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Coles Mobile - 365 Days, 60GB Data, Optus, Unlimited Int’L Talk/Text to 15 Countries, Rollover <50GB $99 (Was $120) @ Coles


Deal is from the upcoming Coles catalogue starting October 7.


Good value when compared to Catch’s $89 365 day plan as it includes unlimited talk/text to the following 15 countries - Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.

Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge.

Critical information summary.

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  • +2

    My plan ends in January 2021. Just wondering when do you need to activate by?

    • same here, my boost prepaid ending later this year. it's a shame they have jacked the $150 plan to $200 with only 5GB more data….. disgusting!

      • +8

        I think you should be able to recharge the old 150 option, its just not available for new customers

        • +4

          Just dailed #111# and you are right. I can actually recharge directly with them…. not too bad then , but still beaten by this coles deal .

          • @HD9990: I am with Coles mobile and my plan expired recently. Can I recharge with this plan to keep my number?

            • @thangnhoc: I'm with boost mate, no idea about this coles one

          • @HD9990: How did you figure it was beaten ?

            I mean if Optus coverage works for you sure, but if you don't live in a major city, Boost (Telstra 4G) coverage still ends up being better than Optus in a lot of places.

            Boost is $150 for 80G and 25 international countries plus 1200 mins to another 30.. so I'm not sure you could compare directly to say Coles beats this..

            • @jason andrade: maybe I should add "for me". It's just I have not been to a place where telstra is working and optus is not…. especially during lockdown days…..

              • @HD9990: Add "for me too". I'd grab this of I hadn't recharged Boost in May. Hopefully a deal like this will pop up again in six or seven months. I've used about 12 GB in five months so 60 GB would still be plenty.

    • I'd rather the Catch Connect plan for $10 less as for regular calls and SMS to overseas, I've not done this in years as I just use Skype or Whatsapp which is free for messaging or calling overseas to uses with these apps. It only uses a small amount of data, which can be done on wifi of course.
      In saying this, Catch Connect and Coles Mobile are the same company now, so I'd be surprised if they don't align the plans soon.

      • +2

        Some of us have relatives that aren’t hooked onto the internet yet mate!

      • +1

        If the other person has switched of the mobile data and if its urgent, you cant use skype whatsapp etc. Also the reception on voice calls is usually better than whats app in most cases (its otherway too in some times).

        • You will be surprised during peak hours making voice calls overseas. Either couldtn connect or the quality is below par.

          It all goes through data I believe to have such bad line during peak hour.

          • @lovepub: I believe that depends on the destination country I guess. I had no issues calling anytime.

      • I only use international dialling to connect to conference call when local access number is not available.

      • I noticed Catch does not rollover data to the next plan whereas this deal does.

    • I'm in the same situation with Aldi mobile. Don't really need the overseas calling but will be extremely useful to others.

    • I think if it's sold like a gift card, i.e has no value until purchased. Is treated like a gift card for sales promo. Then it will have gift card expiration terms, minimum of 2 years.

    • For those who wondering when to activate by - https://i.imgur.com/9qQqX0W.png they are in the catalogue on bottom of page 40 :)
      Sadly, activate within 30 days from purchase date.

    • +2

      On the SIM packaging it says it is recommended that you activate within 30 days. However, I confirmed with them via online chat that this is only "recommended" in case they change the plan inclusions. So basically, the way I understand it is if they change the plan inclusions by January 2021 you'll get whatever is equivalent at that time.

  • +13

    Coles is on the Optus network for those wondering

    • Would you know, wholesale or full?

      • +5

        There is no wholesale Optus network.

    • +1

      I'm currently on the ALDI mobile $99 1 Year Superpack which includes 15 GB of data and uses the Telstra wholesale network.
      I would switch to this Coles deal for the increased data, but the mobile coverage in my neighborhood by Telstra is vastly superior to Optus, so that's a deal breaker for me.

  • +8

    Better value than Boost !

    • +1

      Boost uses the full Telstra network which has much superior coverage than Optus.
      If you are happy with Optus' coverage for you, then this Coles mobile offer is a great deal.

  • +1

    Is this for both online and instore?

  • Can you use this in an iPad?

    • I’d assume so. I also wondered if data sharing with family is possible but I don’t think dshare is available

    • +6

      Why not just buy Kogan 60GB 90 days for $14.90?
      Cheaper per year with more data & you don't have to pay a large amount upfront.

      • +1


        • +1

          I think you need to turn off auto recharge with Kogan, so don't forget.

      • Assuming Vodafone coverage is good enough for you - if not, Coles on the Optus network is obviously a better choice!

