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Loacker Wafers Coconut 100g for $1 (Was $4) @ Woolworths


While few other Loacker wafers are available at half price for $2, the coconut wafers are available for $1.

These are so addictive that I finished 2 packs from Morning already.

The wafers are best before 31st October , but I would have bought even if it was best before 1st October 😁

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  • When you say you finished 2 packs this morning already, you mean the individual wafers right, not the entire 100g box, right? Right!?

      • Wondering why this is getting 4 negative votes already. Why is it frowned upon to question someone's weight or dietary habits?

        • Everything is offensive these days. Im actually offended you dont know this

          • @tee123: LOL. Exactly. Some people find it offensive to see someone stuff that much sugar in his/her face in the span of one morning; others find it offensive that they find that offensive.

    • Haha … Nope I finished 2 entire boxes. My brain stops working when I eat the first Wafer and will only regain consciousness when the pack is finished 😁 Highly addicted to Loacker Wafers.

    • If you've tried these you'd know they are 100% talking about the entire box. Breathing becomes more of a choice than eating another wafer once you open a box. Borderline a drug.

  • My local store had 2 pallet of these last week for $1.50.

    Note: it only the Wafer Coconut Variant.

  • Bought one when was $1.50 but wasn't a fan, much prefer the dark choc hazelnut ones (which are round not rectangle)

  • These are so so SO good. Personally I think the white chocolate hazelnut ones are the best, but they're all top notch. I only wish they would reduce the amount of packaging they use!

  • yup bought these for $1 at the lidcombe woolies yesterday. The best before date was Feb 2021 on mine.

  • saw these yesterday for this price, had to give them a try.

    can confirm empty packet in under 2 hours.

    wish i bought more

  • Bought 6 of these yesterday. So good.

  • not gonna lie, feeling a little comforted that im not the only binge eater here haha

  • Sweet as , love it

  • Loakers are better than Tim Tams ngl

    • Not really comparable IMO. These are soft wafers with softer, creamier, fancier chocolate.

      Tim Tams are still better for using as straws.

      But Loackers are really fantastic.

  • nice snack, a bit too sweet

  • I don't buy Loakers anymore because, like others, I keep coming back until they're all gone. Not good for one's waistline.

  • Just visited my local woolies (SYD) and it scanned up as $2. Showed the attendant price on website and was advised it’s only online…. 😭

  • +2 votes

    Not sure how I feel about these.

    The last time I bought a box, I was expecting that they'd be as big as a Tim Tam as the image makes them look like so.

    Upon opening the packaging, they've been packed in the least space efficient method and are only a third of the size of a Tim Tam.

  • There is an additional (similar tier) flavour showing up for me at $0.95. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/214435/loa...

  • I discovered loacker wafers a couple of weeks and tried the hazelnut. Yup couldn't stop eating them. Put it in the fridge and they all stuck together and didn't split apart anymore. So you eat break it apart in bigger chunks : P

  • $1!!! I brought about 10 (no exaggeration) when it was $2 on the weekend I think. Now there's no stopping me.

  • When I (mis)read the brand name it sounds like cloaca, which reminds me of nature documentaries and sharks mating. Not so appetising, so the urge to buy the sugary snack passes.

  • Bought - tasty!
    But price even @$1/100g is dearer than Tim Tams when regularly on special @$1.82/200g.

  • I bought this yesterday. Didn't know it's so good. Went back to buy again it was out of stock now.

  • +2 votes

    I backed the truck (aka shopping trolley) up at my local. Couldn't believe there was a stack of them still there. Currently enjoying the rewards of my trip now.
    They'll never last til the use by date which is 25/01/2021.

  • +2 votes

    Lol my other local Woolworths haven't put the label up, so they're still tagged at $4 a pack. Just bought a whole lot more. And plenty left. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Went to get the Loacker wafers that are on special for $1 from a recent post. Found these for 95c now