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Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones $359.93 (Variable Price / Free Pickup / $10 Delivery) @ JB Hi-Fi Commercial (Membership Required)


Been waiting for a good deal on the Sony WH-1000XM4's for a long time.

Finally found a decent bargain on the JB Hi-Fi Commercial website for $392.33 ($402.33 delivered). Nowhere near as good as the previous Good Guys Commercial deal, but still a pretty good bargain compared to more recent deals on the XM4.

I'm sure many people will be asking how to get access to JB Hi-Fi Commercial. All I can tell is you what worked for me. I recently found out that my profession has affiliation with Member Advantage and when I searched the members deals within there, I discovered they also offer access to the JB Hi-Fi Commercial site.

Hope this helps someone else!

EDIT: Looks like the actual price varies according to the type of JB Hi-Fi Commercial account used. Some are reporting prices a low as $359.93; others are over $400. Mine came up as $392.33, which was a good enough deal for me to complete the purchase.

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  • Very good price

  • How do you actual get the member advantage login? Or access the benefits? I am eligible but can't work out the site…

    • They supply sites to be used, like the aus union site: https://actu.memberadvantage.com.au/

      You don't sign up on member advantage directly, but rather through one the partner sites they offer. Takes a few days whilst they verify your membership with your chosen association.

      • Thanks, I'll check that way.

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    It's $376.13 for me, so I guess different prices for different organisations.

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      Same here - just picked up a pair. Thanks OP!!

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        Tempted to buy myself, but that $351 deal kind of set the bar for me. Hoping for some good deals around Black Friday/Christmas/boxing day at least.

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          It'll be tough IMO, The Good Guys Commercial did a similar deal on the XM3s when they were released and that was one of the top deals for the first couple of years

    • is this price include shipping or pickup price?

      • It's free pick up or $10 delivery as mentioned in the title.

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    Have access to this price - happy to help out anyone looking for pair 😁

    • What kind of pricing are you getting?

      • $392.33 + shipping (from $10 or store pick-up). Post has been edited since I commented.

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    $359.93 for anyone who is in the AEA (SA Ambos)

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    You can access JB Hi-Fi commercial through Wollongong University (don't need to be a student, just follow this link: https://universe.uow.edu.au/operations/uow-corporate-discoun... and click the 'click here' hyperlink). This brings them down to $408 + $10 shipping. I'm still holding out for a sub $350 price but I'm posting this here for anyone else to use!

    • Note that JB Hi Fi Commercial does not accept gift cards. So, JB Hi-Fi commercial through Wollongong University is actually more expensive.
      You can easily get a $500 gift card for $450 in classifieds. And the retail normal price is 449. Paying with gift card, the price equates to $404.10. And you can pickup same day.

    • When the UNSW link was posted here a couple of years ago it was removed permanently for everyone.

      • Are you saying don't post a link to a deal on a forum about deals? I'm not responsible for their access security.

      • UNSW has discountinued the JB hifi commercial membership for students

    • I guess it doesn't work anymore :(

      Asks for an Org code

    • After click the hyperlink, it asked for Organisation Code & Password

      T T

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    That's really interesting that others are getting different prices. I had no idea JB Hi-Fi Commercial did that. Will update the original post.

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    I got mine for $329 from JB Commercial. We are just a small business and it was our first purchase through them

    All I did is ask if they could price match the $351 from GG commercial and they came back with that price

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      could you order one for me?

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    Same…showing 390 here, happy to help if any ozbargainers might need one but without a jb commercial account.

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    Anyone have a screenshot of $359?

  • $359 for me

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    $359+$10 Delivery with Union Shopper.

    • Gosh Union Shopper website is slow. Signed up and now have access to $359 deal!

      • What's the condition on joining union shopper?

    • The XM4's are cheaper than the XM3's lol

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    Edit: nvm comment above says you can't pay with gift cards :(

  • anyone can help purchase with $359 price? Appreciate if you could help, im based in VIC..

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      Sign up with union shopper for free, and click from there, you'll get access to $359 price before shipping

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        it prompt me for union and membership number, any idea to get through that?

        • Yeah same here union name and union membership number

        • +5

          CFMEU Northern Mining + any 6-digit number. This worked for me.

          • @xda: Thanks mate. I'm able to register.
            Can you help me with the link to jbhifi commerical page of union shopper?

            • @YesCube: It's under electrical. I missed it the first few times because it's really generic image they used for JB Hi-fi Solutions.

            • @YesCube: Is it still there? I can’t seem to find it

          • +1

            @xda: You really want to mess with the CFMEU?

          • @xda: Let's hope they don't check ha. It worked for me too!

            • @melbbud: Looks like they removed the JBs link

              • @Hank Hsieh: Seems they barred the log ins as well!

                • +2

                  @melbbud: spoke to customer service and response was "Hi. Unfortunately we have had to hold off access to their site as it was promoted via OzBargain." :(

                  • +1

                    @hopper: Bikies are coming for Scotty now

          • @xda: Excellent tip, this worked for me and I managed to get one.

            • @freaky_spawnie: were you able to access JBC from union shopper home page? Cannot find the url to log into JBC

  • How do you find out if your work is affiliated with Member Advantage ?

  • showing 408.52 for me :(
    guess my company needs to be more nice to JB

  • Shows Commercial Price
    $392.33inc GST.

    Variable pricing sucks.

  • Can we use jb hifi gift card on the top?

  • Finally, pulled a trigger :)

    I am not strong enough to deny the headphone at this price :(
    I bought my Bose QC35 3 years ago and still working fine.

  • +1

    Anyone already owning XM3 and wanting XM4…They don't have support for aptX or aptX HD codec!!!

    Why is this important you might ask? If you (like a lot of people) work from home and are connected to a Windows 10 laptop 8 hours a day, all you'll get is crappy SBC codec! Good bye nice sound quality. It's only if you connect to a phone that you get LDAC (Android) or AAC (iPhone) HD codecs.

    Of all HD codecs, Windows 10 only supports aptX codec! This is why I will not be buying XM4 headphones (I had XM2 before). Sony may have saved a few dollars on licencing aptX and aptX HD from Qualcom, but has lost me as a customer, forever!

    • BT4 vs BT5. Connection speed alone should make it worth while

  • Also happy to help if any ozbargainers might need one but without a jb commercial account.

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    Does anyone have a receipt for their purchase at $359? I might try and price match with the Good Guys.

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    This is great - I just bought these at JBHIFI for $393, the guy couldn't price match exactly due to the fact its commercial but said he will sell them to me for a couple cents more!

    Thanks OP!

  • so
    what's the best price at the moment?

    • Yes, for ones in Vic add $10 for delivery

  • Snapped a $359 deal very early this morning, and collected it later in the afternoon before they remove the commercial link and banned my Union Shopper account. I can provide a $359 invoice if anyone wants to try their luck

    • +1
      • can you please help me get 2 of these with your logins and i can pay through commbank once i get the order confirmation. I'm based in victora just wanted to buy these for my sisters.

        • Sorry I don’t have access to union shopper any more (they banned my account). But you can take a look at the good guys deal, it’s only 378 now

        • +1

          You made account 12 hours ago and will send payment only upon receipt of confirmation.

          You pose very high risk and will definitely avoid this transaction.

    • Same here, mine is being delivered

  • The Good Guys eBay deal is pretty good https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570665

  • My union shopper account just got disabled :(

  • Got $359 for the price.
    Can help buy next week if anyone interested.

    • Nice, how did you manage that? I'm actually a union member signed up for Union Shopper but sadly JBHIFI has still been removed due to non-genuine accounts.

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