  • +1

    Can Optus prepaid do voice to text message bank ?

  • Does this number work overseas (India) to receive call or text?

  • -2

    Not as good as catch. Catch can be had for abou $80 with codes from unidays student beans And even less with gift cards. And you get an extra 10gb, but no international calls

    • +11

      Not everyone is a student

      Edit - except in the subject of life

      • +1

        There are no students in the subject of life - everybody is an expert.

        • Everyone who knows me would like to disagree with that.

    • -1

      I don’t get why people are voting me cold! $89 -10% is $80.1 (very easy to get a code even on here for free) if you use gift cards another 7-20% off (depending on what you have). So you’ll pay around $65-80 for the same Optus network 10 more gb, a saving between $20-25! Not rocket science.

  • I believe Optus don't have visual voicemail for iPhone? Boost does now.

  • +1

    Does Coles Mobile support services like Call waiting / Call Hold / Call Conference. I guess these are very important options to have specially “CALL Conference”
    Also Call forwarding option.
    Boost mobile and Catch Connect have all these services available .

    As per my experience Amaysim is missing: Call Conference.

    • +1

      Amaysim also bill heavily for call forwarding.

    • +1

      If you need call conference and holding calls for call waiting, please contact the Amaysim support to let them know. They will log a job to Optus to ask for enabling the 'call hold' feature of your number. Optus disables it by default. There is no extra cost for using this feature.

  • wifi calling available?

  • +1

    Better value than Boost !

  • How long do I need to activate after I purchased it?

    • As per the T&C's

      "You need to activate your SIM within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in a promotion (whichever is earlier)"

      • Cheers mate

  • +3

    Whoa! Is this new? I thought Coles plans didn't include any international minutes. This is a great deal!

  • Mine finishes end of December if I buy this now when must I activate it

  • Can you port from Optus 365 days prepaid to this?

    Will be $150 for 60GB to recharge coming up soon!

  • wow their 120GB 365 day for $150 (not on sale) is really good as well
    edit: wait catch is cheaper at the moment ($120 for same data and expiry)

    • -1

      Yes, if you don’t need international catch is much cheaper. Unidays codes floating around will knock off 10% plus if you use gift cards that are on offer it works out even cheaper

  • nice deal

  • -1

    Optus is poor as compared to Telstra. I had Optus before changed to Telstra Mvno.
    More over Coles won't HV international roaming, for now it's doesn't make any sense because you can't go overseas.

  • So many questions above and no answers.

  • Just wondering 1. If WiFi calling can help with international calls on a plan with no international call Credit inclusion, and 2. If Skype credits are required for an overseas Skype number, if provided? I have these questions as I thought I needed international call inclusions as I have to call overseers business numbers From time to time, eg bank, airlines, etc. Thank you in advance for any advice/suggestions

  • "You need to activate your SIM within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in a promotion (whichever is earlier)" From the critical information summary.

    No good for me unfortunately, my Boost expires in Jan next year.

    • Thanks but does it apply in his case, as the “special” is discounted pricing rather than bonus data inclusions, etc?!

    • +1

      Suliana from their online chat, "We only recommend activating SIM within 30 days of purchase, to ensure you receive full value of plan selected (especially if purchased on a promotion). But in saying that, you can activate it whenever you are ready to do so"

      • Was told the same thing on Coles live chat.

    • Too churn from Boost would cost you $30 to $35. Which puts you ahead on the deal. If you ordered the Coles sim you wouldn't need to activate till early Nov.

      • +2

        “Too churn from Boost would cost you $30 to $35..” could you please elaborate? I am seriously considering the move so would like to have a clear understanding

        • My post was in response to an earlier post.

          "No good for me unfortunately, my Boost expires in Jan next year."

      • How's that ahead? You only save $21 on the coles plan vs their standard retail, would be better off using up the rest of the Boost plan first then switching. Might even get another sale price before then.

    • Buy catch, it gives you 2 years to activate

  • I'm a dummy the data is 60gb a month or 60gb a year? I'd assume the latter but don't see it anywhere.

    • +1

      A year

  • Does anyone know if an existing number (Aldi) can be ported to Coles mobile annual plan?

    • +1

      Can’t see why not though admittedly did not search through the T&Cs to confirm (thought there is no need for it) was

      • thanks mate, got it confirmed from online chat support, very quick and prompt response - "You will only be given the option to port a number over, when you go through the online activation process (that is, once you have the physical SIM card)"

  • A cracking deal, i must say, i found Aldimobile the cheapest for international calls ($25 monthly with 20GB unused data rollover). But this is a fab deal considering staying at home using WIFI most of the times.

