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Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro $589, TP-Link Archer AX6000 $339, Edifier R1700BT $145, Viewsonic Monitor $341 Delivered @ Wireless1

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  • is the monitor any good? how does it compare to the AOC 2K 31.5inch?

    • I like these monitors just recently purchased 6 more for our company, great value for money. Last time I checked the AOC where VA panels, haven’t seen the AOCs in flesh but also have 32 4K Benq VA panel and get more colour shifting on it than these (which is why I went with theses as they are IPS). Viewing angles/colour accuracy isn’t everything though as it depends on use case and other specs. Eg refresh rate etc

  • +4

    Bring back the Orbi RBK50 for $299!

  • any recommended modems? Seeing a ton of router deals, but need a modem.

    Would the linked AX6000 router help even if the modem its connected to isnt that good?

    I know a bit but not too much on this.

    • +1 on this.
      Is the upgrade any better in real world usage against Tp-Link AC 3150

    • -3

      bump !

    • A modem gives you internet and router gives you wi-fi. These days a modem also comes with a router 2-in-1 so this router will replace the existing wi-fi functions and improves it enormously. However, it does not improve the internet speed that your modem is limited to.

      It will improve the number of connections and act as a wi-fi extender and booster. This is especially important to large households in large houses.

      I am very limited in IT knowledge as well. So maybe someone else can add more to it.

    • I am literally in the process of returning an AX6000 back to Wireless1. Had nothing but problems with it. Would not recommend.

      • Mind if you tell us what the problems are? I am actually interested in getting one or one that is similar to Asus RT-AC86U.

        • See a comment I left here.

          Then recently the 2.4ghz band would completely disappear too.

          TP-Link accepted there was probably a hardware fault so it's going back for RMA.

          Bought an ASUS GT-AX11000 which arrived today so hopefully that's all good.

          • @fattymattyd: Wow, will stay off this unit then! I had a cheap TP-Link AP at work due to a $1k Cisco unit not having wi-fi and it worked like a charm. Surprised a $400 odd unit fails so badly.

          • +1

            @fattymattyd: that GT-AX11000 is a beast.
            i've had it for more than 1+ year now,
            and the WiFi performance is solid & great.

            2 x radios too, to isolate your network, if you wish.

      • +1

        Wifi 6 early adopter tax. Not only do you pay a premium for the devices but also help iron out all their bugs. Whilst at the same time struggle with a consistent wifi in the home…I’d wait another year at least before I get wifi 6 compatible router, I don’t even have a wifi 6 client yet

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      You should be provided a modem by your network provider, whether you're with ADSL or NBN or 4g wireless network. You should not need to buy a modem. If you're provided with a 3-in-1 device by your provider, you should be turning off the router/AP/wifi portion off IF you intend to buy a "better" router that will give better wifi coverage. e.g. mesh networks like Netgear Orbi RBK50/Google Nest Wifi/Ubiquiti Unifi etc etc.

      If you connect a laptop directly to the provided modem and is getting good/full speeds - the modem has done its job.A router is to let multiple devices connect to the internet via the modem. As darkoz says, typically these days that means it provides wifi and usually several ports behind for wired connections.

      So, it depends on your problem you're trying to fix. What issues are you having? Bad wifi connection or slow internet? (You test this by connecting a laptop via LAN cable to the modem directly and run a speed test - if you're getting good speeds, then you're having wifi issues).

      No matter what your situation do not buy a wifi extender or powerline - those are mostly garbage.

      • My issue is that when multiple people use it, even if its for light use, the modem-router provided just starts shitting the bed.

        Its been perfectly fine for the last 2 years, but last ~2months have been terrible.

        Yes, ive clean reset it etc and I dont use wifi at all. Only wired straight into it.

        I dont think it can handle having 4 pcs wired into it, so would taking 1 cable from the modem, to this router, while turning everything else off as you said, solve the issue?

        My guess is yes, I just want to be sure in case im missing something.

