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MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER VENTUS XS OC 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $299 + Del @ Shopping Express


MSI GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER VENTUS XS OC 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $299 + Delivery.

Price is still $299 at Checkout

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  • +7

    This card is more or less a GTX 1070, excellent value really, most games 1080/60 high settings

    • -6

      Definitely less. It is about 10-15% faster than a 1060 and 20-25% slower than a 1070.

      • +6

        Nope, they're right. A GTX 1660 SUPER is only a hair slower than a GTX 1070 in performance, on average. Close enough that you'd probably be hard pressed to tell the difference, even with them side by side.

        • Yeah definitely missed the Super bit. Ah well.

          • @Hardly Normal: Damn, that's harsh. Downvoted for admitting to your mistake. Pretty humble if you ask me. Ozbargain is ruthless. Would they prefer you just doubled down?

  • +1

    Great deal, especially when 2nd hand GTX 1070s are still being sold for over $300

    • +46

      secondhand gpu prices are a joke

      • +1

        True that, any good deals got scooped up in an hour on Gumtree, the only ones I end up seeing are ones there for days and weeks at the "Joke prices" you see.

        • Do ppl actually pay the asking used price? Curious as to why.

          • @keyboardwarrior: If the price is reasonable, unfortunately reasonable prices are snapped up very fast. Unless you are very quick I have found you can find better deals for comparative products on the new market lately.

            • +1

              @Casomme: Correct, so for example $200 1060 might be scooped up in 10 mins (After ignoring the first 3 people who still asked for it for $150) cuz that's a good price.

              Meanwhile $400 1060's stay up for days cuz they don't budge on price and 20 people keep asking for (Give for $200 plz) And of course the seller doesn't cuz they base thier price on what is on Gumtree, but need to consider the reason why those GPUs are still there after weeks of posting is because they were the worst deals.

              • @dbmitch: I’m looking for a second hand gpu and I experienced this first hand.
                Not sure why people are expecting so much for their 2nd hand stuff

                • @Hirolol: Cuz the ones who know the correct price are long gone before you look RIP.

                  And that's why its just better to buy new GPU's much of the time tbh.

      • Agreed, however Mr Market is never wrong. If people are paying $xx amount for a said product, then there is a reason behind it, regardless of what others like us think. The 1080 Ti is yet another example, selling for more than a new out of the box 2070 super, yet in line in performance, a tad slower in most recent AAA titles.

      • If you're patient you can get great deals on 2nd hand GPUs (and all other components) but COVID has really messed with the market. I sourced a high-end GTX 1080 Ti for my friend for $750 18 months ago, and right before the 3080 launch the sold 1080 Ti listings on eBay were averaging $800-900. It's absolute madness for a 2nd hand part to go UP in value over the course of 18 months.

        A good rule of thumb in 'normal' times is that GPUs decline in value by 15% per year compared with their release price.

    • What do you reckon a used 1070 is worth? I have 2 I am thinking of selling to upgrade to a 3070.

      • +2

        I reckon you'd still fetch $300ish for a 1070 on Gumtree/FB. They're still a desirable card, and they outperform the 1660 Super (more on par with a 1660Ti).

        Some people would also prefer the 1070 over the 1660 series because they have more VRAM (8gb vs 6gb).

        I think the prices of these cards still has some way to fall, especially when the 3070 is released.

        • +1

          1660 super, 1660ti, 1070 are all virtually identical in performance, it's within like 3% of each other. The VRAM is the main draw of the 1070 but hardly worth paying more money for a used card that might be more future proof, when it's also more likely to fail because it's a used GPU

          It's a problem with the used market being terrible
          for buyers more than the 1070 itself, as evidenced by people paying $300+ for used 1660 supers too.

      • +1

        Search on eBay and in the filters you can select to show only sold items, $300+ seems normal there.

        eBay can be wild, I just sold a Vega 56 for $320 at auction and that's on the low end of what's sold this month… I paid $440 for it 2 years ago. Used market is crazy.

        • eBay values are much higher than the used market since the sellers have to account for sale fees.

          Selling at $320 on eBay pockets you $276.5 after their fees.

