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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra $69/Mo 12 Month Plan (New/Port in Customers, in Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB hifi Oxford St (NSW) shows deal in store for

$69 plan = $500 gift card
$99 plan = $700 gift card

Had a few people asking for this to be DM’d in the good guys deal, so figured I’d post the deal for everyone.

Offer available in store only, t&c’s etc.

EDIT: we confirmed this deal is also available with JB over the phone, so it’s likely most stores will honour this.

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    • Yep

  • is boost customer valid for the promotion?

    • +1

      Theoretically, No.
      But Experimentally, Yes

      You can port out your phone number to a carrier other than (Telstra, Boost or Belong). Then try to port it to Telstra (You can find more detail in the previous comment)

    • No mate. Get into another network and shift back to Telstra. I changed from Boost to Amaysim(Optus Network) with a 10 dollar starter package yesterday. I will signup with Telstra today. The Store Rep at Narellan further offered a 10 dollar discount which makes it effective 59 dollars per month(effective price of 208 AUD in total-17.33 Per month). Not bad!

  • The store Rep at Narellan offered further AUD 10 discount effectively making the plan 59 dollars per month. He said its valid till tomorrow.

  • Anyone from VIC managed to get through to the call centre? Ive been trying all day and keep getting a machine that automatically hangs up. Would there be any issues if I call a Canberra or NSW store and go through them?

    • I got through this morning, when I called at 11am. I was on hold for a good 15 minutes though. Maybe try first thing tomorrow morning?

      • Managed to get through just before I was about to give up for the day, If anyone else is wondering you can't call the stores from the other states as they need a signature on the contract in person.

        • did you call the JB sales line or a store in Vic?
          i called this morning and the guy told me I cant sign up a phone plan over the phone…

          • @jialim: Used the sales line, called a couple of physical stores and they had no clue and directed me to call the sales line.

            • @tmpst: thanks will try again tomorrow

  • I waited for exactly 51 mins before I got through. The call centre is getting smashed with only 4 staff online.

    Signed up, $500 for $69 per months, with $10 credit per month (offered without asking), making it $59 per month. Pretty sweet deal!

  • First time attempter at phone plan bargaining - some guidance from the more knowledgeable please!
    Hubby is with Telstra on old $59 deal, off contract, he needs to keep his number for work. I have a spare Aldimobile sim floating around not yet activated. Can I activate with Aldi on my family share plan then port this in on this deal, then swap the contract to his current number? thanks.

  • Why it shows on jbhifi's website that $300 gift cards for $69 plan and $500 for $99 plan?

  • Just signed up today, they can only do $400 GC with $10 discount for 12 months.

    • Which store did you go?

  • Deal has expired. Went to 2 stores. OP original store as well. Plus rang jb hotline n they pulled the plug on the deal saying it was a leaked deal not to be honoured.

    • Yep being told the same as well

    • Far out, that's pretty poor form.

  • They ended the deal 2 days early! It finished up yesterday and now they’re only honouring it for people who called and left a message prior to the deal ending. They are however offering the same deal but with a $400 voucher instead, I believe this is until tomorrow for those that missed out.

  • Has anyone tried to change the plan (to a more expensive one) after signing up?
    I am looking at the $75 mobile broadband (no voice call) plan.

  • isn't it supposed to be expired?
    like this one:

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