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KIWI Design Wall Mount Holder for Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) $13.99 (30% off) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ IO Tesai Amazon


30% off KIWI design Wall Mount Holder for Nest Mini by Google (2nd gen), Space Saving Outlet Mount Superb Cord Management Compatible with AU Version for Nest Mini by Google (Light Grey). $5.99 delivery or free delivery with Amazon Prime.

KIWI design Wall Mount Holder for Nest Mini by Google (2nd Gen)

Our KIWI design outlet wall mount holder made with no drilling holes or screwing, easily mount your Google Nest Mini for a better connectivity. It's both practical and home decorative.

Keep Your Google Nest Mini Away From Cord Clutter
Hides the Cables and Adapter Behind the Mount
Elegant, Stylish and Minimalistic
No Drilling, No Tools Required, No Wall Damage
Attractive, Decorative Design for Your Home or Office

Also comes in white: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B086BXXPB5?ref=myi_title_dp&fbc...

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  • A holder that cost more than the product it holds? Hmm

    • You have a hook-up for sub $20 Nest Mini's?

      • I think it's a jab at the fact Google give these things out like they're already being discontinued. I've ended up with 6 over the last couple years (4x Home Mini, 2x Nest Mini), haven't paid for one.

        • Yeah, that’s right mostly. I won’t complaint about google pricing this in an accessible manner, due more to making this ubiquitous in homes for market penetration… etc.
          However, power supply units are a dime a dozen and cheap, pricing of this unit still seems fanciful, especially at rrp. My opinion only is this Special price would have been more reasonable if it is the rrp to start with

      • Yeah, they cost a couple of packs of tic-tacs last year.

  • KIWI Design Wall Mount Holder

    Will this work in Australia without an adaptor?

  • I mounted my Nest Mini on tiles with a 3M picture hook and wrapped the cords in a small circle. There is a hook attachment on the back of the NM. I've read these Kiwi mounts can obstruct the left over socket.

  • Looks overly complicated. Surely you could do something very similar with a single injection moulded plastic piece. No need for steel or magnets that way.

  • Yeah I mounted my on a 3M hook no worries.

  • I'm not really seeing the use of this device, all you need to do is put a small screw into the wall to hang your speaker. This device limits the location of your speaker to a power point in your room. I had the old Gen 1 mount with battery which was cumbersome to use as a mount but really useful to use with a battery. I took it camping/travelling a couple of times and hotspot to my phone so I could play music/news etc, it was great!!

  • Bought one last year, rubber split on fitting, no response from KIWI.


  • I bought one of the these a couple of months ago and ended up returning it. The magnet was not strong enough and the speaker and metal plate would slowly slide down. It did not fall off, but I didn't like that the magnets were insufficient for the weight of the speaker.