          • @Agret: True but people still have to pay those prices in the first place - the buyer doesn't necessarily care that you pay fees. Plus you can post on eBay without paying final value fees by ways like posting a Gumtree ad on eBay or $1 FVF offers if you have one. Even considering fees the pricing can be a bit wild.

          • @Agret: You don't use the free Gumtree promo?

            • @ln28909: can u elaborate free gumtree promo? u mean the option on gumtree to post the ad on ebay? (ive always assumed ur still liable for ebay seller fees despite that?)

              • @Bargainjustifier: yeah, you get 2 free sell every month with that, so only Paypal fee, so about 2.xx%

    • The deal I got for a used 2080 super might be an outlier but I paid $450

      • +2

        wow thats really good, i just got a 2080 super for 650, most of em are going for 700+

        • As soon as the 3080's are in stock, throw in the release of the 3070's, you will see the 2080 super's selling for around $500 - $600 again.

      • +2

        That seems like an insanely good deal, wow

      • +1

        That's handy
        I got a new new MSI RTX 2060 Super ventus 6gb for$490 from a mate during covid, will do the job for quite a while and will have another look mid next year

  • +1

    Op, this is the non gaming version without the rgb led’s

    • Wait what? Are we really saying that RGB LEDs are required to consider a GPU a "gaming" version?

      • +5

        No, just that the gaming version is the one with RGBs.

      • Yea it's just a way of distinguishing the card externally

      • +9

        Yes, this GPU is only good for spreadsheets and maybe porn.

        • Do your think it can handle spreadsheet porn, or porn spreadsheets?

          • @ashanrath: If you index your porn spreadsheet by category with colored tabs along the bottom and some nice graphs I guess you could have porn spreadsheet porn

          • @ashanrath: "Oh baby!!! Run your cursor down my columns and slip your digits into my cell"

        • -1

          Please keep in mind that this forum is accessible by children and young people, and as such even in jest posts mentioning porn are not appropriate.

    • Fixed.

      Description was correct, title was wrong.

  • Oof, good price. I had to buy a 1650 super for the 100w tdp but wish it could have been this! Great 1080p 60fps card.

    If you're patient it seems likely the 1660 Tis will hit this price too

  • -3

    Why not free delivery over $100?

    • Shopping express never has free delivery normally, it is expected.

  • I don't know if I should buy this or wait for AMD announce their new card…. My budget is mid range GPU anyway.

    • +2

      High end generally comes first. I'd say early next year low-mid end cards will be available.

    • +2

      if you are not desperate , i suggest to wait a bit mate.
      I'm in the same boat and trying to be patient :)
      push for a rush and fake Hype is exactly what Nvidia wants…lool

      • yeah I am not looking to upgrade at the moment. Still running some sort of ok with gtx 1050 (not TI)
        I have a very old CPU i7 3770 which I need to upgrade to decent CPU (+main board) as well in order to maximum the performance with my next GPU.

        • +2

          you are perfectly positioned for a "Zen2 or Zen3" + new GPU mate , hold on till early 2021 if you can

          • +1

            @SamyKn: 100% this. I'm in a similar situation and I'm targeting Jan-Feb next year to move to a Ryzen 5600 (successor to the 3600) and an RTX 3070 or used 2080 Ti. There will be some great value on offer once the madness surrounding the NVIDIA 30xx and Big Navi launches calms down.

  • +2

    The 1660 Super is quite a good value proposition at both 1080p and 1440p in most games, id probably recommend this card quite highly for any budget builds :)
    Nice little video here at both resolutions


  • Anything compact for about $400 (with ram, motherboard, chip etc) i could fit this into for a budget gaming pc…?

    • You can pay around $349 for Gigabyte GTX 1660 SUPER MINI ITX OC

  • +3

    Does this still work now that 3080/3090 are available?
    —Actual Person on Facebook

  • I have a GTX 960 I've been looking to upgrade. Don't care about having the latest and greatest but would like to play RDR2 on a higher res than I do now. This a good choice for me?

    • +1

      Which res are you looking to move to ?

      • Currently running it at 1600 x 900 and looks like ass. Monitor is capable of 2560 x 1080 but when I run it at that the game runs like ass.

        • +3

          I'd go for it. This a great card for 1080p gaming, can even handle 1440p. It's over twice as fast as the 960.

