Chin up Bar $12 @ Target - Now In-store Only (Online Sold Out)


These chin up bars that were popular before are back in stock.

This plus a bootleg copy of P90X should help you get back your beach body.

@jackofspade also pointed out it's available at Kmart too should that be more convenient for you

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Target Australia
Target Australia


  • Grabbed one of these when they were last in stock, I weigh 100kgs and can confirm I haven't died yet using it!

    • good to see you haven't dieded

    • Do you have to drill it into the frame? I live in a rental 😄

      • I live in a rental too, it just sits on the door frame!

        • i seem so many fail video about the whole thing fall or break the door frame, will that really happen?

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            @humbala: Exactly what I thought. That's the reason I'm not buying it. Definitely not because I'm too lazy to use it.

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            @humbala: Yes, i fell using this a few months ago - hurt like hell on a tiled floor

            It's fine if you put your weight directly underneath it, but the second you forget and want to do a quick pull up before you leave the house etc - bam your on the floor in pain

            I didn't think when i did my quick pull up and my weight natrually wasn't fully underneath it (swung out using my legs)

            There is also a little tab they say to put on the frame - but in a rental this is not possible.

            Also the foam on the sides that rest against the door will become useless very quickly, causing marks on the door frame - I added additional padding which looks hideous but worked ok.

            Long story short, is fine provided you take your time, and add additional padding - but do expect to be flat on your ass at one point or another

            • @MrChum: idea:
              tie a pillow on your bum

              • @ChiMot: I might get pillows for bum, elbows, back and head!

                I always watch videos /movies of people falling and think, pfft, get back up its nothing - but now having fallen on my back from this I now think, ouch that would hurt like hell in real life, my fall took me 2-3 weeks to stop being saw

            • @MrChum: Lol cool story. But why would you swing on it? It's not a monkey bar, go to the park to do that. In no circumstances you should land on your bum unless you can't hold your weight or the apparatus falls.

            • @MrChum: cool story bud, thanks for your super useful review!

            • @MrChum: The tab easily fits behind the frame and it’s not noticeable , doesn’t leave any damage

          • @humbala: I bought a door frame chin bar in 2008 and it got regular use during quarantine while gyms were closed (after years of P90X). Never fallen, never had it break, never damaged a door frame. I sit around 75KG although have had bigger friends come around with no problem. The weight bearing part of the bar is foam padded so no damage to the wall, the only risky or contentious part would be your own door frame, although weight doesnt sit 'down' on the frame though, the opposite side of the door locks it into place if that makes sense

            Either way there are 7 billion people on the planet, some of those people film their workouts, and some of them may have fallen. The likelihood of it happening to you is very small

          • @humbala: Yes it will definitely happen - don't do this in a rental !!!

      • You don't need to drill it in, but beware it will leave marks on light coloured finishings, after some use.

        'scuse me

    • How tall are you? I'm 6'2" and worry this might be a little awkward in a door frame

    • Try a few times then you'll know the floor is hard.

    • Same here, 90Kg and still not dead.

  • can't believe people are selling these on gumtree for like $80-$90

    • still selling for that much, wow? there was a shortage of them during lockdown and people took advantage

    • I got mine for 15 delivered from ebay a year ago - exactly the same as this except silver

    • I remember I sold mine for $100 at the end on March on Gumtree, it was collecting dust anyway.

      Not gonna lie, some messages I got from people threatening my livelihood because of the price and telling me what a bad person I am and I deserve to die a slow and painful death was a bit worrisome but none of them came out to be true.

      • I sold an old rusted bench press (with bar and about 40KGs of weight, hardly anything) for $450 at the beginning of quarantine. It had been sitting outdoors in the elements for about 8 years and push up bars got me by.

        They can knock the hustle, but at the end of the day someone bought this stuff from us so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Including first aid Kit ?

  • Is this suitable for all doorways?

    I worry this might pull down the doorway frame.

  • Chin-up bar for some people.

    Hanging-motionless bar for me.

  • Because these things dont make it to fail videos

  • Just a tip that you might want to check your doorframes before buying - it works by hanging off the protrusion, so it won't work if your doorframe is like mine and is flush with the wall (ie nothing to hang off).

  • It has got very bad reviews

  • for people with just 65-70kgs, will this affecting or damaging the house sturctural/door frame (right away or in the future) ?

    • All depends, but generally no - it will affect your bones when you fall though

    • I have damaged my doorframe with this one, I weight 90kg and have been using it for 3 months, so yes, you can damage doorframe.

      Can it damage yours? it depends. If your room door are fire-resistant and have a solid steel frame, then no. If yours are hollow-core door with soft wood frames, yes.

  • I have one of these. I'm 70kg and have been using it 3 times a week since March, no damage to the door.

  • here watch this

    "decompress lumber spine"

  • Kmart also have it for $12
    The design looks unusual, not sure how you can safely hang that on a door frame

  • Got mine delivered yesterday.

    This is so much value for the money!

  • This deal or the 4.95 fill up box deal? Hm…

  • Tone and strengthen your upper body muscles with this chin up-bar, which can also be used as a support while doing push-ups and sit-ups on the ground.
    Fits most door frames
    Maximum weight capacity: 100kg
    Material: Steel (frame) and foam (grips)
    Dimensions/Size: 92cm (L) x 30cm (H) x 30cm (W)
    Product weight: 1.6kg
    Colour: Black
    Warning: Always remove the product from the door when not in use. Follow usage instructions carefully.

  • pro tip:
    if you door frame is slim type you can swap that 2 bars (short and long) around. that way you can hook it closer to the frame.

  • if you have some where to hang them, recommend a pair of gymnastic rings over this every time. This is pretty desperate territory if its literally your last option

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    So this is one of the ways Australia's iron ore export comes back.

  • I got one of these as well, and use it in a rental.
    Mind you, it’s an old rental, with hardwood architraves - but I’ve not noticed any markings as yet.

    I’m 94kg, and can confirm it holds up to 110kg so far (‘secured’ a 16kg kettlebell to my legs with a belt)

    Unless you’re a diminutive individual, (what’s the current acceptable term for short person?) or have unusually high door frames, you’ll certainly need to bend your lower legs back, when completing pull/chin ups etc.

    I also use it as a securing point for resistance bands for some arm/tricep stuff, and for trx rows etc. I guess I’m happy enough with it for $12 or so.

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  • How far is Krispy Kreme from K-mart? I don't want to do two trips.

  • These have been available for years. Gone through a few as the padding deteriorates.

  • Start a monetized YouTube account before purchasing one of these.

    You’ll feature in many fail videos.

  • Thanks for the post, but not being fixed to a frame or proper support is a recipe for disaster.

  • I bought one of these a while back and it just felt filmsy and didn't fit my door frame all that well. Just couldn't trust it to support my full body weight.

  • Looks like they've sold out. Just missed it.

  • My Target order from this morning got cancelled just now due to insufficient stock.
    And both Target and Kmart say out of stock when you add to the basket :-(

  • Like others say, most of the fails online are from people who are jumping on to it - as long as the door frame is suitable and you lift yourself normally there should be no problem.

    However… make sure you take it down when not in use or leave the door permanently open if you have a wooden or tile floor underneath. I have an older one where the padding has worn through at the end of the pipe, if you try to close the door and knock it down it can punch some pretty decent holes in the floor if it lands the right way.

    • correct i am considering to put a sign on the door saying " look up before you close this door "

  • Can someone let me know how wide their door frame gap is at the top, where this pull up bar will hang from?