        • If there is congestion in the channel in the area it may be an idea to try a different channel number in its config. You'll know if the router is OK if via wired it's stable but then unstable. Also legacy 2.4ghz is more stable in certain scenarios if the router is in a two storey house. Throwing parts doesn't always fix the problem.

    • what kind of setup do you have that you need a modem?

      if you're running on NBN they provide the ICD (internet connection device) which is your modem. Then all you need is a router.

      • Im on the nbn, but still using the phone cable from the wall, to connect to the modem router provided.

        • Is it FTTN, FTTB or FTTC?

          • @Twix: FTTN

            • @Ahbal: Brand new there is the TP-Link VR900, TP-Link VR2800 or ask your ISP for a new VDSL2 modem.

              There are 2nd hand ISP VDSL2 modems selling online cheap and given away for free. You do need to check that it's not ISP locked and will work with your ISP.

              • @Twix: The one i currently have is the vr1600v provided by tpg, is it worth upgrading/replacing it?

                I do feel it gets overwhelmed when 6 people in the house are using it.

                • @Ahbal: Yeah try a replacement modem.

                  • @Twix: ok so replacing the modem with a non isp one is better than putting a router on my current one?


                    • @Ahbal: A VDSL2 modem + dedicated router is better than an VDSL2 modem router combo.

      • NBN don't give you a VDSL2 modem for FTTN and FTTB.

        FTTN and FTTB = VDSL2 modem from your ISP or purchase your own.
        FTTC = NBN provided NCD (network connection device) + router.
        FTTP, HFC and Fixed Wireless = NBN provided NTD (network termination device) + router.

        • +1

          Yeah that makes sense

  • Wish the wood look speakers were this price!

    • I think they’re phasing out the xxxbt speakers for xxxbts speakers. Nfi what the real difference is but just an observation.

  • Have an upvote, TP Link appears to be a solid deal. Keep one in stock for me while I try to convince the mrs to buy it.

    • +1

      Just buy it. Answer questions later.

  • More antennas = faster.

    • +1

      I thought it was RGB that make anything faster lol

      • +1

        Haven’t you guys seen the latest? It’s now both more antennas with RGB! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Bought the speakers! cheers

  • Any deals on the standard Dream Machine?

  • I'd be kicking myself if I picked up the Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro for $649 only 3 weeks ago.

    • Whats with the sudden price drops on them?

      • maybe AX/wifi 6 models are finally coming out shrug.

        • +2

          Dream machine pro doesn't have wifi. You need to get a separate access point for that.

          • @stylsh: And I did not know that lol. I have the non pro version and assumed incorrectly.

      • They were going down to $591 via eBay few times in the past.

  • +1

    reallllllly good price on UDM-PRO

    • Sure is, been keeping my eye out for one, decided to take the plunge. Just wish Ubiquiti would hurry up and release their WiFi 6 kit.

  • How are the speakers? Thinking of using them as my room TV speakers.

  • S3000pro was just pulled from site -_-

    Pulled, not out of stock since when it's out of stock it goes to preorder… Was in stock 20min ago.

  • the asus RT AX3000 listed at 400+ is available on kogan for 329. Can only seem to find it for this price with the direct link, otherwise it shows up at 420+


    I've got 2 of them running AImesh… went from 5mb/s to 80mb/s (max speed on internet is 110) on second floor

  • delete, sorry

  • 2 x TP link Tapo cameras for $89.10 delivered with code - seems good?
    Not sure if i should wait for this deal when they were selling for $69.

  • Samsung UR55 28 inch 4k IPS monitor for 440 AUD after using the promo code with Free Shipping option.

  • Bought the TP LINK AX6000 at $339 and received the router yesterday. Great router. Thanks for posting.
    BTW the price has been increased to RRP now.

    • I've checked and the code can still be applied (well at least to the Gigabyte monitor).

      • The router is now listed as $499 instead of $370.

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