40% but isn't that misleading? i think they mention zero rpm fans at idle in their advertisements.

      With the "customer support" that I've so far seen I won't ever be buying a Gigabyte GPU myself.

  • Not to mention big Navi will push these prices down even more next month.

  • ahhh every single IT parts thread on here.. hours of entertainment and bitching…


  • Surprised the coupon code isn't RIP10 ;)

  • What Would Rajeh Do?

  • I bought it on early this year at 800 and it works great with my 5K(less pixel count than 4k) samsung CRG9. This is great card for 1080p and 1440p at most games. If you have 4k monitor, get a 3080 but it will cost you 1.3k

  • If someone wins the lottery for the 3080 ticket I’ll give you my gf in exchange for it.

  • Which is better? GALAX GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8G or Gigabyte RTX2070 SUPER 8GB WINDFORCE OC 3X?

  • $570 now with coupon PFIVE5

  • Go ahead with 2000 series cards if you're fine with 1440p gaming, the performance scaling drops under 4k… Its still significant but really the new series are aimed at 4k gaming

  • What are people smoking to think this card will go down to $400? Even at this price it's better fps/$ than a card you have to go into a raffle to get. Stock will clear long before $400.

    • I think it'll fall under $500 and maybe lower if the 3060 has better performance (which is very likely) it could also fall further if the amd cards are better price to performance…. But by then the stock will likely dry up…

      • Nearly a year ago it could be had for $640 plus a bonus $200 1TB SSD. Figures any real discounting is yet to come.

    • Plenty of retailers have not discounted the 20xx cards so plenty to go around. That and there are heaps people who are sitting on these cards while waiting for the 3070 and 3060 to ship bringing prices down further.

    • Any other card and I'd agree, but this is particularly hard to sell when people see the fan 'revving' issues. Disappointing as I'd buy now at this price if it was something quieter like a strix or gamer x

      Turned off giving CA my money too, due to overpricing during the 3080 buyers panic