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SodaStream 60L Spare Gas Cylinder $19 @ Harvey Norman and Domayne


SodaStream 60L Spare Gas Cylinder @ Harvey Norman and Domayne ($35 everywhere else)

Domayne Link

Usually refilling is about this price, however Gerry is feeling generous by offering a filled spare cylinder at $19.

Get in quick before they pull the plug.

Credit to PriceHipster.

Edit: Still Available at Domayne Link for the same price
Edit 2: Looks like they have pulled the plug on Domayne too.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Cheers, ordered one for C&C from Maribyrnong. Lets see if they honour it or if I end up in refund purgatory

  • Makes me wish I had some of those $10 or $20 store credit vouchers to get a backup.
    I have also been thinking of getting the larger 3rd party canisters as well but my wife did not want it on the kitchen bench.

    • You get get the adapter and refill the Sodastream canister from the larger ones.

      • I was in the same boat and went with the kegland adapter and 2.6kg CO2 cylinder, strongly recommend it!

        • Woah. How much is that? And do you refill the large kegs too?

          • @Owgasm: 2.6kg CO2 is about $60, including the bottle.
            Refills are about $30.

            Or there's a 6kg bottle for $100.

            • @BensonP: I have this set-up too.

              One thing to remember with the 6kg capacity cylinder, if it doesn't have a dip tube then you're going to need to invert it refill your sodastream CO2 bottles. Those things are heavy enough to be unwieldly to carry flipped around while refilling.

              • @tebbybabes: its doable with one person but easier with 2, we have the 6kg at home and do it that way.

                Worth noting that newer soda stream bottles have a valve that makes it annoying. We have 3 we use (1 older soda stream, 2 kegland ones) we have a spare of the newer type but i don't bother refilling it as its frustrating.

                Don't forget to freeze the bottle you are filling first.

        • Yeah I have the 2.6KG with the adapter. Sits under the bench with a pipe up to the Soda Stream. Lasts me about 6 months.

          • @rockyroad: Would you mind sharing where you got your equipment please (I'm also in NSW)? I've searched the Kegland distributors but they seem to only sell My Keg on Legs (MKOL) cylinders (2.3Kg) and they appear to be waaay more expensive that $60 (around $200). TIA

  • Anyone tried the Pepsi syrup and is it like the real thing?

    • I tried it yesterday, the Pepsi Max one. Love it. I tried the cola one before, compared to that, its like night and day. I'd say its like 90% like the real thing

    • Bought some yesterday after seeing someone mention it on the SodaStream post yesterday, extremely close to the real thing.
      Thinking about it though, I feel like the cost of the syrup and refilling gas must come pretty damn close to the equivalent cost of Pepsi Max.

      • But a lot less plastic consumption! Better from rubbish perspective, but who knows when factoring manufacture of cylinders, and the sodastreams themselves.

        • i read reviews that soda stream carbonated drinks doesnt hold the bubbles as well as the bottled coke/ pepsi
          would you know how long before a freshly carbonated soda stream drink goes flat?

          • @squidz:

            i read reviews that soda stream carbonated drinks doesnt hold the bubbles as well as the bottled coke/ pepsi

            You can force more carbonation with a soda stream compared to ready-to-drink ones, so it can be fizzier than the store bought coke/pepsi

            Really the holding bubbles thing is related to the bottles seal and also the ratio of empty space (because you've consumed some liquid) compared to carbonation trapped in the (remaining) liquid.

            Theoretically should be no different.

            Also with soda stream.. you can re-carbonate as necessary

            Soda stream bottles are also 840ML in liquid capacity (if you're carbonating)

          • @squidz: The way to minimise gas loss is to charge two bottles at the same time, use one to top the other all the way full then cap it, use the part bottle for your immediate requirement. This way there is no space left in the bottle for the gas to 'escape' into.

      • I tried it yesterday. The Pepsi syrup seems to be the old Cola syrup with the logo slapped on. Had that distinct artificial generic cola after taste.

    • Where does one buy this sryup? Its not in woolies is it?

    • I like the Dr Pete flavour syrup (Dr Pepper)

    • Yes it tastes like Pepsi but the first time I made it it was a bit watery so I added more syrup than I usually do and it fixed the problem (top line in instead of middle line on lid).

