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[NSW] Join Rebel Active Now and Receive a Free $20 Credit to Spend @ Rebel Sport (Parramatta)


Rebel Sport Parramatta Westfield is set to re-open their store on 28th October 2020. They had heaps of signs at their window display claiming that when you become an Active Now Member (free to join), you will receive a $20 credit loaded to your account. There doesn’t appear to be a minimum spend.


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  • Must be some Min. buy terms?

  • I got this message after submitting my details:
    "This site can’t be reached www.vision6.com.au’s server IP address could not be found."

    Anyone else got this?

    • Nope just did mine and it said "Registration complete".

      Although it did redirect to the Vision6.com.au

  • +2

    21 days is a lot of time to update the T&Cs "as amended from time to time" once they see how many are claimed! Hopefully not.

    But getting ozbargained isn't such a bad way to (re)launch a store and get people remembering what you sell again!

    Thanks OP. Great deal if you already need something.

    You should add - "credit lasts for 25 days", so you don't have to be there on launch day.

  • Just signed up. is the $20 credits only work in rebel parramatta or any rebels?

    • +2

      im hoping they arent smart enough to block it

    • I got the credit for a pickup at Miranda

  • +1

    After registration are we supposed to get an email with login details?

    • I didn’t get anything. No confirmation nothing yet.

      • Same here. Didnt even ask you to create a password for the account.

        • Nothing for me as well did it 12 am today

  • Does it work for existing account?

    • Keen to know as well. Signed up for a new account anyways

  • Just signed up. Got redirected to vision6 but site said "registration complete"
    No confirmation email yet.

    • same…no confirmation email yet.

      VIC Address

  • Got "registration complete"
    I have a feeling I already have an account with the same email address but it went through anyway.

    • Haha. I thought I was the only one who get this feeling every time I register on a website.

  • +1

    Let us know if you can use the voucher for click & collect outside NSW 🙂

  • created new account ok, got confirmation email straight away, but no active vouchers in loyalty credit… will check later.
    I wonder if my postal address needs to be in NSW.

    • +1

      It says credits will be loaded onto accounts from 28 October. Fingers crossed they come through.

      • thanks missed that :)

  • I read it initially as "Join Star Wars Rebels……" and now I'm back to this space time continuum

  • The regular site new account registration form is hopeless. Keeps complaining about confirmation fields not being the same and having to enter details into a field that is not marked as being mandatory.
    Which is good because I ended up not using that and scrolled further down to find the promo registration page.

  • Still have the credit for the new accounts?

  • I got the message that the QR code (pictured) "does not exist or has already been deleted".

    I hope my earlier sign up will qualify - the link above also said "There are currently no instore offers" so I signed up through the splash window that popped up over it.
    Nothing in my account yet.

    • Same here. I have low expectations that the credit will turn up.

      • Got the credit.

  • just received my voucher

    looks to be unique

    • Yeap, just jumped on here to say the same.

      No minimum spend specified.

    • I got one and so did the wife and they have the same code.

      • Same there, wife and I have the same code.

  • +1

    My voucher came through but it’s for use instore only at Parramatta (for those hoping to use at other stores) with the credit valid until November 22nd with photo ID required on redemption.

    • Yep just came to comment the same. Shame, but also probably fair enough :D

    • Thanks for the feedback. Did it come through the website in the Loyalty Rewards section, or via email?

      If somebody had a voucher they were unable to use, would it be possible to transfer it to someone else, do you think?

      • Via email and you have to print out the voucher. You need photo id to redeem and it says your name on top of the barcode.

        [edit: you can save the image without cropping in the name but it says you need a "print copy of the email"]

        • Okay, thanks.
          I was hoping to use the it on some kids footy boots, but it doesn't look as though they've got any in stock in Parramatta anyway.

  • One more thing to add to the above, it says you need to print and hand in the voucher to claim it. I don't know if they'll accept it on your phone.

  • No luck on my existing account

  • I received my voucher too. Can someone confirm that there’s no minimum purchase to use this voucher?

    • +1

      Can confirm. I used it to purchase a $19.99 item yesterday, got it for free :)

      • Did they ask you to show ID?

      • Awesome!

    • +1

      Can confirm, no minimum spend. Need ID and Mobile phone number.

      • Did you print it or show it on your phone?

        • Printed. And then they gave me a membership card to rebel active. So I presume your name/mobile and membership records that you have used the promotion at the store.

  • I live 2 mins away from Rebel Miranda. Have the voucher for the Parramatta store. Can't even give the voucher to a friend (requires ID). First world problems xD

  • Did not get the voucher

  • This store is pretty uncomfortable. A tonne of sales people and everything is super expensive.

    One guy approached me to see if I needed help, I asked if they accept vouchers via phone, he said he didn't know and to ask someone else. So many lazy clueless sales people walking around.

    Prob best to just print it and get $20 worth of anything.

    And copy and paste the voucher to your friends with some photoshop action if the barcode is the same.

    • Went to the Parra store last weekend. Everything was overpriced, didn't find anything I liked so I just spent it on socks.

  • I signed up when this post was made and i haven't received a voucher either!

    • I went back and it was a different sign up provider from the previous one.

  • I signed up when it came out, went into the store with my voucher, had to sign up again cause "there was something wrong with the original QR code".
    But, got my $20 off. Kids wanted this: https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/aerobie-sprint-ring-455889.h....

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