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Earn 10% of Your Sale Back as a Coupon ($50 Coupon Cap and Max $2,000) @ eBay AU


Received an email from eBay for a pretty decent seller offer, probably the best one since the sell for $1 weekends, basically once the offer is activated, for the 100 items you sell over $20, I will receive a 10% eBay coupon, max voucher is $50, total earn can be up to $2,000 in vouchers.

This is a targeted offer, not sure of the criteria or how broad, but with clicking the T&C's to see if your able to accept the offer.

You will receive coupons that can be redeemed for a purchase on eBay.com.au worth 10% of the sales price (excluding shipping costs) of any item that you sell if you:
• have opted-in to the promotion through this link;
• list an item in auction-style or fixed price format on ebay.com.au during the Promotional Period;
• list and sell the items during the Promotion Period. Items must be at least $20 each and the item(s) must be paid for or marked as paid.
• An item is considered sold when you have received the full sales price. The regular fees for private sellers apply, other than the additional allowance for free insertion fees.

Other notable T&C's:
* You will receive a coupon worth 10% of the sales price (excluding shipping costs) of every item you sell during the Promotional Period. The maximum amount for each individual coupon is $50. The maximum total amount of all coupons is $2000. For example, if you sell an item for $700 excluding shipping costs, you will receive a coupon worth $50.
* The item must be listed during the Promotional Period for at least $20 each and marked as paid in My eBay. Items that are sold or paid for after the first listing period are not eligible.
* Each coupon is valid for 30 days from the date it appears in My eBay.
* There is no minimum order value for a coupon.

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  • first time an ebay promotion that works for me. Thanks.

    Although isn’t 10% nothing compared to the FVF?

    • 10% is about the same as FVF.
      However, there often are promotions that will waive the FVF. If these two offers can work together, we are at a net gain.

      • If these two offers can work together, we are at a net gain.

        Agreed. I wish this can be added to my current auctions in progress.

    • Yeh it's essentially a "sell for free" but instead of no fees, you are "given" an eBay voucher (min $20 sale, max $500 for value). But i this case you have up to 100 listings instead of the usual 1, 3 or 5.

  • Worked for me, thanks.

  • hope this isn't replacing the $1 FVF promos. I think those are better. they've been fewer and fewer but received two of this consecutively in 2 weeks

  • 10.5% final value fee applies?

    • Yes standard FVF fees applies to the listing, so you still get charged the fees but you'll get a 10% eBay gift card to use on a purchase.

  • Thank you Shads, applied this in combination with a current $1 FVF promo with relisting of items, hopefully they stack like they used to.

    • It should be easy to tell, did both of the promos on your my selling page go down by 1? You can also click the number under used and search for the item number.

      From memory promos don't stack, I could be wrong.

      • Yeah just sold one of the items 5 minutes ago and can confirm both promos were registered as being used, so hopefully a coupon will come soon :)

  • I'm the biggest idiot. I put up a listing yesterday for $1.2k using my free listing and no FVF offer. I could've combined them and got a free $50 coupon too if I waited till today. Grr

  • Can anyone confirm these will stack with $1 FVF promos it will be great ! Personally I prefer the $1 FVF, since cash > $ voucher. It would be awesome if they stack though. :)

    • I can confirm that I registered for both and only had to pay $1 FVF on the sale with the coupon promo registering also, so looks like it does :)

  • be careful,

    I relisted 5 items today for my FVF and instead I accepted this offer and they came off this one instead. I have confirmed that they don't stack and they can't cancel the offer. I now have 95 left of 100 on this new offer. Now my FVF offer listings cannot be used since I would have to use the remaining 95 first.

    Have spoken to customer service and they will remove final listing fees on the five if I sell them.

    I don't like this offer at all.

    • Wait, so you are saying its either Free Final Value fees OR 10% rebate but not both at the same time?

      • This offer apparently only waives insertion fees up to your free monthly amount. I am skeptical as the monthly amount I have left didn't change. What a mess

        • I don't think this offer works by waiving insertion fees. I think they send you a credit voucher at the end of the month - I got this one a few years ago. From memory it was a bit of a PITA because I had to chase them up to actually get it

          • @King Tightarse: The problem with that is that if you don't manage to sell, will you get charged insertion fees regardless? This is when they said up to your monthly free listing limit. However, those numbers did not change when I relisted. booooooooooooooooo

      • It seems like it. I immediately contacted them to see what this nonsense was all about.