    • [Double post]

  • Anyone had luck returning an empty cannister not for exchange but some sort of refund? Don't want my soda stream any more.

    • Haven't tried but read on the pack when I got mine that returning the cylinders only rewards you with $1. Good luck and hope you have success claiming that dollar.

    • I suppose you could on-sell it as an alternative to the $1 refund.

  • Ordered one cheers!

  • Trying to recall what the cost was for the double pack on sale at Costco? I’ve been waiting for it again.

    • Found it. $42.99 when on sale!

      Cheers OP

      • So this beats it by $2.49 per cylinder! Not bad. The only other time I remember seeing at this price is when Woolworths made a mistake in their system.

  • Got free delivery to my address for some reason! (VIC)

  • If anyone want's a spare cylinder I have a heap of empty ones for free. I'm in Perth.

  • Is this compatible with sodaking?

  • Can I use this with the SodaStream machine we bought from the eBay deal?

    • Yes, its compatible. I believe there is only one cylinder type in SodaStream's ecosystem.

  • +4 votes

    ordered 3x, thanks OP …now we wait for Gerry to tell us we are professionals and its a price error:)

  • HN is outside of my 5km zone 😭

  • Serious question, why would people want a spare cylinder over the swap (given the swap price is the same) and there is almost no cylinder resale value ?

    • Its a spare but it's full. And buying multiples. Make sense?

    • So you have a spare when one runs out? It's not always convenient to go out for a swap.

    • I guess at this price (same as refill), you can keep 1 spare and swap @ home straight away when your current one runs out of gas.

    • One reason to justify is - so that they never get caught out when the cylinder is empty, there will be a spare one to replace it straight away.

    • Same reason people keep things like spare batteries etc in the house. So when one runs out they don’t have to leave the house and get a swap immediately. Would have thought that was obvious.

      • yeah, it's actually quite annoying to have to take the cylinder back

        i mean if you had a toilet roll holder, would you go to the shops and refill it everytime, or just have a spare roll you can throw on?

        More than a few times i have found it quite annoying to have to take the cylinder out, have no bubbles for the day and wait until the next shopping day to have it refilled

        having an extra canister is definitely a luxury but in this case, a luxury that costs 50%, or actually effectively nothing since you would have had to pay the normal $19 anyway, you just get a free canister this time around!

  • Would rather price match this at jb than buy from HN

  • I moved to Kegland cylinder with adapter and never looked back :)

  • +1 Kegland DIY refill for better value.
    Heaps of information and youtube tutorials online.

  • I thought this was OzBargain? :D



    For those wondering, the 2.6kg cylinder is equivalent to ~5.5 of the 'standard' cylinders

  • Mine is ready for pick up already

  • I've had luck just buying a second one when exchanging one. I brought my empty one and asked if I could buy a second one for the exchange price and they let me. I think this was at Shell? I can't recall. I am not sure if they're officially meant to do that though.

  • I'm unable to pick up. I chose Standard Delivery and this is what I got "SodaStream 60L Spare Gas Cylinder…Sorry, this item can't be delivered to your selected postcode at the moment" 👎👎👎

  • Pulled when I had it in my cart. Was going to buy the Pepsi flavours at the same time, but I'll go elsewhere now - they do sound interesting!

  • It's handy to have a spare if you are happy to keep buying these refills rather than rolling your own. Not sure if it's worth getting a third tho…

  • Has this expired? HN link doesn't come up, even tho it shows the summary when you search for Sodastream.

  • Still available at Domayne for same price

  • ordered at 1:15pm and ready for pickup

  • For anyone who uses their SodaStream lots like I do, I highly recommend an adapter so you can attach a regular CO2 bottle


    Makes running it way cheaper

  • Still available on domayne for me

  • Order cancelled

  • My order was confirmed and ready for pickup, however when i went to pickup the attendant insisted that i had to return two bottles to receive the two bottles i had ordered/paid for

    in the end i walked away with the 2 bottles but there might be some resistance to the process when picking up

  • got mine, just picked it up from sunshine, no wuckers

  • anyone have a screenshot of the webpage? Dont want to go there to pick up and have them arguing that it is a swap and go price…

  • Ordered 2 click and collect, picked them up today no problems.