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Tenda Nova Mw5c-2/3 Pack Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System $83.85/ $116.85 Delivered @ Tenda via Amazon AU


Not as good as the previous deal but good enough to get one if you are looking for a mesh router.

They have good reviews on their Amazon store and on OzBargain as well!

Offer applies to Tenda Nova Mw5c-2/3 Pack and Tenda AC5 AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router

I have just messaged the seller if the same offer is available on eBay, will edit once I get a response.

Edit: Just received a message that eBay pricing was updated as well.
Link to the set of three

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just received my 3 pack yesterday from the last ebay deal (sub $100). Was the easiest plug and play i’ve done, worked as per install instructions first time and house coverage improved significantly. Very impressed.

    • How was the speed from the access points? I saw few reviews about mesh and many mentioned speed is good from first device, but significantly less if connected from other access points.

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        I can get 80mbps on this mesh and 95 Mbps on my D7000 router.

        I have FTTC 100/20 NBN connection

        • which NBN you have? i thought these do not support 802.1n VPN which is used by our ISP like TPG.
          i also have FTTC 100/20 and waiting for TPG Dec5 deal .

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        FWIW Mesh is a simple way to improve wifi coverage without having to run extra cables. It generally comes at the expense of performance compared to using multiple wired APs to achieve the same level of coverage. It is not magic - when you think about it, with a mesh your data may be going through multiple hops over wifi so yes it is logical that depending which node you connect to your speed will be impacted. If coverage and cost are most important, then mesh is a good option. If you can afford it, multiple APs are better as they provide better coverage and performance, but at a cost for cabling, hardware, and effort to configure.

        • Do multiple APs do seamless handover as I thought this was one of the main advantages of mesh. I know when I tried a remote wired AP this was a problem when going from one room to another with my phone. It would hold onto the lower signal until I manually restarted wifi in the new location.

    • Hi Fordboys351, Do you connect this Tenda thinggy to your existing router? I have ASUS RT-AC68U. DO I just connect them wireless to the router or I need a cable to the router?

      • You can have the Tenda completely replace the Asus RT or cable the 1st Tenda to the Asus RT, Tenda 2nd and 3rd nodes use a wireless signal back to the 1st Tenda and turn off wifi on the Asus RT.

    • How did your setup work? I'm on FTTN so I have a modem router combo that proves insufficient for my needs. I'm keen to get a mesh setup going but I'm not clear on how it works. If you are on a similar setup I'd be interested to hear how it works.

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        Tenda doesn't completely replace the VDSL2 modem on nbn FTTN. You cable the 1st Tenda to the VDSL2 modem, Tenda 2nd and 3rd nodes use a wireless signal back to the 1st Tenda and turn off wifi on the VDSL2 modem.

        Which nbn RSP are you with?

        Do you have a landline or only mobile to make calls?

        • I am with Tangerine and no landline. Using a TD-W9970 modem/router. I had some looks around to try to figure out how to get it to work but some forums said it was super easy, others said this modem didn't have the necessary mode so I gave up there. WOuld really like to get one set up but I dont' want to buy the mesh system and then have it not work.

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            @EBC: Follow the steps here.

            When everything is up and running log back into TP-Link and turn off it's wifi.

            • @Twix: Great thanks! If it's that easy I think I will. Only other question (which you may or may not be able to answer) is will this mess up my pihole setup? As you may have guessed I am no expert at this sort of networking stuff so that was pretty painful to get working and I am reticent to do anything that might mess it up. I don't think it will from what I understand unless the process you linked changes some settings that changes how it works.

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                @EBC: I'm not sure. I don't use pihole.

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                  @Twix: No worries. I think I'll give it a go either way. I appreciate your help.

    • When you set up the Mesh, is the wifi name still the same, or do you need to toggle between your normal wifi and the tenda wifi when you move around your house?

      • Wifi name can be the same or something different. Nah you turn off wifi on your other router or disconnect it completely in some cases.

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    Same price on their ebay store

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    Returning the ones I got from Amazon - Only has TKIP over WPA / WPA2, no AES (confirmed by Tenda in an email to them, no way to force it to AES) - and kept getting random drop outs from the ones. Possibly just faulty units for the last, but generally disappointed. Going from a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (with modded firmware), there was a noticeable drop in wifi performance.

