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10pcs General Daily Protective Face Mask Anti Bacterial Filter 3 Layer Meltblown $1 Delivered @ Outbaxcamping eBay


Searching for some more facemasks to add to the collection and came across this. Seems like a great deal for 10 pieces for $1 Delivered from Sydney

Other Notes:
Seller doesn't post to PO Boxes
Seems to be an upper limit of 10 lots.

Don't forget cashrewards

2nd option link 10 for $1.99

As JV pointed out was also mention here and I didn't see it

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    Postage would be at least $1.10 if posted locally.

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      So basically they are trying to throw them away?

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        I reckon most of work sites provide them to Thier employees anyway and perhaps nobody is buying them and they may have over supply

        • what's the difference between 1st and 2nd link products?

    • Postage would be at least $2.20 as these will be thicker than 5mm

    • Can anyone teach me about the cashrewards? I see it everywhere but I don't know how to have it

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        I had sent you a message explaining @ it. pls check.

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          Why can't you explain it in public so that others can benifit?

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            @spaceflight: because he probably sent his referral link to try get some bonus cash :)

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    That makes 50 masks for $5 delivered! What a bargain! But wish this deal came earlier

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      We may see masks cheaper.

      Once upon a time 50 masks costs less than $2.

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    Yehhh too good to be true unless there happy with the loss this will make on postage alone

  • Bought 2, thanks op.

  • just bought 5, thank you

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    Don't forget cashrewards :p

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    • Your personal details are surely worth more than that 😉

      • used for $100 cashback, then $2 cashback does it make a difference?

  • Bought 3 lots thanks

  • Bought 5. Thanks OP

  • Ordered some…

    TY OP


  • Thanks heaps!

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    thanks got 10 should be good for mowing lawns here in South Brisbane dusty as.

  • Good bargain, bought 10

  • Just curious. Looks like they are chopping into small bags. Is it going to be hygienic?

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      dont use them for a week if your worried.

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    Cheers got 5x Im a driver for Uber / DiDi in Brisbane and use masks on a daily basis

  • Thanks OP. Bought 5

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    Cheers I sent 10 to my mate in Melbourne.

  • Good one! Bought 5. Thanks

    • Good five! Bought 1. Thanks

  • Thanks OP, bought 5!

  • Ordered 5, thanks

  • Thanks OP. Need it for work

  • +1

    Bit suss that these will be like some dodgy reject stock or something but at this price got one anyway. Though I'm going to giving it a good disinfecting if it's a legit deal :P

  • thx, got 5

  • Dunno why but bought some anyway.

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    It is too cheap for cover your mouth. I'm afraid there's a more terrible problem than the virus.

    • How did this comment get two votes? It doesn't actually make any sense.

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        Welcome to ozbargain.

        Sometimes it doesn't make sense.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 10.

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    "very effective for filtering dust"

  • How are you getting $5 for 50?

    • By buying 5 packs of 10 masks @ $1 each

    • buy 5 x 10 pieces

  • Doesn’t let me add anything to cart you sure?

    • No problem here.

    • Just bought 10 with no problamo.

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    For those that bought, go to your purchase history, does the order show? My order went through however when you go to the purchase history, it does not show up so have a feeling that we will all get a refund.

    • Yes my order shows in purchase history; also received confirmation email.

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        Thanks for checking. Mine suddenly appeared now in purchase history, weird. Not sure why the delay, anyhow, all good :)

  • Thanks OP, got 5x. Couldn't "add to cart" but could purchase by selecting "Buy it now" then adjusting quantity before payment.

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    Doubt this will get honored. Must be pricing error.

  • Price is $1.99 now

  • Thanks OP, bought 2

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    RIP to whoever will be processing all of these orders

  • Good find :)

  • I had a coupon voucher YIPPEE5OFF which took another $5 off.

    I bought 10 X 10pcs for $10 - $5 = $5 for 100 pieces.. wow not bad I never have to buy a mask again and I can use these for work also if work doesn't replenish us with masks.

    Win win situation.

  • Thanks OP, got 3.
    Said the listing has been updated as I went to pay - but still seems I got 30 for $3.

  • Thanks op awesome find. Just ordered 5 x 10 packs for $5

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    Pricing error. Sellers don't lose on an item and pay shipping to boot…
    Good luck though, there's only been about 7k sold;)

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      when you have too much stock because you thought you'd make a killing off the pandemic wave… you might need to get rid of said stock because you didn't sell and every day it's costing you storage :)

      • But why is buying more masks from the seller more expensive per piece than buying just 10. Doesn't make sense unless the seller is running some massive promotion with a loss leader.

        • Yeah, I reckon they messed up and put the price at $1 instead of a $1 discount

          Fun time for them today

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      Paypal fee 32.6 cents
      Ebay fee 11 cents
      Envelope/labels 5 cents
      Postage fee $2.20

      Cost $2.686
      Sell 10 masks $1

      Profit $-1.686

      Approx 8k sold

      Profit $-13,488

      Expect a refund lol

      • I reckon it’ll be sent in a small letter envelope which costs $1.10 in postage.

        You’re also assuming that the masks are free (which could be true). Let’s say they cost 5c each for the seller. Then the calculation would be -0.836 x8k = -$6688. Still need to add labour, storage and initial costs/investment.

        • Small letter cant be over 5mm thick, surely 10 masks will be more then that. Forgot the costs of the masks also thanks.

        • received mine today, shipped with "Couriers Please" with tracking.

          Sealed pack of 10pcs, $1 well spent

      • Mine was shipped with tracking no issues. Many have also commented the same

  • Put my $10 down … see what happens !

  • +1


    I just send this not because of the product. Just be careful where it's made when you buying cheap masks… It could be reused.

    • I am wondering from where did they buy them.

  • Thanks Opp

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    Oh no, price changed to $1.99. probably a pricing error. Prepare for the cancellations!

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      No, seller is just fishing for more buyers to come.

      • so you reckon the orders will be fulfilled? I feel like if they cancelled our orders, their feedback scores gonna take a huge hit

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          I just got a confirmation my order is dispatched

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          Received an update about order dispatched.

          • @buddysayshi: Same here too even with tracking number

            • @georgev: Courier Please, isn't it? I also got the number now

            • @georgev: how on earth are they making profit with even sending it with tracked postage, even stamped postage means a loss let alone a tracked parcel!

              • @jayboi: Maybe they sending out a biological weapon? It's a world domination attempt. Stewie and the Brain worked together on this attempt

                Or its a single mask, selling enough will cover all costs 😂

              • @jayboi: [edit] not relevasnt

              • @jayboi: No idea mate. Let’s see wht will happen