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Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes 670g $4.25 / $3.83 S&S (Min Order 4) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Corn (54%), sugar, peanuts (7%), honey (2%), molasses, salt, barley malt extract, vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, folate), minerals (iron, zinc oxide). Contains cereals containing gluten and peanuts May contain traces of tree nuts

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  • Is anyone really in the mood to do that though after a cornflakes induced carb coma?

  • A few minutes window while the sugar high floods the body. Beware the twin crashes that come after however.

  • Clearly he didn't manage to pull that one off.

    He pulled one off.

  • Can we please make this a rule. Description needs to contain trivia…

    • Beat me to it.

    • That's not the half of it when it comes to Dr. John Kellogg and his views on the dangers of onanism. Have a read through the "Masturbation Prevention" section of his Wiki page (probably the only biographical page on Wikipedia to contain such a section). The guy was a straight-up sadist.

  • Same price at Woolies

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    One way to start the day..

  • Minimum order of 4. I don't need to curb that much masturbation🙂

  • Click Kelloggs there around 5 50% off products .
    I went JustRight as I try to start the day with a healthy meal.

  • +4 votes

    FYI only


    What's True
    The creation of corn flakes was part of J.H. Kellogg's broader advocacy for a plain, bland diet. Without referring to corn flakes in particular, Kellogg elsewhere recommended a plain, bland diet as one of several methods to discourage masturbation.

    What's False
    According to the available evidence, corn flakes were primarily created as an easy-to-digest, pre-prepared and healthy breakfast food, in particular for patients at the Kellogg sanitarium in Michigan. The product was never advertised as an "anti-masturbatory morning meal."

  • They need Frosties in this size. Crunchy nut I can binge all day long.

  • What happen to the description?

    Useless domerators

  • the same price @woolies now

  • Subscribe and Save no longer available?

  • Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

    Better get it from Woolies if you don’t have any at home.

  • How to unlock the $3.83?
    What is S&S?

  • Why are there minimums on just about everything at Amazon these days?

    • They don’t want you to buy only one item of small value but still get free/cheap shipping?

      • Makes sense if you only add one item, what if I add 20 items, they all have minimums, its stupid. I've emptied my cart on 3 occasions in the last month for that reason. If it doesn't change soon ill cancel Prime because its a waste of time. I don't want 4 x Peanut butter or 3 x tea bags etc.

        • Perhaps Amazon AU has that American mentality when it comes to groceries? ‘Buy more, buy in bulk‘. Just like Costco.

  • his wiki entry is quite interesting e.g. he treated both the rich and famous, and the poor who could not afford healthcare elsewhere. juxtaposed by being pro racial segregation. i find it odd he/his legacy/brand haven't been cancelled…

    • pro racial segregation

      Pro-Nazi style eugenics too. Sterilising undesirables, no miscegenation between whites and non-whites; the whole nine yards.

      He was a man of many contradictions. He was one of the first proponents of the germ theory of disease and undoubtedly advanced the field of modern medicine but he also believed in much quackery and pseudoscience like masturbation causing illness and circumcision being a cure for all sorts of "deviant behaviour" in youth.

      He's basically single-handedly responsible for the prevalence of routine circumcision in America to this day; which has been overwhelmingly proven to have zero medical, health or perceived benefits (aside from the tiny percentage of cases where it's medically necessary), not to mention drastically reduces sexual pleasure and yet a good chunk of Americans still believe in 19th century myths regarding uncircumcised penises. Once again, just one of the many bipolar aspects of America's Puritanical past (i.e. God made man in his perfect image but forgot to send out the memo regarding foreskins).

      • +2 votes

        Who would have thought a simple Amazon deal on Crunchy Nut Cornflakes would lead to such a stimulating and satisfying discussion.