        • Yep, looks like either OR, but not both. Dammit so there is basically no way to profit from this.
          The best you can do it get a bit less than your fees back

          • @King Tightarse: I also suggested to them that they should allow you to choose what offer to peg listings against when you post. They will put this idea forward, apparently.

            What's the point of having multiple offers active when you can't assign one or the other?

    • Note that it doesn't actually show as used on the FVF one until you've sold the item, that just happened to me and the counter went up when it was sold.

      See here. I had previously received 1 FVF counter on a sale, so I just sold something and it went up by 1. The coupon offer is 3 with the 3 listings I made after this was put up.

      So yes, even though your counter has gone up by 5 for this promo, the FVF will still apply.

      • that's odd. The count is for the number of listings when listed not after the fact.

        • Not from recent experiences, it says that you will pay a max $1 FVF when you list AND sell. So I think it registers it differently and only actually consumes when the item is sold (well from my experience anyway).

          • @doweyy: fair enough. Still odd, My last couple of months with this offer have gone to used 5 available 0 when listing under FVF and I didn't sell any of those items. So that has not happened for me that way.

            • @bbunch: Very odd.. It used to register like that for me on other promotions, but these ones it happens a different way. Hopefully it works out as expected for you, it should be fine :)

    • Damn no stacking and no canceling ! sigh… any other way to use up 100 times? they have long expiry date too, I wanted to use up my FVF first :(

      • They Can't cancel, I tried as soon as I realised what was happening. I have now ended and relisted 19 items today. It comes off that total from 100 and doesn't touch the 40 free. However, they told me there will be no listing charges as long as I list under the 40 but the number doesn't change and around and around I go.

        This deal is crap and I want to cancel but now have to wait it out. I have to deal with ebay when any of my 5 FVF items sell that are no longer FVF to negotiate the $1 final value fee as they all went under this dumb other deal.

        I have 81 left to go.

        you could always end and relist many times however, I was told that insertion fees would be waived only up until your monthly free limit of 40.

  • beware these conditions:

    Each coupon can only be redeemed once, i.e. you can use the coupon code for one purchase. Any remaining amounts of the coupon expire.
    Each coupon cannot be redeemed together with other coupons.

    if you sell 5 of $20 items and get 5 of $2 voucher.
    you can only use one $2 voucher at a time. So you need to shop around on ebay 5 times to use up these vouchers.

    Also when you use the coupon, cash back from other site may not earn.

    • yeh it's turning out to be quite sucky promo.

    • Guess it depends on what you buy on eBay… a lot of things I buy is around the $15-$30 mark, so if I have 5 x $2 vouchers, I could easily use them up to get "max discount" on them.

      Also, no minimum spend to use the vouchers, so if you really struggled to find anything, just grab cheapies like screen protectors or USB cables.

  • Interesting?

  • Something OP didn't put in that is very important is choose your one category wisely :

    What Exclusions and Other Conditions Apply?
    • This offer applies to listings in Auction-style or Fixed Price format, but does not apply to listings in Classified Ad format.
    • This promotion only applies to single quantity listings.
    • Store subscribers and business registrants are not eligible to participate in this offer.
    • This promotion does not apply to “Excluded Categories” which includes:
    • Websites & Businesses for Sale ( 11759 )
    • Aircraft ( 63676 )
    • Boats ( 26429 )
    • Caravans, Motorhomes ( 32633 )
    • Cars ( 29690 )
    • Motorcycles ( 32073 )
    • Trucks, Commercial Vehicles ( 6049 )
    • Gift Cards ( 172009 )
    • Real Estate ( 10542 )
    • Services ( 316 )
    • Flights ( 3253 )
    • Tickets ( 1305 )
    • Travel ( 3252 )
    The promotion only applies to listings in one category. If you add an additional category to your listings, all applicable fees will apply for the additional category.
    • Sellers whose accounts do not meet eBay’s minimum performance standards are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
    • Listings that contravene eBay's policies or do not otherwise comply with all of these Terms and Conditions are excluded.

    I have #^ ed up previous promos not reading these t&c 's properly .

    • One category is a standard term for every selling promo I've seen. It refers to per listing basis, as there is a paid option to add another category when listing an item. Does not mean you must list all your items in the same one category.

  • Might be worth trying to list it from Gumtree if you only have a couple of things. They don't attract fvf if they're the first 2 of the month .