    • Is TKIP used between access points or also between APs and wireless clients connecting to them?

      • Between AP and Client, with no way to change.

        • That's a bummer! Would spend extra for additional security measures.

  • Anyone knows if this works with 4G modem router?

    • +1

      If your 4G modem router has an Ethernet port for LAN then yes. Otherwise you would need to setup some type of wireless bridge between the two.

      • Thanks.

  • bought the 2pack for $75 two weeks ago. Performance is quite good.

    I’m a bit pissed off this router doesn’t have web configuration interface. And their app lacks lots of config for router functionality.

    (Haven’t tried wire connection for web config page, guess result is the same)

    • How is the coverage?

      • They are actually pretty good, well worth the money

      • i'm in a 50-60sqm 1bd apartment. bedroom is about 7-10 meters away from modem/router. previous (3-4year old bgn) ZTE / TPLINK / Asus routers can't send signal to bedroom. this mesh is much better.

  • cheers, got one.

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    Would this work equally as well as the TP-Link Deco M5? Sorry, I've only just started my research into mesh systems. This one is significantly cheaper than the M5 so perhaps I've answered my own question…

  • Does this have VLAN for TPG group?

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      No. You will need to use it in bridge mode with your TPG modem/router.

      • +2

        pass then

        deco much better

        • much costlier as well!

          • @ModiWar: $180 3pack Deco m5 on good guys commercial

            That was a good deal

    • Please read the post, this has already been included.

  • Does anyone know how to figure out how to automatically connect to 5ghz by default? Sometimes it connects my phone to 2.4ghz for some reason when it has 5ghz compatibility. This and limited options given on bridge mode is the only nag about these mesh plus the 100mb LAN output.

    • I think mw5c have Gig ports

      • Ahh yes the ones i have are MW3.

    • I thought my MW3 connects my phone and all devices to 5ghz by default already? Only toggle 2.4ghz band temporarily via the Tenda app. Have you tried forgetting the SSID and reconnecting to network to lock to 5ghz Wifi?

      • I thought so too. Perhaps I have too many devices running at 5ghz. Tried to forget network and hook it back but still reverts back to 2.4ghz most times. One option that works is to reboot the mesh to connect back to 5ghz but is kinda annoying

  • Does anyone know if it suits my 100/20 mbps plan with dodo FTTB in 2 bedrooms apartment unit. I am using Huawei modem (provided by dodo), which is not good for coverage in whole unit. I am getting typical 70-80mbps speed.
    Thank you in advance.

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      From the previous posts, it can easily do 2 bhk unit. If you are not too sure, go for the 3 pack instead of 2.

      • Thank you. Bought 3 packs

  • I got the two pack from last deal for $64 with a coupon I had.
    Its great, I get 50 mbps anywhere in my house now.
    I have a approx180m2 house which is long but narrow and I went from getting 15 mbps to full speed even in my patio . Only thing is i can't figure out the 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz thing. Only one ssid is created. I still have my router wifi on for those devices.

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      You need to turn on the 2.4ghz "mode" via the Tenda app (Smart Assistant under Settings) when you are connecting 2.4 only devices to the network. This will allow these devices to find the network and connect. The Tenda app needs location permission on Android for this to work for some reason. I had this disallowed this permission and it took me a while to work out why it won't let me "switch" the 2.4 mode on for my legacy devices to connect.

      • ooo damn.. nice info mate.. will try that

  • Mine seem to drop out fairly regularly, however it has certainly improved coverage. I don't get great speeds around my neck of the woods though on NBN. Only about 15mbps MAX at any given time.

  • I have been really happy with the Tenda MW3 3 Pack I got.
    Down stairs computer / media centre / used to get 30-40mbps down now constant 90-95mbps down !

    Our mobiles would also be pretty terrible on WiFi I kept using mobile data when downstairs now its perfect.

    Also handy way to get Internet to other Ethernet devices instead of poweline etc.
    Have used on Steamlink / older devices that don't have it.

    Was going to lash out for a better router I'll certainly get these mesh network setups instead for future.

  • Worth the upgrade from a DLink Covr 1203 (which has been horrendous!) ?

    • What is wrong with the Covr?

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