This was posted 1 year 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS] Slow Cooked Pork Knuckle $7.50/kg @ Woolworths


A great buy. Previous OzB low appears to be $8.99/kg at Aldi. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Catalogue screenshot here.

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    Not as good as the Three Aussie Farmers version (and I personally prefer Coles' as well) but at this price I will be partaking in several as long as my woolies has it in stock

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      Please share best cooking methods if you can :)

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        Just follow the instructions. That's all I do and it comes out perfect every time.

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        I find putting it in the fridge overnight uncovered after patting it with a paper towel and salting it helps the crackling.

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          Poke holes with fork. As many holes as possible.

          Baking soda works as well instead of salt if you find it too salty, just need to wipe it off with moist paper towel and then dry paper towel before baking.

          If you have a vacuum Sealer, cover with few layers of paper towel an vac it then release for a couple of hours before salt/baking soda

          • @plague69: I tried baking soda a couple of times on chicken had great crunch. Then one time I used like a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon. Tasted awful 🤣 I ruined it. Fed most of it to my dog. Looked amazing tho.

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        take it out of the oven 15mins before its ready and brush the skin with honey, put it back in the oven and roast it for another 15mins.

    • Note: Storage Instructions: Not Suitable for Home Freezing

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        Ive frozen , thawed and cooked them no probs

      • Wonder why they don't recommend to freeze it

        • Risk of food poisoning?

          • @xiangtan: Probably not - more likely that freezing something will pull the salt out of it and the taste will change.

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      The Coles one is my favourite, doesn’t seem to have the really salty ham flavour like the others and more like roast pork

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    Airfryer time but slow cook

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    Which aisle do you find this in?

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      Its in the refrigerated meat section. Either in the pork area or the pre-made food area, its very easy to spot unlike other items like lemon juice

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      Next to pre-packed chopped vege, called Game at my local woolies.

  • Eisbein!!

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    Is this cooked or not? So confusing

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      It is pre-cooked, but you must reheat (re-cook) it before eating. Yes, confusing.

    • From the reviews it looks like uncooked?

      • It's slow cooked first. You buy it, take it home, stick it in the oven and cook it/reheat it again.

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    As someone who posted the other deal I will say that I think the Three farmers is better than the WW own brand but at this price I will be stocking up

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      Great post by the way :)

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        Thanks, hope some people enjoyed it. Thanks for posting this one, I now have to tell the wife not to invite dinner guests over for pork knuckle this time

  • A common theme from the reviews seems to be how difficult it is to get it crackling.

    • Seems a bit naive trying to get pork belly level crackling from a pork knuckle.

    • secret to getting crackling is to put alot of salt on the skin, ALOT of salt.

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      Grill it for 10mins at the end

      • yeah when I asked my local fruit and veg seller which type of potato was best for roasting or chips, he said any - just whack up the temperature to blast at the end to crisp it up

        the trick is knowing your oven (airfryer?) - I tried cheese on toast the other day - grill to toast the bread, then garlic butter and cheese, bubbled to melting golden chewy perfection

        partner tried it next day - fan grill - completely different, dried out the bread, cooked it differently, the cheese didn't golden, it was soggy, awful - same oven, same ingredients, just different cook !

  • Can anyone who has tried this before confirm if the pork is "ham cured" on the inside? I used to buy ham hocks roasted over charcoal which were amazing. Place has since closed down much to my disappointment.

    I've tried to roast a cured/smoked ham hock but the results were not great. Very difficult to get good crackling.

    The ones typically sold in the deli section of the supermarkets are uncured roasted from fresh pork with white meat.

  • How many kgs are these packs typically?

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      800g - 1.2kg

      • Roughly what % is bone?

  • Three Farmers website states products will be no longer be sold in Woollies from the 4th May?

    You might have heard we’ve got a spot of bad news for all our amazing customers out there.

    Sadly, Woolworths has made the decision to de-range many of our Three Aussie Farmers products as they move towards building a wholly private label offer in the meat category. >As a result, the majority of our range will no longer be available on Woolworths shelves after the 4th May.

    Stock up while you can.

    • Yes they are now available at costco.
      Wollies is selling their own branded products.

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      It's deranged.

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    I prefer a nice moose knuckle….

    • Extra meaty?

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      A moose once bit my sister…

    • Haha Moose knuckle!

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    definatly grabbing a couple of these to teach my stupid heart a lesson

  • The label states that these are not suitable for home freezing. Why would that be? Also, if you can't freeze them, how long can you keep them in the refrigerator for prior to cooking?

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      Just a guess, but they are probably worried about liability from someone who deep freezes it and then doesn't thaw it out properly before cooking and gets sick.

      • Aren't these all pre cooked though?

        I know freezing meat products changes the texture a little and removes some of the moisture.

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          Yea but someone can still get themselves sick by not thawing it fully and not properly heating it to a correct temperature internally. As for how long you can keep them refrigerated I'm guessing it will say on the box ?

          • @TimboAus1234: If it's a cured product, there's virtually zero chance of getting sick eating it, unless it's left at a temperature that's in the "danger zone" for a substantial period of time. But you're right, better be safe than sorry.

  • It's a shame that woolies stopped selling Three Aussie Farmers product.
    Their own branded pork knuckle tastes not so good.

  • yay

  • Nice hock.

  • I think this is and the Aldi pork knuckle is too salty to cook over charcoal.

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    Don't do it.
    Tastes like ham rather than pork knuckle.

    The Coles one tastes much better.

    Both come up crispy in the air fryer.

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      Which one is cheaper

  • i ate this last week, pretty good too.. i didnt bother with the crackling. Tonnes of meat and plenty of leftovers for making fried rice that week. Will definitely get more if I can find it tomorrow.

  • I usually cook a shoulder or a leg in the pressure cooker, can this be done the same?

    • Oven recommended for getting crackle

  • so - my scan of this deal suggests - it's better at Coles … ?

  • They seem great but check for additives, the coles version has some nasty stuff but you'd assume there wouldn't be any.

  • When I got to my local woolies, they were all gone. The guy had to re-stock the shelves

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    Can confirm this deal was not honoured in SA at 7:45 this morning.

  • Full price in WA.

  • Marked as full price but staff happy to mark down to sale price in QLD.

    • You missed out a freebie.

    • I didn't realize it is not in QLD and I just went to to woolies…asked staff to check the price, she said she has no idea…said maybe it is only for online…

  • No price reduction for this in WA. Can we get the title updated please. Looks like we missed out this time.

    • Still $13kg at my local. Bugger, was about to go down and get a couple.

  • Looks like it might be VIC only

    • I've only been to one store and no stock, says unavailable online all around me also. I wonder if their online stock checker is accurate for this item

    • Full price in QLD, SA, WA & NT

    • No NSW has them. They had printed out 'Special' stickers to put on each box rather than change the shelf price. I bought four tonight and just put one in the oven. It's nothing but bone. The box weight is 960g, there's a couple of cm of crackle, but lucky if there's 50g of meat. These belong in the pet food section! Why anyone would buy these instead of paying about $9/kg for a deboned leg roast with heaps of crackle is beyond me.

  • 3 stores nice and early, zero stock.

    • Which state/area?

      • 3977 Victoria

  • No stock around 3976

  • 4573 - Staff member said it was an online special only?