  • Can confirm this promo stacks with the $1 FVF selling offer which I had already previously activated. No insertion fees either.

    Activated this offer on 26/9/20, listed on 27/9/20, sold on 28/9/20 and already received a coupon for 10% the value of that item with one month expiry.

    I hope they keep the $1 FVF offers coming.

    • did you get a message or email? i havnt got my voucher yet.

      • No, it shows up in My eBay under Vouchers as a unique coupon. And on any listing I view, there's an extra box under the price that shows the price after discount.

    • Hmmmm I'll have to figure out 2 items that will sell in same category at $500 or slightly above for max bang :)
      BTW have sold 2 items and nothing has turned up yet .

    • So it seems the information people were giving out at the start of this thread was completely wrong and you CAN combine $1 or free insertions with this 10% rebate! Typical ! (eye roll)

      • No the guys here were not wrong…It's Ebay who has changed this promo halfway through, they did it just yesterday. However they have not bothered about updating any of the terms and conditions.
        It may have been due to too many people complained to the Ebay chat.

      • No, it was not wrong.

        I had a long discussion with them prior to my original postings to get the picture first.
        The information I was giving was true at the time. I don't even know what's changed now since it's a mess :)

        It's still crap. My 5 that I relisted that were meant to be FVF didn't end up being used on that, that deal is now missing from my list if active vouchers and was 0 used and 5 available. I couldn't touch them when I relisted as everything went under this damn 10% rubbish.

        now, I need to talk to ebay and quote a reference number to get the items charged at the FVF when they sell as they are no longer associated with the FVF.

        • Yes you are right bbunch.
          It seems eBay have really screwed the pooch on this one.

        • Has any of your listed items sold - what final value fees were you charged and did you received any vouchers? It doesn't matter what the counter on your dashboard ticks down, you received and activated the $1 FVF promo which didn't state that it cannot be combined with any other offer so it's up to them to honour it or fix any issues you may encounter.

          In my experience, eBay livechat customer support is completely separated from their marketing team which sends out these promos. They have to relay it back to marketing whenever any issues come up, and marketing almost never responds so CS is quite liberal in issuing vouchers to make up the difference. When your item actually sells you may get the $1 FVF and voucher anyway so take advantage of their promos first and ask questions later.

          I'm glad eBay sent out another sell 5 items with $1 FVF offer this week, though I think that's an ongoing eBay Plus perk which would explain why these offers stack.

          • @Junk Sifter: none yet.

            However, In a regular month when I have two offers. 40 p/month + FVF, the relist taking advantage of the FVF goes to 0 first then the rest come down from the 40.

  • Got 4 codes from this promo in my account today from items which I only paid $1 FVF fees on, thanks Shads.

  • Accepted the offer yesterday by clicking on the banner, confirmed by showing up in my Promotional Offer box.

    But today it's disappeared from my active promotional offer box!

    Went to eBay chat but they can't do anything about this.

    eBay really need to up the game.

    • I had the same thing, offer accepted but then it disappeared from my offers box. Opened the original email to accept the offer again but it said "period to register is no longer valid" so was pretty miffed…

      But received an email from eBay for this offer again this morning, went to accept and all went through again. I'd try and activate the offer again and see what happens… if it goes through take a screenshot in case anything goes wrong.

  • Got a code right after sale plus didn't pay any fees since I listed via Gumtree. Thanks OP.

  • Got a $1 code from a $10 item sold, and pay $1 FVF.

  • Activated this again on a second account, listed via Gumtree and got the coupon with 24 hours after sale with $0 FVF, this promo is amazing.

    • Agreed. Actually really liking this one. Even with $1 FVF, it's still one of the better promos. You can literally end up ahead. Only thing that would make it better is if you could combine the vouchers, but probably asking too much there.

      • Yeah I was hoping they'd stuff up again and allow these to be used on gift cards lol (which is what happens with price beat vouchers), unfortunately they cottoned on but these vouchers are still great.

  • I used one of these vouchers on a purchase which went bad (seller sent incorrect item). The voucher got reinstated along with my refund!

    Usually unique coupon vouchers are single use only and non refundable.

    I had another item automatically relist during this promo but it didn't quality for the voucher when it sold a few days later. Was lucky that it still applied towards the $1 FVF offer. Requested a voucher with eBay livechat but they refused and insisted these promos don't stack. My last 15 items sold say otherwise.