          • +3

            @CompulsiveOzB: Yeah it does Veryyyy well at 1080p in red dead :)

            • +1

              @atomicpnut: Thanks mate! I bought it :) Now to wait for Melbourne lockdown deliveries. lol

              • +1

                @shruglord: Melbourne delivery speeds seem to have returned to normal, got a laptop sent to me from NSW with express post via AusPost and arrived in 2 days.

          • @CompulsiveOzB: Got one :) Thanks!

          • @CompulsiveOzB: The 1060 6Gb avg 38FPS in RDR2 @1440p on Med settings
            This does better than just handle 1440p gaming unless you're only playing AAA titles.

            This card (1660 Super) @1440p
            avg 57FPS on Xbox One X settings
            avg 55FPS on Med preset
            avg 42FPS on High preset

            Definitely worth getting for mid-range 1440p
            Probably not so good for VR though (not that anyone asked)

  • People full on negged this when it's realistically only -$20 more expensive after shipping. Don't understand some people on this site.

    • +4

      To be fair, things have changed since then. That was shortly after the announcement of the 3000 series, when people were believing Nvidia's claims such as 2x faster than 2080. And now there's a severe shortage on the new cards with heavily inflated prices, so old gen cards have stabilised.

      • Well we're waiting on the 3070 (and possible 3060) so the mid-range market doesn't have anything to offer except this still.

    • People went a bit silly with the whole 2080Ti and 3070/3080 thing. 1660 Super isn't even remotely close to the price tier of those cards.

  • +1

    Thx OP, built a rig for my mate last week and just ordered this to replace his gtx 970

  • Oooh considering buying this from an RX 480 tbh, not even a big upgrade but just the price…

    • +1

      It's a decent jump if you play at 1080p. 30-40% in some games.

  • -1

    I'll wait for the 3660 thanks.

  • Worth upgrading from a RX570?

    • +1

      If you have a 1080P screen then no, if you have 1440P then yes



    • +1

      It is a fair bit better but not quite enough of a big enough jump for me. I've got a 570 I'm holding out for at least one more level up than this to justify the jump. If I didn't the 570 it'd be a good pickup.

  • +2

    thanks, bought one, upgrading a PC from a GTX 670

  • how is this compare to GTX 1070 8GB?

    • On par if not slightly better due to Turing architecture and GDDR6.

  • I was looking to replace a Gigabyte RX 570 and was wondering about this one.

    I was also looking at an MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT MECH 8G which is $328 on Amazon.com.au

    No idea how they compare.

    • +1

      1660 Super blows the 5500XT away. The 5500XT is really not a good value card from AMD. The next step up from the 1660 Super is the 5600XT which has been around $400.


      • +1


        Just bought the 1660. Must see if I can sell the RX570 to defray the cost a little. Suspect it won't bring much.

        • +1

          It's a great card. I also went from an RX570 to a 1660 Super and the difference was quite significant.

        • +1

          I sold a rx570 for $110 on Facebook marketplace. Advertised at $130

          • @Eyepeex: Tks

            I paid $235 for it about 8 months ago, so I will try around the $130-150 on Facebook and settle for less.

            • +1

              @Public21: Mine was a Asus Expedition that I bought 2 years ago for $150 at MSY on a deal. Ended up a pretty good deal! Mine was low tier card though you might get $130-150 for yours if it isn't mine. New rx570s expedition are $170 plus delivery from umart at the moment it seems. Good luck!

  • +1

    back to 399 now

    • Add it to your cart and then go to cart to see the correct price.

      • +1

        Carts says 399

        • go to check out and it drops by $100

  • +1

    This or the 2060 super for $499? Which would hold value better? Might buy either one to keep me busy and think about the 3000 series next year.

    • +1

      This for sure. 2060 will soon be replaced by the 3060 which will make the 2060 a really bad buy at $499. A replacement at the 1660 Super price tier is still a long way off. The difference between these two cards is only about 20% too, hardly worth another $200.

      • +1

        Damn. Saw your comment and was about to pull the trigger but OOS :(

        • Keep an eye out. I've seen a few around $299-340-ish in the last few weeks.

  • +1

    Out of stock as of lunch Tuesday 29SEP20

  • +1

    Anyone know about further stock?

    • Back to stock and cheaper

  • -1

    You can get this on Ana on fir about $240 aud.

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