    • +1

      I second this. My 2 year contract with Optus is up next month and I am thinking of switching to a cheapish plan with at least 5gb/month and 120 mins of local calls/SMS. What are the options out there?

  • +1

    I Don think it's necessarily a better deal than the catch one. Many people dun really need the international mins. Those that do also can use Skype or what's app to call. The receiver overseas also won't get charged this way.

    • Ditto

  • Even though this is a tempting deal I had such bad issues with coles mobile and my number is still screwed from the experience (Coles Mobile disconnected my number and it didn't work for ages, I had ported earlier in 2020. Now calls sometimes don't connect and had a weird diversion despite phone settings not reflecting this. Had to get the ombudsman to help me get away from coles!)

    • Is that recent or a few years ago that Coles did a bad port ?

      • +1

        Few months ago, before June 2020

        • I wish I could give Coles Mobile all the NEGATIVE reviews I can.
          I had such a bad experience with them too, I did a port request on 07/10/2020 and still no luck with my porting. All they say is it has been escalated to technical team.
          Worst provider ever!!

          • @mal87: They will try to blame the other provider etc etc

            If you transfer from a provider who is also using Optus it will take forever (mine took 3 months)

            Lodge a complaint with Ombudsman as soon as possible is my suggestion.

            • @blueyez: I ported my Dad's Optus post paid to this Coles Mobile deal and it was complete in less than 30 minutes. Maybe the problem isn't that common?

              • @Wallace: Maybe the covid situation has improved since earlier this year, but I'm still mad i have issues with my mobile number and the only source of this is Coles Mobile.

                I'm about to lodge another TIO complaint with Boost mobile (current provider) because the issues I had with Coles Mobile (my number not ringing / people not being able to reach me / sms not received despite friends saying they've been trying to contact me) are still going. I use a dual sim phone and 0 issues with my backup number so I don't think it's my device (also have 2 other devices to test the sim with) and my work are not happy that they can't reach me. I've been paying for a 2nd number since January 2020 - and don't want to do another port as I've paid for a 12 month plan with Boost.

                I'm passionately angry about Coles Mobile and their incompetence.

    • +1

      I also had a bad experience porting a number to Coles mobile in January this year. I ended up having to abandon the number & use a new one.
      The new number works fine.

      • Ouch, that;s not a good experience especially if it was a good number

      • What was the reason Coles gave for the issue ?

        Why did you have to abandon the number ?

        • It just wouldn’t port, Optus didn’t really give a reason other than it was stuck in provisioning or something like that. I wasn’t too attached to the number so just let it go in the end to save the headache.

          • @I Want One: Were you Porting from Optus to Coles Mobile ?

            If so, this person on the review website gives an explanation about the issues of Porting with Coles Mobile


            • @Andy99: No it was Kogan to Coles, whenever I rang up Coles support I spoke to someone from Optus.

              • @I Want One: I believe Kogan is with Vodafone so the Port to Coles (Optus) should have gone through within 48hrs

                Wonder if its a Coles Mobile issue or Optus issue ?

                Is Optus outsourcing their Call Centers / Provisioning team to the Philippines / India ??

                • @Andy99: Optus team is hopeless, sometimes when you call Coles Mobile they will answer and say you've called the wrong number because it goes to the Optus team. Took me 3+ months to port away, even including the Ombudsman stepping in.

      • +2

        This would have been terrible for many as the mobile # is linked to various online banking, ATO, MyGov, insurance services, for one time password, recovery, notifications. Imagine how many services you need to update and you may not even remember some

        • Yep it was a nightmare for me!!!! So even though this deal is tempting - I don't even want to consider it in future.

          I still need to carry a second sim to use alongside my long term number which is still having issues since leaving Coles Mobile (all the issues started with them! I've been porting to other networks before Coles Mobile without issues grr)

          • @blueyez: That's sounds bizarre. After you have Ported away from Coles Mobile (Optus) how can you still be having issues with your new provider ?

            • @Andy99: I'm about too get TIO involved yet again… no idea. No one can reach me when they call or sms… and it's not my device as I've tried it on other devices with same issues.

              I think covid screwed up my number majorly - I have a feeling that a lot of failed ports might be why (when I was trying to both join and escape Coles Mobile)

              No one could get a hold of me yesterday and had they not told me I would've had no idea. Could be a sim issue but these are the same issues i had when I was with Coles Mobile.

  • +2

    This looks like a good deal however the feedback on Coles Mobile is savage (2 out of 5) on the review website


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